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Tuesday: Philbin does his media thing

Joe Philbin and his friends in the media gathered together Tuesday afternoon. And much the way they've done for a while now -- particularly since the start of the you-know-what scandal -- the two danced around each other like two swordsmen without really accomplishing anything.

This is how it went:

(Opening statement) – “After reviewing the game further, obviously we didn’t get off to a very good start in the football game. I thought our guys competed and got back into the game. We took the lead, and we didn’t play particularly well in the fourth quarter either. Once again, Tampa Bay deserved to win the football game, credit them. We have almost an opposite situation we had last time. I just told the players last time we had 11 days in between games. Now it seems this one is coming right around the corner. We are going to have to put together a great plan for San Diego. They are a very similar situation to what we are in. We are going to have to perform better.”

(On assessment of reasons for Monday night's slow-start) -  “I think it was collective in all three phases of the game. We kind of talked to the team about it. We decided to kick the ball off to Tampa Bay. Tampa hadn’t scored on an opening possession all year. They go 76 yards, I believe, on the opening possession of the game. They hit a 30-yard pass. They hit a 24-yard run on what we would call a football 101 play. They executed it very well. We got the ball on offense. Instead of having a 3rd-and-1, we got an uncharacteristic penalty that forced us into a 3rd-and-16. We punted the ball. We got a penalty on that initial punt. They got great field position. We held them to a field goal. Again, the field position, it was all three phases. We just didn’t execute very well. The one run that broke out, we just didn’t fit it properly. We spend a lot of time on the run-fits making sure all of the gaps are covered. We didn’t do it well enough. We have to do better. But it was clear, it wasn’t the offense. It wasn’t the defense. It wasn’t the special teams. It was all of them."

(On when he became aware that he was appointed to one of Steve Ross’ newly created committees) - “Steve (Ross) and I have been in constant communication throughout. We are in constant communication throughout the course of the whole season. Obviously we were last week as well, and I’m for anything that can make our organization better, I’m fully supportive of. Steve and I talked about this, and I’m in total agreement and support."

(On if the leadership council has been a failure this season) – “Not at all. We are going to have a leadership council meeting later today as a matter of fact."

(On the difference between the Green Bay and Miami locker room) –“Again, I’m not into comparisons between different locker rooms. I’ve stated many times my faith and confidence in these players that they are very good teammates, professional. They work hard representing this organization the right way on and off the field. It’s important to them, and I believe that whole-heartedly."

(On his current players not representing the organization the right way) – “Well you are certainly entitled to your own opinion."

(On Richie Incognito saying in an interview that tasteless jokes are within a locker room culture) - “It’s all part of the review process. We’ll see how it plays itself out."

(On if he knew about the locker room culture) - “We discuss appropriate behavior and the type of work atmosphere we want to create. We talk about that every single day, absolutely."

(On what he would say to fans who have lost faith in the team) - “Number one, I’m happy that they’re passionate. We have a loyal fanbase. We all want the same thing. We want to have a football team that’s consistently competing for championships and represents the organization the right way on and off the field. And I’m glad that (the fans) are passionate and want to be great just like we do."

(On what would a few wins mean to the players on the team) - “This is a performance-based industry that we are in. We all know that, and winning football games is what we all get paid to do. It’s important we play better. I just told the team. We were just in a team meeting. There were a lot of teams in a very similar position that we are in right now. In November and December, that decides a lot. The teams that have the great character, the great chemistry, they find a way to fight through the obstacles and adversity, and perform at a high level this time of the year. That’s what we have to do."

(On if he told his players to tune outside noise out and to focus on what the team needs to accomplish) – “We have to focus on football. We have to focus on improving. We have to focus on our own performance. There are a lot of things, if you look at last night’s game, that we didn’t do well enough to win the game. You go back to the Cincinnati game. You look at the Cincinnati game. We got behind in the fourth quarter, but we were able to put together a drive to send the game into overtime and make some plays. We well behind in this game in the fourth quarter and didn’t play smart enough or well enough in the fourth quarter to either send the game into overtime with the field goal at the end or not. You know we had the penalty at the end of the fourth quarter that hurt us. We fielded a punt on the 5-yard line to start. We did some things that didn’t contribute to winning football games in this league, and that’s exactly what happened. The outcome was what it was."

(On how concerned he is about missed tackles and what could be done to fix this) - “I’m very concerned about the missed tackles. It’s a basic fundamental of football that we need to do better. I told the team, per NFL rules we are allowed three-more padded practices. So it’s not like we are going to go out there and have live tackling for the next seven weeks three times a week. That’s not realistic. With that being said, we have to practice the fundamentals better. We still do drill it. We do it in team periods. We do it in isolated and individual periods and we have to continue our focus on it."

(On if he feels what is happening off-the-field affected the team’s on-the-field result last night) -“No. Like I said, we had a lot of time to prepare for Tampa Bay. We had good practices on the football field. We had good meetings. We had good meetings at the hotel."

(On long-term picture of the off-the-field distractions affecting the team) - “Again, I don’t think so. There’s always to a certain degree there are going to be things that happen whether they are professionally, personally that can impact your job. But when we come in here, when we come into this facility, we go to work every single day. We are professionals. We have an obligation to the Dolphins. We have an obligation to one-another to give our total effort, focus and control to things that we control. We have to do this on a daily basis. That’s been a focus of our program."

(On if he knows about a report that Jonathan Martin was fined by his teammates for being too soft) - “Again, I’m not going to comment on any of those things. That, I would imagine, would fall under the NFL review. I don’t think it is appropriate to make any comment on that at this point in time until the review is complete."

(On Stephen Ross’ supportive comments of him last night) - “Number one, I’m appreciative of Stephen (Ross’) comments. I think the only way you succeed if there is support within the whole entire organization. It starts at the top. Stephen is the owner of the football team. I appreciate his support. I didn’t really particularly read the comments, per se. I can’t comment any further.”


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Phailbin. All talk. But says nothing. Has a handle on nothing. Fixes nothing. Surrounds himself with nothings (staff).

Refs cheated AGAIN!

Incognito waa greatly missed...

They rushed that side all night long, cane thru several times un blocked.

Jonathan Martin ruined us...

Thanks IRA. You are a horror story...

I am truly amazed at what a bad owner Ross is. Does anyone like him?

Although Kevin Coyle is also in my cross hairs, I still believe that when you replace Mike Sherman with a competent, contemporary-minded offensive coordinator, the Phins will drastically improve. And, yes, I am also saying there is no need to fire Ireland or Philbin, unless you argue that Philbin's association with Sherman has blinded him to Sherman's incompetency.

Go to NFL.com - Miami dolphins - coaching staff,
Read the resume of each coach on this staff. Notice how often you find the words: no professional playing experience and no coaching experience.

This is ridiculous.

Nah, Incognto was kicked off every team he's ever been on. Shula even said it was a big mistake signing him.

LeBron: "We are playing like S$@T"

Philbin: "We have great confidence"

Huge difference between what a Champion says and what a chump says.

Well, no one with experience or a choice would join the Dolphins.

T-hill has been inconsistent. Last year's excuse was that he didn't have the weapons.
They can't blame the o-line because it's been a problem for years. Then again, would it be any better if they kept Long? What's his LT ranking in the NFL?
I'd bet it's better than anyone that's played LT this year.

Is Dion Jordan a bust? Why isn't he starting? They should let him start to see if he was a wasted pick.

The Fins have some good players but there are many others that aren't earning their fat contracts.

How much will each Wallace TD or catch cost?

Sherman? The Fins have had better play calling in the past. Get Mart Schottenheimer (Shula's buddy) or anyone with some imagination. I wanted Chudsinski but he didn't anything to do with Ireland.

Philbin? Nice guy but many times nice guys end last.

Ireland? The Fins could do better picking talent by showing a horse pictures of players and asking him to stomp once for yes and twice for no.

The Fins team are in need of a lobotomy to remove the $hit they have for brains and an enema to remove the rest. This cleansing is necessary. Just do it politely.

You know when we play New England I look at it like its Philbin and Tannehill against Belichick and Brady... and what chance do we have? Pretty much none. They are icons and we have experiments at HC and QB neither of which seem to be working out.

Posted by: 2014 | November 12, 2013 at 10:57 PM

Agree w/everything you said. And isnt it all on Ross?

Well, you know what they say. Winning solves everything. Problem is this. We haven't won in 5 years.

This team has zero respect for its coaches.

The Dolphins lost Monday night simply because they could not run the football and they could not stop the run. Period.

They need to fix this immediately if they plan on winning games.

2 yards total rushing? And we got rid of Bush for that? Just more Ireland nonsense. Why can't ppl understand that Ireland is the CANCER on this team?

I mean really, Mando and Ireland have about the same about of GM knowledge. What qualified Ireland to be GM anyways? The word of Tuna?

The Dolphins lost Monday night simply because they could not run the football and they could not stop the run. Period.
They need to fix this immediately if they plan on winning games.
Posted by: Scott | November 12, 2013 at 11:09 PM

They need to fix way more than that. This franchise has holes everywhere. In Ireland's 6th year we're an expansion team.

Ireland is more like AIDS than cancer.

And by that I mean he's geeey

Texas Dolfan, thanks for the great comments dude. I really like the idea of bringing a proven entity like Phillips as the new DC.

For HC is a tougher choice. I would not mind seeing one of those coaches that ate given a second chance. Maybe McDaniels, he is young and energetic and a very creative OC. He probably had learned from his previous mistakes and could have matured now to become a successful HC. Belichick and Pete Carroll come to mind as those 2nd time HC that got it right.

Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew?? Really?

There are FIVE PLAYERS on the roster that are a lock due to talent. Wake, Jones, Clemons, Pouncey, Fields. (of course Pouncey might end up in prison)

Wallace, Ellerbe, Wheeler, and Misi aren't going anywhere due to inflated contracts.

They will lose Grimes, Starks, Paterson, Solaia to free agency, or at least a few of them.

Clay, Hartline, Miller, Gibson are serviceable.

The entire rookie class is a question mark because they haven't gotten on the field, or have had severely limited action.


So why doesnt Ross DO SOMETHING!! Show us that you are concious. Show us that you care. DO SOMETHING! MOVE!

I wonder if the Fins would be better off with a meddling owner like Jerry Jones or the deceased Al Davis? They won more SB than the Fins (though not lately).

Either one of them would have cleaned house long time ago. Players and coaches. Ross is more of a real world businessman. Reason he's a billionaire.

If he wants to be more hands on, I'd tell him to use that world's technique for hiring talent. There should be executive recruiters for the sports industry. Use them to select the coaches.

When it comes to the draft, don't just leave it up to the GM and the coaching staff. Have a separate group that's independent of the Fin staff to make their draft pick recommendations.

Then have a meeting with both to hear them out as to why they want one over another. Then either get a consensus agreement or just TELL the staff who he wants. Then he can live with himself that if the team stinks it's do to him and no one else.

Jeff Ireland after the draft "We killed it!"

Yes. Yes, you did.

Did it occur to Jeff Ireland that there was a reason he got so much value by trading up for Jordan? The other team knew he was going to screw it up and they'd still get who they wanted.

I'm still waiting to see the promised dreaded Wake and Jordan sack attack.

Playing. not the hair.

Just fire sherman, we need a OC, LT, RT, RG, LG and a FB. They are going to be there in free agency and/or draft.

And with out this players we still on the playoff picture. So just fire Sherman and we can make the playoffs.

I know that Jordan was hurting earlier in the season.

How about now? Not good enough?

Was this pick a top ten major miss?

I really hate to bring this up but it could well be time to blow it up. Trade good above average players to get much needed draft picks. Living in SoFla is a double edge sword for guys with character issues. I'd trade Pouncey to Pittsburgh, I would feed the ball to Wallace big time and trade him after next year to get rid of his massive cap hit. Trade Wake and Solai

As much as I hate for these moves to take place we almost have no choice. By the time this team is closer to be a contender these players would be past their prime. Ireland was the perfect case of overpaying for free agents and trading players away for little or sometimes getting nothing in return (Jake Long comes to mind).

Next year mock FA and draft:
LT B. Albert

G-T david yankey
G Gabe Jackson
T James Husrt
FB Trey Millard

Just read where Coyle said that Jordan played an appropriate amount of snaps because the Bucs ran so much. Two points i'd love to make here. How does a pass rush specialist get drafted 3rd overall if he cant defend the run. This alone should get Ireland fired as a top 5 pick better be a three down player. Also our run defense gave up over 140 rushing to a winless team with a 4th string RB. You telling me Jordan is so bad he can beat out Jason Trusnik or Oliver Vernon to stop the run. If thats the case than Jordan was greatly overdrafted. You look at our last draft and we have corners who cant find the field and a RB who seems to have no value to this team in Gillisee. If anything good came out of this nightmare season and bullygate, its that Ireland is finally gone and a compedant GM can write the ship

Would Jordan become a sack machine if he's given more reps?
Not just in obvious passing plays?
When are they going to find out if he's a player or not?

Can't trade Soliai before free agency. We'll get nothing for him or Starks. Can't trade/release Wallace before the end of next season at the earliest. Why would Pitt need Pouncey when they have his brother? To play guard? Not gonna happen.

Wake, Jones, Clemmons are about the only trade bait we have.

Luis. You've addressed the O-line and NOTHING ELSE. Do you think that's all the team needs?!

The best line in the world isn't gonna make RT a real QB. Not gonna make Miller or Thomas real HBs...

And the Defense has as many needs or more.

Matthews should be starting over Wallace at this point.

The only good thing about the upcoming draft is you REALLY could just grab the BPA for ANY position in any round and it should be an upgrade.

It's getting close to the point where we're talking about next year's draft. Two consecutive losses will definitely do it. Maybe just one.

Will it be someone that can score? A WR or a new QB?

Or an LT?

BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE regardless of position

2014. If this team doesnt shore up the OLINE then this season will just repeat itself and Tannehill will be lying on his ass all year

Maybe we can get Big Ben. Then we won't need an O-Line

Maybe we could get Johnny Manziel. That would be big.

Wallace would love either one.

Could T-hill's inconsistency be due to him only being a QB for two years?

This second pro year is actually SENIOR year. As far as having the number of games (reps) of a regular college senior.

How much more time do they give him? This year? All of 2014? Pick a QB in the draft and maybe do a draft day trading him for a 1st round pick? Would he be worth a 1st round pick?

If not, Ireland, Philbin and Sherman missed.

Manziel doesnt need an OL either.

Fatty Parcells,

I said Mike Shula and Mike Mayock yesterday.

This team has talent, it just needs someone with a CLUE to guide it!

Tanny wouldnt bring any higher than a late 3rd rder at this point.

How much would it affect the team firing Ireland now versus at the end of season?

Any new GM will want his own HC and staff.

This could then be the END for T-hill because the new staff will want to tie their jobs to their own QB not the defunct staff's pick. T-hill can then go to med school sooner rather than later.

I blame the majority of the problems with this team squarely on the ownership. Ross may be a brilliant real estate mogul, but he is not a football guy in any regard. Ever since the Robbie kids decided to squander most of the family fortune and was forced to sell the team to Mr. Blockbuster Video we have been losers. I have no clue who Ross’s advisors are, but they can ‘t possibly be football people and if they are they are total shysters.

Teams that are successful have owners who have a long history with the league and the sport and are “football” people. No need to name them all, I am pretty sure most of you know the majority of them. Football people make football decisions, real state people; well, do real estate, and Video moguls do lots of stuff, but nothing to do with football unless it is on video, or DVD.

I hate to admit it, but if we don’t get an owner who knows his product and how to get the people in place to make it marketable, we are going to continue down this road of mediocrity until there is nothing left.

Pittsburgh is being stubborn not to rebuild their franchise in part bc Big Ben is going nowhere so they will look to address their woeful line. Because of the diminish value cor Pouncey thx to Aarongate the Steelers could become a willing partner bc of his brother. In the Burgh there was plenty of talk about making Maukrice a guard before his injury.

Just saying we can get good value for him from the Steelers. Again there is a reason these players with character issues really tank it in Miami and I get it. Miami as awesome as it is, it is a place where you can lose yourself, imagine these players with all that cash to burn.

Folks, Ireland is leaving a huge mess behind him. It is going to be very hard to find someone competent willing to fix this mess. I hardly doubt whoever comes in would keep Philbin. Any decent GM would know this turnaround job will take some time and patience and keeping Philbin becomes an impossibility, thank goodness!

Mediocrity?? 5 consecutive losing seasons is NOT mediocrity.

Ross should get some independent evaluation of T-hill's trade value along with the value of all the players from the past two drafts (minimum).

This would be a great way of evaluating Ireland and those that helped pick the players.

If T-hill wouldn't bring more than a 3rd round pick, that should be a firing offense. Any others not worth their original round pick would just be nails for more coffins.

I am as frustrated as anyone with the way the team has been performing as of late but we are still only one game out of the last playoff spot and this year there is more parity than ever in the NFL. Many teams are inconsistent this year. We just need to get on a role much like we did in the first three games. We do have talent but I blame the coaches with not getting our team prepared every week. I believe we can still make a run for the playoff but we need to start playing with much greater intensity and sense of urgency beginning this week!!

If these guys were mediocre they'd throw a parade.

Woodshed go to bed. You sound ridiculously stupid. Matthews was left un covered
the whole game. Man you are dumb. You must be related to ETF.

Khailid...this season is going to end like the last five or maybe worse. Not looking to good for next year either.

Hows the draft valuation on D Thomas, J Martin, and M Egnew? lol

Why is Sherman still doing the play calling?

Can Sherman be mysteriously sick so someone else can do the play calling? Just for a change of pace.

We shouldn't have won those 3 games, and should have beaten the Bills and Ravens...kinda

It wouldn't be a stretch to only have 1 win this season. Of course, we could have 6 also; which would only hide the issues at hand.

Why is Sherman still doing the play calling?

Can Sherman be mysteriously sick so someone else can do the play calling? Just for a change of pace.

Posted by: 2014 | November 13, 2013 at 12:30 AM

Because Philbin can't and wasn't allowed to call plays at his former gig either. Sherman is majorly past his prime and is trying to get this offense to run a scheme that we don't have the personnel for. The defensive personnel are more suited to a 3/4 than a 4/3 which is causing havoc on that side of the ball as well. No idea why either one of them are still calling the shots, but they need to go.

Hows the draft valuation on D Thomas, J Martin, and M Egnew? lol

Posted by: Vazman | November 13, 2013 at 12:29 AM

A bucket of fried chicken?

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