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Tuesday: Philbin does his media thing

Joe Philbin and his friends in the media gathered together Tuesday afternoon. And much the way they've done for a while now -- particularly since the start of the you-know-what scandal -- the two danced around each other like two swordsmen without really accomplishing anything.

This is how it went:

(Opening statement) – “After reviewing the game further, obviously we didn’t get off to a very good start in the football game. I thought our guys competed and got back into the game. We took the lead, and we didn’t play particularly well in the fourth quarter either. Once again, Tampa Bay deserved to win the football game, credit them. We have almost an opposite situation we had last time. I just told the players last time we had 11 days in between games. Now it seems this one is coming right around the corner. We are going to have to put together a great plan for San Diego. They are a very similar situation to what we are in. We are going to have to perform better.”

(On assessment of reasons for Monday night's slow-start) -  “I think it was collective in all three phases of the game. We kind of talked to the team about it. We decided to kick the ball off to Tampa Bay. Tampa hadn’t scored on an opening possession all year. They go 76 yards, I believe, on the opening possession of the game. They hit a 30-yard pass. They hit a 24-yard run on what we would call a football 101 play. They executed it very well. We got the ball on offense. Instead of having a 3rd-and-1, we got an uncharacteristic penalty that forced us into a 3rd-and-16. We punted the ball. We got a penalty on that initial punt. They got great field position. We held them to a field goal. Again, the field position, it was all three phases. We just didn’t execute very well. The one run that broke out, we just didn’t fit it properly. We spend a lot of time on the run-fits making sure all of the gaps are covered. We didn’t do it well enough. We have to do better. But it was clear, it wasn’t the offense. It wasn’t the defense. It wasn’t the special teams. It was all of them."

(On when he became aware that he was appointed to one of Steve Ross’ newly created committees) - “Steve (Ross) and I have been in constant communication throughout. We are in constant communication throughout the course of the whole season. Obviously we were last week as well, and I’m for anything that can make our organization better, I’m fully supportive of. Steve and I talked about this, and I’m in total agreement and support."

(On if the leadership council has been a failure this season) – “Not at all. We are going to have a leadership council meeting later today as a matter of fact."

(On the difference between the Green Bay and Miami locker room) –“Again, I’m not into comparisons between different locker rooms. I’ve stated many times my faith and confidence in these players that they are very good teammates, professional. They work hard representing this organization the right way on and off the field. It’s important to them, and I believe that whole-heartedly."

(On his current players not representing the organization the right way) – “Well you are certainly entitled to your own opinion."

(On Richie Incognito saying in an interview that tasteless jokes are within a locker room culture) - “It’s all part of the review process. We’ll see how it plays itself out."

(On if he knew about the locker room culture) - “We discuss appropriate behavior and the type of work atmosphere we want to create. We talk about that every single day, absolutely."

(On what he would say to fans who have lost faith in the team) - “Number one, I’m happy that they’re passionate. We have a loyal fanbase. We all want the same thing. We want to have a football team that’s consistently competing for championships and represents the organization the right way on and off the field. And I’m glad that (the fans) are passionate and want to be great just like we do."

(On what would a few wins mean to the players on the team) - “This is a performance-based industry that we are in. We all know that, and winning football games is what we all get paid to do. It’s important we play better. I just told the team. We were just in a team meeting. There were a lot of teams in a very similar position that we are in right now. In November and December, that decides a lot. The teams that have the great character, the great chemistry, they find a way to fight through the obstacles and adversity, and perform at a high level this time of the year. That’s what we have to do."

(On if he told his players to tune outside noise out and to focus on what the team needs to accomplish) – “We have to focus on football. We have to focus on improving. We have to focus on our own performance. There are a lot of things, if you look at last night’s game, that we didn’t do well enough to win the game. You go back to the Cincinnati game. You look at the Cincinnati game. We got behind in the fourth quarter, but we were able to put together a drive to send the game into overtime and make some plays. We well behind in this game in the fourth quarter and didn’t play smart enough or well enough in the fourth quarter to either send the game into overtime with the field goal at the end or not. You know we had the penalty at the end of the fourth quarter that hurt us. We fielded a punt on the 5-yard line to start. We did some things that didn’t contribute to winning football games in this league, and that’s exactly what happened. The outcome was what it was."

(On how concerned he is about missed tackles and what could be done to fix this) - “I’m very concerned about the missed tackles. It’s a basic fundamental of football that we need to do better. I told the team, per NFL rules we are allowed three-more padded practices. So it’s not like we are going to go out there and have live tackling for the next seven weeks three times a week. That’s not realistic. With that being said, we have to practice the fundamentals better. We still do drill it. We do it in team periods. We do it in isolated and individual periods and we have to continue our focus on it."

(On if he feels what is happening off-the-field affected the team’s on-the-field result last night) -“No. Like I said, we had a lot of time to prepare for Tampa Bay. We had good practices on the football field. We had good meetings. We had good meetings at the hotel."

(On long-term picture of the off-the-field distractions affecting the team) - “Again, I don’t think so. There’s always to a certain degree there are going to be things that happen whether they are professionally, personally that can impact your job. But when we come in here, when we come into this facility, we go to work every single day. We are professionals. We have an obligation to the Dolphins. We have an obligation to one-another to give our total effort, focus and control to things that we control. We have to do this on a daily basis. That’s been a focus of our program."

(On if he knows about a report that Jonathan Martin was fined by his teammates for being too soft) - “Again, I’m not going to comment on any of those things. That, I would imagine, would fall under the NFL review. I don’t think it is appropriate to make any comment on that at this point in time until the review is complete."

(On Stephen Ross’ supportive comments of him last night) - “Number one, I’m appreciative of Stephen (Ross’) comments. I think the only way you succeed if there is support within the whole entire organization. It starts at the top. Stephen is the owner of the football team. I appreciate his support. I didn’t really particularly read the comments, per se. I can’t comment any further.”


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WashPhinFan.. we will see but at least we are very much in the playoff hunt. We have more talent than we have had in the previous five years but we need good coaching to put them in a position to succeed. If you remove the New Orleans game we have been in every game and have beat ourself each and every time with numerous mistakes. We need to limit those and get on a run. Look how inconsistent the Jets have been and currently they are in the last playoff spot. We need to turn it around now!

I'm sorry. That was racist. An 8-piece?

Part of the problem on the field is the coaching! And, the schemes they're using. They're trying to use a zone blocking scheme with players that fit a power blocking scheme and a 4-3 Defence using 3-4 type players! This coaching staff is trying to put a square peg in a round hole and are NOT putting the players in a position to succeed! Sherman sucks as a play caller! The rotation of players sometimes put your best players on the sideline especially at the wrong times! The coaches are not using the players in a way that utilizes their strengths. If the coaches are confused, no wonder the players are too!

Fire them all!!!
Philbin, Sherman, Ireland and all of the others! Clean house! Let the new regime determine what players they want to keep and which ones need to go. That's the way it needs to be done...

Khalid...."If you remove the (blank) game we have been in every game and have beat ourself each and every time with numerous mistakes."

No offense intended, but I have been hearing that statement for far too long. It always seems like we are just on the cusp of being a contender, but we just can't get over the hump. Same ol' story every year. Hard for someone to be optimistic with that kind of history. I am not buying it this time.

I haven't decided yet who I'd like for GM, but I would love to see the Dolphins get either Mike Shula or Wade Phillips for a Head Coach. I like them both, but for different reasons. Getting both in some capacity would be a Godsend in my opinion....

more mush from the Wimp. Casper Phailbin just ain't got it.

Tracyh474.....The scheme would work if we had the proper personnel and I am sure the coaching would look much better if this team was built for the WCO, but it isn't and we are at least another two drafts away from voiding this team of players who don't fit it. The defensive scheme needs to switch back to the 3/4 or most of that squad will need to be replaced as well. I have no idea why the coaching staff decided to try to run this team in schemes that don't fit the talent they have on the field, it is just mind boggling.

Oh Lord Marc. They earned every game they won.

They were cheated the Ravens game (the league wrote an apology)
and don't even get me started on the refs regarding the Pats game.


Sherman and Coyle, bye, bye...

WashPhin Fan.. I agree with you and for that very reason it is very frustrating in that we have talent but must learn to win consistently. All I am saying is given the parity this year the last playoff spot is up for grabs and I am looking for us to rebound with 7 games yet to play

Hey Sherman, you idiot. Everyone knows when Clay will run the ball.


I again point out that - just as in prior losses - the defense allowed the opposing team to score at will on several drives/situations.

The 2 yards rushing and 2 sacks at critical times were problematic, but when Miami had the lead, the defense faltered against a winless team full of injuries to key offensive players.

Miami's issues are not solely on offense...but the offense is the loudest.

I am just focusing on 2014. The 2013 is over.

It's like our coaches are using "Coaching 101 for Dummies" and the rest of the league are running their normal schemes. I hate to use the old "quicksand" analogy, but that's what I'm seeing on the field...they're drowning and sinking at the same time and are WAY over their Heads!


Some of you have probably read this, but it's worth checking out if you haven't. Good analysis by them. Spot on.

I'm focused on 2020. This entire decade is over with as a Dolphin fan!

J.Martin is now going to fly to N.Y. to meet Mr. Ross on neutral turf this thing is getting dumber by the minute!

What a bunch of nancy boys. Any one here ever play team sports? What did Philbin say that was so wrong. He have a truthful answer to every question. He didn't throw anyone under the bus including the NFL referees.

I don't think this season is over by a long shot. We can win out. The team finally starts to play Sunday games again. All of this jerking around with the schedule has caused a loss of rhythm and momentum. 10 days off in the middle of the season and another big holiday and short week before that? Not to mention the refs trying to influence every game.

The losses aren't that one sided. I for one don't see the cupboard as totally bare.

I really want to bail on this team now they are pathetic a good team wins close games. We could easily be 7-2 not 4-5 as there were 3 games which we should have won.

If we don't start playing well we could well end up as 5-11 or 6-10.

Going nowhere it's a scratched record season after season alot of Fin fans are getting pissed about this.

It's safe to say the honeymoon is over with this coaching staff and the fan base. It's simple we don't want to hear excuses we need better results. Most games we have superior talent or nearly equal but haven't played like it. The biggest problem right now is play calling on offense. It's so predictable and vanilla. Players still are not being utilized to their strengths. Something has to change ASAP or people need to get canned. This means you Turner, Sherman and Philbin.

Defesively too the play calling isn't great and the dline is underachieving on a consistent basis.

How bout the Most Obvious Question to Me??

I know it's like other teams are in our huddle and know the snap count on top of that. They are vanilla and predictable way too often. How about a reverse or a naked bootleg and WHY does not ever run with the ball? And to top that off Sherman keeps calling plays that don't work..how many times have we run to the left in critical situations and wind up getting stuffed??

This Cam Philbin is a broken record


I SWEAR I CAN CALL A BETTER GAME FROM MY LaZY BOY, THEN THESE GUYS !!! OLIVIA VERNON, TRUSNICK, CARROLL, why these guys even allowed to suit up?? Seen Enough of Thomas, Where is Gillesie?

Philbin is not a leader. Ireland is pompous & unqualified. Ross is afraid to make football choices because he has no familiarity with the game. He felt he needed Ireland to lean on so he trusted him to make the right decisions to put a winner on the field. He is making the same mistake with Philbin. Everyone can see this team has been unprepared & outcoached much of the time. Players are not being developed as first thought. And a leader/head coach would have had a pulse of what was going on with the offensive line & locker room. Philbin must go also.

The problem with Frosty the Philbin the way I see it is that he is an emotionless automaton. I do not see him as an inspirational coach.

It's painfully obvious by how flat the team is at the start of every damned game that they are not getting any kind of pep talk from the coach, and it has to come from the head guy, assistant coaches do not carry the weight of the head guy.

You can't inspire greatness from a group of average players by being an analyst, you can't get a team ready to play with a calm, frank discussion. You sometimes have to get in their faces, you sometimes have to yell at the top of your lungs, you sometimes have to show SOME emotion.

What I see of this head coach is someone who appears in public to have one foot in the grave, someone that's more concerned with picking up candy wrappers than he is with exhorting his charges to perform above and beyond.

I don't care how intelligent you are, how detail oriented you are, if you do not have the ability to inspire your players to play beyond their abilities you will NEVER succeed as the head guy of ANY team sport, PERIOD!

Where is this team's inspiration? It doesn't exist, if it did we would not see the team sleepwalking out to the first huddle of the game. We would not see the team just go matter of factually about their business on the field accepting mediocre play from teammates, and allowing other teams to have their way with them like a 3 dollar hooker.

I like Tannehill but it seems that every time he wigs one out to Wallace, the latter has to come back for the ball and fight the defender for it. Is Tannehill under throwing the long ball to Wallace?
Will somebody please, tell me if I'm seeing things!!?

A coach is only as good as his QB. He is locked into Tannehill for his career in Miami. If Tannehill plays mediocre QB, then Philbin will be a mediocre head coach. As I said before you are seeing the regression of Tannehill. He is not a clutch QB. However the book is still out on him. Remember he won the starting job because he knew this joke of an offensive scheme. the key here is to cut Sherman loose, put in a real NFL offense and see if things turn around. Of course that won't happen until next year. A legit NFL offense will utilize Mike Wallace the right way. Wallace would be leading the league in touch downs if he was part of the pat, saints,colts, seahawks, panthers, and all the other good teams. Because they have a legit offense and a QB that can work in that legit offense. We still don't know how Tannehill will do in a real offense.

as said throughout the posts.....

1.ross has to wake up and actually care about this team...stop saying and starting ACTING
2.philbin cannot coach, u looks lost during games and cannot adjust.
3. ross has to hire a GM and coach with PRIOR EXPERIENCE and stop hiring career assistance at these important positions...

well said

Posted by: massfish | November 12, 2013 at 08:21 PM

would you like Philbin to sing a fight song before the game. the players know they have to get fired up themselves. they have to care. they have to play with passion.

Phins are the laughingstock of the NFL again.

First it was 1-15.

Then a descent into irrelevance.

Four losing seasons in a row.

Then it was the logo.

Then it was 3-0 truing into 3-4.

Then it was Incognito/Martin.

Then losing to the winless Bucs on national t.v..

Finally Ross opens his bumbling mouth in a national forum.

This is the lowest point in the franchises history.

This team's name really is ruined forever.

It will never be the way it once was.

Nothing short of a dynasty could restore this franchise's legendary status.

Ross, Parcells and Ireland ruined the Dolphins good name.

Benz, I don't want to see Wallace gone, but I just know how NFL teams think when the salary starts to esculate. Especially a new gm who didn't sign him if the first place. Hopefully it doesn't come to that cause you can't coach his speed. I like Hartline as a good number 2 wr, but I think Jeffy shockingly overpaid a little. I'd like to see a bid wr (that does not mean a slow Parcells type) that can fight for balls.

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