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Turner, Pouncey objects of investigator's scrutiny

NFL investigator Ted Wells will begin interviews with Dolphins personnel at the team's facility as early as Monday and offensive line coach Jim Turner and center Mike Pouncey will be of particular interest to him, The Miami Herald reported in its Monday editions.

ESPN first reported Turner being under the microscope. A source told The Herald that Pouncey, who missed Sunday's game against San Diego with what the team termed an illness, also will be heavily scrutinized over the possibility he witnessed mistreatment of erstwhile teammate Jonathan Martin.

Dolphins players are aware the interviews are coming.

“I think everybody is going to be interviewed," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said.

And there you have the troubles of a scandal intersecting with a football season.

The Dolphins, fresh off a 20-16 victory over San Diego, would typically start their preparations in earnest for Carolina on Monday. Instead, players and coaches will begin an up to three-day period of questioning on the part of the NFL's representative.

No, that doesn't change what happened on Sunday.

The Dolphins got excellent individual efforts from Charles Clay, who caught six passes for 90 yards including a rumbling 39-yard touchdown catch and run. They got an interception and game-ending pass defensed from Brent Grimes. They got very good defensive end play from Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon.

They got a solid team win with the Clay play standing out. Charlesclay

“It was huge,' Tannehill said of the tight end's touchdown. "I saw a void, threw it to him in the opening and never thought it was going to be a 39-yard touchdown. He’s a tough runner, big physical guy who showed his physicalness and toughness getting in the endzone.”

Rookie offensive lineman Sam Brenner had a fine debut. You have to understand, Brenner was not only starting his first game of the season but doing it on minimal notice. He found out Friday he might be active. Then he found out Saturday night he might be starting.

And all the while, Brenner was filling two roles in practice.

“That’s the hard thing about being on practice squad is you’ve got to be able to give the looks for the defense throughout the week and still work on getting the game plan down for the team you’re playing on offense," Brenner said. "I just tried to prepare myself the best I could every week and be ready and prepare like I was going to be playing in the game, even though I wasn’t."


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first hurray for me go dolphins


Hopefully the Q&A with the investigator will not prove to be a big distraction.

I'm hoping for a big Panther win tomorrow followed by an even bigger loss next Sunday.

play-offs here we come. But please Fireland.

At least one member of the Dolphins’ extended family noticed. Brent Grimes’ wife Miko, who is famous for her say-anything presence on social media, wrote this early Sunday:

“Salute to USC for beating Stanford, with that faker on the sideline.”

The Fakers are the Miami Dolphins who will get rolled by the Panthers next Sunday. Playoffs my butt! Miami Dolphins are as much a fraud as the Miami Hurricanes. Weak Play teams with coaches not likely to get other opportunities elsewhere. Talking a good game in the Media and mostly lying eggs on game days. Take this victory with a grain of salt because these Dolphins are complete frauds ready to lay down at any moment. We're a 7-9 team, they know it! we know it! and the world knows it! Be smart Ross and clean house bring in someone like Polian or pay a King's ransom to get Ozzie Newsome in here and clean up our franchise. We're sick and tired, of being sick and tired.

Rabblerouser: Hopefully the Panthers will roll your Pats tomorrow night! Go Panthers!

you do realize we beat the colts and bengals right......??

Losing to Carolina is not a big deal... Beating Pittsburgh and winning 3 or 4 divisional games is the goal. If Miami loses to The Panthers it won't mess with the AFC playoff clock too much...

I suspect that Pittsburgh game will be a down and dirty knuckle buster... Buffalo in Buffalo and New York in New york are the game I most question.....

BTW.... Is it me, or does Armando seem to be right in his element reporting all the Drama..?

Maybe he should try and get a reality show going... chasing Miami socialites all over South Beach and reporting the "Drama" of what they wear and what clubs they go to each night..?

mando LOVES thinking he had something to do with creating the drama. seriously, i think the little jumping bean is a cross dressing hermaphrodite. and I think he does weird stuff every night to keep his job

I noticed a couple of things yesterday. The line played very well. There were still 3 sacks but nothing like the collapses we have been seeing in the past. That might (just might) have to do with the snap count? Maybe?
As for the drama. This will dog this team for the next couple of years. I understand the necessity of Armando having to report this but does it have to happen in the same blog as one where he reports a win. The Martin/Cogs scandal could be reported in the Hollywood section.

That's a BIG W in the win column. The scoreboard is what counts. Screw the drama. We have games to play with a lot on the line. Tannehill was the best QB on the field last night. This team outscored the #4 passing offense in football. So take that trolls.

Armando would rather post about the drama than the team. Just like he hope Ireland and Philbin go.... I really truly hope the Herald looks at the comments we post and fire Armando... Let's get a full clean slate.

Then Armando can go work at the National Enquirer... its what he likes anyways.

Mando, you haven't got it right yet, so why is todays addition any different? Solid win against another 4-5 team,,,,does that statement make any sense?

'and as you'll see in my column HERE I opt for the hot pick nail polish. it brings out the twinkle in my eye'

dr love from worldcrossing?

Any W is always good. And its time to talk football again. Mando actually likes the drama that distracts this team from its mission of improving. Go Phins.

I don't think many players are agonizing over interviews with Ted Wells. Quite a few have already voiced their views publicly and seem nonplussed. Most seem to be taking it in stride and are getting back on track.

Another surprise game from Charles Clay; and haven't seen Daniel Thomas run over people since his rookie year. Sure wish these two would make up their minds to play that hard every game.

I wonder what M Sherman is like in Las Vegas? The guy seems to have some sort of gambling problem that close leads, late 4th quarter and QB Tannehill brings to the surface. He needs to find a support group.

It's that point in the season where many veterans start to crank it up after pacing themselves through the earlier games. Let's hope the defensive line, with playoffs a definite possibility, gets it going.

A great win to be sure. However the Chargers played really poorly last night.

We still have so may problems on D with that awful zone coverage and inability to put pressure on the QB.

Nice to see the o line play well and Sherman not giving up completely on the run. If we are to squeek into the playoffs, it will be because our running game has improved and we start bumping WR at the line and get to the QB.

Thill played ok, but he has to start finding Wallace deep. Wallace is still a great deep threat.

Good win for a banged up and maligned team. Salguero seems to like the role as reporter and getting on ESPN. It's a career thing. I miss the day's when football was about the game and fans supported. Their team thru thick and thin. Back then there were no word police, and no one went for treatment when their feelings got hurt.


What a task for Ted Wells. Do you really think he can get Pouncey or Turner to admit to being a bullying witness when Jonathan Martin was texting Incognito with great volume? Moreover Incognito was thought by teammates to be a friend of Martin. Pouncey is already being squeezed by a criminal prosecutor. What powers does Ted Wells have of penalty for not telling the truth? Please this is going no where I just hope it goes NO WHERE FAST. The win will just bring the Dolphins closer together on what happen. Martin wants to be a free agent and pursue the LT position that he lost with the Dolphins with another team. It's a huge stretch to think that a player like Martin was a true victim of bullying. Martin is well schooled in law. He checks himself into a hospital and then attends the game of his former college laughing it up...give me a break.

Joanathan Martin. Premeditated lawsuit.

2. On the other side of the ball, Chiefs right tackle Eric Fisher does not look like a guy who was worth the first pick in the draft.

bill cale IS a fraud.

Dolphins fans should talk playoffs, PLAYOFFS !!

Talk playoffs as much as you can delusional Phins fans.

The Dolphins will be 5-7 in two weeks and there won't be anymore playoff talk this year or for some time to come.

The Dolphins will go 7-9 and Ireland will take the fall for the Incognito situation but Ross will keep Philbin.

With Philbin in the fold, The Dolphins will never attract a top tier GM or GM prospect as any GM or GM prospect with a resume' will want to bring in his own people, not told whom to work with.

The team is talent deficient.

Without Grimes and Wake, all things being equal, the Dolphins would be 2-8.

Next year will be year one for this franchises latest new new new new regime.

...and another losing season.





And ban all armando loving dolphin haters!

Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Champions 2097.

I wonder where Dan Marion's statue will be in 2097 ?

Stolen, melted down, never replaced because Dan Marino and ALL of his fans will have been dead for some time.


Ban this deity idiot.




And ban all armando loving dolphin haters!

Yeah ban me ARMANDO, I PRAY you try.

FIRE ROSS is an Armando loving Dolphin hater!!!!




And ban all armando loving dolphin haters!

It was a good win, The Dolphins going forward have to find a way to score more points if they are going to have a chance at the postseason. Good job by the Brenner guy I think he only gave up one sack.The Dolphins are very much alive it is too bad they have to go through this crap this week. I will be rooting for the panthers tonight.Good team win but we will really need a new Offensive Coordinator or maybe Joe should call the Play, somebody has to get in Ryans ear about running out of bounds at the end of the end , he should be to smart for that. And lastly Does Tannehill have the arm for the deep ball it is starting to look like he doesn't.

Who is dumber:

99% of all posters

Philbin doesn't get an automatic second year here. If Ireland goes, then the new GM, won't want Philbin or his assistants.

If Philbin makes the playoffs with these Dolphins then they will all be back.

To KillerPhin from the last entry,
You must understand that We in Miami were fortunate enough to grow up watching the Best of the very Best Coaches and Players in American Football. Most of Us here can easily spot a Coach or Player that will never come up to the standard needed to have success in the NFL, like I knew with Chad Henne since his beginning here that he would forever sukk at QB and wrote about it. Unfortunately, I believe Philbin, equally will never have success as a HC in the NFL. To my Eyes and from the Sparano experience, it is useless to not criticize him now if we know that his performance as a HC will be unsatisfactory still in 3 years Time. Maybe, as you said, we are wrong and Joe will become the 2nd coming of Vince Lombardi, but We don't think so.

No one gives a crap about ARMANDO SALGUEROS OPINION. He has zero intergrity! Writes anything that suits his purpose with no regard for accuracy or honesty of reporting. He bullies readers and claims to be christian but is only a hypocrit. He wants the staff gone because he is a liar that lacks intergrity and they have blacklisted him, as they should have. He is ACTIVELY trying to sabotage this team by trying to have players turn on players, on coaches and everyone turn on Philbin. Tony Dungy??? You are AN IDIOT man.





Bellichek silenced SpyGate in a week. He then silenced MurderGate in two days.

And we can't silence silly BullyGate?

Wow Thill rated 29th out of the 32 QB starters.

Sherman's man aint quite the most improved QB in the league this year is he ?

The play of Thill is still very erratic. I pray we draft a QB next year. He needs serious competition. Matt Moore to pricey to hold on to.


Armando is either very stupid or very clever.

He writes so much trivial misguided nonsense that it gets bloggers riled up and he gets blog hits.

He writes so poorly, with so many grammatical errors and spelling errors - which are incomprehensible in these days of spell-checkers - that he is literally an embarrassment to the journalistic community.

My take is that is simply under-educated, and not a remotely literate or dedicated writer.

Philbin doesn't have it and never will thats true. He looked lost against the Chargers. Play calling on both sides of the ball was poor. The Chargers killed themselves and also have a weak coach on thier sidelines.

The attitude Philbin preaches is that, "We need it would be close in the 4th quarter.... blah blah.".

He states that after all our wins. Well Joe how about an attitude that we may be able to blow teams away by the 4th quarter. Your position makes our season come down to the last few minutes. How about you gameplan to smash the oppostion ?

Philbin isn't the guy.

How about this little dose of reality. In both their 2nd seasons Ryan Tannehill is not only out performing RGIII he has lead his team to a better record. By 2 games. He also beat Luck head to head in his own house.
Keep on talking smack on my boy. He's gunna slap all you haters in the forehead with his DIKK!

Posted by: deity | November 17, 2013 at 11:13 PM

YG is still mad...its hilarious.

Why do you guys bother with him. He feeds off your anger at him. Love him and ignore his witherings.

Wilson 105
Luck 87
Rg III 83
Tannehill 81.

Individual play, not team wins, individual play.

Thill ranked 29th of the 30 starters in the NFL.

Oh and is top 5 in the league in turnovers. Not too good.......Hmmmm maybe we could draft a QB next year, what do you guys think ?

A little perspective is in order.

Only five teams in the AFC have wine more games than the Miami Dolphins.

If some of you think we are so poor, how good are the other 10 teams in the conference doing worse?

At the game 10 mark, we are legitimately in contention for a wild card spot.

Had you known preseason that at this stage of the season we would still be in contention, you'd take it gladly.

How we get there doesn't matter.

** won** this browser spell checker is changing words.

Marco as usual you have no idea what your talking about bud.

Thill almost killed us again. The bone head run out of bounds killing the clock, hte miss deep to Wallace, continually walking into sacks and his amazing lack of pocket awareness.

Truly not the guy to win Superbowls and never will be.

Arnie,Belicheck slenced the Pats dramas by winning football games. Winning changes everything and if the Fins go on a win streak,this soap-opera will be forgotten overnight.
Speaking of winning,Martin,Incognito,and Pouncey all out yesterday,and our o-line play was probably the best is has been all year. Go figure

Wilson 105
Luck 87
Rg III 83
Tannehill 81.

Individual play, not team wins, individual play.

Thill ranked 29th of the 32 starters in the NFL.

Facts are facts.

Do not misunderstand Us. We don't expect a League dominant Team like we had in the 70s as that is an impossibility in the present parity oriented NFL. We DO expect a competitive winning Team that gets us to the Playoffs more often than not and occasionally with a shot at the Big Prize. Nothing more than that, but nothing less, either.

When the investigator walks in to meet with them...as he sits down the players should stand up and walk out. That's about the story. Isn't it?

Charles Clay....another Ireland draft BUST......yada, yada,yada......

Brent Grimes....another Ireland FA BUST......

The stuff you'll never read on here.

Marco did Tanny steal your gf??? Geez.


If scapegoats for the Incognito-Martin scandal need to be found, I'd be OK with Jim Turner, OL coach; Mike Sherman, OC; and Jeff Ireland all being cut loose.

Turner, besides being mean to Martin, leads a unit that has performed poorly for 2 years. Sherman, besides sucking as OC, allowed the bullycult to develop and flourish on his watch. Ireland, victim of the Peter Principle, is a magnet for scandals.

It seems to me like the worst of bully gate is over. It can't get any worse than the media buzzards that were swirling around last week.

The Dolphins need to be focusing on an improved Panthers team and ironing out their inconsistent run defense.

Tannehill, Clay, Thomas, Egnew, Miller, Mathews. All JI picks...all making plays on O for this Win.
3 OL, Keller and Gibson gone.
Being drug through a bunch of BS bullying non-sense.
Armando Salguero trying to tear the team apart, trying to get players to turn on each other and the coaches. Trying to compromise Philbin as HC.
And they still sit tied for 6th in the AFC. 5-5. In control of their own destiny with 6 games left.

Shove that up your ARSE Armando Salguero and all you Armando loving Dolphin haters!!

Posted by: deity | November 17, 2013 at 10:47 PM


Has Ireland resigned yet?

Craig M,

So do you now think due to Grimes, Clay and a win Ireland should get a pass? Well there was a reason that Ross has formed a group to advise him; Shula, Taylor, Marino and others. My guess is that Ireland will not have the final decision making on player personnel next year.

Only thing that really matters here is the team's record at the end of the year. All this other BS is a witch hunt by Dolphin and Ireland haters with their own agendas. They get off on this stuff.

At the end of the day judge Jeff Ireland and Philbin on the team's record. I still think the losses to Tampa and Buffalo will come back to bite this team. Ireland put this team together and Philbin and the coaches are paid to get the most out of those players. What they are right now is mediocre. Not good enough. Decide at the. End of the season if heads should roll.


To answer your question the AFC has a few really good teams, then pretty much everyone else is in the mediocre range, and then you have the absolutely horrible teams (Jax, Houston). Dusty's dream of losing every game this season isn't realistic, we're not that bad. But we're not that good either, we're mediocre.

And since we've been here before, last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, those who believe Jeff Ireland can produce a team that's better than mediocre are just completely clueless. You don't get a decade in today's NFL to show you can produce a team that can win 9 games. 5 years is really long enough. That's why Jeff Ireland should be fired. Not because he's done nothing right. But because for EVERYTHING he's done, the best he can produce is a mediocre, .500 team.

Also, we beat a bad team (which is something at least). But next week we play a very good team. Let's see how that works out. On the plus side, these teams we've lost to (Bucs, Saints) are NFC teams, which doesn't hurt us when it comes to getting that last (AND ONLY) Wildcard spot (AFC West WILL have 2 teams in the Playoffs). What WILL hurt us is if we can't win the remainder of our division games. Let's see if the coaching staff can prepare the team to treat those games like Playoff games.

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