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Turner, Pouncey objects of investigator's scrutiny

NFL investigator Ted Wells will begin interviews with Dolphins personnel at the team's facility as early as Monday and offensive line coach Jim Turner and center Mike Pouncey will be of particular interest to him, The Miami Herald reported in its Monday editions.

ESPN first reported Turner being under the microscope. A source told The Herald that Pouncey, who missed Sunday's game against San Diego with what the team termed an illness, also will be heavily scrutinized over the possibility he witnessed mistreatment of erstwhile teammate Jonathan Martin.

Dolphins players are aware the interviews are coming.

“I think everybody is going to be interviewed," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said.

And there you have the troubles of a scandal intersecting with a football season.

The Dolphins, fresh off a 20-16 victory over San Diego, would typically start their preparations in earnest for Carolina on Monday. Instead, players and coaches will begin an up to three-day period of questioning on the part of the NFL's representative.

No, that doesn't change what happened on Sunday.

The Dolphins got excellent individual efforts from Charles Clay, who caught six passes for 90 yards including a rumbling 39-yard touchdown catch and run. They got an interception and game-ending pass defensed from Brent Grimes. They got very good defensive end play from Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon.

They got a solid team win with the Clay play standing out. Charlesclay

“It was huge,' Tannehill said of the tight end's touchdown. "I saw a void, threw it to him in the opening and never thought it was going to be a 39-yard touchdown. He’s a tough runner, big physical guy who showed his physicalness and toughness getting in the endzone.”

Rookie offensive lineman Sam Brenner had a fine debut. You have to understand, Brenner was not only starting his first game of the season but doing it on minimal notice. He found out Friday he might be active. Then he found out Saturday night he might be starting.

And all the while, Brenner was filling two roles in practice.

“That’s the hard thing about being on practice squad is you’ve got to be able to give the looks for the defense throughout the week and still work on getting the game plan down for the team you’re playing on offense," Brenner said. "I just tried to prepare myself the best I could every week and be ready and prepare like I was going to be playing in the game, even though I wasn’t."


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Not sure I said Ireland should get a pass. As I said above, judge him At the end of the season. If it 's 8-8, Ross has to decide if that's good enough. You also have to realize new GM will want his own HC and likely QB. You have to decide if that's going to be better for the team at the end of the day. We don't know that yet.

Also depends on who is going to be available. Pioli's about the only guy I know right now and I have no clue if he'd even be interested.

still need a qb

Irescum's record? 5 consecutive losing seasons

If Ireland gets his powers taken away as GM. I'm sure he will get many offers to mess up another teams player personnel. The teams will be waiting in line to hire Jeff. Yeah right!

An unimpressive win...but a win nonetheless....

Clay running over that dude was great...he did the same thing on the Cincy game on 3rd and one....Clay seems to have come into his own...If he can continue to be consistent in catchingthe ball...he can turn into one heck of a eapon.

Gromes brings it EVERY GAME...he is the one player on the feild that I KNOW...that if you keep testing him...he will make the QB play...dude is awsome...no other way to really put it imo...that was a gamble..and a WIN for Ireland...

Big game next week...

Armando...can we put bull-gate to bed until the report comes out...

Craig M is for MORON!!


You're dead right. We're not nearly as bad as many here would lead you to believe.what we are is mediocre. We're in the middle of the pack with teams like Baltimore and the Chargers.

How do we get to that next level? Well the OL needs to get better. Tannehill needs to get better. The defence needs to play better ( too many missed tackles again yesterday) and the coaches need to be better. Doable? Perhaps. Can it be done under this regime? Perhaps. One thing is for certain.....the team hasn't quit on Philbin. That's a good sign. Is he a good enough HC? Don't know yet. But new GM would most likely want his own HC which means all new coaches also.


Your work on getting team news is unmatched!! your journalism at time is genius!!! Please keep up your good work man and please ignore all the ignorant trash talk. I for one am grateful for your service!!!

Thanks again man!!

Kris, I agree Mando is hyping the "interviews" as some kind of crushing blow this week. Are you kidding, Dolphins were the top news on the Today Show, pretty much every newspaper, ESPN, every news show last 2 weeks. I highly doubt an interview is going to bother these guys. Everyone's sick of the story, and the pain of losing 2 starters is now in the adjustment mode, and Garner and Brenner have stepped up, so the team basically is back to where they were before the Bengals game.


It's going to be nothing but Bull-gate all week, I'm afraid, one big fukking bore....

Craig M...

I don't hink players WINNING a game is an indictmenton wether or not the players have quit on the coach...

Its dangerous n the feild...you dominate your man...for yourself...and self-preservation first...sometimes its for team first (giving up your body)...but rarely id it for the coaches....@ least not on a top 5 choices level...

These guys have been competing since pop-warner...they want to win...as long as there is something to play for for...

and currently...there is...

Jeff Ireland = Dennis the Menace
Everything he touches turns to shyt.

Gotta be a distraction for the players this week. Instead of being in meetings and focussing on the Panthers this week they'll be forced to be scrutinized by mind-numbing questions.

Tough test with the Panthers this week.


It's not an excuse, but injuries have plagued this team too many times last few seasons. I know all teams deal with injuries, but we seem to get them in key positions pretty much every year. I thought maybe Philbin's new schedule would help (Thurs day off) but it hasn't. I would love to see how this team plays with limited injuries (or everyone getting healthy at the optimal time, in Dec). I think that would go a long way to helping us get over the hump (though it's really just luck of the draw I guess).

Craig M,

It was in the form of a question that I wrote about Ireland getting a pass. However I do agree that the only guy really available is Pioli. I'm not sure that going in the direction of GM, HC and QB is wrong. I will let a real group of pro's in the field decide that....it seems obvious that Ross is looking for the advise that he would get from a qualified GM.

Yeah DC,

I can't accept injuries as a reason for the teams poor play. No one has had it worse than the Pats this year and they just keep on winning. This team is still too fragile. They should have kicked the sh*t out of the Bucs last week and they didn't.

I agree guys...

we have discussed bully-gate...we have argued...and even called names...

not mch else to really say about it...we know were we stand...and it would seem that whatever side you fall on...there is no changing one's opinion (mine included)....

There is nothing to do now...besides wait for the report....

This should be a good week of FOOTBALL...especially after a win....

"Big Play Clay" livin' up to his nickname. That was awesome!

The team may lose draft choices plus a fine from the league. Not to mention a "failure to supervise" major lawsuit from the J Martin camp.

someone please tell me how the OL without Pouncey and Incognito can look better???? do our talent evaluators suck that much?


Marco and others who critcize T-hill:

His QB rating may improve dramatically with better OL play.

He pretty much matched Rivers last night and Rivers is pretty good.

jeff, probably. But also we played one of the worst defenses (and front 7's) in the league. They are horrible. However, I've been impressed with Garner filling in nicely. And Mt. McKinnie probably should have been signed at the beginning of the Season. But yes, I don't trust Coyle's evaluation of anything besides DBs, I think he's in over his head as a DC.

Good question jeff, evidently the talent evaluators are a bit off the mark.....


I hink it has to do with playing a team that is NOT know for being physical...

an if there is a winnable game to lose....the Chargers will lose that game 9-10 times....

I would say they are FINS WEST...but they have been FAR more TALENTED...for a far longer amount of time....

If yu think we FIN FANS are dissapointed in our team...I can't imagine the ire in San Deigo this morning....or this past decade so to speak...


What are Thill's weaknesses in your opinion ?

The NoVA Dbags are all here todayin full force. Hey buddies.

Tannehill, Clay, Thomas, Egnew, Miller, Mathews. All JI picks...all making plays on O for this Win.
3 OL, Keller and Gibson gone.
Being drug through a bunch of BS bullying non-sense.
Armando Salguero trying to tear the team apart, trying to get players to turn on each other and the coaches. Trying to compromise Philbin as HC.
And they still sit tied for 6th in the AFC. 5-5. In control of their own destiny with 6 games left.

Shove that up your ARSE Armando Salguero and all you Armando loving Dolphin haters!!

Pouncey is in big trouble also as well as Incognito and Philbin.

You guys make excuses for Thill, because you want him to be good in your head.

Logically look at his stats, his play his lack of skills and ability to take us to the next level.

He is being given time at times, and still misses wide open targets. The recievers on this team are getting open. when we get Keller and Gibson back,(if Keller stays), then this a great group.

Thill walks into sacks and shows very little abilty to step up in the pocket, get rid off the ball and or run for yardage. Its a must to have a QB that can run the ball, unless you a brain and arm like Brady, Brees or Manning, which Thill clearly doesn't have.

Hmmmm... the Martin-Incognito fiasco might be an unappealing storyline for some- and overblown for Dolphins fans- but it is a hemorrhage for the NFL and a blight on organized football stateside.

ESPN reported Pop Warner recently released statistics showing an almost 10% drop in participation between 2010 and 2012, a precipitous decline blamed on parents reaction to the NFL's concussion troubles.

Another scandal touching as close to home for parents as hazing, bullying, "toughening-up" might cause another big rejection of football in America. Not good for the NFL to overlook this mess- and they won't.

Hate to break it to a lot of you but if the team ends up ~ 8-8, nobody is getting fired.

What is the diferece between 8-8...and 7-9....zippy...

Only way that ALL stay imo...is playoff berth...either @ 9-7..or preferably 10-6....

otherwise...in the words of Mr. Ross..."Big changes are comming"....

Yet again....Mike Wallace does his job and beats the corner and opens a 3 yard gap down the sideline.

...and yet again, Tannehill is unable to get the ball there in time...result, UNDERTHROWN PASS.

Tannehill does not have the arm strength to hit Wallace down field.

Don't get me wrong...love the win for sure, but we are not playing to our potential.

If I were the boss...the standard would be even higher....

f you spent that much of my money...over the last 6 years....I would hold Ireland to a playoff win...

Philbin would have been untouchable...except for that ne thing I refuse to talk about today....

So he is attached to that...with that comes greater scrutiny...and job evaluation....

MT, yeah thanks for the reminder. Philbin and friends will stay if we get to 7-9 again, which is a joke. Ross is still totally clueless.

If Thill can begin to raise his game then we have a chance. The o-line isn't as bad as it looks.

Thomas ran into the middle of the line and speed with aggression for the first time this year. Clay broke tackles and won the game for us.

Philbin, Sherman and Coyle can't coach or call plays consistently for me. If Sherman is to get the boot, it won't be under this regime. Philbin far too close to him to get him out.

Jeff, it's because Pouncey has not been having a good yer by his standards and because the tackles have been abysmal, nobody noticed.

2 yards rushing against TB, the centre has a HUGE role in that.

Tannebust is a poor excuse for a pro QB. And we have no shot at Johnny Manziel now.

A few thoughts...
I fully expected to see 'new' O-line folding up like a cheap lawn chair yesterday. But surprise...played better than '1st team'.

Tannehill puts too much mustard on short-intermediate throws at times.

Sherman overall called a much better game.

Coyle's 'attacking zone' defense (whatever the hell that is) continues to give up chunk yards. Cannot force 3 & outs.

Tannehill actually barked out a hard count...wow. Is 48 go on the way out?

Didn't miss Pouncey at all yesterday. Not having a good year. Hernandez thing got him worried?

They will stay not because the team didn't show great progress, they will stay because they didn't regress and the QB is better than he was last year.

They will stay because the other option would involve a complete clean house and most likely another 3 year rebuild which would be a far worse short term digestion for the owner and remaining fans. The idea of final chance would win out, I think. I mean, third year coach, 3rd year QB, there would be absolutely no excuses meanwhile at the end of this year, some would still loom.

Although no decision should be made with the thoughts of the local fans in mind. Most seem more happy to complain about a poor result than a good one and in fact instead of hoping for the best are already more than happy to talk trash about their own team before the ball is snapped.


I liked the way Tannehill played yesterday. He's been much better lately. That's what I want to see more of.


Don't know if your still around...

but have you heard Fred Smoot on the radio (106.7)....he has been doing some lunch time spots...

bottom line...

Guy makes Shannon Sharpe sound like a Rhodes Scholar....

Exactly, but they most live in NoVA.

Marco, if Tannehill improves by as much next year as he did this year, then we would have a top ten Qb. I mean a lot of people like to pizz on him but the fact remains that he improved from being a bottom performer last year to middle of the road this year ... he is far from the biggest problem with this team.

As we have bee shown this season there are a lot of young QB's coming into the league ready to play at a much higher level than Thill.

Thill is ranked 29th of the 32 starters in the NFL.

Thill at 81 is the lowest of the four QB starters from his draft class. Pathetic really folks.

I know ther are some Thill fans who, bought his jersey and don't want to lose another QB prospect, but Ireland is poor on QB evaluation, as well as the other positions come to think of it.

And perhaps part of the reason he played better yesterday was the play of the OL.

as far as the coaching staff and GM go, that book still has to be written. It all depends on how the season plays out. 6-10 and they are probably gone. 8-8 probably safe.

Craig, if they can manage to keep Tannehill in one piece then I think with the experience he went through this year, he may be a good one down teh road. I mean, he's held up in most stat metrics despite the offense melting around him. If he learns to cut down on the turnovers and refines some of the finer arts a little bit more as Qbs often do with experience ...

I'll be fair to Thill, he has improved on the number of balls he gets batted down at the line and on his accuracy mid-field.

Those sideline throws are his bread and butter, but when you can't go deep then your game is fatally flawed.

I've not seen any improvement on his deep balls atall.

Marco, don't know where you got this 29th rank for Tannehill, but anyway, his rating yes is below average, needs to cut down on turnovers. With more balance in the offense, hopefully it happens. But the yardage he produces, touchdowns he scores, red zone offense, they are all good by NFL standards. He's not all the way there yet but he's a lot closer than anyone we've had since Dan.


First of all, where do you come up with this stat that Tannehill is 29th ranked QB?

And then you say he's the lowest of the four drafted QBs. You saying RGIII's been better than him this year? Sorry not buying that. Also, how come you didn't include Weeden in the conversation? Convenient for you?

So let me get it straight....two QBs we could never have been able to draft and one who all teams passed on twice? Great point!

Questions to think about:

How long did it take Peyton to win a SB (with a world class team)?
How long did it take Elway to win a SB?
How long did it take (some people's favourite) Cowher to win a SB?
How long did it take Dungy to win a SB?
How long did it take Ozzie (All World GM) to get a second SB?

The answer to all of these is decades, decades, decades.

Yet, Ireland and Philbin are losers for not having one in a shorter amount of time.

Explain that please.

MT, check the stats, you seem to be missing some key info.

His ranking is 29 out of the QB who started this year or last week 29th !!!!!

He is in the top 5 turnover kings in the league. He is Trent Dilfer or Jay Fiedler at best.

We need a guy with an all round game. There are several career backups playing him off the field at the moment around the league.

Ozzie wasn't the GM during the Ravens first SB, so I stand corrected - All World Ozzie needed decades for his first and only SB.

Kris, yeah, I listen to Smoot when I get a chance. You're right, he's hilarious (in a clownish, embarrassment to himself sorta way).

NH, I disagree Tannehill doesn't have the arm strength for long throws. I think he doesn't have the accuracy or timing of the deep pass route down. I'd say it's because he hasn't had time to gel with Wallace, but he didn't have it with Hartline either (and missed a long pass to Hartline yesterday as well). That's just not Tannehill's strong suit. Some people think it's something he can learn with experience and time, I'm a little less sure of that. I don't think he'll ever become a great deep ball passer.

But doesn't mean he can't be a good QB in time. Just needs his OC/HC to understand his limitations and play to his strengths.

Tannehill has 26 games under his belt and has tossed more INT's than TD's....he also has more losses than wins.

At what point do you grade him and say he's able to get the job done and win on a consistent basis?

30/50/75 games???

He's our QB for the rest of the season... and when our new GM arrives on Jan 10th he'll have to decide if he's hitching his reputation to the Tannehill wagon...or not.

As far as new qbs in the league doing better, those qb with less than 2 years experience, the only one doing significantly better than Tannehill is Luck - big surprise right? You can also make a good case for Wilson doing better but he has a lot of help there in Seattle and asked to do a lot less.

But he's doing better than Kaep (who's actually 3rd year), on par with Rg3, and of course Weeden. And don't even bring up EJ or Geno, thy've been very rookie like this year. Probably similar to how Tannehill played last year which is not unusual for a rookie at all.

He's holding up his end of the bargain in my book.

Tanne was his usual meh yesterday.....

I am glad he was put in a postion to succeed...as opposed to fail...good short to mid passing game....

still missed deep (badly)...stilll looks for Hartline befor anyone else...

but those things are fine...as long as we win....it's when the FINS don't win...when the fine-tooth comb comes out....

I am not gonna spend my week downing Tanne...We won...

let's look for reason's why..and hone those plays...and improve on the team weakness....

Manning came to the Colts when they were one of the worst teams in the leagues.

In his second year he wen to the Pro Bowl and threw
34,135 26 Td's 15ints 90.7 QBR.

Please don't ever mention Manning and Thill in the same breath again.

That answeryour question ?

Bodine, pretty asinine comparison if you ask me. All those people you mentioned were part of WINNING TEAMS. No, they didn't win SBs, but they got into the Playoffs. Peyton has the greatest regular season record of probably any player in the NFL. Are you seriously comparing HIM to Jeff Ireland (1 winning season in SIX attempts)? SERIOUSLY?

If you are trying to say some of the comments here are veering off the cliff (in terms of realistic expectations) I would say you have veered way to far in the other direction.

Myself, I wasn't asking anything but a winning season. If we get there, in the mess that was this season, then yeah, I'll probably back off my demands for change. However, anything less (and sorry Mark, that INCLUDES 8-8) to me is failure. And I would personally like to see heads roll (however if Philbin and by extension Tannehill remain intact I would not be upset with that, as long as some of the coaching staff is relieved of their duties).

Marco, you are making up stats now, 29th?? in what?? he's not 29th in anything. His turnovers, take a look at who's around him in # of turnovers. RG3, Andy Dalton, Geno Smith, Eli, Big Ben, Joe Flacco. These guys are either all inexperienced or plagues with faulty o lines. It's not conincidental... not like he's sitting on a pedestal all by himself in terms of turnovers. Guess you'd cut all these QBs, right??

And it's not like he isn't producing yardage or touchdowns to along with these turnovers. 12 in the league in yards, also scoring a lot of tds. Not unusal at all to have a yougn qb committing turnovers, it's something that can be ironed out in time. And if your Qb is producing Tdsa nd yards, you should give him that opportunity.

Other than Andrew Luck, they don't come ready out of the box and perform at a por bowl level from day one. That's why Luck is a once in a generation prosepct.

Bodine compares Thill to Elway and Manning wow.

What has he done to ever play like those guys ?

Does he have Mannings arm or smarts. Does he evade the pass rush like Elway or scramble to keep the drives alive no.

We should bring back Cam Cameron then as he needed more time and John Beck, by your line of arguement we should just give everyone a break regardless of what we see with our eyes.

I just don't get your logic ? Why wait with trash ?

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