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Turner, Pouncey objects of investigator's scrutiny

NFL investigator Ted Wells will begin interviews with Dolphins personnel at the team's facility as early as Monday and offensive line coach Jim Turner and center Mike Pouncey will be of particular interest to him, The Miami Herald reported in its Monday editions.

ESPN first reported Turner being under the microscope. A source told The Herald that Pouncey, who missed Sunday's game against San Diego with what the team termed an illness, also will be heavily scrutinized over the possibility he witnessed mistreatment of erstwhile teammate Jonathan Martin.

Dolphins players are aware the interviews are coming.

“I think everybody is going to be interviewed," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said.

And there you have the troubles of a scandal intersecting with a football season.

The Dolphins, fresh off a 20-16 victory over San Diego, would typically start their preparations in earnest for Carolina on Monday. Instead, players and coaches will begin an up to three-day period of questioning on the part of the NFL's representative.

No, that doesn't change what happened on Sunday.

The Dolphins got excellent individual efforts from Charles Clay, who caught six passes for 90 yards including a rumbling 39-yard touchdown catch and run. They got an interception and game-ending pass defensed from Brent Grimes. They got very good defensive end play from Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon.

They got a solid team win with the Clay play standing out. Charlesclay

“It was huge,' Tannehill said of the tight end's touchdown. "I saw a void, threw it to him in the opening and never thought it was going to be a 39-yard touchdown. He’s a tough runner, big physical guy who showed his physicalness and toughness getting in the endzone.”

Rookie offensive lineman Sam Brenner had a fine debut. You have to understand, Brenner was not only starting his first game of the season but doing it on minimal notice. He found out Friday he might be active. Then he found out Saturday night he might be starting.

And all the while, Brenner was filling two roles in practice.

“That’s the hard thing about being on practice squad is you’ve got to be able to give the looks for the defense throughout the week and still work on getting the game plan down for the team you’re playing on offense," Brenner said. "I just tried to prepare myself the best I could every week and be ready and prepare like I was going to be playing in the game, even though I wasn’t."


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He has not thrown more INTs than Tds, where do you people come with this info???

Real shocker that Arjerkoff fails to mention the contributions of one Daniel Thomas yesterday - what a superior jerkoff journalist Arjerkoff is. His hatred of the player gets in the way.

Greatness shows up early and often on an NFL field...Tannehill will NEVER be great. EVER!

So we need to ask ourselves, can we win on a consistent basis without a great QB? My answer is NO.

Don't get me wrong...I love my Fins and hope they win every week. But experience tells me this team and our QB are average at best and our record reflects this.

Tannehill is better than Henne, but not by much.

Tannehill really is the least of the problems this team has. OL is a mess, defensive scheme isn't very good, Carroll is downright offensive any time he's on the field. Fix everything else then let's see what we have with Tannehill.


Tip go to NFL.com my friend. His QBR, its there for you and everone on the Thill is great trip.

His turnovers are in the top five in the league which includes fumbles and Ints.

RGIII has had 10 picks and lost 4 fumbles=14

Thill has 11 picks and lost 5 fumbles=16.

Do you see know my friend ?

Can we please sign a punt returner? I hate watching Thigpen return punts. He is constantly calling for a fair catch with no defender within 10 yards!!! Good win though

Is our run defense crappy because of our LB's? I mean really how bad are these guys? We are stuck with these chumps for a couple of years

Marco, Tannehill's on pace #s for this year..

3,958 22tds, 18 ints.,

Agreed that Tannehill won't be the next Manning but are those #s really a whole heck of a lot different??


look like you got taken to the cleaners yesterday....don't bet against "VEGAS BABY".....

MT, I never said he has thrown more Ints than TD's my friend, you are confused. Go look at the stats please, or my posts.

Why do you think Im making this up ? Is it denial ?

Thill is a poorly performing QB in his second year.

Fact, by stats or by the ablity to judge QB play. If you want to put up a case for him please Im keen to learn.

Hey, everyone complaining that Salguero's illiterate, etc. - kindly list your real name and your journalism C.V.? Thanks!

... He's a reporter. They report. A team has the biggest locker-room scandal of the season, he's going to write about it.

And for all of you saying it has nothing to do with what happens on the field, well, congrats on forgetting the Tampa Bay game ... wish I could.

naked bootleg was phenomenal call....

they have been holding that in their hip-pocket for 26 games...

executed to perfection...

Anybody that says it was a win against San Diego and the Panthers will beat us bad needs to go back to smoking crack. Except for New Orleans, which the Panthers are not, the Dolphins have been in each and every game. They unfortunately play down to the levels of Buffalo and Tampa, which is the real problem. Yesterday was a good win but the offense still worries me. Every win has to come down to the defense. This team does not know how to put away teams when they have the opportunity. For us to be a good team, they must learn to do that.

I think Armando has been more than fair in conducting this Blog. He banned Daytona for a while but that's about it regarding Posters. He has tolerated even insults against his Person and has remained faithful to the credo of his Blog thar no subject is taboo. Yeah, I know, he does it for $$. It doesn't matter, he has given us Posters here ample opportunity to express ourselves and that is all we should ask of him.

Last season as a rookie Thill gave up 17 turnovers.

2014 the improved Thill is almost there with 6 games to go.

Thill is not the answer guys.

Great win--

But was it me or did Hartline play the worst game of his career? Multiple drops passes, had a fumble at the goal line ( negated by a flag, but still).
I wish he would stop diving and falling and produce more YAC.

And I hope we aren't seeing Miller's career slowing going in the toilet.....

I look at total fumbles, if he puts the ball on the carpet, it's a turnover. So, you get rid of everyone who has that many turnovers. Well, according to marco then Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, RG3, big Ben should all be looking for work this offseason. Should be exciting.

His qb raiting is still not 29th. Anyway, I conceded he needs to work on turnovers but his positive production is still high. You think a rookie will come in next year and be better than him, I'd give you 10 to one odds on that.

NH said it, not you marco

Thats true. But that's not changing his QBR Mark.

There are better QB's out there. Back ups playing at a much higher level.

Thill's supporting cast is playing well.

thill is on course for 26 turnovers this year. Thats almost an increase of 40% on his rookie year.

This is called regression.

By the way, listening to an ESPN overnight radio bit over the weekend and they had the guy that does their mock drafts on for a segment and they were discussing teams that needed a QB.

They mentioned Minnesota, TB, Jax, Tennessee, even mentioned Cincy among others. YOu know who they didn't mention??

mark is content with 20 str8 6-10 and 7-9 seasons wit tdummy at qb

Fumbles are not including in qb rating unless you use that stupid ESPN metric.

26 turnovers is high, but not outlandish, many Qbs have had years like that but went on to perform well.

Again, until you acknowledge his completions, completion %, yardage, and tds, I'm nto discussing this anymore.

2 watt, suck a fat one will ya


You're a BORE, buddy. Teamwins a game yesterday and you're trying to compare Tannehill in his second year to one of the best QBs of all time Peyton Manning, in his second year.

Just one question for you.....what planet are you from?

I have defended Thill in my time too Mark. However I defended Beck, Henne and even Matt Moore.

You see what you want to see sometimes.

Mark if you go to NFL.com and QB ratings you will see Thill at 40 yes or no ?

Now take out the 11 RB's or Punters, or back-ups that lobbed the rock downfield ok ?

Next include the QB's that started this week 11 in the NFL.

Thill is 29th. If Im out by even 5 places then forgive me, but he is still in the bottom third of QB's in this league.




Also ban all Armando loving Dolphin haters.
And Poster that pretend to be DOCTORS.

I give Tannehill huge credit for still being upright after the hammer he has taken this year. Most sacked QB in the league, most of the sacks due to poor pass protection. At least half of the fumbles were unavoidable as a result of him being sacked whilst trying to throw. The other fumbles yes we're avoidable and he has cleaned those up. His deep ball needs sorting out with Wallace but other than that I see a confident QB that is getting better all the time, if we get him some OL protection then he will thrive and we will have our franchise QB!



Tannehill is not, will never be ANYTHING close to Peyton Manning. First overall pick, once in a generation QB. First ballot Hall of Famer.

Got that? Now walk away from the meds and seek help.....

I wouldn't get so wrapped up with QBR, Rivers is ranked 5th. Do you actually think he's 23 spots ahead of Tannehll?

And Marco,

If you'd rather have Henne, Ponder, Pryor, Weeden, Glennon, Smith, Manuel, Palmer, Locker as your QB, thengood luck to you.


22nd in the NFL. Not great as I acknowledged. But not 29th.

I no foosbel.

I never compared them Craig my friend. Bodine brought the comparison to Elway and Manning you see ?

"26 turnovers is not outlandish". Yeah thats very true Mark, if you are throwing for at leat 35TD's and maybe running in 4 or 5 on the ground to offset that.

Yes we won Im happy of course I am, but Thill isn't really helping us get there is he ?

Clay broken that run on an individual effort. Thill just hit him wide open. the Chargers really suck this year guys. There are a lot of teams that suck this year look at the AFC playoff picture.

As to the Flacco and Big Ben comparsions to Thill, I don't even need to go there do I, please.

Thill doesn't have any SB rings yets guys come on. RgIII looks much better than Thill and that with one leg this year.


It's just some guys argument the day after a Dolphins VICTORY. The guy's trying to be a BUZZKILL and he'll use whatever he can to try and bring people down.

bottom 3rd = suxx

Since when did rating become the bible anyway, I guarantee you if he hadn't been sacked 39 times or whatever it is, that rating would rise by a few slots even with him playing at his current level which is most likely not his ceiling anyway.


I'll take what Tannehill did yesterday every day of the week right now. No one's been tougher on him on here than me. When he plays like he did. Yesterday we have a chance to win. When. He throws pick 6's and fumbles the ball at key times in the game we're screwed.

Marco, if we didn't have Tannehill, we would have ZERO offense this year... so to say he hasn't won games for this team is the biggest understatement of the year.

Why would any Dolphin's members refuse to be interrogated over the JMartin affair if they have nothing to hide and assuming Ted Wells is a fair investigator?

RG, much better. Right there is almost stupidity. Their #s are pretty much a mirror reflection of one another.


I got to stop you there...RG3 looks awful this year...Tanne looks much better....

I think 3 should get a pass because of his injury...and maybe even hang it up for the year...since the season is over...and give Lirk Cousin's a try...but he won't...bcause he is selfish..and a diva...

but @ this point in time...Tanne is playing better than 3...who BTW...the DC fans are ready to throw out with the bath water...coaching staff included....

Such language in Toronto. Well!

and that is my point abou these #'s that you tout Mark...

I am watching (eyes on) both RG3...and Tanne...I go to the sports bar to watch the games...I always keep an eye on the Skins game...misery loves company...and I want the DC fans to have as bad a football team as I do...hopefully worse...

but the eyeball test sas that Tanne is out performing RG3....most of 3's #s come from when they are down by 17 or 24 points in the 4th quarter...and then the defense backs off...and he gets garbage stats...

the 3's due lie...and even tho 3 is improving...he is not healthy.....and his play is suffering because of it...

the 3's = the #s....

Ok Marco, I've gotta push back on you with that one, Thill isn't helping us get there? Really? Hmm, how many TDs do the RBs have this year? How are we one of the best teams in the red zone yet one of the worst running teams in the league? Is the ball magically getting into the end zone? Thill is probably one of the ONLY ones keeping us from being 2-8 right now. And I'm not a huge apologist, I've said the guy has many issues he needs to work on. But have some objectivity dude. It was HIM who led that comeback vs. the Colts (and Bengals). It was HIM who led those drives to put us up big vs. the Pats. Like others have said, he's really kept us in every game save one.

Can he do more? Yes. But he can't do it alone. He's not even supposed to be the strength of the team, the defense is. Why aren't they pulling their weight? Tannehill is where I thought he'd be year 2, middle of the pack. He's got tons to work on, but improved from year 1. But you're just not watching the games if you haven't seen him as part of the solution of most games vs. part of the problem.

The ESPN rating is screwed and not accurate.

They don't include McCown, Keenum, McGolin, Vick, Cassel, Fitzpatrick, Hoyer or Emmanuel.

Sorry that puts him in at 30th my bad.

All these guys have a higher QBR than Thill. They either started this week or have at leat 80 throws my friend.

Thats the picture we face.

Thill is a better athlete than Tom Brady. We have to give this kid and coach a chance.Improve the OL and change the OC and Thill is arguably 1 or 2 QB in the 2012 Draft.


I blame Shanahan for everything that's gone with RGIII. This year and last. Looks good on him because he's an egomaniac. The kid just wants to play football. Can't blame him for that. It's up to the coach to have control of the team and it's clear he doesn’t. Big F for the Shanahans.

For Craig M,

Questions to think about:

How long did it take Peyton to win a SB (with a world class team)?
How long did it take Elway to win a SB?
How long did it take (some people's favourite) Cowher to win a SB?
How long did it take Dungy to win a SB?
How long did it take Ozzie (All World GM) to get a second SB?

The answer to all of these is decades, decades, decades.

Yet, Ireland and Philbin are losers for not having one in a shorter amount of time.

Explain that please.

Posted by: Bodine | November 18, 2013 at 09:32 AM

That help you out matey boy ??

Did I curse, Oscar? if I did, I apologize. Just that when people engage me in debate, I would actually prefer they use actual proof to make statements and not just throw out anecdotal assertions and expect me to take them as fact.

It causes me to lose my mind when I actual go through the effort of suing emperical data and precedents to back up my thoughts.


I'm with you. Mark's much more of a stats guy than you and me. I judge by what I see and right now, no way would I trade Tannehill for RGIII. Don't care what the stats say. Tannehill's numbers would be MUCH better with a better OL and running game.

People, go watch the Redskins game yesterday. After doing NOTHING for 3 quarters, they come back, 2 TDs, 2 EPs, under 2mins left, drive the ball to the red zone, and RG3 throws a HORRIBLE pick in the end zone. If Tannehill did that we'd rightly say he needed to be kicked off the team. It was a stupid decision (there was NO ONE there, he was just trying to throw it away and threw it up for grabs) and RG3 had a pathetic excuse that he was trying to throw it out of the end zone (from inside their 20, falling back). Please.

The grass always looks greener. I'll take my team that's 5-5 and still has a chance to make the Playoffs, thanks.

Marco, because is actually says at the top of the screen, rating - QUALIFIED!!!!


Craig M...

good pint o having "control of the team"....

if you listen to the Skins presser's....you would swear thjat 3 is the QB, HC, and GM....this guys EGO is massive....and currently...it doesn't match the production on the feild....

Craig @ 10:30, that may or may not be true. I make no excuses for Tannehill's performance or lack of it. But at the end of the day, his contribution against all his peers is ok right now.

Then when you throw in all qualitative things you can't measure like lack of a running game, o line, drops, lack of experience, etc etc, it points to there being reason for optimism.


2 teams with 5 wins
7 teams with 4 wins
All in AFC with a lot of head to head battles.


Not sure what we're arguing here. I'm on the same side of the argument as you. Tannehill will never be Elway or Manning. He's just not that guy. Never will be. But I think his upside could be a Joe Flacco type. Ravens have won with Flacco. Dolphins can win with Tannehill IF ( and it's a big IF) he stops turning the ball over so much. Flacco's turnovers are up considerably this year and the team's not winning. Coincidence? I think not. Yes they've lost a lot of key people but they are still losing games they used to win.

Craig & Mark, I try to be fair and objective about players & coaches. I have been critical of Tannehill at times but I like to think of it as constructive criticism. No doubt Tannehill needs to improve in several areas and he has in a couple of them. Notice how fast the ball was coming out yesterday? How about that hard count?

If he can learn how to do a good fake pump and a few other QB tricks, he'll be a much better QB. Long throws? I don't know...hope it's a timing thing but I have my doubts

Kris, RG3 also got screwed by his coach last year. That system they ran was suicidal and they paid the ultimate price. if they had forced him to sit back more often than only run when things break down - he wouldn't have had such a bad start to the season. HE will be ok as well. Too talented but the days of running all crazy are gone. Perhaps 400 yards or so rushing is a more realistic expectation for the dreaded one.


Thill as I have said hits those short quick hits well.

He is a streaky performer, he has shown signs to be serviceable at best, but is he reliable ? The answer from me is no.

There are better options out there either in the FA market or in the draft perhaps.

RGIII is playing on one leg this year. The guy is a huge talent that changes the game at will. He shouldn't even be playing right now he is so badly injured, but he still hangs in there.

Thill almost threw another pick 6 unless you forgot. That throw was as bad as RGIII's last against the Eagles.

I'd trade Thill for RGIII tomorrow. RGIII with this team would win more games than Thill.

A healthy RG III would make us a perennial playoff contender.

cocoa, yeah with you all the way there. Long throws, not really sweating that. brady has been a horrible long ball thrower his whole career for example. As long as he spreads the ball around and reduces turnovers, he will be fine. Seeing the whole field is the counter punch for the lack of a long ball. His accuracy and arm strength is already plenty strong enough in the short and intermediate game.

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