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Turner, Pouncey objects of investigator's scrutiny

NFL investigator Ted Wells will begin interviews with Dolphins personnel at the team's facility as early as Monday and offensive line coach Jim Turner and center Mike Pouncey will be of particular interest to him, The Miami Herald reported in its Monday editions.

ESPN first reported Turner being under the microscope. A source told The Herald that Pouncey, who missed Sunday's game against San Diego with what the team termed an illness, also will be heavily scrutinized over the possibility he witnessed mistreatment of erstwhile teammate Jonathan Martin.

Dolphins players are aware the interviews are coming.

“I think everybody is going to be interviewed," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said.

And there you have the troubles of a scandal intersecting with a football season.

The Dolphins, fresh off a 20-16 victory over San Diego, would typically start their preparations in earnest for Carolina on Monday. Instead, players and coaches will begin an up to three-day period of questioning on the part of the NFL's representative.

No, that doesn't change what happened on Sunday.

The Dolphins got excellent individual efforts from Charles Clay, who caught six passes for 90 yards including a rumbling 39-yard touchdown catch and run. They got an interception and game-ending pass defensed from Brent Grimes. They got very good defensive end play from Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon.

They got a solid team win with the Clay play standing out. Charlesclay

“It was huge,' Tannehill said of the tight end's touchdown. "I saw a void, threw it to him in the opening and never thought it was going to be a 39-yard touchdown. He’s a tough runner, big physical guy who showed his physicalness and toughness getting in the endzone.”

Rookie offensive lineman Sam Brenner had a fine debut. You have to understand, Brenner was not only starting his first game of the season but doing it on minimal notice. He found out Friday he might be active. Then he found out Saturday night he might be starting.

And all the while, Brenner was filling two roles in practice.

“That’s the hard thing about being on practice squad is you’ve got to be able to give the looks for the defense throughout the week and still work on getting the game plan down for the team you’re playing on offense," Brenner said. "I just tried to prepare myself the best I could every week and be ready and prepare like I was going to be playing in the game, even though I wasn’t."


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Marco, heres the problem with that. I don't know if RG3 will ever be healthy or mentally comfortable enough to play the way he did last year.

I said before the season my expectation for Tannehill were for 4,000 total yards rushing and passing and 25 total TDs. I believe he will reach these marks.

Yes, his turnovers are high and he does have some pocket presence issues and I wish he would run more at times. He deserves some of the blame, but so do the coaches and the O-line.

By the way.....don't think it's been talked about much but Reshard Matthews has looked great out there. Clay too. Isn't it an indictment of this coaching staff that these guys haven't been included more this year and last? There were many games these guys didn't even dress last year and we were stuck watching Fasano, Bess and castoffs from other teams.

I remember the guy who told me on here in the offseason that 'the trading of Bess was 'HORRIFIC' or a 'DISASTER''......or something along those lines. Funny to look back on it now....lol.

The one person who is NOT the problem on this team is Tanne. Let's not forget the fact he lost Keller and Gibson. I'm not going to say Clay hasn't been good, he certainly has, but it has taken a bit for that to click. Plus Clay is still not that split the defense down the middle TE.

Mark at least 5 of the QB's I mentioned will hit the 14 attempts to qualify next week as they are playing at a much higher level.

Look if 22nd is good enough for you my friend, hen we will agree to disagree here. 22nd for me is not.

Since when was mediocrity good enough ? I want more for my Dolphins team.

Craig M...

Clay had a few a few drops last year...and apperantly....unless your name is Incognito...your not allowed to mak mistakes on this team....

ask...Bush or Chad Johnson about that...or in this case Clay....

You can inly becom consistent....if consitently given a chance.....

And I read on here yesterday, 'upgrading the LBers has to be priority number one in the offseason'......LOL.

REALLY? You do realize that the team just committed to Misi, Ellerbe and Wheeler, right?.....LOL. Not happening! Wheeler for my money has been a BUST. I'd gladly take Burnett or Dansby back. Far more consistent. WAY too many missed tackles by Wheeler. I used to say I thought Clemmons was the weak link in the defence but it's Wheeler now and Jones has been very mediocre too.

Mark =

Marco, I would have agreed with you last year. However, being up in DC, I watch many Redskins games and also hear it all week on the radio, tv, etc. I can tell you, the knock on RG3 (besides durability) is he cannot make reads. He consistently does not see open receivers. It's become such a huge problem even some commentators are turning on him. He also is not very accurate. Yes, he has a nice touch on certain deep balls, but in the intermediate range (15-30 yards) he's wildly inaccurate. Also, even now, he refuses to slide and not take unnecessary hits (though he did once yesterday, but it was awkward).

He's a talented player, I give you that. But giving up 3 1st round picks for him, no, I'm starting to realize that it wasn't worth it. We'll see if he has a long career. The way he's going, he's looking more and more like a Mike Vick player (constantly injured).

Also, Tannehill ALMOST led the team to 8-2 (if you change a couple things in the Ravens, Bills and Pats games). So if you want to say he ALMOST threw a pick-6, then you need to see the other things he ALMOST did as well.

I've never understood the fascination with running QBs in the NFL. It's not like college...you have these really big guys trying to break your legs. The smart ones learn to be more or less pocket passers. The ones that don't? Well, they never last

yippee,the phinz beat the 27th ranked d yday,
let's throw a parade

Give it up Mark...you are beating a dead horse, literally. You and I like THill, the rest think he's puke, so be it, let them have their opinion. Arguing about it only feeds the fire. THill is going to be good with a better QB coach, that I have no doubt about, but for now he will only be as good as his coaching. The deep ball is not his forte and that is obvious. Don't really care about that considering in this offense it isn't a major necessity. YACs is the what counts in this offense and if we get more YACs from our receivers like we did last night the deep ball will not matter that much. Ball control is more important to me than quick strikes, gives the defense a breather, runs time off of the clock and keeps the opposing offense off of the field, what more can you ask for?

Agree there Mark and Nemo...

RG3 may be scarred for life....I would give him one more season to see if he can recover mentally....if not....then it may be time to look elsewhere...


I think we all want Tannehill to be top 10. Qe can with him being 10-12 in the league IF the defence and running game are doing their job. As stated above, I have questions on the defence now. Wheeler is weak, we need another corner opposite Grimes and the play from Jones has been subpar.

Funny Craig, if you told me Clemons would be the anchor to the DBs last year (not Jones) I would have laughed in your face. But, very quietly, he's been doing a good job. Jones has slid back some, but some of that is also on Coyle for not playing to his strengths.

Marco, again, you just look at rating.

What about 9th in completions???

What about 17th in completion %?

12th in yards?

12th in passing touchdowns?

His low rating is simpley a reflection of his turnovers which I acknowledged is a problem. However, there is a lot of othe positives out there for a 2nd year QB ... he will get better.

2watt, we also beat Cincy, division leader and playoff contender 2 weeks ago

By the way.....don't think it's been talked about much but Reshard Matthews has looked great out there. Clay too. Isn't it an indictment of this coaching staff that these guys haven't been included more this year and last? There were many games these guys didn't even dress last year and we were stuck watching Fasano, Bess and castoffs from other teams.

I remember the guy who told me on here in the offseason that 'the trading of Bess was 'HORRIFIC' or a 'DISASTER''......or something along those lines. Funny to look back on it now....lol.
100% agree. I have posted many times these coaches (plural) have failed to properly evaluate players. They see these players everyday, watch tape, have meetings and still fail.
If the truth be known, Philbin & assistants were directly responsible for NOT doing something about the O-line.

QB is the most important position on this team.

Thill on course for a QBR rating of 81, at best Mark and Thill fans botton half of the league.

He will never be a winner or difference maker, ever.

Im in it for winning the big one not limping along with a turnover machiene.

Any QB that has more turnovers than TD's won't win for you. Thill has a -1 differential for us folks. The skills and instincts may come. Then Nolan Carroll could become a hall of fame corner and go to the next 7 pro bowls !!!

7 of the current 32 QB's in the NFL have been starting on their team for over 5 years...they are:
Tom Brady - 2001
Eli Manning - 2004
Philip Rivers - 2006
Drew Brees - 2006
Aaron Rodgers - 2008
Joe Flacco - 2008
Matt Ryan - 2009

Brady/Manning/Brees/Rodgers & Flacco have all started in a Superbowl...Rivers/Ryan have been in playoffs on a consistent basis.

The other 25....they have all been on the job for 3 years or less with varying degrees of success.

Point is...you get about 3 years to prove yourself then you are kicked to the curb seeking employment elsewhere, just ask Carson Palmer.

Ryan Tannehill gets the rest of this season and most likely 2014 to prove his worth in Miami...anything short of a playoff win means he's on the street seeking employment and we are back to the draft board yet again.



Agrred. I've always been critical of Clemmons but he's stepped up. If we're going to criticize Coyle for the play of Jones we also have to give him credit for the improvements in Clemmons play.

I know a lot of people are down on Coyle but I like him. Before Sunday's game I think the defence was something like 12th in the league in scoring and that's not a bad testament, considering all the change, injuries and the play of the offence. This is easily a top ten defence in my book and I expect with a tweak or two that will play out next season.

NH, I dont doubt he will be here again next year. Just as Henne was too eh ?

Like I said Mark give it up already. They will never get it no matter how much you try to convince them. THill is already better than the last 10 QBs we have had since Dan left the game. He will get better, with better coaching. Sherm's son-in-law needs to go along with his father-in-law, they both are terrible.


I have to disagree with your philosophy...about "ball control"

for me....quick strikes...and scoring early and often lead to blow-out wins...it puts pressure on the other teams offense...as well as the obvious pressure on the D that can't stop you....it makes the other team one-dimensional.....and takes the running game out of the equation.....

Wake would THRIVE in that scenario...and Joprdan would get a heck of a lot of snaps....

A GREAT offense can fix a mediocre defense...

but the OPPOSITE is NEVER true....


Gotta disagree with you on Rivers. 'He's consistently in the playoffs'? REALLY? When was the last time he was in the playoffs? How did his numbers look last year? Team is now 4-6 this year, despite Rivers having a good year. He's recovered nicely this year because his OL is better.

So I think Rivers takes away from your point, How many playoff games have the Chargers won with Rivers at QB?

I'll say this though, Thill is better than anyone we have had since Marino, with the exception of Chad P.

Draft a QB next year 2-3 round and trade Moore.

And how many playoff games have the Falcons won with Matt Ryan for that matter, too?


again....I don't thnk it matters that the current QB is better than the the last 10 that played for US....

we need our QB to be better than most of the QB that CURRENTLY play for the other 31 teams....

Tanne is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Cleo Lemon...so what....

when will he be on Par with Wilson in the win column...or playof record...that is what matters to me...

Craig...that's why Rivers & Ryan are at the bottom of the list.

Marco, difference Ida lot of people were calling for Henne's head. I wasn't one of them. I listen to sports radio all day. No one is calling for Tanne to go. No one it YOU. He is not going anywhere.


i'm not suppose to be nit-picking Tanne today...

was not my intent...

I'm only posting about the game for the rest of the day....and positives about Tanne...

For Craig

I know a lot of people are down on Coyle but I like him. Before Sunday's game I think the defence was something like 12th in the league in scoring and that's not a bad testament, considering all the change, injuries and the play of the offence. This is easily a top ten defence in my book and I expect with a tweak or two that will play out next season.

Posted by: Craig M | November 18, 2013 at 10:57 AM

We rank 21st in the league on D average yards per game.

We can't defend the run, pass or stop those 3rd and longs against average opposition and you give that statement, what are you talking about ?

Tanne is in his second year with barely any college QB time and he is still better then a lot of guys out there.

Craig M,

Don't ever compare Thill with Matt Ryan either thats just dumb.

If THill had a decent O-line, he would be far better. Give him time, he still shows a lot of up side.

Time and again I find it truly amazing how few of you ever realize who is posting here with no other intent but to irk a response. You are nothing but fodder for their entertainment.

Marco for example probably doesn't believe even 10% of what he is spouting. He obviously just wants to push your buttons and you all jump every time.

Mike he had time against the Chargers and was looking at WR wide open all day.

He is streaky. The mid range stuff will get you 21 points per game.

We are 24th in scoring with Thill as our QB, thats not good enough guys. You are forget the people ahead of him. In the QB market he is bottom half by far.

ok...we've all established the fact that Tannehill is our starting QB (barring injury) through the 2014 season.

We all want wins and he'll be judged by wins/losses just like every other QB in the league.

let's pray this hazing story has stirred up the hornets nest and we light a fire under the players pants.

A win against Carolina would be a key turning point so let's see how well the team can focus in the face of adversity and have our QB step up to the role of leader.


First of all....YOUR dumb! You didn't read what I said. I was responding to what another poster said. Go back and read it.

Secondly, who gives a sh*t about yards allowed? The only stat that really matters is points allowed. Where do you get your opinions from on stats? Do you only pay attention to the ones that fit your argument?

NH, beating the Panthers would be nice. But for me, overcoming adversity and changing behaviors would mean us winning 3-of-4 remaining division games. That would go a long way into me having any type of faith in our coaching staff.

So Marco says, 'we're 24th in scoring with Tannehill as our QB' but then conveniently disregards scoring when talking about our defence.

Typical poster on here who can conveniently make the stats say what he wants to make his argument, fukking hilarious! Be CONSISTENT guys!

What I'd like to know (if Mando has the time) is what this "illness" was Pouncey had? Was it just the flu, or is this something more concerning? Since the team is so secretive, every friggin' injury (or "illness" in this case) is wrapped in some sort of cryptic camouflage. What gives?


The more I read on this Martin /Incognito issue the more I believe that Jonothan Martin has NO BUSINESS playing football at this level. I see where BOTH Favre and Montana said today that stuff like that happens in the NFL locker room. "It might not be right but it happens, players get picked on all the time". I think Martin new that he sucked. Left in frustration. Got lawyer-ed up and now he is trying to blame somebody for his failure. I can't imagine any organization or coach wanting this quitter on their team. Now having said that, the NFL will pressure teams to let him back in to satisfy the "Politically Correct" movement. Let's see how much guts the NFL has in handing out a fair ruling. The victim in this mess when it's all said and done might be Richie Incognoto.

Bodine, facts are facts my friend. You are on a TanneTrip, if you can't face them.

Look at his rating, look at where he has the offense in scoring, 24th, look at the turnovers, look at the deep ball. Pocket awareness.

Anyone who you can't beat in a debate you throw them under the bus. Go root for him thats fine. I'd love to see you screaming at the screen when he screws up time and time again, you problably curse him.

Maybe when Thill stinks the place up you clap and smile like Philbin, Sherman and the other mediocre hacks on this team.

I see 8-8 as best possible scenario going forward. I had them at 9-7 at the beginning of the season. I'm on the fence where we go from here. I really am. OL needs to get better, running game needs to improve,need another corner opposite Grimes (assuming he's back) and still need that pass catching TE. Are Ireland and Philbin the right guys for the job? I honestly don't know any more.


Almost sounds like ypu're cheering against Tannehill, hoping that you're right and he fails. What gives, bud?

You a 'phin fan or just here to be RIGHT?

Craig, furthermore, when talking about offense, he neglect to mention that our rush offense is 24th in the NFL and that our red zone offense #4 in the NFL. He speaks without seeing the entire picture.

For as much crap as I have given the D this year they have actually not been bad by the numbers. 12th in points given up, 10th in sacks. Also, 17 turnovers in 10 games is pretty good as well. It might actually be 18 I'm not sure if Grimes' pick yesterday counts.

Is the D as good as I would have liked and pushing towards top 5 elite status, no? However, tales of their demise has been greatly exaggerated.

Tampa only give up one point more than us per game and are 2-8. Whats your point ?

The ultimate stat is the Win Lost column Craig.

You watch the games. I do, all year long Coyle and the D have been smashed on the run and give away third and long all the time. Its not good enough with the talent we have on this team on D.

Coyle has done as bad a job as Sherman. If they were doing great I'de defend them.

If people started attacking Fields, Clay, Matthews, Grimes I'd defend them. You defend Thill at will because of what you feel, not what is a fact or what you see.


Believe what your eyes tell you...not some stat sheet fter the game is played....

teams play different when they are eithertrying to catch up...or hold a lead....

as do we....

believe what you see...that stats do not tell as complete a picture as the game itself...in real time....

The D may be OK....but you KNOW in your heart if its 3rd and 14...we are gonna give up 16 yards for a 1st more often than not...

That is not the mark of a good defense approaching great....

We have some good players...but they need to be coached up...

Craig M .If you read my post friend I don't insult people, that badly or give them too much bull.

Why do you think I waste my time debating like you and the others on this blog ?

Its not because I hate the Miami Dolphins. Its the total opposite, I love them. When I see a QB play the way Thill has I judge what I see.

I feel great about the win and 5-5 in place for a playoff yes. Do I think with Thill we will get there, no. Why because of all of the reasons I give you my friend.

If you are happy with the play of all the players and the coaching then Im really happy for you.

So it appears Jim Turner will be the scapegoat in all this.
Philbin and Ireland will go unscathed.
This will be the most distracting week so far, as for the first time an outsider will be coming in and grilling those involved.
At least the team has had a while to prepare their answers.

Really funny reading some of these post regarding stats. Reminds me of something Belichick said one time: "Stats are for losers, the final score is for winners".

Im out Thill fans, got to hit the gym.

Enjoyed the debate Mark in T, Craig, and DC.

Bodine not so much !!!

I won't shed a tear for Turner. I think he's been horrible. If that's the extent of the changes (regarding the scandal), I'm fine with that, he was the position coach (I don't hear of problems anywhere else). However, as far as GM/HC/coordinators, they should be judged by the record.

Kris, I agree with you to an extent. However, the D had a pretty good game against the Chargers. They gave up some yards, but didn't break in the redzone. They also did a good job pressuring Rivers. I think they deserve credit when its due as well as the blame.

Agreed DC. I'm still holding out hope for 9-7 and a wild card. If the team is 7-9 again though I think its time to clean house.

I think another offseason and fixing the O-line could make this team really good. Sherman and Coyle do scare me though.

The NFL has to be very careful with the Jonathon Martin solution. The game has already been diluted on the field with the "You Cant Do This" rules. All it needs is to dilute what goes on in the locker rooms and how the coaches coach because of Jonathon Martin. It could open up a Pandora's box for every player to lawyer up and blame coaches, locker rooms, other players for their deficiencies.

Turner? Yeah, he'll probably be sacrificed and maybe others will get some kinda punishment. But that's the 'scandal' part and I don't give a flip about it.

What I'm concerned with is the product on the field. And for that, the blame runs much deeper than Turner.

Agree NeMO....

but the Chargers have been notoriously bad for a while (not down playing the win...just stating a league wide fact)....

for the past decade they have under achieved and been know for horrible decision making....

Let me put it in perspective...just 2 weeks ago..these same Chargers lost to the now 3-7 Skins....of the Skins 3 wins...the Chargers are one of them...

the Chargers are 4-6....they didn't get there by accident...and they stink on the East Coast...most West Coast teams do.

This is a bad team...and Rivers missed his prime...while Brees just keeps rubbing it in his and the Chargers face year after year....I guess ours as well...

I don't want to take away from the win....but I would have been surprised if theChargers had beaten us....against the Skins...needing ONE YARD...with about 2 min to go in the game...from the goal line (going in)....the Chargers ran ONCE from Shotgun...lost a yard....and then threw 3 straight times....also from the gun....some of the worst play-calling I have ever seen....

That is why I would have been shocked if they had beaten us....

We need to show we can beat a team that is currently playing decent....

we need to beat the Kitty Cats from NC....

The 'illness' by Pouncey is memory related. He can't remember bullying his teammates. He's can't remember if Hernandez gave him some guns to hide. He can't remember that he's not performing to the level of the highest draft pick ever used on a center. He's learning his new snap count - "Go Go Plead the Fifth."

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