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Turner, Pouncey objects of investigator's scrutiny

NFL investigator Ted Wells will begin interviews with Dolphins personnel at the team's facility as early as Monday and offensive line coach Jim Turner and center Mike Pouncey will be of particular interest to him, The Miami Herald reported in its Monday editions.

ESPN first reported Turner being under the microscope. A source told The Herald that Pouncey, who missed Sunday's game against San Diego with what the team termed an illness, also will be heavily scrutinized over the possibility he witnessed mistreatment of erstwhile teammate Jonathan Martin.

Dolphins players are aware the interviews are coming.

“I think everybody is going to be interviewed," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said.

And there you have the troubles of a scandal intersecting with a football season.

The Dolphins, fresh off a 20-16 victory over San Diego, would typically start their preparations in earnest for Carolina on Monday. Instead, players and coaches will begin an up to three-day period of questioning on the part of the NFL's representative.

No, that doesn't change what happened on Sunday.

The Dolphins got excellent individual efforts from Charles Clay, who caught six passes for 90 yards including a rumbling 39-yard touchdown catch and run. They got an interception and game-ending pass defensed from Brent Grimes. They got very good defensive end play from Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon.

They got a solid team win with the Clay play standing out. Charlesclay

“It was huge,' Tannehill said of the tight end's touchdown. "I saw a void, threw it to him in the opening and never thought it was going to be a 39-yard touchdown. He’s a tough runner, big physical guy who showed his physicalness and toughness getting in the endzone.”

Rookie offensive lineman Sam Brenner had a fine debut. You have to understand, Brenner was not only starting his first game of the season but doing it on minimal notice. He found out Friday he might be active. Then he found out Saturday night he might be starting.

And all the while, Brenner was filling two roles in practice.

“That’s the hard thing about being on practice squad is you’ve got to be able to give the looks for the defense throughout the week and still work on getting the game plan down for the team you’re playing on offense," Brenner said. "I just tried to prepare myself the best I could every week and be ready and prepare like I was going to be playing in the game, even though I wasn’t."


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Who? Mr. 55% Luck? lol

It's hilarious how Luck has been very average yet the NFL and networks are wetting their panties trying to pretend he was no overhyped. Luck is Ryan Leaf.

Hey I'm buck toothed luck ! I complete almost 56% of my passes!!

Luck is very average in some statistical categories. His true strength is in how he limits his errors while still being reasonably productive at this young stage of his career. For example, if you put Tannehill and Luck side by side, you will see tannehill is right there with him in most categories. But the big difference is in # of INts. I'm not too concerned about the # of fumbles because that is mainly the product of having a bad line. It's in the mental aspect that Luck is prodigious. Physical, not s much.

BUt take the running game out of the equation and Luck is as susceptible to having a stinker as anyone else. he's not superman, just advanced.


I wish you'd READ what I say, rather than keep putting your slant on things. Please show me where I said 'I'm happy with the defence'? I said i'm confident that with a tweek or two this offseason, the defence can be top ten next year. That's all I'm saying.

And for the record, I think Tampa has a very good defence too. It's their offence which was horrible earlier this season.

Craig, one step further I think they could be top ten THIS year if they just used their personnel better. Again, pure subjective conjecture on my part but in my heart of hearts, I don't think we have the 20th best personnel on defense in the NFL.

Might have the 20-something ebst D co-ordinator in the NFL anyway.

And I don't know about you but arguing with marco can be fruitless. He doesn't debate - he takes his one stat and tries to jam it down your throat without taking the whole basket of results into account.

Please, don't anyone tease or other wise bully Sam Brenner or say anything that could be misunderstood as bulling, don't look at him, don't handshake,,,don't do anything.

Even if Jim Turner wasn't a 'person of interest', he would still be under the crosshair since the OLine has underperformed so badly this year. Either way, he's gone.

I just went back and looked at Sam Brenner's pro day results ... they were very impressive. The guy may have a chance to stick around ... very athletic and strong, impressive vertical too. There's some explosion there ...


Perhaps the scheme did not fit the larger and less agile offensive lineman the Dolphins were going with. Todays NFL seems to require quicker and athletic offensive lineman. Blame who you will on that I'm just a fan commenting.

Military Life and Civilian Life are WAAAAYY different. Sometimes, these ex-Mlilitary kinds either don't know or obviate the differences. Usually to their chagrin.

Looks like this Brenner kid might be a decent Ireland acorn. Good to see, we need all the help we can get at O-line.

The Carolina D-line is gonna be a big problem for us next week. I still hope the team can pull out a win it is at home and they will be on a short week.

- Dr. Canosa, do you know that Dr. X from the VA is in jail? - Really, what did he do? - He got caught committing Medicare fraud. - Well, if he is to be electrocuted, I'll volunteer to pull the switch.

Please, don't anyone tease or other wise bully Sam Brenner or say anything that could be misunderstood as bulling, don't look at him, don't handshake,,,don't do anything.
Posted by: DrgonFly34 | November 18, 2013 at 12:22 PM


ROTFLMAO- Now that is funny. I don't care who you are.

Is Olivier Vernon strong or what? Not easy to put DJ Fluker on his back twice.

Oscar, that was an awesome play by Vernon. He still has a lot of upside. Even though its his second year, he just turned 23 in October. He is up to 5.5 sacks and I could easily see him having a 8-10 sack year. He could have a huge breakout year next year.

Some pretty strange goings on here as usual. They have Watkins, Dallas Thomas, on the roster and they bring in a FA PS guy by the name of Brenner to play who most of us didn't even know he existed.(I have to buy some more Head and Shoulders, the itching is irresistible)

All the unnecessary drama in the o-line was likely the reason they were playing so poorly. Too many things going on that had nothing to do with playing football. The proposed leaders in this group were more concerned about acting liking a fraternity house. The line played better without Pounce, Incognito, or Martin. Poor leadership and poor character players SMH...


All 6 of our remaining games are against teams with at least 4 wins so they are still alive.

Mark that's huge him having a good vertical

Tannehill is starting to play better and make better decisions. I hope he can learn to hit that deep ball soon with Wallace.

Even DJ, got into the act, he didn't get there but I saw him come very close to Rivers a few times. If there is one unit I'm excited about on this Team is the D-line. I can guarantee you that, win or lose, all of opposing QBs are going to have a tough time throwing from back there

dusty, not sure if you're being sarcastic or not but it is helpful. Think about what you have to do to have a good running game... you need push.. You get push from your core and legs. When you have a good vertical, shows you have good push/explosion to move guys out of the way or at least occupy them. He has good feet and co-ordination too... his cone and shuttle results were also good.

hey man, when I see guys just stink it up all year in that position, I look for positives...

Charles Clay....another Ireland draft BUST......yada, yada,yada......

Brent Grimes....another Ireland FA BUST......

The stuff you'll never read on here.

Posted by: Craig M | November 18, 2013 at 08:11 AM

So you cling to 2 names over 6 years to try to make a point that will never exist?

Clay has been invisible more than visible in his 3 years here & Grimes was other teams left overs.

Come on blabber M, surely you can do better than this to defend your 1 true love!

Mike Wallace's lack of effort bothers me. When he's not involve in a play he seems to stand around and watch rather block and if the ball is not thrown to him the way he would like he wont fight for the catch. I know Tannehill still has some accuracy issues but at least he seems to be growing as a player. On the other hand Mike Wallace's effort is definitely suspect in my opinion.

Pro Football Focus, as of week 11, ranked Tannehill 7th overall. Ahead of Luck, Newton, Cuter, Ryan, Romo, Roethlisberger, RGIII, Brady, and Eli.

Top 7:

Pretty lousy company Tanny is keeping in spite of being the most sacked QB in the league (sarc off).

Top 7:

The OL played well yesterday because the Charges DL is weak. They've been abused by every time they've played.

True test will be next week when they play the Panthers. One of the best Defenses in the NFL. Don't think the result will be nearly the same.

Gotta hope the short week hurts them.


I never expected grimes' achilles to hold up past game 5.
I was wrong.
I admit it.

I would like to know why Brent Grimes, Paul Solai, Randy Starks, Chris Clemons, Dustin Keller are all still without contracts. Does Jeff Ireland plan to let all these guys hit free agency at the same time. The Patriots must be smiling..SMH....

I recall Reggie Bush, Karlos Dansby, A Fasono, and Sean Smith all walking at the same time last year. The only clear upgrade has been Brent Grimes. Can't continue to let your best talent and the core of your leadership hit the door every year. The arrogance of this regime is ridiculous!

pujo, when u'r qb gets 2 of u'r fellow receivers killed 'cuz of errant paxxes u wuld be skittish 2

I've said this before and I will say it again. Lamar Miller is not an upgrade from Reggie Bush! Although he has better straight line speed than Daniel Thomas he is NOT the better of the two. Don't like the guy and sooner or later you guys will stop drinking the homemade koolaid and realize that he could be above average behind a great offensive line and that's it.

2twat used to be funny. Now he's just being a h8r.

Tanny threw 2 passes to clay yesterday on short outs, just like he threw to Keller. Identical in fact. Clay stopped, planted his feet & then took the ball the opposite direction of where he was going. Both times to the sidelines & then turned it back towards the middle.

The ONLY difference? A DB wasn't tackling him at his knee. Shut up already 0 watt.

NOt sure I would rank him that high but I think he's been ok and the qualitative shortcomings of the team only make him look better.

Yeah, this match up against Carolina is awful for the Dolphins. Only thing that goes in the phins favour here is that the game is at home off a short week for the Panthers...

You can say whatever you want about him, but our QB can take one hell of a shot and keep on going. You saw it yesterday.

Sam Brenner, very good job! NATE GARNER...thank God for Nate, he may even be more important then pouncey, what a versatile PRO! and i've got to say, was that daniel Thomas finally looking like a Pro runningback, it took him a long time but THAT'S the level of effort your supposed to give week in and week out, i may be wrong but i think that was the very first time i saw him use the stiff arm! and what can i say about Charles Clay, i was estatic when they drafted you, and then for whatever reason it seemed like you hit the wall, but now, your really starting to come on! i also LOVED the Rishard Mathews pick, your style always seemed similar to santonio holmes, i always wanted you to get more targets to see what you could do, and it's finally happening, way to go! i really don't know what happened in this years draft, kind of a bummer, but man, the drafts of 2011 and 2012 were really special. go fins!

Pouncey and Incognito belong in jail.

2 watt,

No excuses for being a weak human being. Fight or flight is instinctive, and Wallace chooses flight. Can't admire that!

Poor RG3 is neither big nor fibrous. Hell of a talent, he won't last long. Shame.

no need 4 the panthers to play the starters, their back ups will beat the phinz,already making excuses for the loss huh homers?

So coaches like Nick Saban or QB's that yell at their players will be investigated. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady yell at their players all of the time. Since when did football become so sensitive? This is nuts. You can't just single ut a few people on the Dolphins without being consistent throughout the entire sport. Or ALL sports. What is the measuring stick going to be for what is appropriate?

pujo, tdummy slid out of bounds. flight?

There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. Again.

Flip flop.Flop flip.Flip flop.Flop flip.

TanneBust has no accuracy or arm strength for the long ball. That's why Wallace hates him. How come no one on the Dolphins noticed this BEFORE the draft?

mark, don't u just luv all of tbums' nik names?

Craig M is a Moron.

U are a idiot Pujo panera bread man. Did u see the look on his face after the under throw?

Or were u mopping the floor at pollo tropical?

go phinz! thill will lead us to a win.
f* all u haters!

mark do u watch the games with rob ford?
cuz' i tink u + the other homers 'r watching the wrong phinz channel


Here we go again. Pouncey witnessed a tickle fight between Incognito and Martin and didn't report it. Martin told Turner that Incognito was a dominant tickler and wouldnt stop the tickling. Turner didn't report it. They're both in big trouble now.

go phinz! j manz will lead us to a win.
f* all u haters!

The Dullfins make the Marlins look like a classy franchise lol

j manz wont even be a 1st rd pick but I want him!

what do I know other than be a tard?
go phinz! go tsizzle!

Arent you guys glad we didn't give idiot Ross any charity money?

Manziel is the 1st pick in the draft. And the best QB to come out of college in 10 years.

thill in total command yesterday!
much better than henne

go phinz!

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