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Wallace vs. Cromartie: Shut the other guy up

It was obvious last week the Carolina Panthers had no idea how to stop Dolphins reciever Mike Wallace. He was open short, deep, intermediate. He scored one touchdown on a 57-yard catch but he might have had three other TDs if passes had caught him in stride or he'd made some tough catches.

It was a classic mismatch.

This weekend when the Dolphins face the New York Jets, there should be less of a mismatch available to Wallace because it should be Antonio Cromartie shadowing him all over the MetLife Stadium field. 

If Cromartie, who is nursing a hip injury, plays, then New York's finest cornerback will be locked up on Wallace.

(Yes, it's possible the Jets might decide to play Cromartie in man against No. 2 WR Brian Hartline and then double and roll coverages to Wallace).

But that would be unexpected.

And if this matchup plays out as expected -- as Wallace surely expects it will -- the key might be gaining the upper hand early and making the Jets loud cornerback something of a mute.

"He's a smart guy. He talks a lot," Wallace said. "He's going to try to get in your head so you just got to make plays and shut him up. Shut him up early, I think it'll be a long day for him."

Ah yes, but the battle of words is fought with a two-edged sword. If Wallace makes plays early and shuts up Cromartie, apparently taking some of his swag in the process, then the Dolphins receiver has the edge.

But if Wallace can't make plays early in the game, Cromartie's chirping will get louder. The cornerback's confidence will grow -- perhaps in conjunction with Wallace's frustration. And then? 

"If not, it could the other way around. It'll be a long day for you," Wallace admits. "You just got to try to make plays and stay into the game and not get caught up in the extra stuff with him. I know he's going to talk. At the same time, he's a guy who can talk and back it up so I'm not going to take anything away from him."

It is hard to take anything away from Cromartie (except maybe a child support check) because he is a physical freak.

"He's a tall, long, rangey guy who even though he's that big, he likes to shadow and just play full speed," Wallace said.

Wallace played against the Jets last season when he was with the Steelers. He caught five passes for 74 yards and a touchdown.

A repeat of that kind of day might be considered something of a win by the Dolphins.


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well, I take matters into my own hands and beat out any return you'll get from any hedge fund manager you'll fid out there ... by more than double I bet...

Mark from Toronto say what you will but when it counts an NFL QB and the OC have to put up points in this offensive oriented NFL. The rules make it easy for offenses and you can not just get shut down. Something is wrong, T-hill was lucky to complete the two long passes that he did as they were poorly thrown balls. The play calls are for short passes that do not pick up first downs when the defender is playing close. Yardage is accumulated but not productive 1st down yardage that allows for time of possession.

Darkoak, sometimes you just have to take who your audience is into account when asking certain questions.

When you have el senor twatt and the gang of derelicts, you're not about to get much deep thought.


The jets fired...and then hired a new GM this of-season...

That by definition put Rex in an evaluation period...

many believe that he wanted Sanchez....and of course...he backed Sanchea publically for far to long...making it "appear" that he had no idea of how the QB postion is suppose to be played....not true @ all imo...

I agree tho...

ex would make things interesting....and it players do love this guy..

I had a cach like that ones..make you want to run thru a brick wall for him...whenever he gave you that "dissapointed" look...man....still feel bad just thinking avout it....I would rather he be pi$$ed....

Guy new his stuff (defensive mind)...on the final play of a game...I was playing strong safety...other team was going for a two point conversion...

He told me the play the would run..."fake to the RB...QB will roll out to the right...and try to hit the TE on a delayed out pattern....lock-up the TE"...

I did...pass incomplete...crowd goes crazy...that cach had my undying loyalty from that point forward...and we hadn't seen tat play all game...but he understood tenicies...and film study...

I can't remember his name...but I think that was the day I realized that football was more of a chess match....than a game won on athletic ability alone...if I fall for the fake (playing SS)...I never recover in time to break up the pass...

sorry...got lost n the momement...

Yes to Rex...unless he tried to Bring Sporano as the OC....

I have said it before and will say it again, Moore is not the long term answer but he releases the ball quicker, throws the deep ball better and reads the defenses better. He will allow the Dolphins to better know if they are wasting time with the work in progress with T-hill.

Kris, would you tell the blog once again your height and weight?


I think we can just call it common knowledge...

you don't even have to cite the source any more...

Joe Flacco
Tom brady
Andrew Luck

all average less yards per attempt than Ryan Tannehill. Yes, he needs to get better in stretching teh field but it's not as if he's a gimp in that area. The NFl average yards per attempt is 7.2, he's at 6.8. he was at 7.4 v Carolina, 7.7 v San Diego, and 7.4 v Cincinnati. Against TB, he was not good at 5.5. So in three of the last 4 games, the idea that he's been playing small ball is false. IN 3 of the last 4 games he's been above average in completing long passes by NFL standards.

I'm out...

enjoy the Holiday gentelmen...

Kris, I'm not questioning your credibility in sayign Rex is under fire, I've heard much of the same. Just that to me, it doesn't make sense. He gets as much out of his teams as any coach I've ever seen. Even in those two conference championship games, i didn't think those teams were overly talented and they had substandard passing offenses. Just that I would never let that guy go...

I would love to have Rex as the DC. Our defense would be stout. And Coyle and DB Coach. And Philbin as the OC. All we'd need is a legit HC to tie them all together.

Steve Young on MNF saying it takes time for QB's to develop into top tier talent.(speaking of RG3)
I'm torn on this statement as many teams have given QB's time to develop and they never ascended above average.

Thing with Tannehill is we all see the potential in this kid and he has been progressing this year.
But, we all focus on the bad events (myself included)and don't pay enough attention on the positives.

He beat Luck, Ryan & Dalton this year and had better stats against Newton in a loss.

Bottom line is: Tannehill is not yet a top tier QB, but he is the best we've had since Jay Fiedler and I'm willing to let him continue his development through 2014 before making a final judgement on his abilities.

promichael. moore is the worst qb possible to play behind this line. he is notorious, it's his MO that he holds and holds the ball and lives on broken plays. Behind this line he would get murdered. Do you really need to go back to preseason and see how he did against? he is also a notorious fumbler ... horrible match.

DC, was with you right up until Philbin as OC

All teams pass short for much success in the NFL however when it counts and teams take away the short ball (4th quarter) a QB, Flacco, Brady and Luck all are accurate with the deep ball. THAT'S THE ISSUE! When it counts to win the game. Part of it is on the OC Sherman who should be fired in January but if Philbin is still around he will not be.

NH, pretty much encompasses all I've been saying about Tannehill. Qbs are not born, they are made. Some eveolve, some don't. But you never know unless they play. And if you see progress, why not give it that time. There was basically no change in Henne in year 3 v year 2 and that was even after riding the pines and soaking it in year 1. It was easy to amke the call there after 2011. Tannehill you see a spike in all major categories. The turnovers are still too high but he's been better. Personally I think he's already at the point where he would be better in2014 than any rookie coming or any vet Qb on the market. He'a already viable ... now will he develop into a difference maker, we will see...

I mean, if Ross just has to keep Philbin, give him a job similar to what he was doing in Green Bay. Call him OC if it makes him feel better. But let somebody else call plays.

When you have el senor twatt and the gang of derelicts, you're not about to get much deep thought.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 27, 2013 at 10:36 AM
they r my rogues mark get it right will ya?

You are overvaluing the deep ball, man that is like 2, 3 attempts per game where the league average in completion is what? 35%?

There a million other things that are more important to the success of an NFL qb than the "deep ball". who was the best deep ball passer of all time? jeff George and jeff blake...

adios kris u too

Matt Moore played behind RT Colombo and had success becoming the #12 rated passer, his quicker release and reads are an advantage and upgrade over T-hill regarding OL protection.

2 watt will be feasting on Rex Ryan tomorrow.

Too many games left to toss in the towel and start talking 2014 draft.

Some great games left on the schedule and am looking forward to Mike Wallace going into Pittsburgh next week and grabbing some deep balls from Tannehill in a win.

Wipes Rex Ryan From His Mouth | November 27, 2013
awww look at this pooooooosy homer

jet hater pooooooosy?
toads poooooosy?

i get the discussion here but long passes are low percentage plays by definition....ie. 3 pointers vs a layup--a good running game and a stout defense wins at crunch time, bottom line--we beat BUFF, CAR and maybe BALT if we had a good running game that could pick up a few first downs and eat clock when needed, and/or even a good defense (vs mediocre), that gets big stops when needed---period. We'd be 7-4 or 8-23 if so....


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 27, 2013 at 10:55 AM
That is a fact Mark. Long pass attempts are low percentage even for good/great QBs. Still, they have a part in the game as you know. Even when you miss, it keeps the D honest.

Armando is right on twitter saying that Tannehill would be a better QB on another team that has a better OL, running game, and coaching.

IMO those are the three main reasons the fins are 5-6 and not 8-3 or 9-2. Mike Westhoff just said that Tannehill would be a lot better if he had a running game to take the pressure off him. Let's not give up on Tannehill, let's build a good offensive line and develop a solid running game and we will see how good he can be.

Beat me to it benz

we were 3-4 minutes from beating Buffalo and Carolina--2 first downs on the ground seals both wins--defensive stops too obviously, but its hard to fault the D too much in either game, especially vs Newton and a good Carolina offense--if we had a running game, Newton wouldnt have gotten the chance

sorry cocoa....but those 2 games are just killing me--winnable games where we had late leads (very late), and ANY type of running game seals it--even 1 first down might get it done, forcing the other team to at least burn their last timeouts--I agree that TH has missed too much on the deep ball, and needs to improve, but a few bland 'ol "between the tackle" runs and we're 7-4---brutal

I think that the fins probably need to go all our on the offensive line and running game. As much as I would love to see them take a TE like Ebron I the first round in reality they need to take an OT in the first round. They should sign a LT and a RG in FA and then draft a RT in the first round. Then turn around and take a RB in the second round. Somewhere between the 3rd and 5th rounds they need to take a FB. I would also sign a good blocking TE in FA (Fasano?)

Improve the pass protection and build a good running game and I think that you will see Tannehill blossom into a star. He just simply does not have the help around him right now.

all this other analysis is mostly nonsense....if you're relying on 50 yard passes to be completed, you're screwed from the start--if you can run the ball, and stop the run at key times, you're usually in great shape--Elmer Fudd could be the QB....

think about how different the tone/comments would be on this blog recently if we had a running game, and ate clock at the end of the Buff and Car games....sitting at 7-4....then virtually NONE of this often ridiculous commentary is taking place--we're talking playoffs, not as much about TH/Wallace....with a running game to kill the last 2-3 minutes of 2 games--thats what the season comes down to--sucks.

If I have to hear about this glorious matt moore season of 2011 one more time, I think I'm going to scream. Really, matt Moore? OK, let's break it down. In this instance I will compare the best that matt moore ever was (as a 4 year vet - and oompltely ignore the rest of the time when he was sucking rocks) and compare him to 2nd year Ryan Tannehill...

Completions per game ... Tannehill 22.9, Moore 16.2
Completion % Tannehill 61.8, Moore 60.5
Yards per game Tannehill 266, Moore 197
Yards per attempt Tannehill 6.8, Moore 7.2
Tds per game Tannehill 1.5, Moore 1.4
Turnovers per attempt, Tannehill 4.9%, Moore 6.6%
Rating Tannehill 82, Moore 87.1

So Moore had an edge in rating and a slight edge in yards per attempt but look at everything else, Tannehill scores more, turns the ball over way less, provides much more offense, and is more accurate.

If Tannehill put the numbers up in his 4th year that Moore did in his glory stretch, we would all be looking to the draft for a qb.

Moore fumbled the ball an outlandish 14 times in 13 games that year. For some reason fumbles are not included in qb rating or that edge to Moore would be gone too. And that was behind Long and a better o line Columbo included who was better than what Clabo has been this year. Moore also had the best play of Reggie Bush's career behind him and Brandon marshall at WR.

Please, let's officially bury that Matt Moore glory run. Tannehill has outplayed the best stretch of Moore's career without an o line and no running game in year 2.

cocoa, at 11:09, that is for sure but to say that a guy can't be a good qb becuse he isn't the ebst deep ball passer is outlandish. Montana and Brady were below average deep ball passers to use an extreme example.

Are you kidding me? lol, Who can Cromartie cover? And I'm a Jets fan, Seriously with our lack of talent in the secondary we need to consider going into zone coverage. Get Reed out of there, put Allen back in. Our front 7 can shut down the run with out stacking 8 men in the box, we seriously need to drop more people back in coverage.

cocoa, Philbin has the right philosophy on offense, that's what I like about him. And we have the best red zone offense we've had in a long time (even without a run threat). How much he was all in on Tannehill (or gave in to Sherman) we'll never know. That would be interesting if he had a different take but let Sherman sway him.

As for the OL, that's the only area that really a stain on ALL OF THEM (Ireland, Philbin, Sherman). They messed that up but good, and probably all had influence over what ended up happening thus should all get the blame.

Pablo's post does make sense. Jets are #1 v the run, #23 v the pass. Suits us just fine ssince we can't run anyway...

Who am I going to talk to here tomorrow?

2 watt, we know your family disowned you years ago, come by...

mark u can over 2 my house for grub i'm an awesome cook

i have a giant warehouse full of crow in the back i can never eat it with this team

Mark, no talking tomorrow, FOOTBALL ALL DAY!!!

;( I will be at my desk...

2 watt argues last week that Tannehill will get crushed.

Tannehill then only gets sacked once and throws for over 300 yards.

Mark calls 2 watt out.

2 watt doesn't admit to being wrong. Changes argument to scoreboard.

The guy has zero credibility and it amazes me any of you engage him in any kind of football conversation.


Spend the day with Jesus, he loves you.
I will be at Angus Barn for Thanksgiving(The place where the waiter posted the tip he got from Peyton Manning and got fired) Its a nice steakhouse in Raleigh, they have a buffet with all the Thanksgiving fare and PRIME RIB, which is just to die for. I see m having a stomach ache and probably a meat headache LOL

Disagree on Philbin's philosophy on offense. His offense puts no value on the running game. He has no FB, no blocking TE, and soft offensive linemen. The Dolphins cannot get a 3rd and 1 because they are usually dominated at the line of scrimmage and they have no FB for the tailback to follow.

His defense wears out because the offense fails to control the ball. That is because he does not have a running game to control the clock. The Dolphins are losing in the 4th quarter because they do not have the ability to put together a long methodical drive at the end to put the game away. Again, that is because they do not have a running game to put the game away. The reason that they cannot run the ball is the personnel and offensive philosophy. Again, no FB, finesse offensive linemen, and no blocking TEs.

How much does this team miss Jake Long, and Anthony Fasano? Those guys knew how to fight in the trenches. The GB offense (philbin's offense) only works with Aaron Rodgers. News flash Aaron Rodgers is not on this football team.

P78, 2 watt is a joke, he knows it, I know it. It was nice of him to invite me over for Thanksgiving dinner though. I would insist on an adult chaperone though.

Two-Edged Sword? God you are a terrible writer. And your opinions are garbage,just like most of the posters around here.


That's good advice rdubs, didn't know the Mexican maintenance guy here at work felt that way about me..

That dinner sounds awesome. We did something similar for Easter last year, it was fun.

I didn't hear about the Manning tip story, was he a tight wad?

Doesn't surprise me, I was a waiter back in my high school and college days and periodically we would get Toronto Blue Jays coming in and they were the worst tippers ... if they hadn't won back to back world series championships in those days, I'd hold their cheapness against them.

I think I might have seen some progress from this offense. We may not have scored over 27 points, but we havent scored under 16 points all year! Thats a pretty cool stat, we havent seen any 3 point turd games this year. We scored 16 points or less 5 times last year. So at least we are a little more consistent


To the contrary. Manning left a ridiculously large tip and the waiter wanted the world to know! Manning is a pretty classy guy. Even though he didnt want to play for us, cant blame him though!

hey 78 !!!
ffffffffffffffffff uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !

hey 78, what was the f ing score last week huh?
i was right they wuld lose bozo

rdubs, manning is fumbling like crazy behind a good o line in Denver, he would be a disaster here in that capacity and he wouldn't be able to take the hits. Wise move, Mr. Manning.

nice move with the tip, stay classy Peyton!

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
that's 4 u'r bullz 78

rdubs, Miami has to find a way t score a little more. Not even a lot more, just a little more - if they can find an extra FG a game, they would be on par with Indy's offense in scoring per game in the middle of the pack of the NFL. With evena decent running game, may eb there already, who knows?

i full of crow

Posted by: 2 watt | November 27, 2013 at 11:38 AM

What a moron!!

Rex Ryan From His Mouth | November 27, 2013 at 12:10 PM

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