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Wallace vs. Cromartie: Shut the other guy up

It was obvious last week the Carolina Panthers had no idea how to stop Dolphins reciever Mike Wallace. He was open short, deep, intermediate. He scored one touchdown on a 57-yard catch but he might have had three other TDs if passes had caught him in stride or he'd made some tough catches.

It was a classic mismatch.

This weekend when the Dolphins face the New York Jets, there should be less of a mismatch available to Wallace because it should be Antonio Cromartie shadowing him all over the MetLife Stadium field. 

If Cromartie, who is nursing a hip injury, plays, then New York's finest cornerback will be locked up on Wallace.

(Yes, it's possible the Jets might decide to play Cromartie in man against No. 2 WR Brian Hartline and then double and roll coverages to Wallace).

But that would be unexpected.

And if this matchup plays out as expected -- as Wallace surely expects it will -- the key might be gaining the upper hand early and making the Jets loud cornerback something of a mute.

"He's a smart guy. He talks a lot," Wallace said. "He's going to try to get in your head so you just got to make plays and shut him up. Shut him up early, I think it'll be a long day for him."

Ah yes, but the battle of words is fought with a two-edged sword. If Wallace makes plays early and shuts up Cromartie, apparently taking some of his swag in the process, then the Dolphins receiver has the edge.

But if Wallace can't make plays early in the game, Cromartie's chirping will get louder. The cornerback's confidence will grow -- perhaps in conjunction with Wallace's frustration. And then? 

"If not, it could the other way around. It'll be a long day for you," Wallace admits. "You just got to try to make plays and stay into the game and not get caught up in the extra stuff with him. I know he's going to talk. At the same time, he's a guy who can talk and back it up so I'm not going to take anything away from him."

It is hard to take anything away from Cromartie (except maybe a child support check) because he is a physical freak.

"He's a tall, long, rangey guy who even though he's that big, he likes to shadow and just play full speed," Wallace said.

Wallace played against the Jets last season when he was with the Steelers. He caught five passes for 74 yards and a touchdown.

A repeat of that kind of day might be considered something of a win by the Dolphins.


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Orlando....no blocking TE you say? Sims is a beast.

Posted by: Tradition | November 27, 2013 at 08:49 AM

I typically refrain from calling people names but you are an idiot. Normally i ignore wastes of life like yourself whom just say things to get a rise out of someone. You say that im an out of towner trying to discredit my post bc i dont live in Miami when this is a national matter.
lol go to jail for racism... i guess Jonathan Martin should go to jail too for racism..

Unfortunatly we will be out coached and out played AGAIN as is usual with this regime.We do not play rookies,rex does so if we still have same regime in place next draft day WHAT DIFFERENCE does that make for MIAMI. We need to CLEAN HOUSE OF STAFF INFECTIONS.Look at the patriots machine ,then look at us for the past decade and a half. Owners have made no difference same with G.M.s and also coaches.I hate to say it but TONY SPORANO who was a low grade MORON was brighter than out current coach MR.even keeled joe whocant score a T.D. in 4th qtr.and blows leads very well.MR.ROSS PLEASE CLEAN UP MESS YOU MADE. THANK GOODNESS we have miami heat for a team.


He's not allowed to say 'BACKDOOR' football so he says 'high school' football.


the fl. panthers r winning 2
the phinz?
not so much

Until T-Hill wins more games than he loses he's going to be suspect. From what I remember he couldn't throw the deep ball last year...what is it going to take to get that part of his game to a better level...hopefully just more experience.

maxx,tpopgun culdn't chuck it in college too

its only a surprise to irecorn and the homerz that tputz suxx at the nfl

ETF, your lone fan Kris is out for the day. Check back tomorrow.

How can we fix our O/L in draft.MR>PHILBIN will not play rookies.Our rookies never get a shot other than the infamous Johnathan Martin.Look at other teams in the N.F.L. lots of productive rookies. Our coaching staff cant or wont teach them enough to play and be effective.Maybe it is all JEFFS fault Every area of our coaching staff is like having a bad infection on the dolphins.ELIMINATE THES PLAUGES NOW

More evidence that 2 watt is clueless about football. I'm not even sure he understands half of what he sees. Which is another reason to avoid any kind of football related discussions with him.

"and mark, it wuz a blitz sax that eneded the game last week in a loss

Posted by: 2 watt | November 27, 2013 at 10:31 AM

UUUUmmmmmmmm NOPE,,,,, thank you. It was a four man rush coverage sack. Meaning they only rushed their four defensive linemen. They used all dbs besides the four. All of our wrs were covered and not far enough down the field for the hail mary by the time Tannehill was brought down. There was no blitz whatsoever. SMH

If the Dolphins don't beat the Jets there will be a lot of talk about who is getting fired. Wallace can get open but Tannehill has to play better seems like we been saying this all year , it is time For Tanny to step up and lead his team to the playoffs if he is good enough and that is a question mark. My question for a stats guy is how many one yard passes thrown this season? ALOT, Don't be scared throw the BALL DOWN THE FIELD

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 27, 2013 at 11:24 AM

My question is why does this have to be pointed out? How ignorant do you have to be as a fan to not already know this? Why follow a team if you don't care to understand the game?

Thank you for posting this Mark. It's unfortunate that you had to waste your time doing so.

It wouldn't be a good start to the holiday day without picking on 2watt. I get him, I know what he's doing, but I like to pick on him like he likes to pick on the Phins. It's all good, no hard feelings. Gotta love the finger, flattered it was for me! Thanks 2watt;)

Thanksgiving dinner at 2watts Mark? Don't eat the turkey, it's probably roasted Dolphin!

Hahaha, 2 watt, ur so stupid ...

P78, yeah, it's not only here but on the FB page the team has, keep seeing that stupid Matt Moore post all the time. Irritates me to no end.

BUt thing is some of these people still believe that Moore that year was some kind of saviour although all he did was cost us a shot at Andrew Luck (who has endured his fair share of struggles too).

I swear, maybe it's just this internet age where people can just say stupid things and not have to be accountable for them and have it be some kind of game or maybe we do just have the worst fan base in the NFL, but I hate to see the lack of support this team gets.

Anyone interested to see how Mike Gillislee will do in his first game?

This is a must win game for our season and probably Philbin's job. I like our chances even on the road. The bad news is if Geno plays decent it might be difficult.

The Jets D is like the Panthers in some ways. Good front 7, but a weaker secondary. Hopefully Tannehill can hit Wallace for another couple bombs and we can FINISH the game this time.

I'm thinking the Jets should lay off the blitz this week. I would if I were them. People up here are talking about how much the Jets are going to blitz Tannehill because of the oline issues.

What they don't seem to understand is that Tannehill THRIVES when going against the blitz. He knows this offense well enough that he understands where the open receivers will be on short routes in the face of the blitz.

I expect Rex to be smart than dumb a#@ Jets fans and understand this. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rex use a lot of disguised plays, lots of movement on the line, and then drop zone coverages with linebackers rushing and dlinemen stepping back into the lanes on the short slants and such.


Mark @1:01. I think it's a little of that (say whatever you want no matter how stupid because you're never held accountable) and also a little has to do with fantasy football. The older generation who plays fantasy football already had an understanding of the sport because they grew up on it, pre-fantasy. The younger generation has grown up with fantasy football being a major part of the game therefore they don't have as much knowledge about the sport nor do they care to.

Look at the stupid fantasy tracker at the bottom of the screen on some games. Some people are glued to it and barely watch the game being shown.

armando, happy bird day,c i'm the only 1 who luvs u on this internet journal, evry1 else is a dork

Guys I have to head out. Seriously, EVERYONE in here enjoy your holiday and have fun laughing with your friends and family. Take advantage and savour every minute because life is short. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I swear, maybe it's just this internet age where people can just say stupid things and not have to be accountable for them and have it be some kind of game or maybe we do just have the worst fan base in the NFL, but I hate to see the lack of support this team gets.
mark, this is what u do every day on here

Thanks Phins78, same to you. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on here.

2 watt do you think the Dolphins can beat Geno on Sunday?

yeah u 2 78 even tho u suxx

I just hope we throw on first down. Especially if we get ahead. It can't be any worse than what it is now. I would rather lose by 35 if it means we can truly evaluate this QB.

Even if it's a little dink for 4-5 yards it's better than letting them tee off on our QB at 2nd and 13. So many times we put Tanne in those spots.

Who knows, maybe they might back off on first down after a little success so that we can run it.

Sorry, last post, just in case some of you missed this.

" The last Dolphin receiver with the elite speed to get open deep like Mike Wallace was Mark Duper. And Duper says that speed is only part of the equation of a great receiver. The hands are the other.

“He’s got to catch that last pass,’’ said Duper said of the length-of-the-field heave by Ryan Tannehill that twisted Wallace around and went through his hands. “Let me ask you, did it hit his hands?”

It hit his hands.

“Then he got to catch it,’’ Duper said. “We started doing push-ups in practice when any ball hit our hands and we dropped it. It didn’t matter if it was a tough catch. We believed if it hit our hands, you catch it.

“We had a couple of receivers who, if they knew it was a hard catch, they wouldn’t let it hit their hands. They’d back off. We said, ‘Aw, man, you can’t do that. Do some push-ups.’

“That ball wasn’t overthrown,’’ Duper said. “Wallace shouldn’t have stopped. He should’ve run right under that ball. That’s where you turn on the speed. Sometimes if it was close, Shula said, ‘Dupe, you’re gonna have to dive for the ball.’ I said, ‘Coach, why should I dive? I don’t have to. I’m going to run underneath the ball.’ ‘’

One day, Shula brought out mattresses to practice for receivers to practice diving for the ball.

“I said, ‘coach, I’m doing this because you’re my coach,’ ‘’ Duper said. “But I’d never do this in a game. If I can’t run underneath it, it can’t be caught.’’

Some of the questions with Wallace and Tannehill have to do with chemistry. I asked Duper how long that took to have with Dan Marino.

“One game,’’ he said. “The first game we started together. That was it.”

They worked after practice, talked in games.

“I don’t see any communication between the receivers and the quarterbacks,’’ Duper said.

He said that’s not just on Tannehill. If he’s Wallace, he’s going to talk to Tannehil land get some extra work in.

“I want them to do better,’’ Duper said.

nemo, i am having jets fans over on sun. this is my sb to beat them since the phinz can't sniff sniff a real 1
but it's all up 2 #17 on connecting on mid to long range paxxes or rex is gonna have a 2nd thaxgivin' feast on sun

You can't suffer through the growing pains of young QB only to discard him. T-hill has shown enough ( albeit doesn’t appear to be the next Marino) to get another year. Find some legit competition next year, but keep developing him. Matt Moore would have been gone via free agency if he was a true starter. He is not.

A half decent running game and better coaching decisions during games and we are 6-5 or 7-4. Find some O-lineman.

I believe our head coach is our weakest link (GM and OC included). We have enough talent to be in the playoffs.

Cromartie just needs to run 5 yards behind Wallace, the ball will drop right into his hands. Sherman the hack needs to stop running Charles Clay at full back and have the tight ends run a lot of seam routes. Non of this 4 yard curls. Dolphins are great for making a struggling QB look good, so don't be surprised if Geno Smith looks like Tom Brady.

All the Tanny bashers need to read and digest what Phins78 posted @ 1:20. If after reading it they want to man up it would be welcome here. But don't bank on that happening. Marco, et. al., all will explain to us that what the hack Mark Duper says means nothing because they all "know what they see." Hahahaha! What jokers.

This game has all the makings of a tie.
Tannehill can't hit Wallace, he'll be pressured by a strong Jets DL. The Dolphins can't run the ball and the Jets D is not going to allow much of a running game.
On the Jets side, they have the mighty Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory ( who has had a couple decent games of late)running the football and the turnover machine, er...QB that is Geno Smith whose weekly stats read something like 9-23 130 yards 0 TDs 3 Ints and a fumble.
Looks like a contest of inept offenses playing good defenses.

Tannehill and Wallace both will get better. Last weeks game is sort of the formula they should use. Throw Deep Early. Let them know that you will go there. Even if they are incomplete. But you also have to go back and do it at the beginning of the Second half. The Fins need to throw deep at least 5-6 Times a game.

The trick is mixing the short passes to L.Miller, Matthews and Clay, with the Intermediate Passes to Hartline, and the deep passes to Wallace.

The problem is Tannehill hasn't had decent pass protection this season, til just recently.

Thill fans,

Why can't Thill throw TD passes in the fourth quarter to win us some games ?

7 games and zero TD throws when the team really needs it.

Defenses give Thill his short stuff and know that on thirds and 2 and above they are zone blitz and we will rarely convert, (25th in the NFL).

TD %/attempt is one of the most important stats for a winning QB, as is turnover ratio to TD's.

Thill TD % is around one of the worst in the history of the NFL. He ranks 223 all-time.

Thill is in the same class as Steve Walsh, Steve Pulleur and Bob Avellini.

Throw in more turnovers than TD's and we can see where he is at now. However I'll give him the chance to compete against a decent FA QB and a hot rookie prospect in a new system.

I'll also give Thill the benefit of having to work with a terrible OC in Sherman. A running back that can influence the game with power will also give our QB a chance to take the weight of his shoulders.

Up to know Thill has not shown he is the future at QB for us. However he has had to deal with the above and will get a shot next year to winover doubters like me and the rest of the naysayers !

The real tragedy is this:The better Fins QB sits on the bench while first round draft pick THill continues to blow any chances of winning the game and making the playoffs.

So that means, according to Duper, that Tanny made two underthrows that Wallace came back for and caught (one for a TD). That's good. That's what good receivers do. But, great receivers will catch the so-called "overthrown" ball and the missed TD at game's end.

That means no seriously bad long throws by Tanny in that game. According to Duper. Any morons want to step up now and say they know more about this than Duper does? You will lose instant credibility if you do. Even if you preface your comments with the usual "that's just his opinion."

2 watt, I hope they win for you. Tannehill is at least better than Geno.

Marco, fair enough. Do you have anyone specific in mind for competition?

OK, So this year has not been as good as I would have liked, understatement. However the important time is here. We NEED TO BEAT THE JETS! twice!

The article which states Wallace and Thill are both responsible for the deep ball problems is very good.

Thill and Wallace don't seem to have much of a relationship and communication between them on the field and the sidelines is poor.

Duper goes on to blame Wallace for the overthrown and the last drop near the goal-line.

I really respect Duper and his take on the problem makes me edge a bit more towards giving Thill a wee bit more rope.


Its also rare that the team MVP gets to ride the pine the following season.

Moore may well move on in 2014, if we have a new OC or HC, depending on our final record. 6-10 would see Philbin gone !!!

I just heard Duper say he thinks they should stay after practice and run 4 or 5 go routes daily.

P78, glad u brought up that fantasy tracker, I absolutely hate it. So often i want to find out the score of another game, nto how many rush yards in a out of conference game with a 21 point score difference in it.

Agreed. Whomever thinks Matt Moore is a better QB than Tannehill should disqualify themselves in talking QBs. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Just look at Matt Moore's last 2 preseason. That in itself tells you how the mighty have fallen.

Some people love the underdog. Don't ask me why. But some people do.

As a Dan Marino Fan!! I find it an insult!! To have a guy like Matt Moore to take over his legacy. The Dolphins never did Dan Marino's legacy any justice until they drafted Tannehill #8 Overall.

It was only right that to break the Dan Marino QB Curse. We would have to spend a draft pick of equal value to the Football Gods. Tannehill is the only QB with the proper draft pedigree to replace Dan Marino's Legacy. I'm not saying he will replace the Most Prolific Passer In History, just that Tannehill is the first QB the dolphins have spent a first round pick on since Dan Marino retired.

Would the Colts have done Peytn Mannings Legacy any justice if they would've replaced him with anything less than an Andrew Luck?

OK , Marco, you asked.

Tannehill goes out, plays great, gets us the lead then we go into " kill the clock" and "don't lose mode". Run only on first down setting up must pass. Lose momentum, lose confidence, etc, etc.

Let him keep throwing to build his confidence. Get a big lead, have fun. All he knows is pressure to not lose. Marino never faced that in his whole career.

Biggest game thus far..

The most on the line. ..

Hartline needs to make his money 2..

Mike can't do it all...

I wish we had good coaches...

Destroy, prevail and rise in spite of...


The "Deep Ball Problem", that Tannehill hascan be answered by one man and One man alone. But that is a conversation for the off season.

Instead of this legends committee that they want to install to monitor player behavior.

We need a QB committee, Dan Marino, Chad Pennington. What the hell throw B.Griese in there for good measure. Put these guys in charge with developing Tannehill.

Notice 2 of the 3 are former First round pick.


Very good question. There isn't that much, but McCown is currently playing well, but thats not much to go on.

Jay Cutler may cut ties with the Bears and at this stage could certainly give Thill a battle for the job. Cutler would want a multi-year deal, which would really throw Thill under the bus.

After that it would be down to luck, a la Chad Pennington.

A rookie QB would maybe the best competion for Thill, but we really need someone to fix our 4th quarter and lack of scoring TD's problems.


I always wanted to know what kind of idiot went to Heat Games and Chanted MVP when Joel Anthony steps up to the free throw line.

Thanks for confirming it with your post @1:52.


I would love to hold you to it but you would be on a new name in the off season Marco.

And not even 6-10 will get them fired.


You struggle again with reality !!!

Moore was the MVP after the 2011 season, as voted for by his peers. You think you know better than them ?

The answer is, of course you do my friend and of course you would be as accurate with that question as you are all the others.

Dashi, all three of them would be first round picks.. no? Always thought Griese was.. from Purdue...

Soccer is going to get a proper stadium, downtown, on the water... while football, the sport that put South Fla on the National Sports Map, is relegated to the middle of nowhere next to a casino where no one wants to go. Thank You for NOTHING JOE ROBBIE!

L.Miller should at least be getting 20 Carries a game now.


Why would I want to change my name my friend ? your real name Dashi ?

Japanese soup right ?

"The coaches suck! Philbin is a horrible coach, does nothing, I can't figure out what he's even doing from day to day! He hasn't coached these players up at all!"

"(So it's safe to say he may have stunted Tannehills growth a little by not being a good coach?)"

"insert finger in throat" That's Tannehills fault, no excuses!!!!!

Omar Kelly is a f#@$ing idiot. Happy Thanksgiving! P78


I thought Griese was but I wasn't sure. My Memory doesn't go that far back. I know Brian Griese wasn't a First Round Pick.

Its not the hacks that have got us at 5-6 and on the verge of another year dead in the water.

Hyde, Kelly and Amando give decent coverage in the main. They walk a tight-rope with the Dolphins and especially Philbin. his press conferences are like watching a weak politician dodge questions on WMD's.

Marco, why You Mad?

I could care less if you change your name a million times. Just stand behind what you say.

It easy to say T-Hill Sucks!! It is a lot harder to explain why.

And the Dashi Soup Argument?


C'mon son.

"Moore was the MVP after the 2011 season, as voted for by his peers. You think you know better than them?"

MVP of a loser team, quite the accomplishment. The best year in his career he guided his team to a losing record and led the league in fumbles. The best year of his entire career he posted worse numbers than a second year qb who has no running game and no offensive line along with no true tight end.

Again, quite the accomplishment.

I'm back for a few!

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