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Wallace vs. Cromartie: Shut the other guy up

It was obvious last week the Carolina Panthers had no idea how to stop Dolphins reciever Mike Wallace. He was open short, deep, intermediate. He scored one touchdown on a 57-yard catch but he might have had three other TDs if passes had caught him in stride or he'd made some tough catches.

It was a classic mismatch.

This weekend when the Dolphins face the New York Jets, there should be less of a mismatch available to Wallace because it should be Antonio Cromartie shadowing him all over the MetLife Stadium field. 

If Cromartie, who is nursing a hip injury, plays, then New York's finest cornerback will be locked up on Wallace.

(Yes, it's possible the Jets might decide to play Cromartie in man against No. 2 WR Brian Hartline and then double and roll coverages to Wallace).

But that would be unexpected.

And if this matchup plays out as expected -- as Wallace surely expects it will -- the key might be gaining the upper hand early and making the Jets loud cornerback something of a mute.

"He's a smart guy. He talks a lot," Wallace said. "He's going to try to get in your head so you just got to make plays and shut him up. Shut him up early, I think it'll be a long day for him."

Ah yes, but the battle of words is fought with a two-edged sword. If Wallace makes plays early and shuts up Cromartie, apparently taking some of his swag in the process, then the Dolphins receiver has the edge.

But if Wallace can't make plays early in the game, Cromartie's chirping will get louder. The cornerback's confidence will grow -- perhaps in conjunction with Wallace's frustration. And then? 

"If not, it could the other way around. It'll be a long day for you," Wallace admits. "You just got to try to make plays and stay into the game and not get caught up in the extra stuff with him. I know he's going to talk. At the same time, he's a guy who can talk and back it up so I'm not going to take anything away from him."

It is hard to take anything away from Cromartie (except maybe a child support check) because he is a physical freak.

"He's a tall, long, rangey guy who even though he's that big, he likes to shadow and just play full speed," Wallace said.

Wallace played against the Jets last season when he was with the Steelers. He caught five passes for 74 yards and a touchdown.

A repeat of that kind of day might be considered something of a win by the Dolphins.


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Ok my friend. Answer my points that you disagree with.

There are several to chose from on this blog alone. I've given a balance arguement and even give Thill a bit more of slack.

You are bloody-minded and have written Thill in as the next great thing to play QB for us.


For Pete's sake not you too Dashi. There is no such phrase as "I could care less". Doesn't make sense at all.

If I could stop people from saying this I would be happy. Also would like people to stop saying 'exspecially' and 'supposebly'. lol

Dashi, he was the fourth overall pick of the draft, so yes a first rounder - thanks to wiki for confirmation.

All three - the best qbs we've had in Miami - all first round picks...no co-incidence.

Moore was the MVP because the whole team was throwing a prank on Chad Henne.

They stopped giving team MVPs after that year. They felt it was a disservice to the team.

I found that argument one of the most ridiculous ones the "Matt Moore Should Be A Starter" Trolls use. He was the Team MVP.

Even Matt Moore doesn't like that guy. Moore is just trying to collect til he is vested with 10 years in the league. Then retire and be a qb coach somewhere.

Probably assistant QB coach to Chad Pennington in a couple seasons.

Bob Griese, Marino, and Pennington were all first rounders.

Marco, McCown has been good, but isn't anything better than Moore type backup right now imo. He can win you some games if he has to fill in, but isn't the long term answer. Maybe a third round pick or something of the sort would be good to push Tannehill, but this team has a lot of issues besides the QB imo.

I know you are down on Tannehill, I tend to like him but I do admit he has some issues that need improvements (turnovers, 4th quarter are the 2 biggest ones)

Lets see how the rest of the year plays out. It will go a long way to seeing if Tannehill is the future.

Losing teams.....Hmmmm have you looked at Thill record as a starter my friend, if you are going to throw Matt Moore under the bus, but give Thill a pass.

11-17, better or worse than Moore's record ?

Marco I went back and reread your conversation with Dashi so I could comment. He didn't say Tannehill was the next great thing. I don't think he disagreed with any of your points either.

We all know Tannehill needs an oline and running back to help take pressure off. Mike Westhoff just said the Dolphins have done NOTHING to help the young qb out and they are going to try to take advantage of that.

He also needs to improve on his decision making and accuracy.

And we all know getting him real competition next season is a must if the team is going to get better. Either Tannehill steps up or the new guy has a chance to take over. But I'm talking SERIOUS competition, not a 3 year 5th round draft project.

I don't think one person in here can or has argued against these points. So this Tannehill discussion should be over. We all know what needs to happen and everyone is in agreement.

Correct? If someone disagrees with this assessment speak up. Otherwise we really should drop it because it's going around in circles now.


Agreed. Couldn't Care Less. Is a Double Negative.

But you Could Care Less. I could care a lot less.

You're right for this instance the phrase should be I Couldn't Care Moore. Cause I really don't when it comes to M.Moore being the starter.

Orlando, I don't think that's an accurate statement about Philbin's philosophy (just a reflection of what it is here). Look at his full body of work. He started an an OL Coach (so I think he understands the need for OL). His offense at Green Bay (especially at their height) was one of balance. He developed the QB well, and definitely was pass-first, but he balanced it with the run game. I think Philbin would like to put up more points, and you're right, we don't have the QB to do it right now, but that would counter-balance the "long, methodical drives" you brought up.

On RB, Philbin does like the "bruiser, one cut" RB, that's why he preferred Thomas over Bush. And that type of back (i.e. Alfred Morris) is useful to run the clock down. Philbin runs a version of the zone-blocking scheme, and Mike Shanahan's used that to lots of success in the run game. Philbin's been able to make it more versatile to the pass game (in Green Bay). Who knows if he can implement that successful system here without Aaron Rodgers, but I think that's his goal (not sure he'll get a chance to realize it though). So I'd say his philosophy is different from the reality of it last or this year. It's still a work in progress (or regress, depending on how we end the season).


I have clarified every one of my points that In any way shape or form am I saying that Tannehill will ever be better than Dan Marino.

Just that I see the potential Tannehill has. And we all have to admit he is the first QB since Marino to be drafted wth such pedigree.

Right behind the Matt Moore cult following, the next thing that bothers me the most about following the Dolphins is this no excuses stance Omar Kelly has taken against Ryan Tannehill. he's gone on record saying that unless Tannehill compiles an 86 qb rating this year, he's a bust.

Well, I guess this explains why Kelly has an outdated hair cut and could do nothign more in life than write for a 2nd rate newspaper in the region.

Other Qbs with a rating below 86 and should all be cut using Kelly's formula - remember no excuses so I don't want to hear about past performance or draft pedigree or what you've seen when you've seen him play- remember NO EXCUSES...

Geno Smith, QB
Eli Manning, QB
Joe Flacco, QB
Robert Griffin III, QB
Ryan Tannehill, QB
EJ Manuel, QB
Carson Palmer, QB
Alex Smith, QB
Andrew Luck, QB
Andy Dalton, QB
Tom Brady, QB

Yes, all these QBs stink by using the Omar Kelly formula...

And I think the worst part is how this guy comes off as knowing more than anyone else. This may be my muscle relaxers talking but he can go to he**!


Im down on the QB play on our team at the moment. Of course that involves the other 10 players on the offense, as our HC pointed out.

So does that mean that Thill is responsible and accountable for the lack of pass protection from Martin and Clabo ?

Does that mean that Thill is also accountable for the drops from Wallace and Co ?

What Philbin stated was ridiculous really and gives players a pass as individual parts of the puzzle. He really treats the fans like morons and is pulling our PI$$ERS !!!

The games and player performances are all reviewed on tape and players that can't cut it, get better or replaced in time.

As a team, we are not getting good QB play. Their are several reasons for this and they are all not Thill, but you have to admit he is a big part of the output concerns.

mARCO THAT'S NOT THE POINT. You're hoisting Moore up as some sort of champion, I pointed out the obvious. It has nothing to do with Tannehill. I pointed out the mvp of a losing team is a loser.

The qb of a losing team is a loser. That goes for Moore AND Tannehill.

The difference is Moore is a loser with no upside, he's had years to prove this.

Tannehill is a loser who is still learning, there's a slight chance for him.

Moore has no chance, he will never be any better than a mediocre qb. Once again, this has been proven.

Therefore you stick with the only qb who has the possibility of getting better.

And we all agree on this right?

"because it should be Antonio Cromartie shadowing him all over the MetLife Stadium field."

Should be "grabbing and holding" Wallace. Cromartie is maybe the worst offender. If Wallace doesn't accentuate it to the official, or Philbin doesn't verbalize it to the officials, Cromartie will do it all game.

That said, the Fins D has to go after Smith. He can't beat you if he's on his butt, and he hasn't shown he's consistently up to making plays when he's pressured.
Philbin needs to show some gut as. Go for it on 4th and 2 from the Jets 40 instead of punting. Can't count on Sturgis in the weather conditions either.

P78, also include that 7 year Matt Moore still has neveer beat a team with a winning record , but yet this is the man that will lead us to the playoffs.

The man that wasn't drafted.

Was let go by Carolina for nothing and then signed for next to nothing by Ireland.

The man that couldn't beat out Chad henne in a preseason.

The man that was replaced immediately by a new coaching staff.

The man that did not receive one offer to be a starter in free agency.

Yes, there is our answer!!

Marco, he's 3 games under .500 for his career, how is that 11-17?

And how many winning teams has Tannehill beat in 1.75 years v Moore in 7 years?

Phins 78

As a Dan Marino Fan!! I find it an insult!! To have a guy like Matt Moore to take over his legacy. The Dolphins never did Dan Marino's legacy any justice until they drafted Tannehill #8 Overall.

It was only right that to break the Dan Marino QB Curse. We would have to spend a draft pick of equal value to the Football Gods. Tannehill is the only QB with the proper draft pedigree to replace Dan Marino's Legacy.

Dashitt Posted the Above statement. Now if that is not annointing Thill then what is my friend ?

Calling me out with the magic words?

"You're right for this instance the phrase should be I Couldn't Care"

Dashi it's correct in every instance. Because whenever you are using the phrase you are describing to someone how you care so little you have no more room for not caring. You are so far down on the caring ladder that you couldn't possibly go lower.

In what instance would someone say, "I could care less".

What is that phrase conveying to the subject? EX;

'Tannehill missed an open Wallace!' ,,,' Yeah, but I could care less'.

Why would someone say they could care when they are trying to say they don't care at all?

Am I wrong on this or did I misunderstand your post back to me? (By the way , I'm just passing time and this doesn't matter much ;)

I get what your saying about the Philbin's press conferences Marco. I think he makes sure not to throw players under the bus though. It may be different internally, but I obviously do not know. Some of Philbin's decisions have left me disappointed this year.

Yes I do agree there are some concerns. Lets see if Tannehill can clean up or at least improve on some of these concerns in the last 5 games. The deep ball was better, although it still has some issues.

Maybe a third round pick to compete with Tannehill would be best. Mike Glennon was a third round pick and is looking decent in place of Freeman.

Mark in Toronto, Omar has some decent stuff, but some of it is just pure garbage.

Unless the O-line gives THill some time and the backs can pick up the blitz, it's going to be a long day. Turnovers will be key with the Fins and definitely the Jets!

That said our best bet to target their safeties and D Milner. I'd expect Clay and Hartline to eat this week. IF they limit line penetration.

Weather shouldn't be a factor. about 50 with a late day drizzle.

Sorry Thill is 12-15 as a starter, not 11-17 as I stated earlier.

Moore is not done as an NFL QB, otherwise the Dolphins would never have given him that massive back-up salary.

Thill won the job because of an injury to Garrard and his links to Sherman. Im not saying Moore is the answer to our problems, but so many bloggers trash the guy after a decent last outing for this team.

There isn't a db in this league who'll shut Mike Wallace down for an entire game. Just a matter if the qb can hit on one of those long deep throws.

Wallace was wide-open deep TWICE against DARELLE REVIS(Bills). Tannehill UNDERTHREW both balls. One resulting in a game ending interception.

Wallace has VERY SPECIAL deep separating speed. A very rare quality in today's NFL wr's. He doesn't have to be schemed open deep. Just like the WIND, Wallace can blow right by db's, regardless of who their names may be.

Mark you're right. Omar's annoying and acts like he knows everything about football. He's a player wanna be and always sides with players over management as he seems to dislike authority figures.

I love his 'eyes off the ball' bulls#@t he's always spouting. Acting like fans are idiots because they watch the ball. Hey stupid, we watch what the f$#@ing tv dictates we watch. How many f$#@ing times has the camera focused on the oline as the ball is being heaved 40 yards down the field. THE CAMERA FOLLOWS THE BALL SO YOU ARE FORCED TO DO THE SAME! LOL

We don't have access to game film, like he does. And that's another thing. The dude never played a down of football in his life, never coached, never held the ball bag. But now he's studying game film and informing ME, who spent half of my life playing the sport what's going on?!

No, not me, because I don't follow him for one reason. Anyone with half a brain gets kicked off his twitter account. You can't even respectfully disagree with him when you are correct. Whenever you point something out that corrects him he stops the thread, ignores the person, and starts a new tweet. Never owns up and eventually loses his smart posters because they can't stand the game.

The only way to settle the arguement would be if Thill gets injured and Moore steps in for a few games ?

Do I want to see Thill injured ? No way, he is a decent person and I wouldn't go that low on any player.

However I would be very curious to see the outcome, just as many of us are with Gillislee coming in for Thomas.

I didn't see Dashi's statement Marco, I'll assume it was in another thread.

Got to give Rex Ryan credit for one thing, next to Bill Belichik, he's one of the game's PREMIER defensive preparators. He can do the most with the least on the defensive side of the ball.

Regardless, of how lowly his teams may be, his defenses almost always seem to play fairly well. Rex Ryan's defenses are always a threat. Never underestimate a Rex Ryan defensive game plan.

Can't say for sure Marco but I have a strong feeling I already know the outcome. He stepped in before and was mediocre. What would change that now? Has he got any better? Did he spend 8 years being the same player and now we are to assume the light turned on as he's been riding the bench? Dude, Henne beat him out, that should be enough said.

Phins 78,

Im off the Thill or Tannehill case for a while then my friend. The topic certainly creates high emotions within this blog and encourages great debating points.

People like MIT are actually very good at putting a case together with some very interesting stats.

Even though we have very different opinions on certain players, its entertaining dwelling to the death with other long suffering Dolphin fans my friend.

'Dueling to the death' or 'Dwelling to the death', its all good my friend.

It's such a classic cliched debate too! The backup is always the hero. If Moore was starting this year and the team was 5-6 people would be screaming 'start Tannehill'. No one would be worried about overthrows and underthrows.

"Moore cant scramble, Moore is slow, Moore fumbles, Moore cant beat the good teams'!

'Tannehill can use his legs, he has beat really good qbs, blah blah, etc. etc. start Tannehill'!

Seriously? Have we not been around long enough to realize backups aren't saviours? How many 8 year backup bench players have EVER come into their own and changed their careers around because the starting qb went down.

Anyone name at least one?

Phins 78,

Doug Williams.

Mark, you gotta admit, Omar was dead on with the hesitation he said he had with Tannehill. He said he lost a lot of games in the 4th quarter at Texas A&M, and he had trouble throwing a good 9 route pass. He loved Tannehill's ability to throw on the run.

Sounds pretty much like the QB we have. Good skills throwing on the run, but has trouble with the deep ball, and doesn't finish games well. What's wrong with that assessment?

Marco, not t be argumentative, Matt Moore seems to have ZERO FUTURE as an NFL starting qb. PROOF IN THE PUDDING is:

31 NFL GM's felt the same THIS offseason. MIAMI offered him pretty much the BEST OPPORTUNITY to REMAIN HERE as a BACKUP QB.

So, saying Matt Moore should be our starter is also paramount to saying 31 OTHER NFL GM's are LIARS, right?

You know, the fantasy is fun.

You close your eyes and imagine reading, "Moore to start, Tannehill hurt", then you imagine long bombs to Wallace , scoring 3 tds a game, Moore being tossed on everyone's shoulders as he pumps his fist in the air screaming, "we're going to the playoffs baby"!

Now open your eyes and come back to reality. He's still coming in and playing behind the worst offensive line in the NFL with no running game and not one tight end who can block. He's still prone to fumbling and he doesn't have a strong arm. He still has a slow release which would be death in a wco with a crappy oline. How in the heck is he going to change this teams fortunes. Seriously, it aint happening unless you have your eyes closed and are deep in fantasy land.

Guys there isn't any debate, the ENTIRE 2012 ROOKIE QB CLASS ere presently:


Of ALL the 2012 rookie qb's, only Russell Wilson happens to be on BY FAR the MOST COMPLETE TEAM.

FACE IT, there are no DAN MARINOS of the 2012 rookie qb class. They all have their QUIRKS that need to be IRONED-OUT. Only TIME will resolve this.

Try again Marco. Williams started for the bucs when he came into the league and brought to the playoffs 3 out of the 4 years he played.

Went to the cfl and posted incredible numbers in his year as a starter.

Came back to Washington and played a handful of games then was chosen starter over their other guy (shrader?) for the playoffs. He won every game he played in when he started over the other guy.

usfl that is.

DC, I contest the he doesn't finish games well statement... I mean...would you say he played badly in the 2nd half against Carolina? I thought he moved the ball ok and avoided making a big mistake even though Carolina was keying the pass, is one of the best turnover margin teams in the league, and had abolsutely no respect for our run game. he didn't do anythign to lose that game and actually threw a pass on the run that went 60 yards into the air and hit a WR on both hands ....anyways.

He was nails late against Cincy, Atlanta, and had us in position against Buff and Baltimore but the o line messed up btoh those games.

Yeah, I know what the stats are and eventually it comes down to the numbers but to me this guy doesn't look like someone who fades in crunch time like henne did for example. The results may not always be there but I don't get the impression that the stage is too big for him.


No the other GM's are not liars my friend. However where have you heard that 31 GM's have said Matt Moore is back-up QB at best ?

Moore was one of the first players we signed this year, if no the first. He didn't do the rounds and go for interviews as his job here was a lock.

I think Moore is the top paid back-up in the NFL. The only way to find out who is better is if Thill goes down injured and Matt Moore steps in.

On his last outing Moore played great and led us to victory, yes it was one game, but he did play well my friend.

Phins, on top of that, if Moore was so great, how come NO ONE came banging down the door when they knew he was a FA. Please, people say he re-signed too quickly with Miami. You don't think an interested team would have told him to wait, he'd be a starter with them? And then he can't beat out TWO QBs last year (Garrard and Tannehill)? And how bad he looked in Pre-Season! But all of a sudden he's our savior? For what, a game or 2? Until teams start game-planning for him. Then he's back down to Earth like usual. And how's that help our long-term fortunes? People really think he's a QB that can take a team to the Playoffs? HOW? Has he EVER done it before? It's fantasyland (like you said). It's worse than a joke, it's not even worth responding to (unfortunately it's so preposterous we get excitable and feel forced to respond).

DC, What is wrong is Omar acts like he's the only one who knew Tannehills traits. He also was banging the drum for the Dolphins to draft him.

Everyone knew those things about him, it was all pointed out by every draft expert in the country. Yet now he acts like he warned everyone. It gets annoying.

Everyone knew those things, everyone hoped and still hopes he can improve. He is no smarter than the average fan, just has access that we do not.

What would KAEP be in Miami? Most likely bust. He's struggled in San Fran despite being surrounded with premium offensive talent.

Monday night's game was BY FAR his best performance of the season. As a whole, Tannehill's been better surrounded by less.

San Fran would have been better with Tannehill as qb with the talent on both sides of the ball than Kaep. Tannehill with a consistent run game and pass protection would be pretty darn lethal, even if he still has a little ways to go in his development.

Sam @ 3:31, I agree 100%. nobody is where their teams think they will be yet. Not even golden boy Andrew Luck. I put none of them in my top ten and to be honest, just based on this year's #s the one that comes the closest is Nick Foles but I have serious reservations whether he can keep up that type of performance - the numbers scream anomoly and unsustainable. I mean he's averaging 2.3 TDs per game but only 12.9 completions per game... that's unssutainable.

Wilson is having the msot success but he is pretty loosy goosy with the footbal too (5.1% turnover to attempt ratio - worse than Tannehill). he's also very insulated. he only attempts 25 passes a game where the league average is 33.6.

You're right, they all have warts.

No the other GM's are not liars my friend. However where have you heard that 31 GM's have said Matt Moore is back-up QB at best ?

Posted by: Marco. | November 27, 2013 at 03:35 PM

They said it with THEIR OWNERS CHECKBOOKS this offseason my friend.


Hey, seriously. How much crap comes out of some of these guys mouths on a daily basis? The constant tweeting of their personal opinions on everything related to football.

He was right about nothing because no one ever argued that Tannehill wouldn't have the same problems in the NFL. iF SOMEONE ARGUED WITH HIM THEN HE WAS RIGHT OVER THAT TWIT ALONE.

There are thousands of tweets and false reports that Omar has never owned up to, he just moves on like everyone else in the media.

Incognito may be coming back to the Dolphins! Do I need to repost the endless false tweets and stories? Why isn't anyone talking about how they rushed to judgement and may have been wrong. Incognito was just suspended four games for using the N-WORD! lol

Phins 78,

Matt Moore is not an 8 year career back-up bench player, either then my friend.

Up to Thills arrival Moore had played in 35 games and started 25 of them.

To me, right now there are only 3 Qbs that are over performing in all major passing areas ...Peyton, brees, and Rivers - these guys are the elite three as they surpass the league average in all major passing metrics. Romo is really close, as is Ryan, Rodgers, Stafford, and Roethlisberger. These guys are the gold standard this year.

No, we get, "I was right about Tannehill, the one thousand and twenty fifth opinion I stated which had already been stated by many. Now everyone pat me on the back. Just my opinion.

Dallas, Carolina, and Miami's GM's all said he was a back up.
He is prob the best back up in the league, just because he is that, it doesnt prove he should start. The back up in Tennesse to McNair was Vol, if im not mistaken, and he was the back up at that point but couldnt cut it as a FT starter.
Same with Flynn in Greenbay.

MIT, what many don't realize, being drafted 3rd rd, wasn't an indictment on Russell Wilson's talent. It was an indictment on not being 2 INCHES TALLER.

2 SLIGHT INCHES may have been the greatest separator from Russell Wilson being drafted 2nd or 3rd overall in the 2012 rookie qb class.

Also, I agree with your post to DC.Not finishing game is far from a Ryan Tannehill issue. It's been the inability to protect Tannehill and the inability to run the football at all in 4TH QTRS.

If you can not do these CRITICAL 2 THINGS in the 4TH QTR, AS A TEAM, it's highly unlikely to SCORE 4th qtr TDS.


Marco, LOL, you're disproving your own point.

So Moore started too? Just like Williams? And Williams brought his team to the playoffs 3 out of his first four years.

Did Moore do that?

Williams went to another league and was one of the top 3 qbs.

Did Moore do that?

Then Williams came back and won all of the games he starterd coming off the bench.

Did Moopre do that?

Then he started in and won every playoff game including the playoffs.


I said name an 8 year bench player who came off the bench and guided his team to the playoffs. You said Williams. I proved that wasn't true.

Now you are saying Moore wasn't an 8 year backup which hurts your debate. Because it proves that he started and couldn't win, Williams started and did win. The two can not be compared.

But yes, I was wrong, Moore wasn't an 8 year back up although he should have been. Remember, we're looking for players who were on the bench OR sucked for 8 years and then came in and turned their career around.

Williams is not a correct answer because he was barely ever a back up and he also won a lot when he played.

Marco I think we should just agree to disagree.

You think Moore can come in and guide this team to the playoffs. You're not basing this on any proof, just a gut feeling.

I'm saying I don't believe he can because there is already evidence which shows he can't and hasn't.

Lets just leave it at that because we aren't going to find out. Tannehill has taken a beating this year and is still playing and healthy. Say what you want but tat kid is tough.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 27, 2013 at 03:36 PM

lol at the last few lines. That's the perfect point DC (from the beginning of your post). Where were all of his suitors?

All of the start Moore fans stated last year that there would be more than a few teams that would want him as a starter and we would lose him in free agency.

They tested the waters. Teams were ONLY INTERESTED IN HIM AS A BACKUP. Moore decided he would rather stay here where he is comfortable, why learn a whole new system if he's going to be a backup? Less work to stay put for what is probably the same money.

Alright, out again, enjoy your turkey people (in case I don't pop back in but ,,,you know)

Moore did not resign for the SAME money. His NEW DEAL is 2yrs $8 million($4 million a year). Which isn't bad for a PREMIUM BACKUP QB.

I could be wrong, but, I think his new deal amounts to a $1 million a year raise.

Doesn't matter if some here thinks Moore is a starting qb. Fact is, it will never happen in Miami, unless Tannehill suddenly goes BLAINE GABBERT on us.

Then Moore will become our HENNE-Jax. Just like Jax, we eventually are positioned for 1st overall pick the proceeding draft, welcoming in our next supposed qb savior.

Alot of talk about Ryan Tannehill and whether he can play or not from this blog to talk radio were I heard earlier today on the Coop-n-Crowder Show an interview with Brian Billick were he states that the problem with T-Hill's deep pass is due to "FREAKISHLY SMALL HANDS" on a man his size were he dropped the term,"SEMI-OPTIMAL HANDS FOR A QB" For whatever that's worth.

Crowder (whose useless big-yap on a Football field has served him in becoming quite good on talk radio) told the X-Coach that he would have LOVED to play against a team that tipped it's hand with all the GO (Pass) and GO GO (Run) stuff because as a MLB he'd have had a hand single to throw in the air to his DB's alerting them on the snap. Billick said as a Coach he NEVER had a situation no matter how many people he shifted in or out of the line up of having to overly simplify in that manner and that the Coaches on our staff were flat out lying when they say it doesn't give the D an advantage and were speculating about the true nature of that and if maybe Tannehill were simply that DUMB that he needed that "TELL" in his game to assure himself that everybody (especially the OL) had their assignments correct.

At that point they were making fun of the situation but the observation of T-Hill's hands by Billick was interesting though after he broke it down from a Tech/Mechanics stand point. Now I come On-Line and find you guys still debating the merits of M.Moore as the better QB, a guy everybody forgets we pulled of the Panthers scrap-heap after he replaced Chris Weinke and went belly-up on a 2-14 Season that brought the Cam in the draft. He had an OL and 2 good RB's running under J.Fox a similar O to the one we had and the reason he was given a contract but I gotta tell you all I was more than disappointed when we signed him.

He came into a situation were we were 0-4 with ZERO pressure and played more freely than the injured Chad "Peanut Brained" Henne who had by that point been fried4life by Henning/Sparano. We went to N.Y. 0-6 to play the Giants and he nearly pulls one out scrambling all over the place giving that team hope again on what was a lost Season by that point again not much pressure under those circumstances were you can throw caution to the wind and let it rip because at the end of the day whats the worse that can happen??

In fairness I would have liked to have seen this Yrs. T-Hill with the a mix of the 09/2010 OL and RB's (still game R&R show) B-Marsh and Co.?? There is NO SUCH THING as a good extreme and we've gone in 1 1/2 Yrs from a MAX-PROTECT group only sending 2 WR's out to a SPREAD type formation more than anything West Coast related I've seen with the worst group of OL I think the team has ever had. I wasn't a fan of the run-run cloud of dust O but am neither a fan of the throw-throw with little time and zero protection O either! There has to be a balance we need to be able to close out smashing it down a teams throat in a tight 4th Qrt game as well which is as big a contributing factor to our losses Vs. Buff., Balt., Tampa and Car. as the under the microscope shortcomings of T-Hill! Give the kid some slack and give him some balance to work with! If anything he's shown MEGA-TOUGHNESS in the face of the unrelenting pressure he's faced and I won't pull the plug now a Season and a half in with what I view as a player still on the rise to hand the whole thing back to the pine-ridding Moore.

I think the only qb I saw who hung around and went from team to team then blossomed late was Rich Gannon - maybe Steve Beurlein depending on what your criteria is.

Anyway, I think Moore would have to be better than he ever was to adequately replace Tannehill and this offense is a lot more flawed for him than the one he piloted in 2011. he will have to go back there and pass 40 times a game and given he lost the ball an astounding 6.6% of the time that year ( only three QBs in this year have done that more - Geno Smith, Terrell Pryor, and Christian Ponder) it wouldn't spell good news for Dolphins fans.

Mark in Toronto | November 27, 2013 at 04:21 PM

Beurlien had his moments in Carolina and Oak. but Gannon by far who I had completely written off by the time Gruden recycled his career. The iorny is if not for the tuck rule I wonder how Gruden's Vet heavy Oak team would have done in that S.B. Vs. the Rams and throw Dungy back in the Tampa sideline with Chucky still on the Raiders in 03 and it might have been a different contest, if Dungy would have managed to get them there that is. I say this with a bit of SARCASM with some (including our teams owner) seeking Dungy's council. By the same token it was Gruden's MASTERFUL G.M. Job than Un-Did the Bucs, take what you will out of that!

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