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Wallace vs. Cromartie: Shut the other guy up

It was obvious last week the Carolina Panthers had no idea how to stop Dolphins reciever Mike Wallace. He was open short, deep, intermediate. He scored one touchdown on a 57-yard catch but he might have had three other TDs if passes had caught him in stride or he'd made some tough catches.

It was a classic mismatch.

This weekend when the Dolphins face the New York Jets, there should be less of a mismatch available to Wallace because it should be Antonio Cromartie shadowing him all over the MetLife Stadium field. 

If Cromartie, who is nursing a hip injury, plays, then New York's finest cornerback will be locked up on Wallace.

(Yes, it's possible the Jets might decide to play Cromartie in man against No. 2 WR Brian Hartline and then double and roll coverages to Wallace).

But that would be unexpected.

And if this matchup plays out as expected -- as Wallace surely expects it will -- the key might be gaining the upper hand early and making the Jets loud cornerback something of a mute.

"He's a smart guy. He talks a lot," Wallace said. "He's going to try to get in your head so you just got to make plays and shut him up. Shut him up early, I think it'll be a long day for him."

Ah yes, but the battle of words is fought with a two-edged sword. If Wallace makes plays early and shuts up Cromartie, apparently taking some of his swag in the process, then the Dolphins receiver has the edge.

But if Wallace can't make plays early in the game, Cromartie's chirping will get louder. The cornerback's confidence will grow -- perhaps in conjunction with Wallace's frustration. And then? 

"If not, it could the other way around. It'll be a long day for you," Wallace admits. "You just got to try to make plays and stay into the game and not get caught up in the extra stuff with him. I know he's going to talk. At the same time, he's a guy who can talk and back it up so I'm not going to take anything away from him."

It is hard to take anything away from Cromartie (except maybe a child support check) because he is a physical freak.

"He's a tall, long, rangey guy who even though he's that big, he likes to shadow and just play full speed," Wallace said.

Wallace played against the Jets last season when he was with the Steelers. He caught five passes for 74 yards and a touchdown.

A repeat of that kind of day might be considered something of a win by the Dolphins.


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Of course Ricky's situation was totally different. Just pointing out two different coaches trying to milk one player for too much, that is all.

You watch...the first coach on the 2014 hot seat will be Shanahan if he isn't already there.

the dolphin team have destiny WITH ,FRAUD GM'S ................

Is it my imagination or are more Players being seriously hurt and out for the Season now compared to 10 yrs ago? I know that by this time in the Season most Players are crippled but should not be riddled with incapacitating injuries.

We have to go 4-1 down the stretch to have any shot at the playoffs. It looked good before last Sunday. Doesn't look so promising now.

But...the AFC is a mess so it is wide open still.

Also one more injury to the knee could be enough to make him tentative for the rest of his career, just as Marino was in his late years after the achilles and neck injuries took their toll.

Posted by: Bodine | November 27, 2013 at 07:17 PM

Another good point! Marino should have had the ankle surgery after he was hurt Monday Night Vs. Colts in 96 instead of inserting screws then playing threw it. He aggravated his neck problems pushing everything off his arm in that stretch on a rebuild Yr. (1st under JJ) Later the combination of the 2 robbed him of the deep out which was a stapple of his game, ending miserably in Jax were he threw one out there in the flat and it hung a Yr. when picked for 6, really sad way for it to have ended.

Ireland should have taken Dez, but I don't want to rehash that whole scenario.

Posted by: Bodine | November 27, 2013 at 07:20 PM

What about the trade were he had Earl Thomas and JPP still sitting on the boards when he traded down for additional 2nd RD pick which became Koa Misi and as steady as Koa has become he ain't any of the guys we've mentioned so your right take the guy while you can however fate plays here part because while passing on Dez we needed a speedy RB (REMEMBER) and Best was still on the boards as well and looked great coming into the NFL till the concussion issues ended his career.


Of course Ricky's situation was totally different. Just pointing out two different coaches trying to milk one player for too much, that is all.

Posted by: Bodine | November 27, 2013 at 07:21 PM

I get that but the only reason I brought it up is that I believe RG3 was pressured to play (the hype machine) Ricky would have told Wannstedt, "After getting a 2nd opinion from my own doctors I've elected to have surgery, see you next Yr.!"

GL tryin to shut up crowmarty but you would need to sew up ryans big mouth to stop him from expouting gibberish the new yawk papers and armando salguero love,oh and dont forget the venerable dr canosa who has been accused of fraud.


Yeah, I said Dez because we just haven't had a receiver like that for too long. But there were a few taken in the teens that draft that would have been more valuable than what we got, I was high on Earl Thomas as well.

Odrick might be a little better than most give him credit for. He still seems to be getting better. Misi - an average utility starter. Something tells me he'd look much better on Belicheks team than ours.

Well it sure seems like BullyGate has blown over and a thing of the past.

Philbin gets one more year. Ireland. Maybe Philbin and Dawn are pushing him out.

It has not blown over, Ivan, it's just on standby(the Bullygate thing). It is to Nobody's advantage to blow this thing wide open now. At the end of the Season, you might see some astounding facts, although I believe that most everything of practical consequences has been settled by now.

Dr. Canosa has been accused of fraud? Hell, I didn't know that.

Martin wanted to bail out so he made up an excuse never thinking it would be more than a one day headline.

He's a wuss.

The whole team is behind Cognito. None are talking. It is a he said she said in a locker room.

MJ never agreed with me, I preferred somewhat more esoteric stuff, but if it agreed with Ricky, more power to him. He did well to get away from here and spend more time with those Indian elephants.

Dr Canosa I read it on here but your lucky a Martin type didnt make the accusation then the ramifications on your CARTERRA could be disasterous.

Dr. Canosa will you be enjoying pernil or turkey at your ThanksGiving festivities tomorrow?

oscar canosa,
What up buddy.
I saw some episodes of The First 48 Miami that were shot in Overtown.
Is that where you live?


Please come home now.

Whenever I watch the First 48 Miami it seems like all of the white folks live in those towers next to the water and everybody else lives in little ranches with bullet holes, weeds in the lawn and broken gutters/windows/doors.
That is no place to raise a child.



WTH is this? A cured Turhey? You know that I prefer to cook and not reheat.

That is no place to raise a child.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | November 27, 2013 at 08:25 PM

Neither is with a daddy obsessed with ear pulling and swallowing. It's despicable actually.

I also saw a lot of heroin addicts that are Dolphins Fans when I worked at the VA in Miami.(youse getting me in trouble here)

I wonder what this blog would be like if we were 9-2.

That's BS exploitative Media. Most of the narco Detectives portrayed in Miami Vice are Cuban. I knew one of them.


Is it true young cuban girls offer their rear entry as a means of preserving their virginity past 14?

the word fraud has only one meaning ............ IRELAND .

I live far from Overtown, although I've been there, but very near to "Liberty" City, in Hialeah and among these New Cubans(although I'm not one of them)(I think).

Thanksgiving should be a feast, not slop fast food, stuffings and cranberry jelly and crap.

We are having roast leg of lamb with rosemary. Risotto with shitake and fresh chopped heirloom tomatoes. Starters a salad of baby lettuce, gorgonzola with walnut oil and lemon juice.

Dessert, ok, good old fashioned homemade apple pie with italian vanilla gelato and raspberries.

Then coffee and truffles and a cognac.

I don't think so, ALoco, in my experience Negresses like to take it up the Asss better. They sure have the material for it.


To be 9-2 we would need a CLUTCH QB. Thill up to this point is not a CLUTCH QB.

For all the stats we bounce back and forth, how your QB plays in those CLUTCH situations is the real issue.

The last 7 games, with the game on the line Thill has zero TD's in the fourth quarter.... you get that ZERO in the last 7 games.... WTF !!!

If this contines long, he will be gone, even by his biggest fans reasoning.

CLUTCH QB's win games and championships.

Dr. Canosa has been accused of fraud? Hell, I didn't know that.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 27, 2013 at 08:04 PM

Yes you did, Oscar(FRAUD). And accused is not even close to accurate. You were EXPOSED, friend. We know the TRUTH.


WTH do I have to do with Armando(Salguero)? Very little.


Wow, you some kind of priviledged MF, Ivan. Congratulations.

ExposingtheFraud, if you are still here do you think your man Henne can beat the Browns in Cleveland or at least keep it close?


Are you a troll?

Please join us at www.trollsforlife.com

We welcome you.

Happy! Buttfumble Day to all J-e-t-s Fans


Sorry, ALoco, I made a mistake. My commentary was directed to Kang Lee, some kind of Chinese goy here. But , truly. you talk so much sh-t here that anybody can get confused.

fin plunkett isnt in the hof cause for the most part he sucked. even had more ints than tds

dusty preaches losing. let's pray for his children.

Its always amusing to see how blind love affects Thill fans from the facts.

if dusty was a military leader he would suggest letting the enemy kill us all.



I,DON'T .......

Ross = clueless douche.



I don't know, ALoco, all I know is I would never get in those stores day after Tomorrow. At the same time, I don't need to do that.

Marco, have you watched the GREAT Andrew Luck SUCK this year? Have you watched RG3 EMBARRASS himself?

So what is your point actually? Everyone but Peyton and Brady sucks?

Talent is rare. 30 GM's are not at fault that there are so few elite QB's available.

Best day to buy a car? December 26th.


Idiot fools like yourselves don't realize it takes time for most players to develop. You think anyone not a probowler by year two is a bust.

Mario WIlliams #1 overall pick wasn't much until year 3.
Cris Carter HOF receiver sucked until year 4
All of San Diego was screaming to dump Brees for 3 seasons.
Chris Long #2 overall pick after Jake Long is only now having a year worthy of a #1 pick.

The few players that come out smoking are the rare exceptions.

Nolan Carrol is playing better. So is Clay. So is Jones. So is Odrick. So is Vernon.

Don't be stupid.

Try to represent the blog with objectivity, not crying whining unrealism.

Who cares? This season is over.


Never compare Drew Brees with Thill, please my friend, just don't do it.

Ok then John Beck should have been here two more seasons in Miami by your reckoning, yes my friend ?

Your insults do you a disservice and show you up as immature my friend.

I think the whole, or the majority of the problem with the long ball, is that the ball is not getting out on time to hit the receiver in stride. On the roll out bomb last week that Wallace came back to get, Tannyhill almost made it to the sideline before he threw the pass.
He should be releasing that pass just after the double move by Wallace. He had plenty of time and space to make the throw, and Wallace was the only player he was watching.
This problem is recurring and it should be something that can be coached out.
A QB in the NFL has to throw players open, not wait for players to get open and throw them the ball.
I saw where one commentator made the point that the play was not designed well enough to give time for the roll out. I don't think so, Tannyhill just waited to long to recognize the player would be open.
Timing on passing plays seems to be a major problem to me, more that accuracy.

Never compare Drew Brees with Thill, please my friend, just don't do it.

Posted by: Marco. | November 27, 2013 at 09:58 PM

Nowhere did I make this comparison. This is only your feeble attempt to defend yourself by avoiding what I did say. Twisting my words won't help you. You are lost in your own mire.

Don't respond to me if you don't have a compelling argument. Putting words in my mouth is not a compelling argument, it's a copout.

You sir, are a joke and a joker.

Trolls Inc hit the nail on the head when it comes to Marco.

Congrats to Trolls Inc. Insightful.

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