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Wallace vs. Cromartie: Shut the other guy up

It was obvious last week the Carolina Panthers had no idea how to stop Dolphins reciever Mike Wallace. He was open short, deep, intermediate. He scored one touchdown on a 57-yard catch but he might have had three other TDs if passes had caught him in stride or he'd made some tough catches.

It was a classic mismatch.

This weekend when the Dolphins face the New York Jets, there should be less of a mismatch available to Wallace because it should be Antonio Cromartie shadowing him all over the MetLife Stadium field. 

If Cromartie, who is nursing a hip injury, plays, then New York's finest cornerback will be locked up on Wallace.

(Yes, it's possible the Jets might decide to play Cromartie in man against No. 2 WR Brian Hartline and then double and roll coverages to Wallace).

But that would be unexpected.

And if this matchup plays out as expected -- as Wallace surely expects it will -- the key might be gaining the upper hand early and making the Jets loud cornerback something of a mute.

"He's a smart guy. He talks a lot," Wallace said. "He's going to try to get in your head so you just got to make plays and shut him up. Shut him up early, I think it'll be a long day for him."

Ah yes, but the battle of words is fought with a two-edged sword. If Wallace makes plays early and shuts up Cromartie, apparently taking some of his swag in the process, then the Dolphins receiver has the edge.

But if Wallace can't make plays early in the game, Cromartie's chirping will get louder. The cornerback's confidence will grow -- perhaps in conjunction with Wallace's frustration. And then? 

"If not, it could the other way around. It'll be a long day for you," Wallace admits. "You just got to try to make plays and stay into the game and not get caught up in the extra stuff with him. I know he's going to talk. At the same time, he's a guy who can talk and back it up so I'm not going to take anything away from him."

It is hard to take anything away from Cromartie (except maybe a child support check) because he is a physical freak.

"He's a tall, long, rangey guy who even though he's that big, he likes to shadow and just play full speed," Wallace said.

Wallace played against the Jets last season when he was with the Steelers. He caught five passes for 74 yards and a touchdown.

A repeat of that kind of day might be considered something of a win by the Dolphins.


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Drew Brees is the exception, not the rule.

Again your comparison game could extend to HC's too.

Chuck Noll went 1-13 in his first year has HC, so by your system we should have kept Cam Cameron ?

You see the comparison game doesn't work, its seriously flawed.

7 games no TD's. This can't go on from my Dolphins team, you may be settled for this my friend and hope for things to change next season.

Right now its not good enough, if you can't see this, then where do you place the blame for the mess ?


Dumb-fuchs like Reza come on here all of the time and soil the blog with there attack on others comments. If people want to compare Tannehill to other quarterbacks then they should at least be able to take you response without acting like the pieces of shyte they really are. Don't let scum like this stop you bro.



"Idiot fools like yourselves don't realize it takes time for most players to develop. You think anyone not a probowler by year two is a bust".

Posted by Reza

Whats the above statement then Reza if its not twisting words my friend ?

Hmmmmm never said I expected Thill to play like a pro-bowler, nut Im concerned at this stage in his career he shows little signs of beibg a clutch QB.

7 games and zero TD's would back that up for Pete's sake my friend.

Bear can't even use his regular name. What a pooossy.

Bear can't even own up on an anonymous blog. What a sad sack.

Hi Bear!


I got your number, so do most others here. No need to respond to me. You have no objectivity or credibility, just an agenda.

At least be a man and admit it instead of a woosy with holes in your stockings!

Reza/Flaccid testes/AKA Trolls Inc,

You fell for another blogger messing with you and playing your game my friend.

As expected you go back to the well with your desire that I may be wearing womens clothes.

This is called classic Self-Reference Criteria.

The others on to me include your little friends like Flaccid Testes and Trolls INC, ha ha.

Reza/flaccid testes/Trolls Inc,

You fell for another blogger messing with you.

The others who are on to me include your wee chums Trolls INC and Testes.

You are also using me in some Self Reference Criteria with your thoughts of me in chicks clothes.

Stick to your defence of Thill my friend.

Marco, you are projecting. You are hopeless. Clutching at straw. It should be apparent by now this blog is full of characters chiming in.

You are indeed a sad sack. Believe what you want. Your frail ego needs it. Let me be everything you say if it makes you happy.

It doesn't change what you are.

Ryan Tannehill, the worst QB in football?

Dr Oscar Canosa do you have a ski mask, lasso, and straight razor I can borrow?

I promise I'll send you videos.

Well my darling wife has just come home so I will now dedicate all my attention to her.

I'll be back another day...but don't wait up for me :<

There will be proclaimed a second THANKSGIVING holiday for Dolphins fans....

we will give thanks in happy memory of the day Ireland and Sherman and the rest of the clueless coaching staff are fired. (bunch of turkeys)

Dr. Canosa how does one go about obtaining napalm and weapons grade plutonium in your country?

Reza....Ha ha,

Thought so my friend. Lies and denial again.

The reference you make to imagine another man wearing womens clothes is one you think of on a regular basis is it my friend ?

My ego is under no illusions also my friend.

As far as being happy, that would come back to having a QB that could score a TD in at least one of the last 7 games this season.

Get back to your defence of Thill my friend, if you ccan stop thinking of me in chicks clothes, ha ha.



Thats one TD in the 4th quarter in one of the last 7 games my friend.

Don't want more accusations of wearing... what was it again Reza ?

I am the only one in my native of Svetlavakia who is fan of American football. I come to your country of Miami and learn Dolphins to play football.

No, Dr. Canosa?

marco is struggling.

The coaches need to come to their senses and bench Tannehill before the season is lost. Moore is a far better QB and would've had us at 9-2 had he started from day 1. Wallace would be much more effetive also.

Reza/Trolls INc/Testes/Bystander,

You get better and better with your names my friend.

How about Thill for your next reincarnation ?

Im off as it seems you are out of anything more tosay re Thill and his 4th quarter woes.

Goonight my friends. Im off to dress up as a Chick for Reza.

Give it a break, Marco.

On top of wearing woman clothes. (And liking little boys.)

Your understanding of the Qb position is RiDickulous. And your ASSesment of Tannehill is flatulent. Marco your Analysis of the situation is inhumanely bias cause of your Short Point of View.

How can we take your opinion as a valid objective one.

The coaches need to come to their senses and bench Tannehill before the season is lost. Moore is a far better QB and would've had us at 9-2 had he started from day 1. Wallace would be much more effetive also.

Posted by: Jason | November 27, 2013 at 11:10 PM

Matt Moore the savior? Hahaha! That has to be the funniest post I've heard all day!


Go ask the multi character gentleman Reza/ A cast of thousands, what he thinks

'Thill the worst QB in the NFL ?, no.

Thill is around 25th my friend.

matt moore tested the waters this past offseason. none of the 31 other teams were willing to offer him a shot at the starting qb position, so he stayed here.

now...whose opinion carries more weight, 31 professional nfl gm's or a couple of dunce bloggers?

Pull this lever and the cantilever stretches outward.

The Fins will get back to winning against the Jets.

Our defense seems to be clicking. Even if it is only for 1 Half.

Ryan Tannehill is starting to come into his own, even without an O-Line.

He is starting to understand what he can get. When is it OK to run.

The Offense the Fins are trying to run isn't an easy one. Specially when you have Zero pass protection.

Everyone has seen the Green Bay Offense right?

Similar Concept.

4 WR, 1 Power RB, 1 Speed RB, 1 TE.

And an Athletic QB that can win it from the Pocket is a Must.

Reza/Trolls Inc/Testes/et al.

Thill critics are going to get this from you aren't they my friend ?

Your mind is closed and weak. One that is incapable of changing their mind is stuck in the trap of a reality that they have created for themselves.

Go look up the stats, go watch the game tape, go look at the 4th quarter performances.... I could go on, but your insults make me feel that you are a pretty sick kind of American.

More self reference material. A psychologist, would have fun with you and your mental projections my friend.

Keep taking the pills my friend, ha ha.

Fix the O-Line and get Tannehill a 240lb battering ram with the feet of a ballerina to hand the ball off to. A guy that can go out and split carries with L.Miller. another mid rd pick at RB. A 4th or a 3rd.

D.Thomas is to tall to be a RB. Pro RBs are good from 5'8" to 6'. Anything shorter or taller is seen as a major flaw.

Now they're exceptions to the rule. But more likely than not the great ones fall in that range. And I would actually say 5'8" to 5'11". Even 6' is tall for a RB.

The Fins need 5 linemen that can block. And I only see one still starting on the team next year. M.Pouncey.

5 good linemen are an essential part of this offense. Especially when we want to run Shotgun and 4-5 WRs sets more than half the time.

Tannehill is more of a Montana than a Marino. He was drafted for the west coast offense not the Raiders deep passing game.

I think he can develop into a very good deep passer but he needs time and a running game.

Players are only as good as they are allowed to perform. Pitiful players will never be more that that.
This is the balance that must be ascertained by the staff.
I don't see a problem with most of our players applying themselves. Some of our players are somewhat limited in the application they are capable.
SND, if we were using our players to the best of their talents, this season would look much different.

Lineman wont fix Tanny's lack of accuracy. Nothing will.

if we were using our players to the best of their talents, this season would look much different.
Posted by: Hardin Drye | November 27, 2013 at 11:53 PM

If we had players that had any talent this season would look much different.

Lineman wont fix Tanny's lack of accuracy. Nothing will.

Posted by: AtlFin | November 28, 2013 at 12:04 AM

Tannehill is a 2nd yr pro with less than 2 yrs starting experience in college, playing behind the worst offensive line and unproven RBs.

Given his circumstances, completing 60% and having a positive TD/INT ratio is pretty good. The reason he isn't winning more often is because we ZERO offensive balance and ZERO creativity with our play calling and it rears it's ugly head in the 4th QTR.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | November 28, 2013 at 12:16 AM

1001 excuses for TannePuke?? Thats hilarious!!!!!!!!

I'm not saying Tannehill is going to be a great QB. I'm just saying it's too early to tell what we have.
From Aikman, Brees, Favre and both Mannings, you can see good QBs have had struggling seasons far worse than what Tannehill has done so far.

We will find out if he is a dud when we can keep him upright and at least have a running game respectable enough to make the other team at least think it is an option.

With much practice, Tannehill be perhaps be as good as Jay Fiedler someday.

He is another Chad Henne.

Posted by: Franchise Of The Fallen | November 28, 2013 at 12:30 AM

You are nuttier than squirrel turds if you believe any of that. His stats are already comparable to Fiedler's prime years AND he is clearly better than check down Chad. Stop using bath salts!

Woodshed @12:16,

I agree and have posted similar criteria of what I see. Good post!

Woodshed I was having the same debate earlier today again agreed!

Little Re-Post for ya!

In fairness I would have liked to have seen this Yrs. T-Hill with the a mix of the 09/2010 OL and RB's (still game R&R show) B-Marsh and Co.?? There is NO SUCH THING as a good extreme and we've gone in 1 1/2 Yrs from a MAX-PROTECT group only sending 2 WR's out to a SPREAD type formation more than anything West Coast related I've seen with the worst group of OL I think the team has ever had. I wasn't a fan of the run-run cloud of dust O but am neither a fan of the throw-throw with little time and zero protection O either! There has to be a balance we need to be able to close out smashing it down a teams throat in a tight 4th Qrt game as well which is as big a contributing factor to our losses Vs. Buff., Balt., Tampa and Car. as the under the microscope shortcomings of T-Hill! Give the kid some slack and give him some balance to work with! If anything he's shown MEGA-TOUGHNESS in the face of the unrelenting pressure he's faced and I won't pull the plug now a Season and a half in with what I view as a player still on the rise to hand the whole thing back to the pine-ridding Moore.

Posted by: fin4life | November 27, 2013 at 04:17 PM

We will find out if he is a dud when we can keep him upright and at least have a running game respectable enough to make the other team at least think it is an option.
Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | November 28, 2013 at 12:29 AM

No. Maybe you will 1st find out.... but I found out he's a dud last year and he's just continued to reinforced my view.

We will find out if he is a dud when we can keep him upright and at least have a running game respectable enough to make the other team at least think it is an option.
Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | November 28, 2013 at 12:29 AM

Dumb comment. Tannehill had a great OL and nice running game last year and he still stunk!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Night.

Tannehill makes some questionable decisions for sure but he is a product of his coaching as well. Sherm has proven he can't coach an offense to greatness with even Favre at QB. I think Sherm has really held Tannehill back as a player.

Dumb comment. Tannehill had a great OL and nice running game last year and he still stunk!!

Posted by: Mel | November 28, 2013 at 12:57 AM

Really? You'll stick to that assessment??

I remember last Yr. in our 1st Pre-Season game on our 1st drive a play that actually went for positive Yards with Bush running a little trap between the Guards but the alarming thing was watching our Rookie RT Martin getting thrown into the backfield were he almost landed on the QB!!

I don't know if you can still look up the video of our 2012 Pre-Season opener but I saw it live and it was an eye opener for me! J.Long had deteriorated to the point he was getting undressed plenty off the Leftside as well as early games like in week-2 were a nobody DE from Oakland showed and was re-affirmed Vs. a weak 2012 Jets DL the following week before the embarrassing performance out of the once mighty Long in Indy before injury mercifully for him ended another Season early.

Incognito who could NEVER pull to save his life (anybody who watched the Sparano Yrs. knew this) was all of a sudden in a Zone scheme which requires, DRUM ROLL!!!! Pulling Guards who can wipe people out at the 2nd level. Anybody who gets and understands the game knew this was a disaster in the making and was!!

J.Jerry was his usual slob self arriving at Training Camp last Yr. as well. He the one that P is ses me off the most because if dedicated can be a player with his ability.

That's the OL your talking about from 2012???

With Bush doing his best Dancing with the Stars routine at the line??

Your either joking or high!

Can't any of you see that our players are suffering from poor coaching. How can the players be evaluated if they are being subjected to piss poor coaching.





Sherman cant make chicken salad out of chicken shyt.

Tannehill had a huge advantage over every other QB in his rookie class. HE KNEW THE PLAYBOOK BEFORE HAND. He didnt have to learn the plays like every other QB did. And he was STILL PATHETIC!.

Thill is progressing we have seen it as the season has gone on. He is not a finished product. An improved OLine and a go to T-end will do wonders for him. It tuck Breeze 4years to get it going which is why SD drafted Rivers.

I put this on both Philbin and iIreland. If Thill is the franchise, how do you not go out and get him the best NFL QB coach you can......with NFL experience. You can tell how he is being coached up not to run and stay behind the shaky offensive line. last week was the first time they let him run. Prior to the loss vs Buffalo they had not used rolling left or even to his strength of rolling right. Maybe it's Sherman's plan to bring him up slowly.

After the Buffalo I started to wonder about the coaching....after TB I wanted to blow the whole thing up start over. If we finish 8-8 or better Philbin stays.... Jeff you must go! Sherm! Go get me a GM ho has talent who Ozzie' s right hand guy? Philbin must improve the staff
I do not know if Sherman has to go I think his OLine talent was lacking .the QB coach must be upgraded. I want the best that can had with NFL experience. Even though I like Turner, from hard knocks he is scape goat for MartinbacktappingGate.

We do have some talent on this team. Our brooms are we play to the caliber of our opponents. I'll tell you losing to Buffalo after having 2 weeks to prepare really let me down on Philbin. As a season ticket holder, I said I'd be happy seeming improvement and at the end have a shot to get in the playoffs. We will see how it pans out. Go fins.

All you T-hill bashes STF up.... The kid can play he is just not a finished product. He has up side! Our next GM will see that! Thill can be built around Jeff you had your shot you got go!

Fix the running game and Miami is a playoff team!

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