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Dolfans planning a MetLife Takeover

You have no nidea how many Dolphins home games I've covered where the other team's visiting crowd has become an embarrassment to the Dolphins' organization and actually a problem for the team on the field. (StubHub, quite frankly, is not a friend of the Miami Dolphins ticket office). Pittsburgh games come to mind. Even in the early 1990s, Buffalo fans seemed to turn late-season games between the Dolphins and Bills into something of a vacation.

Well, this weekend a hearty group of Dolphins fans -- approximately 760 strong -- will be taking over practically every seat in section 322 and 323 at MetLife Stadium while the Dolphins visit the Jets.

They're calling it a MetLife Takeover. You know the thing's a big deal when it has its own hashtag and Facebook page ... #MetLifeTakeover.

This is the second year that a group of NYC Dolfans get together to attend this game. Last year, there were 200 fans who participated. So the growth in the group is palatable.

The group will tailgate in Lot L before the game starting at around 9:15 a.m. The group is arriving in four buses as well as other assorted vehicles. Last year, team owner Stephen Ross visited the tailgate. No word whether he might make another appearance this year.

The Dolphins in many respects remain a national team. Fans who grew up in Dan Marino's heyday or got close to the team during the Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor era are buying tickets now around the country as well as in South Florida.

If you wish to join the event go to the Facebook page or find @DolfanNYC on twitter.

I'm sure Jets fans love this.

Consider the event in 2012


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AWESOME post!!

Dolphins need to finish!

Mando, this may be your best post ever. Cudos to these fans. I hope the team gives them and the rest of us watching at home a lot to celebrate.....

Palpable, not palatable, unless the fans are particularly tastyjc

Remain an international team Armando, all the way from UK

Sounds good until you realize that the Ravens game, a home game for the dolphins had maybe 25 thousand Ravens fans. It was literally a home game for them.


I will be there this Sunday.

Any ideas for a smart poster to make?????

Go Dolphins!!

Now that's what I'm talkin about! It's about time Dolphin fans invaded an opponents home field. I have sat at far too many of our home games surrounded by Pats,Jets,Bills,etc. fans. They always get real quiet when we kicking their butts. So go Fins!!

Too bad they can't place their buttocks on me at JRS.

One Sunday morning I was at the local convenience store purchasing liquid refreshments for the game later that afternoon when a group of four or five young men, all of them wearing Dolphins jerseys walked in.
Much to my surprise they responded to my remark about them being Dolphin's fans in decidedly New York accents. It turns out they were on their way down to Joe Robbie to watch the game.
They all said the went to the Dolphins-Jets game in New York every year and were really pumped up about finally being able to make the trip to Miami.

Too bad they can't place their buttocks on me at JRS. All those empty orange seats | November 29, 2013 at 07:45 AM

If it still WAS JRS I would remove my curse, the Dolphins would start winning and all those empty seats would have fans in them.

4 minutes ago

Miami Jules (Julian) Not verified 6 hour(s) ago Comment challenged
I'm a Joe Philbin fan and by that I mean I want him to succeed. There are a lot of coaching issues but to me, the most worrisome is the fact Mike Sherman is there and seems to do as he pleases with the offense and continuously fails to recognize what works for the Dolphins which is mixing up the plays, rolling out, the bootleg and dumping the ball to the RB... a variety of plays that keeps defenses off balance and hold back from aggressively rushing the e QB. We know this works for Miami because he calls these types of plays in the 1st half and as a result, we take the lead, and goes back to straight back drop to pass from the pocket. Someone needs to get fired



5 minutes ago


Man, you are spot on in your assessment of the coaching and how it has effected the turnout in games. I have never heard a coach say anything BUT its their job to prepare and put their players in the best position to win games Our coaching clearly has NOT done that. Let me get a bit deeper into Philbin/Sherman relentless refusal or inability to change schemes, playcalling and accept the fact that the WEST COAST OFFENSE hasn't worked for several reasons. WSO operates on the premise that the offensive line can zone block , doesn't have to hold their blocks long at all because the QB speads the ball typicaly in short ydg possession increments mostly with a one back or empty backfield. The running game for the West Coast is used just to keep a defense honest not used to take time of the clock, get 1st downs, or win games for you. Now I haven't coached beyond Rec. League football but I know that adjustments need to be made when in this case, the offensive line is a train wreck from both a consistency and personell standpoint. Some was Irelands fault , some was inexperience of Tannehill showing inability to improvise in the pocket , but mostly in my mind its the head coaching job to adjust his system , schemes and playcalling to the cards that are dealt . These guys JP/MS have been trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. For example , every time I see an empty backfield I want to throw up. We could have the greatest line in the world but if the defense has zero reason to hesitate going after the QB what do you think is going happen. Sack city. There are very very basic ways to slow up a rush. Mix 1 and 2 back sets, use motion, laterals, reverses, swing passes, roll outs, screens. The couple of seconds that the defense needs to figure out how to defend a play opens up the running game and passing game. Now you can get Lamar to occassionaly run inside even though thats not his strength and I assure you he will have the holes needed to make significant ydg. You are 100% correct its coaching



8 minutes ago

1 0 Matt Parker Not verified 1 day(s) ago Comment challenged

THANK YOU FOR FINALLY SAYING THIS!! I am right there with ya!! I also have to add, that Tannehill isn't getting better either. His TD ratio should be WAY UP and his INT ratio should be down and his yards passing should be WAY UP! His pocket presence is garbage!!! I remember him being talked about working so hard this offseason, yet it definitely doesn't show!! I have to remember our OL isn't that great either, so if we fix the LINE and he is still not progressing, then we may want to look into making him a WR and drafting yet again another QB



9 minutes ago

Murdock Not verified 1 day(s) ago Comment challenged

You want to know why Tannehill hasn't progress!! Because he is being coached by a QB coach who 2 short years ago was a grad student at Texas A & M. That's right... in 2011. In 2012 he became an assistant coach in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins. In 2013, he became the quarterback's coach for Miami. Oh by the way... he is married to Sherman's daughter. Some people work 1/2 their lives to get to that level. Right now, Tannehill needs someone with extensive experience teaching him. Maybe then, he won't hang in the pocket or hold on to the ball so long. Can't believe no one ever mentions this!!

Thill played the same way at Texas AM. In the 4th quarter he couldn't come good in the clutch.

I really can't see how we score aginst the Jets to be honest ?

Our D will have to create turnovers and run them in for TD's this time.

Sturgis will have to improve on his pathetic 73% FG accuratcy too. The kicker has added to a terrible draft class so far. We don't even have any ides if most of these rookies can play ?

100 % correct about the coaching.
I watch the replay recording of every game on DIRECTV.
The Defense is pretty darn stout for the most part. BUT, Our Offense is so predictable and badly coached. They play in desperation mode every second half. Sherman is an abject failure and has been for many years. After watching Hard knocks I realized he was a jerk on top of it. His players (aside of T-Hill) that are not his pets do not respond to him. It was his Offense that brought this media blitz on bullying onto the team. It’s Offense that cannot score in the second half. T-Hill misses too many deep passes and he misses the open receiver too many times but I believe that is truly the coach’s fault at this point. Well I am willing to give T-Hill (not a fan) another year but with a good OC. Sherman has to go. I like Philbin but he needs to cut the cord with his jerk friend and bring in some good OC talent. I feel bad for the talent we have. The plays are vanilla, we do need roll outs, miss direction, TE passes in flats, QB and pocket shift, draws, etc. GO PHINS! I liked this article Mando.

So reading these posts I would have to conclude that the coaching is terrible but then Ireland sucks so that means he hasn't gotten good players. We must be talking about a one win team that has such terrible players and terrible coaching. But wait; the team is pretty much an average team. So how can that be that everyone on the teams including the coaches and GM suck?

It's the QB stupid eh?


Dolphins fans are also always well represented in Buffalo as well.

gary, that's because most of the people commenting here are gigantic puzzies and natural born whiners. They're the kids that cried to their mothers when other kids wanted to share their toys as kids.

In other words, they're Johnathan Martins

I am not a big fan of T-Hill but his coach's own half of his inept play.

Mark the Canuck
Pretty broad brush stroke with your observations of the posters. Some are brain dead and just rant, but, some of us find the nuggets of thoughtful post and the comedic post therapeutic when this team just underachieves week in and week out.

UND, never saw the name before but stick around and especially on game day and see and the kicking and screaming and ranting and raving on every little thing that doesn't go right for the Dolphins - then take a step back and think about what that reminds you of.

As I said, there are threads of infancy but, some of the belly aching comes from years of this team ripping out their hearts.
And some are just funny !

But some are not

Hows your Mayor doing? I here he was out celebrating ThanksGiving, does he know its an American Holiday?
Enjoy the game MTC Sunday, I have a feeling we are going to go up and take a bight out of the Jets ARS.

"Every little thing" MIT.... Hmmm, lets look at that.

Yeah being 5-6. Losing 6 of our last 8 games.

And the other little things... oh yeah having a bottom four offense and not scoring a TD in the 4th for the last 7 games.

These are all little things that we should accept along with the apologist hardcore, that this franchise has cultivated.


You find find that any critisms of Thill will have the hounds of hell unleased at your door sire.

Even if the view is done constructively and with facts to back up your statements, you will be confronted with closed fixed views on Thill.

I find it hard to see how we score on the Jets, with their D playing so well and being able to adapt to whatever we show them.

Sadly we are very limited with what we can do on this offense. I'd love for Thill to prove me wrong and I would shut up. However the last 7 games we have really struggled to get play from the QB position in Clutch situations.

I think we're doing great.

We have a QB with no deep ball, we've played most of the season with only one healthy CB. Our best FG kicker is knocking them in............. For the Bills. Our TE went down before a regular season game, we have one of the worst RB tandems... And definitely the worst O-line..

So, with all of that, we only have to sweep the Jets and probably make the playoffs.

Remarkable game, gridiron.


Ford got 47% of the vote in 2010 despite a plethora of incidents and problems in his political and personal life.

We all make mistakes, but enough is enough. All politicians are liars by nature anyway my friend, its the nature of the game.


and hope that the Ravens go about 8-8. We need to go 9-7 at least to make it to the playoffs.

Can we even beat the Jets. With that D they have and our O, it will come down to our D and our kicker.... Yikes !!!

Hi Marco.

Beating the Jets twice will be very tough, and I just don't see it to be honest.

I see a 7-9 finish for us again this year...

Over 4 years since we beat Tom Brady, it's depressing and just not good enough.

What a steal Brent Grimes has been this season, hope he can stay fit.

Thats peanuts compared to the 35,000 Jets fans that go to the Sun Life stadium games.

The Jets D is stout but take a closer look. Their strength is against the run. We can't run anyway, so who cares?

They are 23rd against the pass however and create very few turnovers while committing a bunch - especially lately.

To their credit they do have a pair of incredible victories on their home turf against the Saints and Pats so they must be respected.

In the end, they have to play the game to see how it unfolds but I'm not going home running and crying - I expect the team to do well in this game.

As far as playoffs go, it would be nice and nothing is written in stone. Baltimore's last three games are against the Pats, Lions, and bengals so who knwos there too. I think an 8-8 team makes the playoffs.

mike, yes, I've been to both Steelers and jets games in miami and the numbers are large.

BUt Steeler fans travel everywhere strong. Even been to a game in NY against the Giants where they were en force.

Irescum should be fired for bringing Incognito to the Dolphins. And about 30 other reasons too.

Another couple of weeks and I won't have to post anymore.

Furthermore to the NY Jets defense. The strength of their defense is the interior which is also teh strongest part of our o line so we match up pretty good overall I think.

I expect our defense to hold the Jets to under 20... Geno Smith is the statistically worst starting Qb in football.

Yeah Chad,

Grimes needs a contract to keep him here till near the end of his career. He reminds me of Daryll Green of the old Redkins, small, physical and a great cover man.

Other bright spots include, Clay, Hartline, Wake, Vernon and possibily Dion Jordan.

The Pats are a class organisation and have the best QB HC combo in the NFL. We may have to go back to the drawing board ? In 2014 we may well see Philbin and Thill, but please no Sherman and go get a power back to take the strain of a young struggling QB.

Camilo@8:05 , this has been mentioned, and I have said several times that many of the coaches on this staff never played pro ball and never had a professional coaching gig before this staff was assembled, including the QB coach Zac Taylor.

Go Dolphins! (even though your Gm and some of your coaches are disapointing)

Our D should hold Smith to under 20 no problem.

However Ryan has so many ways to attack your offense.

Sherman will have to take the heat of Thill, with rollouts, direct snap to the RB, single back and pro shotgun sets.

I would completely bin the empty backfield. Thill will take a pounding everytime he throws the ball again. Its only a matter of time before he gets knockout for the season after the way Sherman has hung him out to get smashed.

The Dolphins QB play is of course a product of all the other 10 guys, but the coaches are doing more harm than good for this QB.

We have to try and run plays that are not so predicatable. Even bring back the wildcat for 5-10 plays, heaven knows we need some innovation on O right now.

Yeah, what a JOKE!.

Here’s what us Dolphins fans need to CONTINUE to do as there is only one option to rectify this mess. For starters FIRE IRELAND NOW.
WHY would any of us fans go to a game to watch the “same ol, Same ol” failure to produce a winning season. Fans today are so brainwashed that they are cheering that we won back when we could have drafted Luck. But NOOO, that meaningless win put us out and the desperate Ireland wasted a #1 pick on a 3rd round QB. The proof is in the pudding as Tannie has zero pocket presence and he has a OC that was fired from A&M due to his failures. But here Miami sees Sherman and Tannie as the next big thing. Yeah, BIG LOOSING SEASONS is all you get.
Ask yourself this. Why are you settling for the team being loser’s vs. being winners and champions? No playoffs, no Super bowl visits, no AFC championship visit. The team management and owner are all losers and the owner is dumping millions into a GM who has no idea how to draft players. Look at the teams that stunk around the league and how they draft and build and are in the hunt.

Free agency has killed the franchises all over as we have a bunch of cry baby millionaires who don’t produce on a consistent level.
How long are you going to give Ross money for filling his stadium and eating at his concessions? The old saying is vote with your feet and in this case, show the owner that until he fires Ireland and all the rest of the Tuna’s leftovers we fans will be elsewhere. Sick of watching someone sing bibulous or some other circus act pre game? Perhaps if he brought in talent such as a PROVEN GM named Pollen and a real OC and purge the crap off the team, we may actually be great.

Are you sick of hearing Ireland say we need to rebuild the O line? He is onbly drafting failures to buy him another year and telling Ross that he needs to rebuild.

WE been freaking rebuilding since Tuna and Ireland showed up and what do we see? LOSERS on the field weekly, season after season after season.
I posted many times year after year that this team will be able to compete and win after they bring in a real QB and GM and OC. Look for that in the year 2018.

At the end of the season when fans are all crying and posting on here about the losers I will return and post the I TOLD YOU SO and been there and done that. Unfortunately it’s a yearly tradition for me to write this. I wish it was different.

Happy Black Friday to ya.

I hate the Jets and their worthless fans sooooo much. Lol

The Ross ownership has just been one disaster after another.

Marco can't possibly have a life.

Again all the Tanneheckleholics you need to point the finger with him at the root cause of his issues, Sherman. Sherman pushed to hire the QB coach, his inexperienced never played in the pros, son-in-law, who never coached at any level to be QB coach.

Think about that for a second.

Think about the offense we run forcing Tannehill to be the person making the big play all the time with a one dimensional offense and an Oline the can't block and is to the play predictable.

I'm saying the kid is perfect because he isn't but you guys aren't accepting the whole picture of why he isn't more successful. It's the coaching.

Marco the wildcat is done has been since the second year it was used. Notice how you don't hear much about the read option anymore.

Dolfags need to learn how to fill their own stadium first? What's a takeover to this pathetic fan base? 10 people in an opposing stadium? Please, the Marlins get more attention in Miami. Move the fish to Toronto already where somebody might care

I like this post @ 11:16....


Life is good my friend, very good :)


A power back is essential... Or just need a game changer... I know he dropped one early, but Reggie Bush looked pretty awesome last night.

Chad@11:31 please come and take the OC job from Sherman.

Darkoak the NFL is full of nepotism the most obvious example is the weight watchers edition of the fat slob that is Rex Ryan his brother coaches the defense on one of the teams the Dolphins played their father was the much loved(not)Buddy Ryan.Those are just two examples there are many more.
Do you wonder how unimaginative schumks like Sherman keep his job he has experience and its not easy to break into a job in the NFL.The easiest way is by being hired by a relative.Look at Sporano he sucked with the Dolphins no problem he has experience and got a job somewhere else.

Chad, ...or at least the QB coach job from Taylor, please!


If I was GM we would be in a bad place right now...

I would've sold the farm for RG3.. Camarillo would still be catching balls on 3rd down.. Bush would still be a Dolphin and Todd Bowles would've been given the head coaching job.

This is why I don't work in the NFL.


Bush played really well here too with almost the same o-line sans Long of course.

Im talking a guy round the size and speed of the Earl Campbell mode. Ok these don't grow on trees, but Lacey of the Packers is the kind of back we need.

Miller and Thomas just can't cut it. Ok the line is bad but they don't really break tackles or use power to get the short yardage.

Both have shown flashes of talent, but very sparingly. Add that to the fact the zone blocking schemes of Sherman have been so predictable and bland.

Lacy yesterday 10 carries, 16 yards.


Of the two, I actually prefer Thomas, as he hits the holes harder.. Miller just seems to dance around too much.

It'd be nice to see what Gilleslee or Thigpen can do.

Marco, there were two back I liked that had good size and athleticism in last year's draft - not including lacy who I think lacks that 2nd gear.

Those were Christine Michael who ended up in Seattle and has played well when called upon and the other we saw last night in Le'Veon Bell. every year there are a couple of big backs available - I just don;t think it was high on the wish list this past offseason for our gm.

MIT I think Thomas is done as a Fin. Injury prone.

chadpennington you dont work in the NFL because there are a limited number of jobs unlike other professions where there are new enterprises opening on a regular basis that need you skill set.
The NFL is a good ole boy network that just keeps recycling the same old coaches with the same old ideas.Look at Cam Cameron even after the disaster in Miami he was hired as an offensive coordinator in Baltimore and many are saying one of the key moves Harbaugh(not Mike his brother)made was getting rid of Cameron during the season.
The Dolphins had old man Henning as the offensive coordinator before Sherman,how old was this guy,he was probably good at some point but please force him out.
Huizinga forced out Shula the best coach in history and IMO his ideas werent as old as Hennig or Shermans.
They think their systems are golden and they dont make adjustments for talented players on their teams but expect them to play within their systems:examples Bush and Wallace this year.Dont tell me that they cant makeup plays for Wallace where T-Hill will be able to lead him on a long pass or any deep pass.He just keeps doing the same ole same ole stating that they need a running game when what they need is an imagination.


Bell looks like a good young back. I hope he is ok after that hit against the Ravens ?

Yes power back was not on the list because D Thomas was viewed as the man for the job, akin to how the GM and coach felt about Martin at LT.

Im going to start looking at powerbacks from the "014 prospects. Ok o-line and maybe CB will be higher on the list, but we have a couple of untested rookies in the secondary.

I've not seen Michael that much, but he has the size and speed that we could use. Sherman would have know him being his old coach too.

If a quality power back is available in the second we should grab him. Irelands eye for talent is pretty poor though, so maybe a new GM could find us one ?

Been saying for 2 seasons this offensive scheme is horrible, but they are forced to run it to please Ross and his orange carpet crowd.

We have good players and coaches, but we are handicapped offensively by this system.

Glad to see other Dolfans see the same charade.

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