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Dolfans planning a MetLife Takeover

You have no nidea how many Dolphins home games I've covered where the other team's visiting crowd has become an embarrassment to the Dolphins' organization and actually a problem for the team on the field. (StubHub, quite frankly, is not a friend of the Miami Dolphins ticket office). Pittsburgh games come to mind. Even in the early 1990s, Buffalo fans seemed to turn late-season games between the Dolphins and Bills into something of a vacation.

Well, this weekend a hearty group of Dolphins fans -- approximately 760 strong -- will be taking over practically every seat in section 322 and 323 at MetLife Stadium while the Dolphins visit the Jets.

They're calling it a MetLife Takeover. You know the thing's a big deal when it has its own hashtag and Facebook page ... #MetLifeTakeover.

This is the second year that a group of NYC Dolfans get together to attend this game. Last year, there were 200 fans who participated. So the growth in the group is palatable.

The group will tailgate in Lot L before the game starting at around 9:15 a.m. The group is arriving in four buses as well as other assorted vehicles. Last year, team owner Stephen Ross visited the tailgate. No word whether he might make another appearance this year.

The Dolphins in many respects remain a national team. Fans who grew up in Dan Marino's heyday or got close to the team during the Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor era are buying tickets now around the country as well as in South Florida.

If you wish to join the event go to the Facebook page or find @DolfanNYC on twitter.

I'm sure Jets fans love this.

Consider the event in 2012


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You're as stupid as you "sound". How can anyone sound anything after posting a blog ? Btw, it doesn't matter if there are plenty of things to do in a given area, there's plenty to do in South Florida. People still look for reasons to get out of the house and going to an NFL game is one of them. Most fans are of the casual variety, they don't really care about the product on the field. Their motives for going to a game have more to do with the other reasons I alluded to, getting out of the house being one of them. The Dolphins have few hardcore fans left. I had to spell things out for you because you're obviously not too bright. Lmao @ the angry tone of your reply as well, you must have been butthurt, likely because you know that The Dolphins are becoming more and more irrelevant as the years go by. Many fans who did care simply don't care anymore, and Gen Y could care less about the mediocre losing Phins.

Btw, been to NYC specifically to see shows. Guess again stupid.

The Dolphins are becoming more and more irrelevant as the years go by.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 30, 2013 at 01:55 AM

You sound like an expert on being irrelevant.

Mando, I FINALLY enjoyed reading one of your posts

I was watching some old Dolphin games last night. From the 90's and early 2000's. What stood out for me was home overmatched Philpin seems as a coach compared to Shula and yes even Dave Weindt...

I want the Dolphins to win big time, but it will have to be inspite of Philpin and his crew. They hurt not help the cause.

Com 'on man. Lets see 750 people taking over Met Life stadium. So we will have as many fans at that game as we do at our home games. When will we fill our stadium for home games? You do know that a full stadium and lots of noise can change games, proof is it happens every week around the league.
Hey Mr. Ross why don't you give all your empty seats away if you can't sell them. At least it would fill the stadium, and not look so embarrassing . Maybe you could sell an extra hotdog or something to help pay for all the over priced players Ierland signs.. This home game attendance is a joke.
Last, move the sideline seats closer to the field. They are dam near 1/2 of a mile away from the freakin field. Maybe then we could have some crowd noise that can change a game.

Can I say two words: Orange Bowl

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