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A win for the Dolphins and something more

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- I have no idea if the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs. No one does.

As of today, they are still on the outside looking in as Baltimore is holding the final AFC playoff spot over Miami despite both teams having the same 6-6 record. The Ravens, you'll recall, defeated the Dolphins and that is the difference between them now.

Frankly, I saw a bad first half from Miami Sunday followed by a promising second half. That speaks about these Dolphins because they are nothing if not inconsistent. So I can't tell you that fine second half dominance over the Jets is going to carry over to next week.

Or the week after.

Or the one after that.

But I do know this:

The Dolphins ruined the Jets season on Sunday. They not only beat the Jets, they demoralized them.

The Dolphins pounded not one but two Jets quarterbacks. People got benched.

Rex Ryan was sick about it.

That's the Jets we're talking about. And the Dolphins just about put their season to bed.


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It is very satisfying to ruin the Jets season. But let's not forget we put up 453 yds offense on the big bad Jets defense. The rushing attack gained 125 yds on the #1 rushing defense in the NFL. 24 hours to enjoy a victory then on the Steelers. Phins WIN!

All that I know for sure about these Dolphins is that we owe the Steelers an ass-whuppin!

Go Dolphins!

Ruin The Jets season lmao. Where was that team going ? Same as The Dolphins, no where.

The Jets still have a chance to send The Dolphins into the off season as the losers they are.

Phins lose the next two and sit at 6-8.

Bills game is a toss up.

Unless Thad Lewis plays...he's a Dolphins killer lol.

The Jets game at the end of the year will have no meaning if The Dolphins lose to The Bills.


If they're 7-8 with a Bills win it'll take 87,823.45 scenarios to get the loser Phins in.

Of course the homers here will forever cling to hope.

That's what they're selling nowadays to what little is left of The Dolphins dwindling fan base.


It'd be perfect if The Dolphins actually have a flicker of hope in that last game, and then lose to The Jets at home.

Ireland would be fired the next day.

The team renamed the 7-9's.

New team name, new logo, new era.

Helluva team.

Damn what a hater this guy

In Vietnam, Mando's favorite war occurred.

MP's had to guard the perimeters of the local dumps where GI's garbage was taken in order to keep the locals from eating garbage that was dropped off.

Vietnamese locals would desperately dive head first into piles of maggot filled garbage, eating anything they could, seemingly savoring every bite.

The problem was so great that both the U.S. and South Vietnamese armies couldn't contain the problem.

I'm reminded of that situation here.

No matter what Ross and Ireland do to ruin The Dolphins.

There's always going to be a bottom feeder element that is willing to dive head first into their garbage and savor what little they can.

A win over a team without a quarterback or a secondary and all is well, at least for now.

Darkoak even found a peach pit, spit out by Ross.

Arnsparger goes for Ireland's acorn dingleberry crumbs.

Anything to survive I guess.

It is what it is...

From here on out, Miami has to handle it's own business. Then let the other playoff hunt teams put in their two cents.

As a hard core realist the Fins have holes (as do most any NFL team) That said, if it is suppose to happen, the Fins will play their way in. Hopefully the winnable losses against Carolina and Buffalo won't come back to wreck their playoff bid.

If they drop the ball in this late season stretch then they will be swimming in the NFL Draft stew of a middle position pick for 2014.

The Fins SMASHED the Jets and it should have been a more lopsided score. As a fan that in and of itself is worth celebrating!


Seems Vernon is making a case for staying put and kicking Mr. 3rd overall to LB/DE. D. Jordan will probably be the Wake fill long term.

Satisfying win! Duty calls early. Cheers

Tannehil vs. Jets, week 13, QBR = 94

Brady vs. Jets, week 7, QBR = 54

Tannehill vs. Jets, week 13, QBR = 94

Brady vs. Jets, week 7, QBR = 54

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/12/a-win-for-the-dolphins-and-something-more.html#storylink=cpy

Tannehill vs. Jets, week 13, QBR = 94

Brady vs. Jets, week 7, QBR = 54

I would not be surprised, if as UNLIKELY as it is, Vernon's sudden great play could open the door to a C Wake trade. I say this because it's the only way to get Jordan on the field for EVERY DEFENSIVE SNAP next season.

That or you have to trade Misi or Wheeler. No way can a #3 overall pick can become a part time player 2yrs in a row. He has to become a starter in 2014.

Kill Martin? Jail Pouncy? Fire Ross? Moron. Do us a favor and jump off a bridge or fall down your Momma's basement steps and break your hands.

Good game Phins. Still need a bit more rythum. Game should have been 38 - 3. We will take the win.

Note to Philbin. Rex Ryan would rub your nose in it and go for it on 4th and 1. He would run up the score. It pads players stats. It makes a team mean. So would Bellicheck by the way. If the Phins are gonna win, you go for the big score every chance you get. This ain't Dancin Danny soccer.

Kindry, anyone who posts something you don't like is a moron ?

Sound logic.

Mommy's basement huh.

Is that original or a tired internet cliche' ?

What's a rythum ?

Clearly you have Mando's set of problems.

Get spell check and then get an education...that's a start.

"We will take the win."

You've won nothing.

The players don't even know you exist.

They don't want to either.

Dolphins lose the next two, every objective fan knows this. This win only broke up what would have been a four game losing streak. Jets are probably playing the worst football in the NFL right now. Dolphins are 3-6 over their last nine, soon it'll be 3-8.

You can share a rotted banana peel with your fellow bottom feeders.

I know that Dolphins fans are starving for anything at this point.

A win over a dreadful team and fans are giddy.

So sad how far this franchise has fallen.

I do not know if miami will make playoff too inconsitant, but they have a more favorable schedule then baltimore. vikings Lions, pats and Bengals. so miami has to go 3-1 the last four to have a good chance balitomre will lose two more games.

It'd be perfect if The Dolphins actually have a flicker of hope in that last game, and then lose to The Jets at home.

Ireland would be fired the next day.

The team renamed the 7-9's.

New team name, new logo, new era.

Helluva team.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 02, 2013 at 01:59 AM

That's a bunch of "Ifs" you have there......FeeAggTard!

Here's a **FACT** for you:

We Whopped Dat Ass TODAY!

ROTFLMAO - R-U-I-N-E-D that season for you, Rexy and the rest of the SleezeBags in Green.

Didn't We.........? Didn't We.........?

Yup! In front of the Home Town Crowd too! No "Ifs" about it Boy - SMACK - Pow - BAM!!!!

You can share a rotted banana peel with your fellow bottom feeders.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 02, 2013 at 04:28 AM

Yet here **HE IS** posting on this sad teams blog.....?

That makes a lot of sense now don't it Boy..........?

We'll share the Banana peel, you can have the Banana!


Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

This is a good win for the Dolphins and the fans. However they beat a team that is more inconsistent than they are. The important thing is that the Dolphins have to do it in the 4th quarter against a playoff team. The Jets and the Dolphins have a similar problem at QB but the Dolphins have T-hill playing much better now. T-hill is still under throwing open receivers as he did in the first half to Hartline on 4th and 1, Philbin went for one but the execution just was not there. Really the Dolphins need to hit those type of plays against New England and Pittsburgh to win. Otherwise they might as well play for more loses to get better positioning for the draft.


Mommy's basement huh.

Is that original or a tired internet cliche' ?


Kinda hit home didn't I "Momma's boy"? Now go get your shine box.

Tannehill went over 3000 yards on the season today. 17 TD's and 13 int's.

Even with Gibson out, the Receivers keep getting better(Matthews already has 30 catches). It looks like Wallace and Tannehill are finally starting to get it together. Wallace is quietly racking up some stats. Hartline leads with 62 for 804 to Wallace's 56 for 743.

I don't care who it's against, a Win is a Win!

I take that back. It's especially sweet when it's against the hapless jets and it helps put an early end to their miserable season-LMAO!

Random thought: If Dustin Keller returns next year, Charles Clay and Dion Sims would/could give us our best set of Tight Ends in years.

Go Phins!!!!

I was at the tailgate with the Dolfans@NYC yesterday, and first of all guys I would say 80% of the women at the Dolphinsfans tailgate was 8.0-9.0 DAMN !! As.for the game both teams Sucks okay. It's not like it was saints/seahawks we're talking here, this was Abbott&Costello going up against each other. The NYC dolfans really let the s.florida dolfans how much of an embarrassment you losers are down in S.Florida you dolfans down there are a bunch of doft ASS-CLOWNS PATHETIC YOU so called Dolphinsfans in south florida !!


I think you're absolutely right about going for all the scores you can get. I did it when I coached Pop Warner and High School.

It wasn't so much as running up the score. It was more like getting in all the practice we could. And it doesn't get any better than live game experience/practice.

All in ALL though, it was a GREAT WIN over a sickeningly putrid Gangrene Franchise!


Good to win a non-nailbiter. Don't want to harp on the negatives, bu that score should ave been way more lopsided. Tannehill just cant hit these receivers in stride on deep balls. That was a very soft Jets defense yesterday, but kudos to the O-Line and Miller ran hardest I've seen all year. Defense very good again!

Oh sheet. Odin is back :(.

YG and Mace Taggart are taking this jets loss especially hard this morning.

Whatsamatter Sweeties......? Are the jets all but mathematticaslly eliminated........?

Sure, The Dolphin's have all kinds of problems. The injuries, Sissy Boy Gate with Martin, The O-line, etc, etc.

But let me explain the facts to you. We just SLAMMED The jets Hard, NO LUBE! Ruined their season to boot. And.......well........we're going to enjoy the hell of it for the next week or so.

I hope that's alright with you ;)

It should've felt especially good watching the Dolphins push the Jets to the edge of the cliff yesterday. But watching a Fins team that should've easily been up 21-0 at half turn that into a lucky, trepidacious 6-0 lead had my stomach churning.

Just before the start of the 2nd half, the CBS half-time crew spent a good deal of time discussing the benching of inept QB G Smith of the Jets. My feelings about the game were then confirmed when former Steelers coach B Cower also disparaged R Tannehill's game play amid belly-laughter from the network's game analysts.

Well, a win is a win and should feel especially good against the Jets. But I just seem to be happier that the lifeless Fins didn't lose.

Congratulations, we beat a very bad football team. We're still a very bad football team and a win against a lesser oppenent does not make me think otherwise. Going to the playoffs does not matter, becuase teams that make the trip expect to wib the Superbowl. Mentioning Miami and a Superbowl in the same sentence is a joke.

bill cale thinks cowher's opinion means something. cowher couldn't coach a qb to save his life in pitt. he lucked out with big ben and immediately retired. talking heads are only there as filler's between commercials.

maybe cowher should compare tannehills stats against a top defense with the other qb's stats yesterday. proof he is an idiot talking head.

So many of you are WRONG...completely wrong calling it bad Jets team or whatever. Maybe offensively they suck but that defense is highly ranked in the NFL. The fact is they were carved up by T-hill and gashed by a consistent running game. Shocking that we ran for 125 yds against anyone let alone the #1 ranked defense in the league...now you all say sorry and give my guy T-hill, Wallace, Hartline, L. Miller, Clay and the offense credit where it is due!! Our guys played with purpose and played well.

Nice post Truth.

Tannehill carved up a highly ranked jets defense - PERIOD!

The rest of the bullshyt noise you're reading here is from the guy that took one too many banana's to the head........if you know what I mean.

We've won 3 of our last 5 and pulled up to .500. I'm not expecting any deep playoff runs. But it would be nice to see these guys rally to a strong finish!

BTW - Who drafted Oliver Vernon? He's quickly becoming a big time playmaker. There goes another bullshyt argument for the Haters-LOL!

Go Phins!!!!

Typical Armando and bloggers!!! When lose it is fire Philbin and Ireland!! When they win and dominate one of he best defenses, then it is the Jets are garbage!!

Which one is it??

How about the horrible offensive line we have??? Played great against the Jets strength!!! How about Clabo turning it around??

Give some ffffin credit!!!

Well yes a win is a win. Until the Dolphins play a real contender. Perhaps the game against a playoff team like the Patriots will only last three quarters.......

And that Tanny is starting to put it together.

Probably the best play calling by Sherman all season.

Let's play some fill in the blank to reinforce what we really saw yesterday.

The _______ were the only team in the NFL to pile up 353 yards on the Jets big bad defense this year. Hint....If you said the Saints or Pats you would be wrong.

The _______ rushed for 125 yards against the #1 defense in the NFL yesterday.

Ryan ______ had an outing of 28 of 43 for 331 yds with 2 TD's and 1 int for a QB rating of 94.2.

In the jets cold and windy stadium had ZERO effect on them!

Uhhh...yeah the Jets were a real contender with the same record we had...and we have also beaten the division leaders the Colts and Bengals.

Too many bananas to the head...BA HA HA

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 02, 2013 at 01:59 AM

Go away TROLL.

Tannehill looks great throwing short to medium passes but he still is underthrowing the deep ball. Hartline and Moore both got behind the defense and he underthrew them.

Odin, I like The Seahawks.

You're an idiot.

The way I see it we still control our own destiny and can get in the playoffs. The Ravens could easily lose 2 of their next 4. Take a look at that their 1-5 record on the road...and remaining schedule. That's a really tough schedule.

Vikings at Ravens...I'll say a win
Ravens at Lions....I predict a loss
Pats at Ravens....I predict a loss
Ravens at Bengals...I'll say a toss up.

at least i did not have to see t-hill get sacked 5 or 6 times yesturday. the running game is improving a little alot compared to a few of the running games miami had. but they still have not scored a fourth quarter TD in like 8 games now

TruthhurTs is simply a moron for using the term "we".

It's "they" ftard, you're not really apart of things.

Save for in your own mind.

Lmao @ "We have also beaten."

Talk like that to a Dolphins player or any non sports fan (the majority of the population btw) and they'll think you're bizarre.

People like you are.

You're delusional.

tannehill still has a bad habit of nit getting the ball out

Figures that Fire Ross is a fan of the Seahawks probably a bandwagon fan at that. He confirms he's not a fan of this team and we should take seriously..ever again? Thanks bud we always knew. Now go troll their websites and share your awful takes with them.

Yes will take the win but the Dolphins need to win at Pittsburgh to have a shot at the playoffs they will probably lose to the Pats so they have to beat the Steelers, the Ravens will Probably lose a couple more which is why we need to finish 9-7. Tannhehill still not consistent even though he did throw a couple touchdowns , he is really going to have to play better if Dolphins have any chance at the postseason ever. Do you think the Steelers could start Geno this week? Going to be a whole lot tougher against the Steelers

This is why you people are called bottom feeders, you actually think that you're apart of the team. Attempting to live off of the accomplishments of others. It's entertainment, but to so many of you it's more than that.

That's seriously out of whack.

Dive back into the garbage pile lmao.

I look forward to Portuguese Calisthenics and pastries with you this morning, TruthhurTs.

What is the obsession with oral and rear-end man-on-man action in this blog? Odin, Bill Arnsbarger, etc. In the closet much, guys? In this day & age, there's no shame in coming out. It's ok, we won't laugh at you. We'll welcome you with open mouths and cheeks!!!

Dolphins lose the next two roflmao, just stfu already.

Then again it's good that the delusional homer crowd is having a scum sucking bottom feeding frenzy.

This means your hopes are up...and you will be let down by The Dolphins as usual.

3-6 over the last nine.

How quickly that is forgotten.

Wait, they beat the mediocre Colts and Bengals.

What about losses to the poor Bucs and Bills.

Whispers, "Those games never happened."

Only in the minds of delusional sports fans does this type of thinking exist.

Why The Mighty Dolphins could be 10-2 if they had won EVERY close game.

...and the 1-15 Dolphins could have been 9-7 by the same logic.

Nope, not going anywhere.

The Dolphins logo is uber g@y.

The Dolphins owner is a douche.

Dolphins fans hate J.J. and Matt Moore for no reasons.

Dolphins fans are easily manipulated by marketing scumb@gs...see Tannehope.

The Dolphins GM is stealing money.

I come here to be the dose of reality.

Helluva team.

You're the bottom feeder Fire Ross. No one around here is more disliked than you and your cowardly takes. You are a pathetic fan/troll with jaded takes and nonsense.

The fact ares these we have a chance.. a real good chance next Sunday. These Steelers are not the usually good Steelers. There's a lot of underachieving going on with that team. Their running game is not all that scary at 3.3 yds per carry. Even their defense is not their traditionally good defense. It seems their strength is their passing attack and I like our defense in that case.

Actually the Dolphins did not do a whole lot of anything. The Jets are just that bad. If not for Geno being so horrible people would be talking about Tannehill and how bad he is. Geno actually made him look good.


Its been a while...

why so long?



Good article ty Armando...imo....

FireRoss...(dumbest name on the board by the way) I'll give you this much as true. I am an unapologetic fan/homer/ or whatever name you want to call me. I'm honored. These are my guys and my team so you can continue to spew your normal non sense and I'll continue to spew facts with fact based opinion. Your takes are just that bad man and are more like a blind squirrel finding that occasional nut. Nothing like reality but rather a dose of captain obvious jaded troll non sense.

A win against the jets is STILL a win....'

yes we beat a horrible jets team...but we also lost to an even worse BUCS team...

that fact that they were able to get up for the jets in the 2nd half was huge....

That was an embarrassment of epic porportions....almost as embarrassing as Daytona's jet costume....

Tanne's "metrics" were thru the roof...Mark has got to love that....

but we need him to evolve to a QB who can complete something longer than 8 yards....


is it possible that we saw EXACTLY how our West Coast version is suppose to look...crossing routes...RB Outs...TE Flags....real high percentage...low risk stuff....

If so...then they may be on to something...but accuracy (ball placement) is huge....

If Tanne it can more balls on the #'s (like the clay pass)...then his stats can/will be similiar every week...

Where are all the freeloading know-it-alls at? You know the people that only talk football but insist they're always right (until, inevitably, they're proven wrong time-and-time again). You know, the "good trolls" rather than the babbling idiot "bad trolls". Where are you all at? I read losses and anti-RT17 and awful team and low-and-behold we not only won but dominated them. Come come freeloading "good trolls", where you at?

Not a SINGLE word about the improved play of Tyson Clabo the last few weeks, Armando?

I'm not surprised. It's the ONE thing that bothers me about your writing. NO BALANCE. Yeah I know, it doesn't generate any hits on the blog to say nice things about the Dolphins.

I'm not saying Clabo played well the first half of the season but I said it at the time, it was the same pattern LAST year in Atlanta. lousy first half of the season and better second half. I was confident he would settle down. Haven't heard too many 'worst free agent signing of the offseason' or 'cut him now' or 'Ireland should be fired for the signing'. Did those guys leave the blog or do they only say that stuff when the team loses?


GREAT WIN! As bad as this season has been, this was satisfying. Thank you Phins!

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