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A win for the Dolphins and something more

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- I have no idea if the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs. No one does.

As of today, they are still on the outside looking in as Baltimore is holding the final AFC playoff spot over Miami despite both teams having the same 6-6 record. The Ravens, you'll recall, defeated the Dolphins and that is the difference between them now.

Frankly, I saw a bad first half from Miami Sunday followed by a promising second half. That speaks about these Dolphins because they are nothing if not inconsistent. So I can't tell you that fine second half dominance over the Jets is going to carry over to next week.

Or the week after.

Or the one after that.

But I do know this:

The Dolphins ruined the Jets season on Sunday. They not only beat the Jets, they demoralized them.

The Dolphins pounded not one but two Jets quarterbacks. People got benched.

Rex Ryan was sick about it.

That's the Jets we're talking about. And the Dolphins just about put their season to bed.


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Craig M....and Bane....

What perhaps would make a better story....might be why the line has IMPROVED over th last fe weeks without 2...and @ times 3 starters.....

That is the story I might like to read....

Would love to hear coach Philbin's take on that...

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Statistically, Tannebust is the worst clutch QB in the league (4th quarter).

Coach Philbin i the presser...

"...thats install 101....guys broke tackles....and made plays...football 101....when guys do that...it makes us all look smart"...

(some paraprasing)

check it out on the right side of your page....

Miserable offensive showing the whole first half, if they try that in Pittsburgh they will be blown out.

How about a story on how Philbin wanted Incognito cut LAST YEAR but Irescum wouldnt allow it.

Great win against our most hated rival. ( I was in the Meadowlands when we beat the Jets for our last Division Title).

First half was frustrating in we were ahead in every major stat except the score.

Not being able to punch it in from the goal line is infuriating! did anyone else notice Sherman tried running the same sweep to the left that failed against the Pats time after time. C'omon Sherman, how about a little play action to the right with Tannehill bootleg to the left, works every time.

Nice to see the offense racking up the stats! They were clicking and basically moving the ball at will against a pretty good defense.

Finally...we have a kicking problem. WTF is going on with Sturgis? I get a lump in my stomach every time he lines up for a kick. This is NOT GOOD.

@ 8:43...

if that is true....than you have to look @ Philbin in awhole new light...

and perhaps he is the man he said he was...and IS above the fray in the Martin/Cogs ncident....

if thats the case...the he should get to stay....


Clay is actually our leading YAC performer this season. He ranks 29th in the NFL. Hartline and Wallace rarely get more yards after the catch, the Jets games was different as the taclking was terrible. Miami need a guy with size that can break tackles period. A big back next year to add in with two two new o-line and we may have something. RT still has those deep ball concerns, but the short stuff he really has a great handle on that side of his game. The ability to step up in the pocket looked better too, as well as the big runs he made. The Steelers and Pats are a different story so we shall see ?

Sturgis is young NH....I think the after his initial roll...I tink this staff put him in some pretty difficult kicking situations....especially for a rook...

I think he will get better in the off-season....and how about some 35 yard gimme's to help his kid out...seemslike every kick is from about 50...

Ross wanted to save money with a cheap kicker lol.


good assesment....

definetley will need some type of brusier back...and I don't see that in FA...I guess its one of those postions were you either got the attitude to run over people...or you don't....right now it seems that we don't have that guy...

but a nice 4th or 5th round 230-240 guy will be a nice addition....

Great win ! I think tanny is starting to feel the pocket better and when and more importantly where to step up. We need him to use his legs 2-3 times to buy some time or move the chains. Now let's work on getting the backs to see the right hole. What was Wallace thinking does he have any vertical? We owe the steelers one.

Wallace has GOT to fight harder for the rock on that jump ball....I knowthe defender had postin...but dam...pull him ut of the way...tackle him...push him...whats the worst we get...a 10 yard PI call...

Hope the coaching staff takes him to the cleaners today (tommrow) for ganing the QB out to dry....

Sometimes Wallace acts like he is made out of glass...unless the endzone is in sight....

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Posted by: Zonk | December 02, 2013 at 08:33 AM

Dumbasss post of the day.

Great team win Sunday and it was nice to be able enjoy the game without being on the edge of my seat the whole time.
One thing I did find a little disturbing was Tannehill's continuing to underthrow the deep ball. He had Hartline and Moore open behind the defense and both times the ball was short. He does an outstanding job on the short to intermediate throws but if he is ever going to make the leap to elite status he is going to have to overcome his tendency to underthrow potential touchdowns.

The arrogant mouth Craig Moron is here! Oh, happy day! Now we will hear his infinite wisdom. Tell us, oh Great One, how wrong the opinions of others are, and call us 'Pal' while speaking with the condescension that only You are capable of. Moron.

On the positive side of Wallace...

hen he broke that tackle (a first i think)....and turned on theafter burners for the endzone....man...what expolsion....easily the fastest guy on the feild...

That was the burst we have been waiting to see from him...would love to see more short passes turned into 30-40-70 yard TDs before the season is out....

@ 8:57 Good point. We would gladly take the penalty and keep the ball. I think Wallace had one of those deer in the headlights moments.

wow the jets stink
how did they beat ne and the saints?



I really don't know how we are 6-6 considering all the adversity we have had. Bunch of new Players, Coaches in their 2nd year, injuries, rookies and others acquired that you seldom see on the Field. Tannehill with 40+ sacks, terrible OLine and play calling and all of that added to all the internal turmoil that still is going on. No wonder we beat Indy and lost to TB. Amazing. Amazing.

Any coincidence that we have our best rushing day all season, along with zero QB sacks with Daniel Thomas out of the line up?

Miller showed some promise today and actually turned the corner on a few runs. Gillislee actually looks better than Thomas in protection.

Good chance we win 3 of final 4 games and squeak in back door of playoffs.

A bad first half? That's interesting. The defense eliminated the Jets run game and held them to 43 yards and put up 200 yards themselves. yes they had missed some chances to score but they had already succeeded to take the air out of the Jets by then. A team that beat the Patriots and Saints on their turf this year. No the Jets are not world beaters but are capable on their day thanks to a fine head coach. Miami to their credit took them out early and then kept delivering body blows until the Jets keeled over.

Nothing was bad about that game yesterday other than not putting up more points in the first half but although they were losing battles, they were winning the war.

hmmm, j long
# 2 lt

carp has mixxed 2 this season

bux80 for bush

the 1st 1/2 showed 2 of the most pathetic qb's in the league.



Yes thats where I would look for that 230-240 player also. We have other needs on this team, OL and DB's. I wonder if we will keep Keller next year. Having him and Clay could be a great one two as well as Wallace, Gibson, Hartline, Matthews and a developing Egnew and Sims. If RT can start making those deeper throws the offense could be top half of the league. A rookie QB in the 3rd of 4th would allow some competition too, maybe a a guy with an accurate deep ball ?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah saban

Kris, I did love the Qbs end results. High marks in all important metrics for a Qb. Scored well in completions, attepts, completion %, yards, Tds, rating, yards per attempt, and kept teh turnovers down.

If Tannehill can close out with a strong last four games, it will be one of the strongest statisitical seasons ever for a 2nd year qb. He's doing something and at this point any Tannehill hate being spewed his way looks more foolish by the day.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 02, 2013 at 02:55 AM

Hahahaha, guy was in here all night apparently. Hey buddy, get a life? lol

Craig Moron wanted Jared Cook. Who's having a better season, Clay or Cook? Hmm, we don't hear anything from Moron about this.


I love Keller...and was high on him comming here....

but coming off a devesating knee injury...and then asking him to run over the middle of the feild....that is one heck of a risk....he may not recover mentally for another year (2015)....

So I am not sure Keller returns for us....

Hopefully they do sign another TE tho....I like Clay...but he seems to lack focus @ times...and the last thing he needs (imo) is to come in to 2014 as the unchallenged starter....seems he needs to be motivated...to my untrained eye...

Kris, the one Sturgis missed yesterday was what, 41? That is a gimme in the NFL. I don't want any shorter ones that that because those should've been touchdowns.

And before I go, yeah, the Jets are an embarrassment. Jets fans ,pathetic. That is all, have a great day.


I read that 'bad first half' comment too and went WTF? Obviously Armando watched a different game than us. We DOMINATED the first half! Missed field goal and some missed opportunities but we held Smith to 29 yards passing, THAT'S a 'bad half'?


Guys like Garner and Brenner have played well since they've come in. But Armando doesn't talk about any of that. And I get why. It's because he has to feed the 'losers' on here who love to complain about this team. Philbin's right....you are either WITH this team or against them. Too many jumping on and off every week.

Kris, yeah that Wallace explosion was something. When was the last time we had a player that as soon as he broke one tackle, turn out the lights, nobody is catching him. Instant pain for other team's mistakes.

Watched yesterday with mild amusement. Geno Smith the local boy who did good, couldn't do squat. Talk about non NFL QB, he isn't one.
Beasley called yesterdays win a "rout". Didn't look like a rout to me but it was a good win, probably the best this season, but keep in mind the jets are not the usual Jets. And keep in mind just when we Dolfans get to giddy, the Fish fold and flop around. The Steeler game should be some kind of indication of where the Fish are going


Tanne still as some work to do...but anybody trying to find to much fault after yesterday is showing themselves to a contrarian to put it nicely...

talkng to you MARCO....

some of this stuff he was posting yesterday was nonsensical @ best....and foolish @ worst....

Tanne will have his moments of critisism I am sure....and when they arrive...I will have no issue pointing them out...but yesterday (save a few) wasn't one of them....

Tanne was solid....and a few deep passes from being spectacular....

2 watt, digging hard this mornign to be negative. Got to admire that resiliance but you know you are fighting a losing battle today, right?


I agree..

The FINS need to put 2 god games together...and the Steelers don't have much to play or....Dominate the 1st half..and they will likely lay down mid-way into the 3rd quarter...

gotta start strong....


This will be the only time I address you today. I. Know who you are and you're not fooling anyone. You're gum on the bottom of my shoe pal.

I did want Jared Cook and I'll tell you why. I felt it was a waste of money to spend the money we did on the liinebackers when TE was such a prioriity. I STILL would have spent the money on Cook. Are you going to tell me Ellerbe and Wheeler have lived up to their contracts? Are you going to tell me that you KNEW Clay would be having the season he's having? He wouldn't even be playing as much as he is if Keller had been healthy. I know you're one of the doofuses that was calling Clay 'another Ireland bust', just a year ago. But you hide behind multiple names, whereas I'm right here facing the music.

That's who you are PAL.....and that's who I am.....and that's why you DESERVE to be talked down to.

Kris, my first round draft wish (pick in the 20s, I hope) is a big atheltic target. Whether it's an oversized wide receiver or an ultra athletic TE, someone to make the defense account for the deep middle of the field would be great. Gibson/Keller were doing a good job of this early but I want someone ultra talented - first pick talented. Gibson is ok/pretty good and Keller is broken but give me a Vernon Davis or (dare I say it) Brandon Marshall type and this offense would be something wicked.

Fix the line in free agency and add a power back in round 2.

That's how i would play it.


agree...Sturgis should have made it..but he will get better...he showed promise early....I think he will get his mojo back in the off-season...right now...he is a train-wreck waiting to happen...but not ready for the scrapheap yet....

Kris, i would agree that Tannehill does have some work to do but at least we are saying that about a 25 year old 2nd year player and not a 28 year old 5 year vet on his third team. He's improved drastically from last year and hopefully can come back next year and improve and not regress like his draft mates (save Wilson and Foles)

Nothing was bad about that game yesterday other than not putting up more points in the first half but although they were losing battles, they were winning the war.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 02, 2013 at 09:06 AM

I couldn't disagree with you more Mark. While it was essential we win that game, and we did so convincingly, I don't see beating THAT NY Jets team winning any "war." Winning the war would mean making the Playoffs, so we won "a battle" yesterday, that was it. We beat a team probably 30 other NFL teams could beat (playing the way they did). They are still a division rival and an NFL team, but they were barely that yesterday. Auburn would've beaten them yesterday.

Miami should be playing it's best football in Dec. The defense definitely is. The offense, not so much. I hope we were just playing down to the competition, and will play a more convincing game vs. the Steelers (and beyond). With everything that's gone on, a 10-6 record would be pretty spectacular for this squad. It would eliminate any talk of changes (at least to the coaching staff), possibly others. It means winning out, THAT needs to be the "war", not beating a very beatable team.

I'm good with that Mark...but FA linemen woreth nything COST in FA....so I am not sure that is the way to go...

I like the reciever/TE pick...but I don't think we can afford it right now....

most likely we go OL...and for the 1st time in 10 years...I'm OK with that...

Kris, a recent parallel to point to Sturgis is Zeurlein in St. Louis. he came on strong to start his rookie year and was even perfect until he helped blow the game here in Miami last year. he went througha rough stretch and finished somewhere near 70% on the year but he's put it behind him this year. So it can happen.

worth anything


I want a TE too but this team absolutely has to address the OL early. I have no clue who the top TEs are coming out but if you look at our OL, I the only guy that is. Set is Pouncey. i think we can get a guard in FA but I think we need to get a stud tackle. It's clear Tannehill is a different QB when he gets time.

Finally a DC Dolfan shows up...

I wa wondering what your take was....

Hate that I have to go on a Monday Morning victory....but I got things to do today....

We destroyed the Jets all game in a way that the score can't dictate. Our defense is really starting to get it...they actually played at that elite level the entire first half of the Carolina game too, but just got drained by a couple of long drives in the 2nd half.

Granted the Jets have an inferior offense, but we looked even better yesterday. Just so many players making plays- Vernon, Wake, Dion Jordan, even Misi all were getting to the qb. Our linebackers were actually providing good coverage, and our secondary was clearly confusing both of their qbs with solid coverage. All of these signs of improvement tell me that our individual defensive players have finally started to execute the system as a team. They get it and their hard work (which they've been praised for by their staff) is finally starting to produce fruit.

DC, I used the terms battle and war in the context of that game yesterday and not the series. i.e. the war being the game in isolation and each play being a battle.

Kris, yes they do cost but the team has like $35M in cap space (again). Identify who the top guys are... pay them, you can afford it. better to have MEN man teh line next year than boys coming out of college. They are in a sorry state there and don't need a young guy to solidify the line - they need to perhaps find their 2nd best lineman. And if you are drafting in the 20s, that's going to be hard to find. I think McKinnie may stick around, I would add a guy like Albert or even the much maligned Oher who you may end up buying pretty cheap. This year there are some magical TEs available early it appears. I would hate to miss out on one of those guys (much harder to find in free agency than linemen).


I realize we have $35 mil available to spend this offseason but i think we'd agree Grimes needs to be resigned and that won't be cheap. Does he want to re-sign here or do we have to franchise him? On. Top of that we have to free up money for Starks or Soliai. I'd also have interest in a guy like Ben Tate, who I think would be a good compliment to Miller.

I agree we should add a guard in FA but i think the money will go quickly.

Sometimes, you have to look at other things instead of only at talent and metrics. An example from something I noticed in yesterday's Game. Why is Mark Sanchez not playing? Is it only the injury or is it an insistence on somebody's part of not playing him? Do everybody else in that Organization agree with that? Same down here. If the report is true, why did Ireland(the only one that could aside from Ross) not permit Philbin to cut Incognito after the Doral incident? Conflicts of interests within a Team can be more devastating than lack of good Players.

Fat albert was injured and carted off the field yesterday and going for an MRI today. It was ugly...

No surprise here Jake Long suffered a head injury and did not return to the game yesterday either.


Sanchez buggered up his shoulder in the pre-season. He underwent surgery. He won't be ready to go until next year. Highly doubtful its in New York.

I think Albert might have torn his ACL yesterday looked bad.

Eric Ebron from North Carolina is a stud tight end, check him out Mark I think you will like him.

As for all the cap space yes we have a lot but it will go fast. Have to resign Grimes, and maybe Soliai/Starks and maybe even Carroll (hes improved this year imo), and the new draft class.

I have a much greater respect for our WRs now, that's for sure. Yes, Wallace has more drops than pretty much anyone, but he gets open...A LOT. Hartline gets deep too (it's happened more than once). Clay was open in the endzone. The problem we have is our QB has poor ball placement (on a good day). On a bad day it's horrendous. He throws terrific outs. But even his comeback passes are underthrown (see how many times the WRs are on the ground to scoop up a pass). Those are the types of plays that stall drives because you come up short on the 1st down.

I would have thought Tannehill would be improving in that aspect of his game by now, but he seems to be regressing a bit. I know this is being nit-picky on the heels of a victory, but I just remember how we felt after our other victories, and how we got let down the following week. I want the team to be as ready for the Steelers as they seemed to be vs. the Jets. Steelers DEFINITELY will put up more than 3 points on us. So we need to be focused and ready not to deflate offensively.

Craig, we are in the same position we were in last year, franchised someone and still hardly put a dent in our cap situation. We can do something similar this year and they better do it in the next year or so because if Tannehill keeps going the way he's going - he will go from a $4m cap hit to a $17M cap hit in no time.

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