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A win for the Dolphins and something more

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- I have no idea if the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs. No one does.

As of today, they are still on the outside looking in as Baltimore is holding the final AFC playoff spot over Miami despite both teams having the same 6-6 record. The Ravens, you'll recall, defeated the Dolphins and that is the difference between them now.

Frankly, I saw a bad first half from Miami Sunday followed by a promising second half. That speaks about these Dolphins because they are nothing if not inconsistent. So I can't tell you that fine second half dominance over the Jets is going to carry over to next week.

Or the week after.

Or the one after that.

But I do know this:

The Dolphins ruined the Jets season on Sunday. They not only beat the Jets, they demoralized them.

The Dolphins pounded not one but two Jets quarterbacks. People got benched.

Rex Ryan was sick about it.

That's the Jets we're talking about. And the Dolphins just about put their season to bed.


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mark, if u remember my convo with nemo from wed. i said just beat the jets ,that is the phinz sb so i'm not doing back flipz 2day but i'm also not trowing axes at the phinz o either

Yeah, i saw where Albert got hurt - poor guy - he should've got paid last year but that stupid franchise tag rule ....

Anyway, I'd still roll with him. Even if he can't come back to be a left tackle, he will be good on the right or it's always been said of him that he would make high end guard.

NeMo, Ebron is one of the guys I'm watching and will continue to watch through the combine process - he's the exact mold I have in mind. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins of Washington too but he's a bit of a headcase it seems. I'd love Mike Evans but he won't last. marqise Lee may drop but he may be a little too small for my taste. Mizzou had some big atheltic wide receivers it appeared but I have no idea about they're draft status

Craig Miller, if that report was true, you think there is a conflict of interests between Ireland and Philbin with Ross now leaning towards Philbin's side? I do.

In other news: How about that first rounder Indy gave up for the RB that was going to put them over the top and make them a SB contender. Not so much eh? What was that cats name again. Oh yeah it doesn't matter. Two first round picks and he is seeing a lot of the sidelines. Good move Irsay...douchebag! HAHAH!!! And nice call by the posters around here. Clueless as usual.

Tanehill is THE MAN and these DOLPHINS are gearing up to make their playoff push. Winning out the rest of the year at 10-6.

2 watt, glad the team got a win for you and you were rooting for them for once.

Mark, Evans is great, but he will be long gone. As much as I'd love a beast WR I think we have bigger needs right now. I think we are pretty set there if Gibson and maybe even Binns come back healthy.

We could use a speed tight end to compliment Clay imo. Ebron could be that guy in the 1st round.

O-line needs a good chunk of help. I'd actually keep Garner as the left guard to go with Pouncey. Not sure about McKinnie. That still leaves 2 or 3 holes to fill.

Also, Olivier Vernon. The improvement he showed during pre-season wasn't a hoax. He's put together a great year. Definitely a bright spot on the team.

nemo, i have portable toilets i set up for the jets fans to sit on it was f'n hilarious

Did you guys notice a RB set to the L side of Tannehill go all the way across to the R side and pick up an oncoming rusher giving the QB time to throw? I had not seen that this year.

The Dolphins beat the Jets, but the Jets have been playing dreadful football recently.

Yes, it was a very solid win...against the Jets.

The Dolphins did not beat the Seahawks, Broncos, 49ers, Patriots, or even Eagles yesterday. They beat the Jets.

Even against a team as bad as the Jets, the Dolphins did not score an offensive touchdown in the 4th quarter. They did not need to score one, but it's still concerning that a team cannot score a single offensive touchdown in the 4th quarter in eight games.

Also, the Dolphins remain the only team in the league to not score 28 or more points in a game. That's a problem.

Even so, the Dolphins have a solid chance t make the playoffs - even as an 8-8 team. They could even defeat their first round opponent (probably Colts or Bengals). Then, they might play a 'statement game' against Denver or New England. Perhaps a 62-7 type blowout there and the reality of this team will be revealed.

It's about a .500 team. It has a weak GM/personnel department, a subpar coaching staff, a horrid OL, a terrible run defense, a $60 million WR who leads the league in drops, a pass defense that can only stop a QB as raw and inexperienced as Geno Smith, and a starting QB who plays poorly in the 4th quarter (when most games are won and lost).

The Dolphins beat the Jets.

Fans should want more than that.

Just saying.

Shawna Smith and Chubs Davis...do we miss those guys yet? Nope.

Craig Moron, you do not know who I am. I know, you think I'm YG. Everyone is YG in this blog, blah blah blah. Could it be more than one person thinks you're a Moron? No, no way... You are a fu king tool, and you prove me correct time and again:)

Noticed Fasano doing what Fasano does best. Dropping a pass and slamming his head on the turf. Whoa there fella, sit down and let the spots clear first.

Most People notice the unimportant things. Not me.

So glad we are paying Grimes 5.5 million and not Smith. Ireland really needs to pay the man before he hits free agency. I imagine we are waiting until the offseason though at this point.

NeMo, I would not be complaining with Ebron added.

DC, is it time to ask, who's better right now? Vernon or Wake? Hmmmm....

Saw some yesterday but would still love to see more 53 and 95 at OLB....


foles, 18 td's zip int's

Daytona is everywhere!!!

nemo,it's aponte 2 pay grime$

Good to see the Jets suck. Always good to watch. Honestly think Simms might have a chance to be a decent QB (not based on that game, but preseason etc).

Good win for the Dolphins, they should dominate bad teams. Great season for Vernon. Steal as a 3rd (?) rounder.

Re-sign Odrick and Grimes ASAP!

Also liked Philbin being aggressive and having faith in the D. OL held up well.

Looks like the Jordan draft pick really inspired Vernon.

Wow, looks like the jags don't want that first pick. They better hope some of those underclassmen Qbs declare or this season will have been a huge waste.

Vernon, 10 sacks on the year already and just 23 ... man this guy's future is so bright.. Plenty active along teh line too - not just sacks - looking at 60 some tackles and probably a season end date in Hawaii...

Still upset at that bogus penalty he got in New England ... fuggin patriots and their cheating ways...

I think Wake is still better than Vernon. Wake got slowed down by the knee injury for a few games. He also draws a lot of the attention and double teams.

Vernon is proving to be a great compliment though.

For all the crap Ireland gets, he really has built a nice D-line at least. Remember when we all said we need another pass rusher to help Wake? Well he got us at least 1 (Vernon)and probably another (Jordan).

Yeah I like Ebron too Mark, but we will have to see how he does in the combine.

Anyone else notice that big smack Big Paul put on Chris Ivory yesterday?

beauty ... one of those where all you hear is "ooohhh" from the crowd... Ivory is a tough sonofagun though ... he came back.

Yep, you know me, have to see those end results from the combine.

Hey, fire ross kill martin jail pouncey,

You are not a fins fan, so WTF are you foing on this blog? You have been posting since 2 AM on a fan blog of a team you are not a fan of!!!! What a fu.kin' 'tard! Seriously, get a fuc.kin' life, 'tard!

I agree, Wake is probably still a little better, but who knows if Vernon improves more next year. Wake still has issues setting the edge sometimes. If Vernon can get better there, then he'll definitely be the better all-around player.

We may think Wake is still the better player ... but 32 years of age vs. 23 ... in December ...

Vernon also has true freak man strength. His combine bench at 21 years of age was 31 reps ... let that sink in for a second...that's insanity for a guy that young and that size...

I like in T-hills post-game press conference he is still lamenting the missed opportunities. The 4 th down throw to Clay.

He is improvising a bit more now when the play breaks down and the throw down the seam to clay on 3 and 12 was money.

Great games for Clabo and Vernon and do i dare say the OC calling screens inside the 20.

Anyone see how bad RGIII is playing. People can comment on Tannehills pocket awareness, RGIII is much worse.

I am a frequent critic of the Shernanator, admitted. Having said that, great offensive game plan yesterday EXCEPT for that fu.king 4th and goal on the 1, where he called the touch-fade pass to Clay. Seriously, Shermanatot, any reason why you refuse to try a QB sneak on 3rd, or 4th and less than a yard? Called one either last week, or the week before and it worked. Just saying...

@ 10:59, I was hoping for one attempt at the sneak all game too. Especially with only half a ayrd to go. Go right behind Piouncey too - yur best lineman. The Jets have good players at their DE positions but their NT is a journeyman - push it in with your best running option and behind your best lineman!

That's what makes T-hill a winner. This guy wants to improve and get better every week. That's who he is...he makes mistakes but keeps pushing to get better.

On a positive note, Tannehill is 11th in passing yards, and has a higher comp.% than the great Tom Brady, and only 2 fewer TD passes than Brady. He's turned the ball over more than Brady, but that's to be expected from a second-year QB. He's definitely improving!

Craig Moron, you do not know who I am. I know, you think I'm YG. Everyone is YG in this blog, blah blah blah. Could it be more than one person thinks you're a Moron? No, no way... You are a fu king tool, and you prove me correct time and again:)
Posted by: M is for Moron | December 02, 2013 at 10:19 AM

When he says he knows who you are it's not a specific person. It's a class of people that come on to this blog to be jackholes. Daytona and YG are just synynoms for douchebaggery.

Get a life and let Miami fans talk Miami football on here. Seriously there is more to life than you being a ignorant putz.

Seriously, man, fawk off with the personal shite in here ... get some friends and leave a man you don't even know alone or just scroll past what he writes... jeez

And further to Tannehill, a lot of his numbers are better than his much heralded contemporaries in RG3 and Luck... props to the kid. He should be getting more respect from poeple - people who get paid to analyze the game like Bill Cowher - I swear that half time show was just about Geno - Dan tried to interject some balance and old Bucktooth McGee had to throw in a completely ignorant comment like that - disrespectful!!!

Mark at 11:12AM that's basically it.

MIT, I see the QB sneak used league-wide, with Brady being good st it. For some reason the Shermanator doesn't believe in that play.

still dont get the constant "Carpenter" references when mentioning Sturgis--yes, the rookie has been inconsistent but so was Carpenter last year (to say the least), plus a big part of letting Carpenter go was his relatively hefty contract--yes, I get that Carpenter is having a better year this year but who wants to be paying a kicker 2 mill/yr +, after the year he had last year?--Sturgis will be fine.....move on already from Carpenter

Darkoak and Mark....

Good post @ 11:10 and 11:12....

If you act like an @ss,,then you areacting like a YG/Daytona....PERIOD....

If someone disagrees with your opinion of the team or a peron on the team...and your solution is o call people names...and basicaly act like a 5 year old....then your actin lik a @ss...which =s a YG.....

I don't get why this is so hard to understand....

You may think that calling someone out of their name makes you look witty...but imo opinion...the first one to insult is usually the the one who feels most threatened by the other's postion...plus it makes you look like you have little to no self-esteem...as you get so easily upset on a internet blog....

benz, while I was ALL IN on Sturgis beginning of the year, I caught myself saying, "wish we still had Carpenter" yesterday. Carpenter didn't miss as much as Sturgis, definitely not inside 45 yards (where he was virtually automatic). What I liked more from Sturgis was his ability to kick out of the endzone on kickoffs, but he hasn't done that as much lately either (some of those kicks to Cromartie should definitely have been kicked out of the endzone).

I'm hoping this is due to the Rookie Wall, and he improves greatly next year. For a team like ours, where a FG can mean the ballgame, we need a good kicker.

Yeah, guys, PLEASE don't reference players I traded or let walk that are more successful than players on the current roster, thanks---Jeff Ireland

One of my few predictions for this season that actually turned out is the play of Vernon. Really glad to see he's coming on for the Fins now when they need him to.

My other prediction needs us to win out at this point. Good thing we play the Pats and Jets at home.

no, please reference players I let walk that are doing well elsewhere, but also reference the contracts they signed as well.....considering, you know, those contracts are huge factors to any fan that knows squat.....so, apparently Marc doesnt know squat--Jeff Ireland

You may think that calling someone out of their name makes you look witty...but imo opinion...the first one to insult is usually the the one who feels most threatened by the other's postion...plus it makes you look like you have little to no self-esteem...as you get so easily upset on a internet blog....

Posted by: Kris | December 02, 2013 at 11:29 AM

He has ASPD for certain, normal people don't act that way, mentally ill people do.

..Benz..I think the question, or the outrage should be directed at Ireland for giving Dan Carpenter the contract he did. Which in turn made it a no brainer to get rid of him this year.

Sturgis shouldn't get a pass because he is a rookie. You are a kicker. Kick the ball. Now to be fair, he is tied for 2nd in the league with 30 attemts...The bad is he leads the league in misses(7)

The issue really is why are we trying so many field goals? Perhaps Sparano has a Voodoo Doll that he fist pumps every Sunday that directly effects this team?? Even so, you have to be better then Sturgis has been. Rookie or Vet.

Sturgis will no doubt have an opportunity to make a big kick here over the next month. Like the team as a whole. He must be better if the playoffs are going to be a reality.

By that logic let EVERYONE walk and sign cheaper replacements? I know it's Hannukah, but, damn, do all the HEEEBES come out now?

Did any of you notice how one announcer kept trying to insert commentary on the Martin/Incognito situation while the other kept just keeping it mostly on football?
Steelers up next.. Wallace's homecoming.

The only thing I didn't like about yesterday was that we didn't shut them out.


If T-Hill finally starts to click with Wallace this offense will be dangerous. And I have seen some clicking going on in the last 2 weeks.

The Defense finally played 4 Qtrs.

We have seen what this team is capable of now. I am not expecting it to happen every game now. But a little more consistency won't hurt.

Great Win.

Sorry guys. I know we beat the best defense in the league yesterday, but let's be real. They didn't play like the best defense in the league. We still are inept on offense. Tannehill is a lost cause as far as throwing the deep ball is concerned. His hands are too small to throw the deep ball. You can't correct that. Great to win, but let's keep things in perspective. The Dolphins are going to do what they alsways do and lose in the cold weather against a tough-nosed Steeler team. They'll find a way. I promise you.

What is jarvorskie lane doing these days? Is he under 3 bills and if so can’t we sign him just for short yardage? Man those are frustrating.

yeah Marc, thats exactly what I said....struggling with reality AND comprehension now too? You've heard of managing the cap, havent you? I'll explain it for you after you get done drooling.....just tell me when.


hardcore , the only defense I can come against it is some OC's don't believe in it because they don't want their Qbs getting bonked in the head. But when used correctly it's such a weapon. Tannehill is a big strong man, I'd use it myself and have always been a propenent of it. jay Fielder was the best we ever had at it.

agree dd, definitely no free pass.....just saying that the fact that he's a rookie has to be considered (ie. to expect NO ups and downs would be unrealistic), he's been battling the groin injury all year, and 1 of his misses was from 57 yards (hardly counts as a miss--plus we all know that most kickers have periods of inconsistency (look at Carpenter for example)--the Sturgis gig was ONLY about money.....would you have wanted to pay Carpenter 2 mill this year, after his performance last year?

..Am I missing something? When did the jets become the best defense in the league?? I looked up scoring defense? It isn't the jets..Not close. I looked up total defense...That honor belongs to the Texans.

The jets have a good defense. Unless I am missing something. Can someone show me where they are the NFLs top unit?

Darryl, I think they were the number 1 run defense, not in points or overall though. Not completely sure just what I think I saw.

The Jets have the #1 Rushing Defense.

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