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A win for the Dolphins and something more

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- I have no idea if the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs. No one does.

As of today, they are still on the outside looking in as Baltimore is holding the final AFC playoff spot over Miami despite both teams having the same 6-6 record. The Ravens, you'll recall, defeated the Dolphins and that is the difference between them now.

Frankly, I saw a bad first half from Miami Sunday followed by a promising second half. That speaks about these Dolphins because they are nothing if not inconsistent. So I can't tell you that fine second half dominance over the Jets is going to carry over to next week.

Or the week after.

Or the one after that.

But I do know this:

The Dolphins ruined the Jets season on Sunday. They not only beat the Jets, they demoralized them.

The Dolphins pounded not one but two Jets quarterbacks. People got benched.

Rex Ryan was sick about it.

That's the Jets we're talking about. And the Dolphins just about put their season to bed.


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Dashi, I think the Wallace - Tanehill thing is ironed out. Wallace will hit 1,000 yards and probably around 5-6 touchdowns this year. I know not knock em out of the ballpark figures but considering how it started, not bad at all...

That's being put to bed.

There was a beautiful play action pass yesterday. It's obvious Tannehill can fake well. Would like to see more of those(perhaps do it and run around the end, uh?).

DD, not the best unit, entering last week, #8 in the NFL. so in back to back weeks Tannehill had good games against top NFL defenses .. you pick and prod at certain parts of the games but at the end, he held up well.

L.Miller needs to keep getting his 20 Carries a game for the rest of the season.

All he has to do is break 1 or 2 in a game and he will get his 100 yds. But those carries were being handed to D.Thomas.

L.Miller did some nice running between the tackles.

Feed him the ball. It will only help his development. Just picture how good L.Miller will look with blocking.

..Benz..I know I was about the money. I was I favor of letting Carpenter go. I was actually pumped whenw drafted Sturgis. But to go back to my OG point. I think that Ireland giving Carpenter the type of contract he did was the real issue. Even if Carpenter would have had a great year in 2012. It would have made it hard to keep him..2 mil for a kicker??

That is the issue to me.

Now just because we liked the move(all of us applauded the Sturgis promotion)..It doesn't mean that he is a quality player, or a player that has to be kept around. He will get his chance to redeem himself. I think that Philbin is going to have to make a really tough decision that will effect a game because he 1 either has no choice but to trust Sturgis, or Sturgis has blown all trust capital when it comes to making a difficult call.

Thill haters still out today? He was solid yesterday. Give him a c +

kill martin guy,
we don't logically know that we lose our next two.

the steelers line is in WAY worse shape than ours. theirs have a 3rd center starter, inured starting guards and tackles. so i'm in no way thinking this is an in the books loss.

the pats are scalping by some bad teams. we get them here in hopefully high heat. we were leading at half until a meltdown. really the only meltdown of the season. we stunk bad in that second half. so i give us an underdogs shot. that leaves the bills and jets. both winnable games. ending 9-7 would still give us a shot.

the ravens have a monster schedule left. vikings and pats at home, bengals and lions on the road.

until we actually lose two games or the ravens win 3 we are very much alive. the team is very much alive.

Would be nice if somebody noticed Tannehill cheking out of that all out blitz on the throw to Wallace's TD. That is NFL qbing at it's finest people. Recognize the play, put the ball in your playmaker's hands in space and let him make a play.

We have to give these old geezers a chance at calling plays. They did a fairly good job yesterday. You have to realize that few have Our beautiful talent for calling imaginative plays.

Mark, I did see some progress in Tannehill yesterday in going through his progressions. A lot of that is probably due to him having more time to throw (testament to the OL). It will be interesting to see how he responds when he has a legit OL that can pass AND run block effectively...CONSISTENTLY! Hopefully we'll see that next year.

By the way, ever since McKinnie joined the team, the OL has been MUCH better. I wonder what would've happened if we picked him up before the season started and kept JM at RT.

There was a beautiful play action pass yesterday. It's obvious Tannehill can fake well. Would like to see more of those(perhaps do it and run around the end, uh?).

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 02, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Good observation Oscar. I'd love to see Tannehill get some...advanced training, mentoring, whatever you want to call it. With a little better accuracy, throw in some 'advanced' techniques, Tannehill could be a keeper.

Dashi, I also liked Gillislee's runs. He's very quick, gets positive yardage. Would like to see more of him (lucky for us, we will).

...I kept reading all day yesterday that the jets had were the best defense in the NFL. Another blogger wrote in on age 3. I knew they had the best run D. I thought some were over exaggerating the facts.

I kept reading where Tannehill was shredding the leagues top defense. Again..Tanny played well yesterday. I'm not taking anything away from him. The line played perhaps their best game of the season. They should get credit as well. Even Lamar Milller broke a tackle. That in itself is huge. Defenders could blow on him and he would fall.

I'm not trying to take away from the performance yesterday...I just think people need to be called out when they are making stuff up to make a point.

Did you notice(did you?) that Tannehill got that D off sides early on in the Game? And almost on 2 more occasions? That's important.

Oscar, slowly but surely Tannehill is changing up his cadence...not rhythmic all the time. Didn't hear a hard count yesterday but I've heard it twice previously

Fins beat Pitt next week. Can't say the same about the Pats other it will be a good game. They have a knack for winning close games though. Ask the Texans Antonio Smith on his theory as to how they do that.,,,

DD, my take is the Jets defense gave up in the 2nd half (after being demoralized by their offense's prospects). Doesn't mean we didn't make plays, but I didn't see the fire in their defense. They played like they knew their season was over.

I know the Steelers will NOT give up. They still think they have a chance, and will play with their backs against the wall just like us, plus they are at home. We'll have to put together a better game to beat them.

...DC. Gillislee looked good in limited carries yesterday. He runs low, he definitely has a good getting to his running lanes. I agree with Dashi though. Miller needs to be the mail carrier. I think the winning formula has him getting 25 plus carries per game..Add the 5-10 more the other guys will get..And 35 plus carries will put us in a better position to win then 4o plus throws a game.

Just pointing out that Craig Moron is a moron, and some posters here are homosexuals. Don't like it, scroll past my posts.

A win is a win and you take the ones you get. Beating the Jets is like clubbing a defenseless animal. They have no offense what so ever. They are a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

This is where blowing that Baltimore game, coming out flat an unprepared for a practice squad QB off a bye week, and losing to Tampa Bay are really coming back to haunt. That blame rests entirely on the coaching staff.

This team, if it reaches the post season, should be one and done. Unfortunately in the eyes of our no nothing owner, that will be looked at as progress and a stay of execution. If this team were able to win a game or perhaps two, that would warrant it. Outside of that, they should all be axed.

i got you dd, we basically agree....just sounds like you'd have a shorter leash than I would at this point with sturgis, which is fine (I also liked the sturgis pick, and agree that paying carpenter that much wasnt smart)--sturgis was money early on, was money in college, so I really think the groin injury has been a big factor (and the shorter kickoffs would be evidence of that, IMO)--thats a big issue for a kicker. And not saying you necessarily, but I just laugh at the many folks here who were running Carpenter out of town last year, yet now mention him all the time--love the after the fact/second guessers, thats all.

Maybe I'm a blind optimist, but I think we'll be in the playoffs. If we do I like our chances in the first round, but probably not after that. One game at a time. 4 games to play and only the Ravens are in the way with a tough schedule. Good chance winning 3 of 4 gets us in at 9 and 7. Even if it doesn't 9 and 7 is finally moving in the right direction. Finish with a winning season and whatever happens, happens. Of course if we miss it by one game, we have to think about those close losses that we gave away all offseason.

Just trying to help you out. The gay blog is elsewhere on this site. You may get a more receptive audience there to your rants.

Texas, I think there's an excellent chance they make the playoffs at 9-7. I don't see the Ravens winning three of their last 4.

However, us getting to 9-7 will be pretty dam rough too. But this is what playoff teams do - finish strong. Let's see if we have it in us ... it will be fun.

..DC. I offered up a post last night that was similar. I know those guys are pros. But how do you play inspired as a team when your quarterbacks are that bad? How did these guys beat NO, and NE???? It really makes you wonder how they digressed..Anyway. Screw them. I am happy they are suffering. They deserve to stink.

It should put to bed anymore Matt Moore nonsense. I said it last night. I think it merits repeating. You call in your backup when your starter is injured. Or is no longer capable of leading your offense. Tannehill has been far from perfect. Far from answering all the questions some of his naysayers have..But he has yet to play so poorly that he should be replaced. That s what we saw yesterday. Tannehill has never come close to playing that bad.

Texas.....I think you're a blind optimist--I think the Fins are talented but just come up short at crunch time.....lack of confidence, mediocre coaching staff, decent and still questionable QB, too many drafting miscues--I think we'e a solid team but no more at this point.....and the fact that we had late leads but couldnt close out Buff, TB and Carolina pretty much sums this team up--just not quite there.

Homosexuals are everywhere, pal, even among Football Players. Are you one of them? Players I mean.

This time tommorrow the Dolphins will be 5-7.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 30, 2013 at 08:56 PM

Nice prediction,Kreskin.

...benz..I actually know Carp. Not well but I have met him a few times at Grizzly fundraisers(Doug Betters ex Phin has a foundation that is huge in Montana) Anyway..I always rooted for him because he is a Grizzly. I knew he would be gone because of the outrageous contract.

If I hate The Dolphins and their idiotic fans, then by reveling in the team's poor play and the disappointments of its loser fans then I am a winner.

Who's the only one smiling in here :)

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 30, 2013 at 09:55 PM



Agree. Last Qt of this Season, interesting, it will be.


I think we've said this before but the losses to the Bills and Bucs are going to come back to bite us. We should be looking at an 8-4 football team right now. Throw in the losses to Carolina and maybe even the Pats and you can see that this team SHOULD be better than their record.

Some of that is on Tannehill, some on the defence and some on the OL and lack of running game. Hopefully this is just part of the maturation process. Another really good game yesterday by Tannehill. He looked poised on the road and in control. The interception was on Wallace. He's got to do a better job going up and breaking up that INT.

And Mark, what a joke those Bills in Toronto games have become. Good game yesterday but less than 40,000 at the game. Let's hope Toronto NEVER gets an NFL team.


People wanted or expected T-Hill and Wallace to be connecting from the first day of OTAs. But sometimes it takes time. But once it happens it happens.

Wade and LeBron couldn't click for a whole season.

Again, Not comparing the two.

Texas, Steelers is a MUST WIN. If we were to lose one game, hopefully it's the Pats, that's the least important. WE win the others and yes, this season (9-7) will be an improvement and a success in terms of progress. 8-8 won't give me the same satisfaction (especially when I reflect on games we should've won like Ravens, Bills, Pats, Panthers...).

One dimensional Phins won't beat a Rex Ryan defense.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 01, 2013 at 08:55 AM


Another gem from YG/Dyingbreed

Great win by the Dolphins yesterday. I don't care how bad the jets are. When we play a hated division rival, whether it be the jets, bills or pats, at home and dominate the way we did that is a good thing.
I have been to many, many games at these stadiums and usually have to endure the long trip home thinking what if. Yesterday it was fun thanking the jets fans for coming to the game and enjoy the ride home as they were leaving in the 3rd quarter!!

What perhaps would make a better story....might be why the line has IMPROVED over th last fe weeks without 2...and @ times 3 starters.....

That is the story I might like to read....

Would love to hear coach Philbin's take on that...

Posted by: Kris | December 02, 2013 at 08:32 AM


I'll give you my opinion on this...

It's obvious Ireland shoved Incognito down Philbin's throat.

It is now known Philbin wanted Incognito cut prior to the 2012 season, but was overruled.

Who knows what differences, for better or worse, this would have made in the o-line over these last two years...

The draft may have gone a little different, or free agency. The Dolphin's may have totally avoided the bully-gate issue, which caused a huge headache for the team.

I think it shows us one thing...

IMO, Philbin and Ireland do not see eye to eye.

It was fun hearing the jets fans booing Geno Smith in the 1st quarter....while our QB was lighting it up and down the field. Tannehill had almost 200 yds in the 1st half!
It was even more fun watching sexy rexy on the sideline going nuts because he vaunted D couldn't stop our run or pass game!



If he returned Kicks maybe next season he could replace Thigpen. He can't and He won't.

At best he will develop into a 3rd down back who plays out his rookie contract with the fins.

Just like Travis Minor a few years back.

Well, Travis Minor actually returned Kicks. So he isn't even Travis Minor.

The Gators have only produced 2 good NFL RBs in over 100 years of existence. Then all the other ones are bust.

I'm in the corner that I'd. Like too see more from Philbin beyond this year. I like the guy enough and don't think he's been given enough time to show whether he's the guy or not. Yeah I've heard all the 'Mr. Mago' and 'he doesn't show enough passion' BS from the losers on here but this guy's a cool customer. The Cogs/ Martin stuff would have sunk a lot of teams. Kudos to the coaches and players for keeping it together.

I'm undecided on Ireland and thats where this might get interesting. If they dump Ireland does the new GM get rid of Philbin? I guess the next 4 games will decide everyone's fate.

Bill, you must have been in all your glory. Those fans looked despondent to begin with, but must have been completely destroyed by the 3rd quarter. When did they start leaving, beginning of the 4th? And I saw a nice Dolphins crowd at the game, did you sit in the Dolphins section, or elsewhere?

Oscar, you do know you're talking to someone who resides in a city that has te highest population of homsexuals per capita in North America, right? My point to that Daytona was that this wasn't the forum to be discussing homosexuality. there are places better suited to that. Just as I don't come here to discuss my love for classic automobiles...

On to Pittsburgh.....this will be a an easier game for us. Pittsburgh is not a hated division rival and if we can handle the Dick LeBeau Fire Zone Blitzes.

As I mentioned before, Sturgis is a big concern and Philbin should be bringing in kickers this week. Sturgis in my opinion cost the game against the Ravens, kicking out of bounds on a kick off, Ravens had a short field, then of course his misses in that game. Overall I believe has cost the dolphins at least 3 of the 5 games he missed kicks on. Still a concern that they can't pick up 1 yard when they need to. But overall if it comes down to winning a close game, can you rely on Sturgis?

tidbits for Jets fans to think about:
1 > whats it like to think that Sanchez is the best QB currently on your roster?
2 > dont forget....the Jets drafted Ken OBrien 3 spots ahead of Dan Marino--that one never gets old

DC it was the best....almost as good as the clock game!! The fans actually began leaving mid 3rd quarter.
I worked my way to the "Dolphins" section and those guys were great....the Dolfan Gals were simply gorgeous. Our fans actually have teeth!! But yes it was a lot of fun.

Wallace is feeling good, here's what he said after the game:
"This is the time when you've got to be the best you can be," Wallace said Sunday after his second consecutive big game, per The Miami Herald. "It's December. I've had enough time to get adjusted. It's the time for me to be the player I know I am, no matter (what). Just block out everything and play football."

Lest you think Wallace lost any confidence after his slow start with the Dolphins, the highly paid receiver dropped this line on us:

"I'm a great player, I know that. It's all that really matters. ... Let's call a spade a spade," he said.
Some might consider that boasting, but I think it helps players build the confidence they need to play well. I'm happy Wallace is finally enjoying games. He's obviously on this team for the next few years, so we better get the most out of him. If we can get 6 TDs out of him this year, and build on that, it will improve our prospects in the future.

Kind of noticed after his big game yesterday Hartline is having a very solid year again. 62 catches, 804 yards, and 3 TDs already. Hoping he can keep it up for the rest of the year.

I hope Gillislee gets more carries against the Steelers. The kid looked to be running well on his few carries. The o-line really did a great job and this should continue against the Steelers. The YAC, has to continue to rise as it did against the Jets. The Steelers tackling hasn't been too good this season, but their safties are very physical, but slow, so clay may be turned lose deep a few times. I have a feeling Wallace will play well against his old team. The D looked really good, but Big Ben will need to be wrapped up when we have our chances on him. Cam Newton broke a few tackles that ended up costing us the game Vs the Panthers. This may well be the biggest challenge to our playoff hopes. The win against Pats game is almost too much to hope for really.

Craig, yeah those two games will be costly even if they do make the playoffs. Because we should be playing for the division, not the 6 seed coming down teh stretch if they only took care of the business that was well within their capabilities.

And it's only a matter of time before there's a pro football team in Toronto. MLSE has too much money and too much interest for that not to happen. We are talking about a $23B dollar company here...

And did you know that part of the deal of Bills in Toronto is that the group has a right ot bid on any NFl team put up for sale and move them?

Let's see what happens when Ralphie passes on and his kids start accepting bids. I think we will see a $2B bid for the Bills and nobody will come close to that to keep the team in Buffalo.

dolfinman.....yeah, sturgis has missed some kicks....but if our defense could close/shut down when it counts, we'd have beat TB and Carolina....and not sure how we could give up 23 points to Buffalo's 3rd stringer--the Ravens game is definitely not the one that this season will hinge on, if we come up short of the playoffs

Nobody needs to go anywhere. Just put a rather heavy mediator between Philbin-Ireland-Ross and everything will be Peaches.

Bill, I salute your optimism, but I beg to differ. I think the Steelers game will be much, MUCH more difficult. I think the Jets gave up after seeing they had zero chance offensively. Big Ben is a proven QB who can make plays happen. Plus, we've played them before and every time it's down to the wire (and we usually come out on the bottom). And they are at home, which is a distinct disadvantage for us.

I'm more hopeful than optimistic. I'm not fully comfortable neglecting the inconsistency this team has shown all year.

So now onto the Fire Zone blitz that LeBeau has made a career on. Tannehill is not good at all when under pressure. He will be pressured this entire game. The fire zone will force TH to make poor decisions and most likely turnovers. My hope is that the Dolphins understand that the deep will be shut down and the middle will be totally open. Most likely with some mismatches like a DE on a TE or LB on a TE. Look for our slot WR, TE and RB to have big passing day. If they do we will win.

Craig @ 12:58 Philbin was showing plenty of fire too. he was ripping into the refs pertty good on that hold that brought back the Miller screen.

A lot of people who post don't even know what they are posting about. just because a guy doesn't light up the media doesn't mean that the fire doesn't burn...

sorry but the prospect of facing Big Ben always scares me....

Jets had #1 run D and have beaten the Pats... Yes they are terrible but they wanted to win just as badly and we stuck it to them in Jersey. Good win. PHINS UP!

I totally agree with Dashi that Lamar Miller needs to carry the rock at least 20 times a game. They also need to get the ball to him on screens. He needs to be the featured back.

I would like to see the fins sign a veteran FB and a big veteran running back for short yardage situations. The Dolphins need to figure out that dreaded third and 1.

Every year a few of the mediocre teams get a spark and catch the fever. They start to click and start having fun playing football instead of moping through the weeks. The positive changes the chemistry in all aspects. Sometimes these teams carry that excitement right to a championship. Other times they get spooked by the next road block. I wonder if Philbin has what it takes to take a spark and ignite the fuel. Yeah, maybe our QB has some issues with the deep ball. But if they can get some heart into the surrounding cast, the Dolphins could have a chance. If they stall, then it's just more of the same.

Bill--I hear what you're saying but I think the stats showed, as of a few weeks ago at least, that TH's numbers were better when he was under pressure--not sure about the deep ball per se (which hasnt been very good all year), just in general

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