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A win for the Dolphins and something more

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- I have no idea if the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs. No one does.

As of today, they are still on the outside looking in as Baltimore is holding the final AFC playoff spot over Miami despite both teams having the same 6-6 record. The Ravens, you'll recall, defeated the Dolphins and that is the difference between them now.

Frankly, I saw a bad first half from Miami Sunday followed by a promising second half. That speaks about these Dolphins because they are nothing if not inconsistent. So I can't tell you that fine second half dominance over the Jets is going to carry over to next week.

Or the week after.

Or the one after that.

But I do know this:

The Dolphins ruined the Jets season on Sunday. They not only beat the Jets, they demoralized them.

The Dolphins pounded not one but two Jets quarterbacks. People got benched.

Rex Ryan was sick about it.

That's the Jets we're talking about. And the Dolphins just about put their season to bed.


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2 watt, tannehill is way above the league average in attempts, completions, and completion %. Nice try tho...

I'd like to see RT roll out a bit more also. We are still predictable sitting in the pocket even if protection is improving. Also, many are talking about how good the running game was against the Jets. I think it was middle of the road good. They're still telegraphing the run in certain situations. When the hand-off is to the right, watch Ryan. I think he's jumping the snap by a fraction of a second, or the center's snap is not on time. RT's body is moving to the right before he gets the ball. Then it has to stop for another fraction of a second to wait for the actual snap. The ball ends up doing a big sweep across the front of RT to get where it needs to be. So it's obvious the run is to the right and we get stuffed at scrimmage or loss. I've seen this happen quite a bit all season. Maybe they should try running out of the shotgun, or (gasp) try the wildcat again with Ryan in there. Chances are slim they will change things up that much. A few surprise offensive plays would be nice though.

Did anyone else notice Tannehills pocket presence in this game? He was moving around. I saw him step up a couple of times. Nice to see that happening.

One thing that is driving me nuts. That was not a bad deep ball to Marlon Moore, that was Tannehill throwing the ball away, before he got sacked!!

And that's the bottom line.....because Rdubs said so!!!

Rdubs 3.16

Marc, stop speaking in theories and look at facts - the average production provided by an NFL Qb this year is 257 yards (before this week - rushing and passing). Tannehill is well north of this figure all year and has blown it out by about 100 against two top ten defenses. FACT.

I met Marino not his favorite fan. But the game is different which allows WR to get open a lot easier. Thanks to Brady and Manning complaining each team CB held on to there WR took a lot of the bump and run away. the problem i have with Thill is not that i do not think he can be a QB in NFL but he is not a frachize QB. he is missing that one thing that all greats have

I don't WANT AN AVERAGE QB! You're lumping in the Henne's and Geno Smith's!

Goodness MarK. Get off his ****. He's NOT THAT GOOD!

And marc, your figure of 300 yards is nothing and speaking anedoctally - look at facts. The average yardage per game is 257 total (rushing and passing). Only 4 qbs average 300 yards per game. It's still a strong performance.

HE DOESN'T AVERAGE 300 Yd's a game either! He's had 4 this year, and I have no clue last year. I can't even talk to you because you spin your stats, it's just annoying dude. Watch him play, then watch a real QB play and it's plain to see. He every slanted, cherry-picked stat you can dig out of Google I can do the same. So, he's just above average. Great

I think it's pretty obvious Brady and manning and even Brees were better than Dan in the long run. I know we all grew up idolizing Dan but look at the bottom line. Marino's 2nd year was all world but he only came close to having anything resemble that year 4 more times and he was finished by the time he was 32 because he was too busy partying and fawking huers to not work out and take proper care of his body. he's still my guy though but he should've been so much more.

But marc, being a student of the gaem and being cool enough to know how to pass around defenses instead of through them is the sign of a great QB. Agreed nobody could pass a ball like marino but several were better generals and Qbs overall.

Now I realize you're absolutely full of crap. Perhaps you're too busy looking at stats to see what an amazing PASSER Dan was. These guys have all benefited from rules changes. Dan would throw for 6K and 60TD's a year if he was playing now!

If Marino or Manning put up 300 YDs 2 TD's and 1 INT that's a bad game. 300 YD's in today's NFL is nothing to brag about, nor is 2 TD's. RT has only had ONE 3TD game, and he threw 2INT's and fumbled.

Posted by: Marc | December 02, 2013 at 02:13 PM

Then please, please explain why the keep a record for games with consecutive TDs.

Also 300 * 16 = 4800. A lot of QBs getting to 5K, but its not like Sanchez did it.

You could see the look of disgust on his face every time Favre broke one of his records. Can't blame him.

Marc, the kid in his 2nd year in the league is playing better than Luck or RG3, you'd cut them too right??

Like I said this morning, guys still hating on Tannehill are looking more foolish every day.

Nobody looks foolish except those that go down with the ship...That will be all of you fanboys.

Vernon Davis ‏@VernonDavis85 54m

It should be a league rule saying that a defender can not tackle a player by his penis. #NFL the most painful thing ever! #NFL

Am I suppoed to feel sorry for you? Whoa is me, my penis is big enough to be tackled by it!!!

Done be so insensitive Vernon!!!! Thats racist!!
I wish someone could tackle me by my penis!!!

Marc, you're making absolutely no sense here. All your arguments are in what ifs and hyperbole. Overall his numbers are very respectable. he's in very good company where he ranks and personally I believe he will get better.

And I never discounted dan as a passer, but as a QB - a field general - his ranking has taken a mighty bashing over the years. He's the ebst QB to never win - that's his station as an NFL QB - not passer - but QB.

Just let him rant Mark, that's what he's trying to do here, only purpose really. The thing about debate is if you have no thought for the fact you might be wrong then you're not really debating, your pontificating.

How can you measure intangibles like "Field Generalship"? Dude, RT is MIDDLE OF THE PACK, he'll never be more than that. If you can't hit a WIDE OPEN WR streaking down the field in this league...

Mark in toronto I am not taking away what breze brady or manning has done but this is a different NFL then what Marino played in. If you touch a reciever to long flag is called a lot easier to connect with WR in todays game. The thing those three have over marino is 5 SB.

There's nothing to debate. I'm not wrong.

glenn, no doubt it's a different league - but just go back and compare Dan to himself. His year end #s overall - he seldom even lived up to his own standards. That's my point. In time I've become angry at him for not being all that he could've been. His career was wildly up and down and take a look - there are only about five years overall that you can say that Dan was great.

His last four, were extremely average by his own standards.

Marc, when you say something - "he is middle of the pack and will be nothing more" why even go on talking when you totally want to discount his improvement from year one to now?

he may or may not - but I'd be very suprised given the way he's trending that he doesn't become better.

Here's the reason RT is not great. We're still talking about Dan. THE END

Hey i am not a marino fan i meet him a couple times even played baskeball with him he can be a A** if he loses. I think there are a few games in the playoffs that he choked. had home field advantage in the AFC championship game and lost.

A pro sports player that's a sore loser? No way?! Did he hurt your feelings Glenn?

Mark, not that posting here isn't wasting your time. But talking to certain people is really wasting your time.

You're tlking about Dan, I'm talking about how he was a disappointment to himself. Sure I would've loved to have his life as a person and bang all that sweet arse but as a Qb - he jerked me around - no pun intended.

Interesting how only members of the Circle-Jerk Club "debate" but everyone else's opinion is discounted as "trolling." Don't you dare disagree with the CJ Club!!!

Mark, not that posting here isn't wasting your time. But talking to certain people is really wasting your time.

Posted by: CommonSense | December 02, 2013 at 03:15 PM

You have to give them the benefit of the doubt, they can't all be deceptive, ASPD suffering, socially inept blog trolls.

Moron... (since that is your name) The key word is debate. IE: back and forth/pro con. Not...

Wahhh Im right, let me post it 90 times cause that proves it.

How about that O. Vernon? Is that guy finally starting to come into his own or what?

G. Smith to start again Sunday against the Raiders. LOL...way to go Rex. Nothing like destroying Geno's confidence by putting him right back out there.

Marc is an old schooler here. Been debating with him for over 5 years. We don't always agree and he can be a bit of a hard arse but he's a fan. Always have time for him ... even if I think he's being silly.

I don't think the Jets have any choice but to go with Geno. let's face it, matt Sims is not an NFL qb - he sucked at Tennessee - he's getting a shot because he has the measureables and who his old man was. The Jets HAVE to know how bad Geno is and him losing and looking bad doing it only moves the franchise towards a pick where they can grab his successor.

I love bringing up Alex Smith when people want to write offs a QB after a season or two, like they do with Tannehill. What is Smith year 6 or 7 and he's arrived as a player?

Darkoak, we may not know everything about tannehill but we already know he's better than Alex Smith and KC was more than happy to fork over two 2nd round picks to get him.

Why would the Jets not play Garrard? Even when they pulled him the Jets were only down by 6. Geno is a guy that needs some coaching and time to develop. I can say this because I don't care either way if he is a bust or not. I believe it's the pressure getting to the kid. The mental aspect of the game.

3 things that stick out for the FINS:

Top 10 in scoring defense, top 5 in interceptions forced and top 5 in fewest penalties committed...

That being said..P-Burgh is going to be a tough win...we are, I think.. a 3.5 pt underdog..this bodes well for us!!! We have to beat them at their own game...forcing turnovers and stopping their run..ther receivers..Antonio Brown and Heath Miller, not to mention BIG BEN...will be a handful...KEY is Dimitri Patterson playing...weak link is still Nolan Carroll..

You never think I'm silly MarK. You know you want it ;)

2 watt, tannehill is way above the league average in attempts, completions, and completion %. Nice try tho...
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 02, 2013 at 02:38 PM

Great Post! Simply because Tannehill has more attempts and beter number than Andrew Luck this year:

Ryan Tannehill

CMP 260

ATT 451

YDS 3,115yds

CMP% 61.1%

AVG 6.91 per p

TD 17tds

LNG 67yds

INT 13

QBR 83.2

Andrew Luck

CMP 243

ATT 218

YDS 2,793

CMP% 58.1

AVG 6.68

TD 15

LNG 73yds


QBR 82.4

So, ask these FACTS state, Tannehill is OUTPERFORMING the #1 OVERALL PICK in his 2012 draft class.

Here's the question, Taylor does NOT look impressive (or even capable of getting on the field...AS OF YET). Who knows if he'll grow or is a bust. So, at CB, do we keep Dimitri next year? He's a good corner, but those injuries. It's problematic. And the fact that this isn't his first year being injury-prone forces us to think long and hard before we bring him back.

What doth thou say about that?

Yes, for the rest of you I'm one of the blog elders. Many have left, never to return. Actually, aside from MarK I'm not sure there's anyone from those days...Well, the Cuban Menace is still around from time to time...Hate that guy, lol

Taylor has been banged up all preseason. Missed most of OTA's and training camp. I think it depends on Will Davis. Patterson had a few solid games, but, if he's injured every other game for 2 games it's probably not worth the 5 mil salary. Of course we're paying Tampon Martin and Richie to sit at home.

I'm not convinced Carroll is a weak link anymore. That guy seems like he blossoming too. Is he better than Patterson? No not at this point but that kid is coming on and shows signs of progression.

BTW...I am watching the Jets game again and that PI call against Clay for blocking downfield was utter BS. Has anyone heard any clarification on what the refs saw on that???

I guess you can't block downfield while the ball is in the air? That's the only explaination I heard. Never seen that called before though.

Carroll has steadily improved since he got to Miami. Not sure he will ever be a solid #2 (though you could make the case he's doing it now). He's at the least decent and improving.

I'd keep Paterson. If that guy could stay healthy it would be a great combo with him and grimes.

Defense is really impressive. They better re-sign Grimes and Odrick.

Haha, marc, I'm not one of those latin girls you get liqoured up and coerce back to your house!!!

glenn, no doubt it's a different league - but just go back and compare Dan to himself. His year end #s overall - he seldom even lived up to his own standards. That's my point. In time I've become angry at him for not being all that he could've been. His career was wildly up and down and take a look - there are only about five years overall that you can say that Dan was great.

His last four, were extremely average by his own standards.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 02, 2013 at 03:07 PM

MIT I usually agree with most you say. You usually come with facts and stats and opinions supported by such.....HOWEVER on Marino you could not be more wrong. Lets discuss the facts:
As a husband to his wife he is a zero...I met Claire ad she is the salt of the earth. All about family>
As for Dans last 4 years...do you forget he blew up his Achilles...not just a tear...blew it up!! In 93-94 this type of injury meant career over. A QB uses his legs for power behind his throws...hence the reason why Dan started to have arm and shoulder issues. He was all arm in his last few years.
Now the most important fact...Football is a TEAM sport. Dan carried this team for his ENTIRE career. But for the 3 yrs he played with, Dwight Stephenson, name a HOF WR, RB, OL, TE that he played with for more than 2 years?? Please do not tell me about Chris Carter or Keith Jackson at end of their careers. The answer is none!
And last...you are very quick, as I am, to tell everybody that Tannehill is QB of a team with no run game, OL help or TE. Yet Dan NEVER had a run game, no HOF type WR's or HOF type TE!!
All in all Dan was special on the field. I have been around Dan a lot and he is not fan friendly at all. Glenn was right he is an as shole! But as a QB he is 2nd to none!

I need a big game tonight from Sproles. I may play spoiler in our Dolphins In Depth pool an help out Lobstertubez.

They didn't even show a replay of that penalty. Told me enough to know it was bogus when they can't even find it.

I have never seen that called before either. How can it be pass interference at least 10 yds downfield on a screen pass? It was so away from the play neither player was on the TV screen. How is that PI?? WTH?

Trust me...Nolan Carroll is a weak link in our secondary...There was a play if the Jets QB would have thrown it even half a**..it would have been a 30 yard completion against us..if he starts against Brown or Sanders on Sunday..we will be in Trouble...Patterson for some reason makes our secondary SO much more formidable...That beind said..We need this game REALLY BAD! Remember..top 5 in interceptions forced...will be key on SUNDAY...We have to beat Steelrs at their own game...getting turnovers(at least in the past when they were known for it)..their ST are suspect too..wish Thigpen can break one!!

I actually sounds like a legit call. What else would you call it?

Tannehill Is Outperforming Andrew Luck

CMP 280
ATT 451
YDS 3,115
CMP% 62.1
AVG 6.91
TD 17
LNG 67
INT 13
QBR 83.2

Andrew Luck

CMP 243
ATT 418
CMP% 58.1
YDS 2,793
AVG 6.68
TD 15
LNG 73
RAT 82.4

So not only is Tannehill OUTPERFORMING the 2012 #1 overall pick, he's OUTPERFORMING the 2012 #2 overall pick RG3, also.

Sherman was correct, Tannehill is the most improved of 2012 qb draft class. Russel Smith's numbers are similar to last year's.

Tannehill is on pace to shatter his 2012 performance. Sherman was absolutely correct!

Are you saying you'd rather have RT than Luck? Is there ANYONE here that would?!

I would call it blocking. This was a screen pass and the ball was to Miller in seconds. So they ran down the field and while the ball was in the air he blocking the defender? I had to rewind the play a few times an put in slow motion just to watch the play since it was conveniently skipped over so quickly.

Posted by: TruthhurTs | December 02, 2013 at 03:42 PM

In taking great risk of getting to far ahead of myself, should we make the playoff without sustaining an defensive injuries, and get D'mitri Patterson back. This could become a very FORMIDDABLE defense.

Should the oline finally find consistency run and pass blocking. These Miami Dolphins could make a lot of noise in the 2013 playoffs. Just saying.

I didn't see that play so you're probably right as long as the pass was made. Did Clay get up field and wipe someone out before the pass was made?

Being a poor loser could be a blessing but also a big curse. Ask Daytona. Me, I like to Win.

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