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A win for the Dolphins and something more

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- I have no idea if the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs. No one does.

As of today, they are still on the outside looking in as Baltimore is holding the final AFC playoff spot over Miami despite both teams having the same 6-6 record. The Ravens, you'll recall, defeated the Dolphins and that is the difference between them now.

Frankly, I saw a bad first half from Miami Sunday followed by a promising second half. That speaks about these Dolphins because they are nothing if not inconsistent. So I can't tell you that fine second half dominance over the Jets is going to carry over to next week.

Or the week after.

Or the one after that.

But I do know this:

The Dolphins ruined the Jets season on Sunday. They not only beat the Jets, they demoralized them.

The Dolphins pounded not one but two Jets quarterbacks. People got benched.

Rex Ryan was sick about it.

That's the Jets we're talking about. And the Dolphins just about put their season to bed.


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We will keep Grimes for a good few years. He is a freak and well conditioned. Even if our two rookies become legit starters, 3 good corners is not too many to carry. Especially in the pass happy era.

..Bill..Cool..I agree. I hate this system too. I wish we had a fullback. I wish we would use 2 tight ends more. I wish we would have committed to the run, and brought Tannehill along slower. I have said this since the end of last year. I cant stand Philbin, and hope he gets the pink slip..Thats how far I hate this system for this team, at this point. If Tannehill was an Elite quarterback. My opinion of Philbins system would be different. But as I have said over and over. Philbin is reckless..He is playing with fire the way he wants to play offense with this personel. I wouldn't argue that the system sucks..

But..there is opinion. and reality. The reality is that Philbin doesn't use the tight end in the way a traditional tight end is used. He isn't worried about the run game(not nearly as he is worried about establishing the pass)..And in this system. Which Philbin will live or die by...Clay is a weapon. A nice piece for te offense. We could have the best blocking tight end in the league(we did and let him go)..It wouldn't matter. Unless Philbin has an epiphany(spelling) or he ultimately succeeds with this offense. We are seeing how the tight ends are going to be used. It is more helpful(in this system) then it is a detriment...

So there is the debate..Are you a Philbin guy(It sounds like you aren't) or are you an anti Philbin...(Like myself..I have major doubts)

Patterson should be gone for sure this offseason. The cap savings, the fact he's the wrong side of 30 and hurt all the time should be reason enough to let him walk.

..Elmo. You are right..Pure speculation. But look at the evidence.

We had Fasano. A straight in line blocker. A safety net for us at RT last year. He was let go in favor of Keller. Who was not brought here to block. Look at the formations we run. Count the personnel groupings..This will give you a huge hint as to what sort of offense we prefer..Spreading the field. 3 WR's 1 TE. and single back. This is our bread and butter personel grouping. We run more formations out of this grouping then any other. And you know what..We throw out of this personnel grouping probably 75 percent of the time. We throw in general close to 70 percent of the time..

So while you are right. I have never sat down and spoke with Philbin about his Philosophy. And yes, it is true that you could say that I am making my own generalization. I am doing so with some evidence that would support my argument..It isn't just a random comment thrown against the wall..

Philbin's system puts way too much pressure on Tannehill to make the big play. If Tannehill turns into a great starter, from these beginnings, talk about coming out of the crucible stronger.

This is no debate, People. I heard it with my own ears in a presser that Pkilbin had, he said, There is still a place for a FB in this League and he wanted Vontae Leach. Then, he was overruled, by somebody.

DD as far as the DNA of Philbin...I did a little research. Philbin was the TE/OL coach for the Packers from 2004-2005 during this time his TE was Bubba Franks...a complete TE!! 34 rec for 231 yds. I rest my case Mr. DD

Mr. DD I am not a Philbin fan and am on record as such. I have called for the removal of the ENTIRE mgmt. from GM down to the water boy!! That being said I don't want to go through a new system altogether. That will set us back. So I would hope we replace this team with a similar type system that understand talent acquisition. We miss on way too many early draft picks for 6 yrs and see good FA come here, play bad, leave and get good again...hmmm Bush, Marshall, Davis, Long Fasano, hmmmmm.

...OC..Philbin might have said that..What he didn't say was that there was a place for a FB on this team for Leach. Why would the GM invest in a player of Leachs' Pettiree, at his price tag(which may have seemed cheap) when he would only be used sparingly? Do you really think that if fullback was so important in this offense, and we could have had Vontae Leach..That the GM would have said no?

I doubt it. If fullback was a piece to the puzzle, an important part of the offense. We would have signed the guy. It wasn't at the time, and we didn't. Now we have Egnew lined up back there..Oopps we can't run the ball with a single back...

That one is on Joe Philbin..Ireland isn't going to buy the kid a toy if he tell him he won't play with it.

We have to give these old geezers a chance at calling plays. They did a fairly good job yesterday. You have to realize that few have Our beautiful talent for calling imaginative plays.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 02, 2013 at 12:04 PM

I agree. Finally the offensive play complimented our defense. We did a good job of wearing their defense down with long drives. Even though it didn't result in points in the 1st half, you could see they were exhausted in the 2nd half and our WRs were able to make RAC TDs from poor angles and tackling. Take nothing away from Tannehill. He had 20 first downs and made some nice intermediate throws.

DD you have it backwards....Ireland was making the choice of who was a Dolphin...we learned that this week with the admission that Philbin wanted Cogs gone and was over ruled by Ireland.

Philbin has been an OL coach most of his coaching career he wants a blocking TE and FB. He understand the value of that. He has been over ruled by our kicker/GM! Aloco is right we have a garage mechanic for a GM!!

There was some craziness here not so long ago. With my own ears I heard somebody out of camera's view during the pressers tell Philbin what not to say. Perhaps they told him what to say also. Dawn Aponte? I don't know, I couldn't see them. But I felt them.

Heck, they could have gotten John Conner after the Bengals cut him for being JUST a FB and a ST's demon! Who was the LB that we let go to NE who ended up being a pro bowl ST'er the rest of his career?

..Bill A. @ 5:32...My girlfriends students call me Mr. DD (lol) Thanks!

I will agree with you here...I am not saying I want to see Philbin fail. I would much rather come here, and eat crow. Then go through another change in regime. Who, knows. Perhaps Philbin evolves. You feel he has it in him. I'm not so sure of it..

Fellas. nice debate today...Enjoy the game tonight. We are expecting - temps starting tomorrow, and if I do not finish sealing the wood stove the little lady is going to go nuclear...Have a good night.

I think that Ross is going to let Ireland go and Philbin will have a say, along with Peterson Ross's NFL adviser, in who becomes the next GM.

So Bill gets on his high horse, even though HE tells people to sukkk his dikkk on this blog. It's ok when Bill is offensive, but nobody else is allowed to be offensive.


Fasano was a below average TE, Keller a stellar probowl TE. No comparison. Nobody says you don't upgrade the position when you can. Don't forget they recently drafted SImms, mainly a blocker.

Rob Ninkovich was a Dolphin after N.O. cut him....then Giants and Jets cut him after us. Patriots turned him into a pro bowler.

Ninkovich never played for the Jets or Giants we cut him then he went back to N.O. and was cut again before NE.

It is reasonable to think that Ross went with Ireland's thinking on not spending $ on unnecessary Players rather than go with Philbin's thinking. No more. Everything has imploded, dd. And that is probably why the Team is looking better. btw, how is the Game up there?

Posted by: Hypocrites | December 02, 2013 at 05:42 PM

Sukkkk my diiickkkk

Did Kris Kry ever own up today? Or is he still running from his own statements?

I think that Ross is going to let Ireland go and Philbin will have a say, along with Peterson Ross's NFL adviser, in who becomes the next GM.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 02, 2013 at 05:41 PM
Entirely possible if we are to believe Ross's endearment for Philbin. If that's the case, does Sherman stay? What about Zac Taylor? Be interesting to see it all unfold.

A Moose might want to sukkkk your diickkkk....

Gotta go silly time is about to begin!! I call out racist. I call out bullies. I call out trolls. I have NEVER insulted a blogger that is here to talk Football. For this I will not apologize in fact
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Can ALL sukkkk my diiikkk!! Because they bring nothing and are here for no reason other than to incite.

Regarding coach Philbin, my approach is a, "love the one you're with" right now. I need to see how the final 4 games go before becoming a "Philbin must go".

We have to be careful about running every hc out of town that comes to Miami. I mean, how well has that worked for us over the last 15yrs?

Not very well, goof NFL hc's are not falling from the trees. There's nothing out there but unsuccessful retreads, unprovens, and quitters.

Great week to play the Steelers. For one I think we have a legit shot at beating them. Secondly, they are dealing with TomlinGate right now, a likely distraction. Also they are now out of the playoff picture so they have nothing to play for.

We must be forever thankful to Jonathan Martin for exposing all this insanity here. Yes?

It's funny after a decade of playing power football (and bitching about it being old school) we all want a FB back. Lol

Elmo, scary part about plying the Steelers is right now Roeslisberger playing his best football of the year. It going to take another TOTAL team effort to win Sunday.

Anything less, we leave Hines Stadium 6-7.

I don't know of any of you have been to a game at Heinz Field but it can be windy, cold and wet. The shape of the stadium creates the conditions. Our defense will have to play lights out as I expect our offense to struggle with the conditions and physical nature of the Pittsburgh D run by Dick Lebeau.

I saw 3 Rivers Stadium once from a distance. It DID have a weird shape now that Darkoak mentions it.

We have to be careful about running every hc out of town that comes to Miami. I mean, how well has that worked for us over the last 15yrs?

Not very well, goof NFL hc's are not falling from the trees. There's nothing out there but unsuccessful retreads, unprovens, and quitters.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 02, 2013 at 05:53 PM


It's similar to the Razor (Gillette) with the open end to the stadium facing the rivers an the canopied back section at the other end. Great place to watch a game if you ever get a chance, when I went we stayed at the same hotel the team stayed at prior to the game, the Hilton across the river.

Pittsburg is 5-7. Let's not be afraid of the past. They will have to play a complete game as well to beat us. The Jets shutdown NE and NO, they couldn't shut us down.

To all the Trolls.

Hey Guys, could you all pee pee on me while I sit in a paddling poole with my Thill Jersey on before I go Bed Bed Time ???

Love You,

Butt Pluggin Bill x

Sounds nice, Darkoak. But I guess I have to stick to the old Orange Bowl memories now.

Time to unleash Austin Spitler as the short yardage runner. If you are going to gambele on 4 thd down you better have a back who is money on the FB dive.

I saw some posts about 2014 UFA's, here are the ones that that will need to be signed or replaced:

Players under contract for 2014 take up 106 million leaving roughly 20 million of cap space. If the phins let Patterson and Moore go that would be another 11 million in cap space. That should be plenty to sign the key UFA's, new FA's, and draft pics.

The key is who will be making the personnel decisions, it sounds to me that Philbin and Ireland are on different pages which is not good. Also, can Philbin coach up the players they keep, sign, and draft.

A Dolphin "fan" who can't remember Larry Izzo. I can't understand why you guys continue to talk to people who are so disrespectful. I mean, you read the anti Semitic post right? Why continue talking to someone after he attacks someones religion and then justifies it by saying, "it's okay, I knocked one up".

Are you kidding me? Hahahahahaha! You're still talking to this guy? He's either a complete sociopath or some lonely soul playing a character! Hahahaha Oh man this place is a riot.

On a famous doctors salary you should be able to jet away for a game whenever you want Oscar.

You guys don't see it?

From the looks of it he spent the better part of the day in a Dolphins fan blog after a big win trying to convince you why you should hate your QB and anything else related to the team you root for.

Opening anyone's eyes yet? Are we seeing the big picture here? lmao

On that list a few are prob gone, Keller is a definite. I don't see him being resigned. He's a pass catching tight end who's been injured the past couple of years and is near 30. Clay is a pass catching tight end who is healthy and young. I don't see any scenario in which Keller is resigned. They have to decide if they have a blocking TE on the roster or if they need to draft or sign one in free agency.

To clarify I didn't "ATTACK anyone's religion". Just pointed out the fact that Jews are cheap. That would be like saying black people like fried chicken, or white men can't jump. All true BTW.

I am a Doctor Psychiatrist, Darkoak. If you don't do fraud, we can't order EKGs, X-rays, labs, etc, to defend ourselves economically. I have ALWAYS lived nearly from month to month. I love it.

These aren't your normal playoff bound Steelers they have struggled bad this year in running the ball and defense. There's no reason to be any more scared of them then should be of our team. I would say Tomlin has a chance to get fired as well. They too are in a bit of a scandal.

From my look of it, Keller will never play again, anywhere.

From the looks of it he spent the better part of the day in a Dolphins fan blog after a big win trying to convince you why you should hate your QB and anything else related to the team you root for.

Opening anyone's eyes yet? Are we seeing the big picture here? lmao

Posted by: Phins78 | December 02, 2013 at 06:40 PM

Well why don't you think about making a contribution instead of taking up blog space regurgitating the same garbage you are criticizing???

geez you are one dumb azzzzWipe.

Open your own eyes!

- Why you no get $, man, - I'm not a businessman, man.

Jews are not cheap, they are shrewd. When it makes sense they spend. Non-Jews don't see this and fall for the cliche because most of them are dumb.

Jews run the government, banking and the stock market. Christians run churches, the Tea Partt and Fox News.

HAHA. Must be lots of Jews on here. You call it SHREWD when you're out to eat and a person with a 6 figure salary is counting the tip to the penny and moaning about the cost of the meal. I call that CHEAP.

Ask Bush if he thinks the team was being SHREWD or CHEAP.

Hey, I got no problem with the Hebes, they suck a mean one...But, let's call a spade a spade ;)

You call it SHREWD when you're out to eat and a person with a 6 figure salary is counting the tip to the penny and moaning about the cost of the meal.

Posted by: Marc | December 02, 2013 at 07:10 PM

Oh, if only that were true you'd have a point. Just because you make stuff up doesn't mean anyone else is going to believe it. It doesn't even appear you believe it.

Go dine in at the high end spots in NYC and DC (something you obviously never do) and you won't see the filthy rich Jews counting tips. Jews over tip, power is money and visa versa.

Jewish women love to suck. Another bonus. They aren't doing you a favor, they are doing themselves a favor, they lunge for it.

That's true because I don't live in NYC or DC. I've been out to nice places here in Orlando on several occasions with the extended family. Which are Jews...Perhaps they're just not "Filthy Rich" ;)

You call it SHREWD when you're out to eat and a person with a 6 figure salary is counting the tip to the penny

Posted by: Marc | December 02, 2013 at 07:10 PM

Six figures? That is barely middle class these days. God are you out of touch or just stuck in the lower class?

You must have met my baby momma?! Be careful, if that load goes anywhere else you'll be paying through your nose, and if it's not a big Jew nose, that'll be expensive

Orlando LOL

Ok, that explains it. Call me when you get out of Podunk.

Orlando hahah I am still laughing at that.

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