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Bills blitz Dolphins in 19-0 loss for Miami

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Pick the reason for this debacle -- a 19-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

The Dolphins gave up seven sacks.

(The Bills beat up quarterback Ryan Tannehill so thoroughly he left the game twice -- the first time with a knee injury, the second time probably to keep him from getting killed because he had no mobility. The knee injury he suffered bears scrutiny.)

Matt Moore threw two interceptions in the short period he played for Tannehill.

The running game was left back in South Florida as offensive coordinator Mike Sherman didn't call on it. Fact is, Sherman left the points back in South Florida today as well. Terrible job by him as the Dolphins were shut out for the first time since the season-fnale last year. The Dolphins had eight three-and-outs this game.

The defense could not stop the run.

And Thad Lewis -- a second-stringer now after rising from practice squad QB months ago -- beat the Dolphins for the second time this season.

I am shocked. I know, I know, I should not be. We've had the Dolphins lay eggs in important games before. But this?




Today they looked like the same old Dolphins. And that's not good.


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Great game. I thoroughly enjoyed it.



Let's hope Brady has some pride and beats the Ravens. The Dolphins sure as hell have no pride ... that was obvious in this game.

Regardless of what the other teams do, the Dolphins won't recover from this total demoralizing beating.

Sherman should be fined then fired for that offensive game plan!

Philbin looks utterly clueless on the sidelines, he looks like one of those mascots whose face is stuck in a STOOOPID look and can't change.

Too many people on here believed this would be a gimme. I guess the Dolphins felt that way too!

I saw this because we just don't match up well against them.
The best pass rush vs the worst protection.
A diverse running game vs a weak tackling team.

They had our number today.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | December 22, 2013 at 04:13 PM

A tough loss in a hard fought game would be one thing.

Miami didn't even show up today. Nobody could do anything right.

The best player of the game? Brandon Fields. He did the most work, and did his best with a few great punts keeping the Bills deep.

Fat freaking lot of good that did though, as the Bills just had their way with Miami.

Disgusting. A great win one week, a thoroughly pathetic, whimpering loss the next. Ridiculous.

My posts are so important I repeat them.

My posts are so important I repeat them.

Posted by: WoodShitHead | December 22, 2013 at 04:16 PM

Jeff Ireland.


Garbage offense, Garbage defense. Silly fans for believing in a team with so many holes.

Daniel Thomas/Lamar Miller = 14yds rushing

Thad Lewis = 13yds rushing

Hey, Miami Herald Dolphin experts, you're 0-5 today.

At least Kris is happy.

no one here has the power to change anything. ireland is supremely arrogant and philbin is a stubborn mule. the question is, will ross use the nfl report as an expedient excuse to fire ireland, since he apparently doesn't have the balls to do it based on performance.

December shutouts are going to be common for Phailbin, soft team that can't run the ball and can't stop the run

You know, I still want the Chargers to win and the Ravens to lose. I want to score watch next week and root for a fins win. I will be switching to the Ravens vs. Pats game and Charges vs. Raiders. Go Chargers and Pats.

As sick as I feel right now, I want to have one last meaningful Sunday before turning my attention to the draft.

there has to be accountability for this, otherwise no one has any confidence that the owner is committed to winning. it starts with competition for tannehill.

Pats must win, unless the Chargers win against the Raiders.

O-line is poor, but Sherman has to move the pocket, he made zero adjustments and really showed why he must go. This game is not on the D, but Wheeler is an embarassment on the field, get him out of there.

Thill kept going to Hartline and still has trouble deep, but those early drops by Hartline really killed any kind of momentum.
Buffalo are a better team than us.

Bill A and the experts thats said the Bills wouldn't be as big a threat as the Jets are pathetic as normal, their knowledge of the game is that of a schoolboy.

At least 3 of the sacks were the fault of Danielle Thomas, yet we keep playing her. This was pathetic.

Bills = 206yds rushing

Pray we do not make playoffs. Once behind this defense couldn't stop an old lady on her walker from rushing the ball.

Clean house Ross, this is the true face of your team, being dominated by lesser talent

channel your inner arnold schwarzenegger: go chargers!

Jeff Ireland....he played today? Uhhhh...I think not....

Philbin needs to adjust his thinking. He has to be build a team that can win in December. This team looked soft out there. The Bills were the more physical team and they just bullied the Dolphins today.

well, thomas plays because miller is even worse in protection. but it is possible for a 230 pound man to block a 300 pound tackle, it just takes EFFORT.

This loss is not on Ireland. It's on the coaches and players. OLINE was horrible all year and today they were pathetic and main cause of this loss. Defense couldn't stop a one dimensional offense....pathetic. Sherman couldn't find a way to run against this horrible run defense....pathetic. Special team blunders killed field position many times...pathetic.

Playing this poorly after a great win against the Pats last week...Yep you guessed it....pathetic.

I pity the self-styled 'real fans' that believe in this team. They probably believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Virgin Mary showing up in tortillas and soap stains.

Who was it telling us how great Lamar Miller would be?

I fell for the hype again... My bad.
Gutless, Heartless, Unprofessional coaching and on-the-field "performance"

Coyle and this damn zone pass defense. Chad Lewis proved even a scrub qb can complete passes against a zone.

We never game plan or caliber of opponent. We just try and shove our system down our own throats on both sides of the ball.

Wow, more philbin Ireland Sherman tannehill? no thanks. i'd rather watch thad lewis..... react mr.ross........


1. Armando looks stupid to suggest this team can deliver

2. Yea right, this franchise is back?

3. Last weeks win to NE was obviously a result of a depleted NE team

4. Wheeler AND Ellerbe are utter garbage. Get out of Wheelers contract ASAP! bench him for next weeks game!

5. Sam Brenner got benched(so much for him being the future at LG

6. McKinney couldn't block a wind gust today, let alone a DL

7. Coyle should be fired. No excuse to not be able to sop an offensive with a Practice squad QB throwing to his 4-6 WR's.

8. Neither Rb can pass protect, add this to the list of team needs

9. It rained only in the 1st quarter, weather had NO factor in the game. The D couldn't stop them & the O couldn't protect or run block

Gotta hope NE wins today & Cincy can beat Baltimore next week. With a win, Miami will still get in but, it's a 1 & done. If NE wins today, it doesn't matter what SD does anymore. It will come down to Winning next week & Cncy beating Baltimore next week.

How do you slow down a strong pass rush? Football 101, screen pass (I saw one flanker screen that was it) draw play or shovel pass (zero in the time I could actually bear to watch), roll the pocket to one side or the other (again ZERO times) run the read option (zero times) throw the "WEST COAST" quick slant (again ZEROES all around)
use cut blocks (didn't see one today) run a reverse or end around (ZERO today).

DUMB-ASS football 101, stick to a game plan that isn't working at all from the first whistle to the last, attempt to dictate to a defense that is completely overwhelming and dominating your offensive line, have the QB run plays that take 4 seconds or longer to get rid of the ball.

I used to think that our worst offensive coaching staff belonged to Cam Cameron, boy was I wrong. Ross should step in here today and fire Sherman on the spot, then tell Philbin "the offense improves next week or you're gone too!"

Can't believe I have to root for the Pats!?!

Coach of the Year - Hummm fired him and Ireland and yes the whole offensive line.

jpao, who assembled the offensive line?

Philbin needs to adjust his thinking. He has to be build a team that can win in December.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 22, 2013 at 04:22 PM

Dumb comment. Pay attention. We beat two great teams in December. You shouldn't have to go undefeated in December to make the playoffs.

BTW-nice backfield pass protection help by one of FIRELAND's Trade-Up Acorns!

y posts are so important I repeat them.

Posted by: WoodShitHead | December 22, 2013 at 04:16 PM

Posted by: WoodShitHead | December 22, 2013 at 04:17 PM

What's up man, long time since I've seen you here. I wanted to say hello before I got back to skullfugging your sister!

Sherman had a horrible game today. You have to change the game plan when you are outmatched up front. How about using two TEs for max protection or a FB? How about getting your team ready for the blitz. You have to make them pay for blitzing. Someone has to be open when they blitz. That is on the coordinator for not adjusting.

Zero points is zero points.....I don't care whose defense is on the field...this loss is on Philbin's offense and the lack of diversity. I will say that the O-Line, patchwork throughout, finally played like it looks, pieced together and disconcerted. That was hard to watch.

Thad Lewis is a SECOND-stringer??? No!!!! He is a fifth-stringer. Buffalo has Kevin Kolb and EJ Manuel as Number 1 and 2. Then I forget the other 2 bums who got hurt. Thad was #5

...Man that sucked. What a disappointment. Not much more to really say.

Someone please keep Sherman from getting on the plane home; at a minimum, take him out to the dig track but don't pin the directions home on his sweater. Typical stinky fish in that their irrelevance in the NFL is now approaching 30 years.


Miami is not a playoff team. One can drink all the Tannehill Kool-Aid you want but he has to be able to go deeper to stretch the field. The Bills played the receivers close on shorter passes because the threat due to the weather and due to T-hills lack of accuracy is just not there. I'm not advocating Moore for QB but one can see the much quicker release and ability to go deep from him that opens up the offense. That's just the way it is T-hill has improved but the accuracy on deep passes is not easy to improve and that's why he is not a franchise QB and my never be. In a playoff game T-hill will be forced to go deep and that ability is just not there.

I SINCERELY hope that Ireland's status goes back into question after this one. Fact of the matter is, the entire league is baffled that he's still employed at this point.

Marco I agree with you about Bill A this guy comes beating his chest how the Bills will be a cakewalk and were going to the playoffs. Also Mark In Toronto my goodness, the Dolphins are we who we thought they were! A mediocre team!!!


how do the Fins make the payoffs?

Ireland, Philbin and his whole coaching staff (beginning with Sherman) should be fired effective immediately.

A failure to do so will doom any hope of public co-financing for a new/renewed stadium to unavoidable failure in the foreseeable future. Even in the eyes of local football fans.

I can see it now. Contract extension for Sherman this week... He has put game plans together for 3 of the worst rushing performances in the history of the franchise! Franchise record number of sacks! A snap count that EVERY team knows! See how many times that were dead on the snap count today. Same inside slant on 3rd down they always run! Yet another atrocious performance on 3rd down! This offense is absolutely gross! Let's bring him back to embarrass us even further next year! Just an awful performances! Pathetic!

Look I get Ireland made this poor line. But he couldn't know that Martin and Cogs would be gone mid year. There was no knowing Clabo would fall apart. He tried to do what he could by picking up McKinnie. The OLINE is a mess for sure and that is a shame.

But the coaches and players should have beaten Tampa and the Bills twice this year....THEY failed!

The NFL report will not be issued until well after the SuperBowl.

Ireland has been assured he will be back for 2014. He will be given a contract extension through at least the 2015 season.

For some reason, beating the Jets and Steelers made everything OK. Never mind that those teams are OUT of the playoffs this year.

Beating the Patriots was nice, but totally means nothing with a 19-0 loss to the Bills.

So, once again, the Dolphins win just enough to keep Ireland his job. He's never had a single winning season as a GM. And, for the record, a winning season is not 9-7 and out of the playoffs.

@ Orlando Dolhin...I agree 100%...no imagination from the OC...no contingency for the blitz..not one screen to the back...not one traditional look draw play..no run option for T-Hill.... they just laid themselves out for a whoopin....

What a pathetic performance. Just clean house and get rid of gm and coaching staff. Total fail on both accounts. If they bring back Philbin Ross is telling fans he accepts mediocrity.

How can you explain beating a good Team then losing 19-0 to a bad Team? Anybody?

Posted by: Ollie | December 22, 2013 at 04:25 PM

What game were you watching today? The fins are soft. Today was a game where you have to run the ball between the tackles and stop the run. The Dolphins are not built to do that. If you think the fins had the type of team to win in this weather consistently, then you are dumb!

Just when we seem to look like a wild card playoff-caliber team, we regress to the stench of mediocrity.

Ross will not fire anyone in the offseason, barring a collapse to the Jests. Ireland & Philbin have one more year to get it right.

Extremely frustrating today. Epic choke.

This team is no where near where it needs to be. THill continues to under throw Wallace and can't slide in the pocket. He's a couple of years away as well.

Lower your expectations Dolphins fans, or gnaw your arm off in frustration.

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