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Bills bring sacks, Dolphins offer improved protection

The enduring picture the Dolphins should have of their first meeting with the Buffalo Bills this year is of defensive end Mario Williams beating offensive tackle Tyson Clabo for a sack, stripping the football, and having it recovered by teammate Kevin Williams at the Dolphins 34 yard line.

A few plays later the Bills kicked a game winning field goal.

The sack sticks in the memory for both teams. The sack also speaks to that which has at times defined both teams.

The Dolphins have allowed an NFL high 51 sacks this season. Those sacks have accounted for 353 lost yards, multiple fumbles and something far more lasting: Those sacks have put the Dolphins on the verge of breaking the franchise record for sacks allowed in one season.

That number is 53 sacks allowed in 1969.

The Bills' defense, on the other hand, leads the NFL with 49 sacks. Buffalo has four players with at least eight sacks and Mario Williams leads that charge with 12. He is merely 2.5 sacks short of setting his own career best in tormenting of the quarterback.

So that's where the Dolphins offensive line and Buffalo defensive line will find themselves initially on Sunday. Buffalo's strength against Miami's weakness.

Bad, right?

But there is hope for the Dolphins. The offensive line the Bills faced in that first game Oct. 6 is gone. Changed. Kaput.

The left guard is different. The left tackle is different. And while the right tackle remains the same, he's playing like a different guy. The Dolphins were allowing 4.4 sacks per game on average before, with Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin and the early-season Tyson Clabo in the lineup.

They are allowing 2.6 sacks on average with Sam Brenner/Nate Garner and Bryant McKinnie and a resurrected Clabo in the lineup.

So has quarterback Ryan Tannehill noticed? Does he feel more comfortable in the pocket now?

“Yes, I think so," he said Wednesday. " It’s natural I think when you’re being protected more, being given a little more time. Building that confidence, receivers knowing that I’m going to have an extra half second, second, whatever it may be. Myself, feeling comfortable to go through second and third read, maybe not having to force it to that first guy. It plays a big part in our offense.”

There has been no better change in direction than Clabo. He yielded eight sacks and 19 hurries his first six games this season. Then the Dolphins traded for McKinnie who moved in as the left tackle and Martin moved over to right tackle for one week.

Clabo was benched in the first meeting against New England.

Well, a week later Martin was AWOL and the Dolphins turned back to Clabo. And in the seven games since going back in the lineup, Clabo has yielded three sacks and nine hurries -- meaning he's basically cut his sacks and hurries allowed by more than half.

"He’s not getting beat obviously and he’s run blocking well to go along with good pass blocking," Tannehill said. " Obviously, I don’t know O-line fundamentals but he’s keeping guys away from me and he’s doing a great job of that."

So what does this all mean?

The Bills will undoubtedly be the most difficult opponent the Miami offensive line faces this year if they want to keep Tannehill upright. But it also means the Bills would be mistaken if they think they'll be facing the same Miami offensive line they faced last time.


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Blogging during the game is great, it's actually more fun to share the game with others as it happens.

However the point is that its so easy to take shots at the comments after the game, like shooting fish in the proverbial !!!

I've actually stuck with Thill over the last 3 games, even after poor starts. Thill always seems to need the first 17 minutes to settle intot his game then he is on.

I know there are a few of the regulars that join in during games and a few guys and girls, who you never see any other time. A bit like exam time at school.

marco, I'm here to talk dolphins football and build fandom. I'm not interested in being dragged down into another internet tickling match. They cause stupid irritation. Wish it would all go away. If you don't like what some person writes, go passed it. Now I admit I'ma s guilty as anyone in being dragged into this nonsense but I've had enough. it isn't fun or constructive to one's self or ultimately to grow the team's fanbase.

As far as blogging during games, I tried it going back to 2008. not for me, I like to watch the game, actually prefer to watch alone if possible. I don't want any distractions or nonsense of any kind.

Anyone else notices how fast THill runs off the field after a 3 and out? He seems happy

How can anyone blog during the game and call themselves a real fan?

When I watch my Phins, they have my undivided attention! I will check twitter during commercials or at half time.

But between 1 and 4:15, There is only the Phins!

I'm with you rdubs, it's my sole focus. My wife tries to talk to me during games sometimes and I just stare at her between plays and then she figures out that I'm not at my most receptive, haha

Man, I hate watching football with my wife. Especially Monday night games, when she starts falling asleep and I start yelling and she wakes up , then gets mad at me.



We are all here to talk football my friend, but occasionally we drift into other areas as you do yourself and did so tonight.

It's all people should say what they want to and others can challenge them how they see fit too. Im not being a mall cop, but I believe you and Bill A were talking about strip clubs and stuff, ha ha. As long as people don't try to take the MORAL HIGH GROUND, then we should all be good, no ?

Talking about an off topic is a bit different than attacking someone personally.

hahaha.duibs, that is funny as heck. I had a similar situation during the bengals game this year. She comes down and asks if I can turn the game lower. Wtf?

I did try to muffle my celebration when they came back but she did tell me the next day that she wishes she could make me produce the same noises I emitted when teh Dolphins won.

LOl MIT. Although if I stay home I keep up with the blog and my fantasy football, depending on how much company I have.

Last week my wife was wrapping Christmas presents and asking me questions, wanting me to get things out of the shed etc. I thought about putting her in the shed.


2008 was a great season to watch. The wildcat and the 11-5 divison win was something special. Each to there own of course.

We can and do have heated exchanges, but when its over I move on. I've come to see Thill develop his strengths over the past 4 games, but the overall play of the o-line has made this possible too.

Where do you know stand on bringing Big Mac back ?.

LT is not easy to fill, even with picks and FA, I join in the get him back for one more year gang and develop a rookie or D Thomas, ha ha.

marco i think most fans knew that year we awerent gonna beat anyone in playoffs ravens just destroyed us that year

Marco, I think if they choose the draft to address the LT position, then they better bring a vet in - a least a "McKnnie" type. It's a lot to ask a guy drafted in the 20s to be a day one left tackle.

personally I hope they address the LT position with a high end free agent ... Albert is the best bet.

Rick, I can relate. Leav me alone for three dammm hours a week, woman!!


Though we have all been there and are as bad or good as each other. If you are going to attck mode, at least try to be funny though yeah my friend.

Ok your not Bill Hicks or George Carlin, but at least you try !!! some of us have that bi-pass in our personality, but hey cest la vie !!!

I've done both (blogged and not blogged). Usually it's hard, because I'm dissecting plays, rewinding, so not always up to the live action time. But when there's a great (or horrible) play, I like to see the reaction on the blog and post my own opinion. It's good for an out-of-state fan since I'm "generally" with like-minded people (Dolphins fans). There's the haters too, but it's sweet to put it in their face when we end up winning.

But you're right rdubs, the action happens so quickly most people are just posting without really reading other posts. So, after a TD you'll get a dozen posts saying, "Great play by...." But it's not that bad. Fun way to spend commercial breaks.


Yeah, there was hope though, but I guess our 'easy' schedule and Penny's arm ran out of luck.

It was fun though after the 2007 season...... No no, lets not go there my friend !!!

Good article by Prisco about Tannehill on cbssports.com.

Funny how quickly opinions change with a few wins and a winning record.


Dissecting plays is for Monday. Unless we lose, then you must never watch the game again, its just too painful. I watched 99% of my TV shows through DVR.

Dolphin games must be watched live, I was mad I had to take my mother-in-law to the hospital during the Steelers game. So I had to watch that nail biter ending on delay, almost ruined it!! My mother in law is fine, in case people thought I was a heartless basturd

LOl. Good to hear your mother-in-law is ok rdubs.


Not just the game, play calling and team performance get great comments but the TV coverage does as well.

Also when the refs scr.ew us its a easy way to let of some steam. We have lost games this year lets not forget because of BS calls. when we share them it can take the edge of the anger we all feel when robbed ha ha.

I love the live stuff, but have you noticed there are guys who go live but never-to rarely cone on here out of live play ?

When under pressure,RT needs to throw it out bounds not force his passes. Sacks, fumbles, INT's would be cut in half.
O-line needs to hold it together this two upcoming games
They've done a good job.
Defense on the other hand, they really need a wake up call. No pun intended.
GO FINS!!! Mia 24-Buf 10

Rick, good point. IN the preseason and early season stories about comparing the rookies from the 20122 Qb class, you would get none that included RT17 on ESPN - none.

there are guys who go live but never-to rarely cone on here out of live play ?

Posted by: Marco | December 19, 2013 at 03:32 PM

that should be come, but Im sure there are some that CONE on here abd contribute, like the dude selling t-shirts of the Pelicans wearing dolphins jerseys in the stands, COSMIC !!!

Can't do it Rdubs. When Tannehill gets sacked I need to see who it was on. Or when he throws a short pass I want to see if anyone was open downfield he missed. Or my favorite, the crushing sack of a Tom Brady or a Geno Smith. It's so nice, gotta see it twice!

MIT winning changes everything we just have to keep it up. Then the bandwagon jumping talking heads will pile on.

Yes, I did notice that Marco. They just post live. To each his own. I agree, blowing off steam is probably the best reason to post live. Very helpful!

Anyone else notices how fast THill runs off the field after a 3 and out? He seems happy

Posted by: Observer | December 19, 2013 at 03:00 PM

He doesnt wanna get sacked again lol

It is essential to multi-task in these NowaDays.

Tannehill hasnt been that bad lately but we really need to draft Johnny Manziel to take us to the next level.

Trade the draft for manziel!!

uhm, I think he's going early. personally don't believe in him, but he will be top 10. Possibly even top 5 unless he really craps out in the draft process.

Multitasking not only means being on different Blogs or on TV and a Blog at the same time, but changing topics quickly within the Blog itself. For instance, I can say now, Mario Williams coming from the left side will need to get Clabo some help. Then, Mark in T, you cheap, you can't afford our Women here in Miami. Something of that sort. Multitask, multitask. Better.

I believe that Manziel...will be a BUST!

Anyway, our 2014 draft will be chock full of linemen (and I'm not lamenting that one bit this year).

La Venus parece que se jamo tremendo Pin-on.


Seriously?! There are still people on here who question Tannehill and say things like "draft Johny Manziel". Lol, what else does this kid have to do? He's not even to the end of his 2nd season and we've seen him improve by leaps and bounds. Imagine what he could do if he wasnt fearing for his life every time he dropped back to pass.

I say by the time we get to year 4 of Tannehill, he'll be easily a Top 10 QB in the league. Maybe top 6 or 7.

Not to toot my own horn, but draft night a couple years ago I was on here shaking my head about the trade up to get Daniel Thomas. One of Ireland's worst moves. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, "Get Jordan Todman!" He finally got his shot last week and of no surprise to me, took advantage. ....

Looking good Sunday, weather-wise. Some rain but temps will be in the 50's

Yeah DC, its nice to have the QB and most of the skill position players set even if we are worrying about the O-line still.


News shocker of the day...

US Figure Skating Hero Brian Boitano admits he's gay.

WOW, I was 14 during the Calgary Olympics of 88 and I knew then he was gay ... aren;t all male figure skaters gay? Apart from those easter european countries where they think male figure skaters and ballet dancers are the most verile and powerful of men for some reason.

Sometimes you have to shoot the BS here. Example, When nobody else here has thought how we are going to block Mario Williams when he is going to rush vs Clabo. Remember the last time that happened? People here mostly talk about unimportant drivel. We are NOT surprised by it.

Boy this Stafford hate in detroit has got a bit strong. Get some better coaching in there and watch the guy take off. he's an amzing thrower, just prone to the turnover. Still a top ten Qb but unfortunately playing his worst at the worst time.

btw, Mark in Toronto has admitted that he "has had enough"

Only in Dreams could I wish we had Matthew Stafford here.

We only mean to Teach.

In regards to wives harrassing us during the games - I with y'all on that one!!!!

Oscar....forget Stafford, I want Megatron!

Not sure, NF, I prefer a great QB over any WR. Lets say Marino over Jerry Rice. Makes sense(to me at least).

Stafford is no Marino...give me Tannehill, Megatron, Hartline & Wallace along with a true feature RB & seam TE and we're unstoppable!

Just saying in general, NH. Generalizations teach more than actual specifics, like that mental jackoof you just spouted.

Im back to talk football...gee some just cannot get me out of there mouth?? Hmmmmmmm don't understand why they would constantly want me in there mouth??

Forget Manziel...he is a fancy Doug Flutie. He has off the field issues besides we have our QB.

Yes, Clabo go beat in theat first Buffalo game, but quit blaming him. Tannehill's the one who saw Mario coming right at him and didn't even move and then coughed it up. But furthermore...it was 100% Mike Sherman's fault for calling a pass play to begin with. We have the lead with a few minutes left. Run out the clock and we win. Period.

Lonely idiocy to be on here blogging during a game. Nobody wants to be in your company so the only interaction you have with people is on an anonymous blog? What a sad existence. Then expect everybody to actually go back and read old blogs...hmmmm sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic with narcissistic rage. Maybe you should get some help....or at the very least a friend! I pity you.

Posted by: PatriotPhin | December 19, 2013 at 05:12 PM

I agree....Clabo has gotten better since that game. Hopefully the coaches will run more if we have the lead and try to score to put a cushion between us and the bills.

Hope I'm wrong, Bills 23 Fins 20. Still remember last time Fins were on 3 game win streak.

This s certainly a trap game coming off of the Pats win. Deefinitely uncharted waters.

Sam I am
soooooo hoping you are wrong. You were all gun ho last week what have you seen that has you picking the Bills? I think the Dolphins are actually angry about the last Bills game and are looking for revenge.

I think is that darn Jets game that we will have the problem with? We beat them bad last game...they hate us....and would nothing more than to ruin our post season hopes. Them I fear more than the Bills.

Is anybody out there to talk Dolphins football.

Dont know if anyone followed the link that was posted in the "Tweets" in the MH page... But it will take you to the list of teams that are in the best "Salary Cap" situation next year. You would think Miami would be a some trouble given the number of high$$ contracts they threw around...

Not true....

Dawn Aponte is once again...

... "The Queenology of Capology"...

And it seems Miami is ranked as the 7th best team as salary cap issues go...

Here is the link (Please don't delete this post since I pulled the link from YOUR page, moderator... Thanks)
... http://cbsprt.co/1kf0nkj............

Here are the numbers and a cut/paste of exactly what is written if you don't wanna look for yourself...
Salary Cap Room: $28,130,859
Adjusted Salary Cap: $144,102,920
The Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito ordeal depleted the offensive line. Neither player is expected back with the Dolphins in 2014. Incognito will be an unrestricted free agent and Martin will be put on the trading block. The Dolphins had trade discussions with the Kansas City Chiefs prior to the draft regarding left tackle Branden Albert, the Chiefs' franchise player, but weren't willing to part with a second-round pick. It will cost Kansas City, who should have close to $6.5 million in cap room, $11,793,600 to designate him as a franchise player for a second time. The Dolphins reportedly were willing to meet Albert's contract demands if the trade had been made. He was seeking a deal comparable to the six-year contract extension averaging $8.9 million per year (with $22,081,500 in guarantees) Pro Bowl left tackle Duane Brown signed with the Houston Texans right before the start of the 2012 season.

Brent Grimes signed a one-year “prove it” deal for $5.5 million to re-establish his value after tearing an Achilles tendon in the Atlanta Falcons' 2012 season opener. He has performed at a Pro Bowl level this year. Grimes could be franchised for a little more than $11.2 million if a long term deal can't be worked out.
The Dolphins can restructure Mike Wallace's five-year, $60 million contract if additional cap room is needed. He has the NFL's 13th largest 2014 cap number at $17.25 million.

Not a bad situation for Miami IMAO... I doubt Wallace would Balk if approached to restructure so long as the numbers are still similar. You would think he is the worst cap hit in the NFL the way the National Media loves to repeat over and over and over in every single game how much he was paid... But just as the piece say's... he's actually only 13th. I'd wager 8 or 9 of the guys with bigger hit are QB's... The rest LT's, CB's, and WR's.......

Still plenty of room to get guy's signed and plug a hole or two.

No way the Jets are a bigger threat than the Bills.

Homefield advantage alone puts them way below the Bills as a threat. Playing in the cold of Buffalo, with a better Bills team will cause us more problems. They also have the confidence of having beaten us already this year with Thad.

Both games will be tough, but the Bills D have been much better at forcing turnovers with 26 to the Jets league low 10. Geno is also not to solid at the moment, his rookie year has been a tough one for him.

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