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Brian Hartline has torn PCL

Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline has a torn PCL, an MRI on his injured left knee confirmed this morning.

Hartline will not require surgery, according to an NFL source, and he will be ready for the start of the 2014 training camp if not earlier.

Hartline, who finished the season with 76 catches for 1,016 yards and four touchdownds, was in the locker room briefly this morning but did not discuss his status. He was on crutches and wearing a soft cast or sleeve of some sort.

A PCL injury is tricky because the surgery to correct the procedure has not been perfected by medical science. And so rehabilitation and strengthening the areas around the knee are the best course for returning to action.




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dd (from last blog),

NH is right, Skins had a great run game (but maybe that was Daddy's doing). Come to think of it, Houston wasn't too shabby either. I think Kyle uses the pass to set up the run (not the other way around). Which is fine if you have balance either way.

I don't really care who they bring in, just as long as it's someone with a great SYSTEM. That's where we've been lacking. We need to see receivers wide open for a change. We need to specialize and do something great. At least Sparano perfected the 1 yd pickup (and run game). Those teams had identities. I don't know the identity of this team on offense. On defense, it's turnovers, tough front 4, but stopping the run was non-existent.

WHAT'S OUR IDENTITY? Oh, wait, mediocre. I forgot.

DC Dolfan,

From last blog post.

You are right that the Dolphins OL played well yesterday. And you are right it is ALWAYS something with this team. LOL. Could not agree more.

still need a qb

Getting rid of the 2 linebackers last year and bringing in 2 new LB's was a complete failure. Using the 3rd overall pick in the draft on a guy who played part-time in college was a failure that may or may not end up as a complete failure. These are decisions made by Ireland that cause concern. Ross needs to take a hard look at Ireland.

If there is one consensus about this team it’s the fact that Ireland NEEDS to go. Then Sherman and his kin need to go. I truly don't feel that Philbin's characteristics play into this team's ineptitude the past two weeks, so throwing him away would be the most damaging thing to this team. Although I can't stand the thought of a complete coaching rebuild, I would be more enthusiastic if the Dolphins bring in an experienced NFL HC with a winning pedigree. If not Philbin should stay. Face it; the Dolphins have been chewing up coaches like kids eat candy on Halloween since Shula retired. EVERYBODY wanted Jimmy Johnson, then he quit and we had Wannstedt, which nobody really wanted. (Not going to mention any interim coaches) Then it was Nick Sabin and the excitement flowed once again. Two years later after Sabin quit, we had Cam Cameron. No excitement there either. After an abysmal 1-15 year Cameron is fired and we had the big TUNA excitement! Tuna is going to change everything! We got one Cinderella season then Tuna quit and left rotting pumpkins on our doorstep.

Interestingly, the Dolphins have failed hiring coaches with and without NFL experience. Realistically, all that needs to happen is Ross firing Ireland, and Philbin arranging Sherman's retirement party. We all know the drafting this team has done is pathetic. Yes Ireland has landed some pretty good acorns. But it certainly does not speak well of Irelands draft capability when undrafted players play before drafted players, CONSTANTLY.

This team needs more talent in some areas, and is set in other areas. I truly don't believe that QB is an issue right now. Those of you who say Tannehill cant through the deep ball are right, but what if he starts hitting it with more practice (something Sherman admitted does not happen with the deep ball)? If Tannehill can polish up on the deep ball, he will be a great QB. This kid took a beating all year behind that horrible o-line and still played his heart out. When Marlon Moore tipped the pass that was intercepted in the 4th qtr. yesterday, you saw in Tannehill's face his disgust for what was happening out there. Now there are reports on NFL.com about Tannehill lost faith in Sherman. Go figure.

Small changes should be sufficient to get this team to the next level.

4 HCs gone this morning (so far). Don't wait too long Ross.

Rumor is that Schiano is going to Penn State...but his GM is now on the street (Domenik)...although I don't know squat about him.

New OC...maybe a new DC? don't know but we better toss our hat in the ring or the cream of the crop will be long gone.

Ross...wake up dude, stop sulking and start leading.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | December 30, 2013 at 11:56 AM

It seem like Dominik did fairly well as GM, especially his last 2 years. His picks in the last 2 years:

Mark Barron
Doug Martin
Lavonte David
Johnthan Banks
Mike Glennon

Schwartz gone


That make 5?

Tampa's draft last year was worse than ours. J. Banks is complete and utter garbage.

6 with kubiak

I don't know how Shwartz wasn't first. That had to be the worst coaching job in all the NFL last year. True top end talent all over the field.

Just waiting for Ross to pull the trigger

Tampa has some pretty good players but like Miami, the HC didn't know what to do with it.

Here's one problem with just firing the OC, DC, QB Coach and/or the OL Coach:

What talented or up and coming coach would want to work for a GM and Head Coach who are lame ducks going into 2014?

Also, given the fact that the Dolphins are a dysfunctional team where good players go to regress, why would any talented OC or DC want to hitch his career to such a subpar organization.

In my opinion, I do not think changing assistant coaches will change anything about this team. I believe Ross would do that just to avoid making the difficult choice to start over at the GM and Head Coach positions.

Due to the problems with the OL, WR unit, RBs, secondary, LB unit, and possibly QB, I do not think this team is ready for a breakout 2014 season either.

If the status quo stays the same, then 2014 will mark Jeff Ireland's SEVENTH year as GM and a seven year rebuild (or rebuild of a rebuild) is just too long.

What's painful, in retrospect, is that the New England victory was not a 'statement game' but that the Dolphins were merely a lobster trap game for the Patriots. The Patriots did not take the game seriously enough and loss as a result. In short, the Dolphins are the losing team other teams sometimes overlook.

In six seasons, Ireland has built an above average DL. That's it. He destroyed a decent defense with poor drafting and horrid LB signings. Even with the Wallace signing, almost all of the money is invested in the defense, and it's not a very good unit.

The offense. It's been among the worst in the NFL for many years.

Clean house. Completely.

Hey, MarK. How's Tanny looking now?!

Aponte, not ross, he is as clueless as the homers

I agree, Schwartz should be hung not making the Playoffs with that talent on offense. Completely ridiculous.

Tannehill is looking great...just wait until he has a team around him and the sky is the limit

All the lucky fans of other loser franchises are watching their owners acting decisively, firing bad HCs & GMs.
Us? Ross is gonna wring his hands & vacillate, make the right kind of noises, then stick us with the existing losers FIRELAND_& Failbin.
Does this sad fact excite the fans?

GREAT?! 1TD in 8 quarters is great?!

I don't know how Shwartz wasn't first. That had to be the worst coaching job in all the NFL last year. True top end talent all over the field.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 30, 2013 at 12:15 PM

Mark. By far the worst coaching job this year was Joe Philbin....by far

GREAT?! 1TD in 8 quarters is great?!

Posted by: Marc | December 30, 2013 at 12:19 PM

No 3913 yds and 24 TD was great with no team around him. dopey?

Get well soon, Brian Hartline. But you still shoulda caught all those drops against the Bills. You killed us last week, just like the guys at www.DolphinsTruth.com said

I honestly think there will be no changes this year, cant beleieve Ross will sit on his hands and not fire anyone. Expect the same record next year i wouldnt be surprise if we go 7 and 9..

Tampa's draft last year was worse than ours. J. Banks is complete and utter garbage.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 30, 2013 at 12:14 PM


He had 3 picks and actually saw meaningful PT, which is more than you can say of our 2 draft picks.

The got a starting QB in the 3rd round who put up solid 1st year numbers. I would disagree that their draft sucked, especially compared to ours.

Guys Mark is a homer!!!

It's Noon and as alot of Dolphins fans expected ZERO movement in Fins Nation! I'm hoping Ross is simply looking at his options before making his move some here have stated that he won't move on anybody and I disagree given last night on Sports Final they showed a caption of him talking with Nat Moore on the sidelines during the last few minutes of the game and Moore (who had a look of total disgust on his face) was saying something to Ross and the Owner seemed to be nodding his head in agreement while staring at the ground.

I feel the guy who gets the ax here is Ireland with the new G.M. inheriting Philbin in what could turn into a lame duck Season "IF" the team is floundering by Mid-Season in 2014. Aponte who has Ross's ear chief among those tossing the Coach a life line. I'm not sure exactly were you'd start in the G.M. search in terms of direction but if up to me I would start with the heads of player personnel in Pitt. and Baltimore. Twp teams with steady F.O.'s who've put together consistent winners for over a decade with S.B. Championships and steady Org. from top to bottom, JMO!

1 Peyton Manning, QB DEN 450 659 68.3 5,477 8.31 78 55 10 18 115.1 342

2 Drew Brees, QB NO 446 650 68.6 5,162 7.94 76 39 12 37 104.7 323

3 Matthew Stafford, QB DET 371 634 58.5 4,650 7.33 87 29 19 23 84.2 291

4 Matt Ryan, QB ATL 439 651 67.4 4,515 6.94 81 26 17 44 89.6 282

5 Philip Rivers, QB SD 378 544 69.5 4,478 8.23 60 32 11 30 105.5 280

6 Tom Brady, QB NE 380 628 60.5 4,343 6.92 81 25 11 40 87.3 271

7 Andy Dalton, QB CIN 363 586 61.9 4,296 7.33 82 33 20 29 88.8 269

8 Carson Palmer, QB ARI 362 572 63.3 4,274 7.47 91 24 22 41 83.9 267

9 Ben Roethlisberger, QB PIT 375 584 64.2 4,261 7.30 67 28 14 42 92.0 266

10 Ryan Tannehill, QB MIA 355 588 60.4 3,913 6.66 67 24 17 58 81.7 245

When i seen Dion Jordan playing special team as a #3 pick i know the draft was a collosal faikure..

Dear Big Ears - Simple solution fire Ireland and bring in a real GM. The new GM will then clean house on the coaching side and bring in the right coach based on existing talent.


Sigh, you're right. There are only 2 problems:

Talent acquisition (Ireland)


Coaching (Philbin)


Tannehill top 10 QB with no run game, no OL. Just imagine when he gets a run game and OL?

Here's our 2014 schedule:

Miami will host the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens ended up finishing behind Cincinnati and Pittsburgh after losing to the Bengals at Cincinnati this afternoon.

When it comes to the road games, the Dolphins travel to Buffalo, New England and New York within the division and to the Denver Broncos, the Oakland Raiders in London on September 28th, the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Coach philben just said that sherman is an excellent coach. Wow, im not a professional NFL guy but its quite clear that the play calling is not up to par with the good offenses in the NFL. Just look at the last two weeks, Buffalo and Jets had great play calling and we looked lost with same old formations and same five plays.

I have been opposed to firing Ireland simply because I haven't seen a GM available that is an upgrade.

My opinion changed when Mark Dominik got axed. He is clearly a young GM who is improving at his job. ROSS needs to make that move now!

5-11 in 2014 with tpuke

Numbers don't mean sh%t. If you can't lead your team to wins the last two weeks and get into the playoffs, losing teams especially you suck. Bottom line.

Marc, I made my Tannehill assessment on the last blog. In short, I think he did well enough to get another year - middle of the pack Qb right now. Too bad he fell flat in the last two because I thought he was verging on top 10 status.


I know its popular to dish on Jeff Ireland. And some of it is justified. BUT you cannot argue that Ireland put together a better roster than the Jets and Bills and we still lost 3 out of 4 games against these opponents. That is not Ireland That is Philbin. Loosing against teams with inferior rosters is on Philbin and unfortunately that has become the norm here. That is why we are home for the playoffs.

I agree, Schwartz should be hung not making the Playoffs with that talent on offense. Completely ridiculous.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 30, 2013 at 12:18 PM

Without a doubt the sexiest opening in the NFL today! However it's worth noting that the Lions are well over the CAP (RED FLAG!) To kick off 2014 making them a bit player in FA were they are absolutely DB starved! The OL is nothing special either and in honesty not sold that Stafford is a special NFL signal caller. Extremely careless with the ball after watching some the reality is he throws alot of jump balls Megatron's way which the WR seems to win for him more often than not even with the warts on that squad I can think of 10 QB's in the game today that would have that team as is moving deep into the Playoffs. To me a job that "IS" sexy but brings with it expectations that are tied to an erratic signal caller, ALA the Bengals but at least Dalton's streaky play gives you 8 great starts a Yr.

We need a qb that can make all the throws...tannehill has had two years to perfect the deep ball and he can't do it. Mike Wallace beat a db by 2-3 yards every game. You want a qb that produces 7 points in the two most important games of the season...you can have him.

I'm getting a little ansy too. Didn't think it would happen 1st thing, but it's now Noon. Ireland really can't be that hard of a call. I would have had him in at 9am, and been done by 10.

Mando, can you let us know if there are any signs something will happen today?

With each passing moment it appears more evident Ireland could again stay. I'm beginning to see that a pattern could be developing.

Remember when Dan Henning was first to go and the only one to go? Looks like Mike Sherman maybe the only one served up here.

The following season Sparano was served up. If Phailbin fails again, he will be served up. It's beginning to appear we could be going through this same cycle once again.

I mean, what is there to "look at" concerning Ireland except to "lock and load". Ireland not fired yet looks fishy even in fish land.

Woodshed, just because they played, doesn't mean they are good players. Banks is not good. Glennon .. ok, not bad for a first year but I don't know if he instills confidence in anyone enough to invest in him there.

The first went for Revis which doesn't look that great either unless they can turn it around fast because Darell is no spring chicken 29 next year I believe.

So unless you like nothing about the team then you are not a blind homer. I get it.

tchoke suxx

Mando...put down your sandwich and start knocking on some doors. What's the pulse of the Fins headquarters? Where is Ireland? Sherman? Philbin?

The update on Hartline's knee was nice and all, but there are bigger stories out there....GO!

I'm telling you, IF you retain Philbin, it will be VERY HARD to get rid of Mike Sherman:

(from espn):
Philbin defended his coaching staff, particularly Sherman, who is his close friend and mentor. Philbin declined to say whether he will be willing to fire Sherman if asked by ownership or the general manager.

"Mike Sherman is an excellent football coach," Philbin said Monday during his season-ending press conference. "That's what I think."

Philbin still believes Miami is "close" and headed in the right direction.
I don't like the sound of that. We've been "close" for a decade now. 1 game better is close to failing as it is to succeeding.

Been saying for years if you want a new GM, get Matt DeCosta - Ozzie's #2 and young and hungry in Baltimore.

I have this strange feeling there will not be any changes.. Smh cant believe it'

DC Dolfan, Ross himself could fire Sherman if he liked. Philbin does not sign paychecks in Miami. Ross does.

Been saying for years if you want a new GM, get Matt DeCosta - Ozzie's #2 and young and hungry in Baltimore.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 30, 2013 at 12:46 PM

GREAT POST MIT. That's the guy we want ASAP.

WE KNOW. I KNOW you're just stirring the pot, hence the nickname, but, I'd be curious how you sorted that where he ranks in the top 10? Yards? Yes, yards.

Completion % 60.4 Henne 60.6
TD's 24/17 tied for 12th with Newton and Palmer. 2nd most INTs next to Palmer. Brady 25/11, Luck 23/9
INT's. Tied with Ryan for 7th. Top 10 in something!
Yards per completion: Tied with Luck for dead last!
Yards per game 12th

QBR. You know the one that actually means something? 34th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you meant a top 10 QB in Yards and INTs. I'll agree with that.

As for lack of surrounding talent? Brady has 12 wins...

But, hey, he overthrew Wallace for once so maybe there's hope

Stafford is a top ten QB ... barely.

I really HATE being right sometimes ;)

Even with the Wallace signing, almost all of the money is invested in the defense, and it's not a very good unit.

The offense. It's been among the worst in the NFL for many years.

Clean house. Completely.

Posted by: Sigh | December 30, 2013 at 12:16 PM

Alot of hindsight when analyzing the D and what Ireland did with that side of the ball. The reality is the D is stacked with talent but are beaten by lack of proper scheme, this falls directly on Coyle!

I give a prime example from yesterdays game! Who remembers the Jets driving in the 3rd on our 45 yardline or so when Grimes BLITZED the QB lined up at RCB coming from the bottom of your screen???

I was watching him on the play Pre-Snap for 2 reasons.

1) He was out of Pos. on the rightside of the formation.

2) He had his shoulders turned inside lined up off the WR and looked to me like he was obviously blitzing which of course he was.

The Jets rookie QB saw this and at the snap turned towards Grimes who had little shot of getting there and hit the man he uncovered for about a 15 Yard gain!!

All of that and we have a true 3/4 NT and 3/4 DE's in Odrick, Solia and Starks collectively the starting group when we were a Top-10 D Vs. the run! A true SAM MLB in Ellerbee who excelled there at Baltimore and a 6'6"/260 Pd. rookie 3/4 OLB who can run a 4.6/40 and man the SOLB spot (the OLB who normally drops in coverage) erasing the T.E. and spying the QB.

Had we done this yesterday (even out of the 4/3) it would have given the Jets pause with Jordan shadowing G.Smith (who by the way ran a 4.55 at the combine in other words not faster that DJ)

I understand all the hindsight Monday morning QB B.S. but just how our obviously 3/4 personnel would be used by a Coordinator picked off a 4/3 education under Zim was a hot topic here since the day after the Jordan pick! I understand the HATE on Sherm but at least his issue lies in personnel while Coyle IMO has ZERO excuse and should be the 1st Coach fired by Miami today!!

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