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Brian Hartline has torn PCL

Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline has a torn PCL, an MRI on his injured left knee confirmed this morning.

Hartline will not require surgery, according to an NFL source, and he will be ready for the start of the 2014 training camp if not earlier.

Hartline, who finished the season with 76 catches for 1,016 yards and four touchdownds, was in the locker room briefly this morning but did not discuss his status. He was on crutches and wearing a soft cast or sleeve of some sort.

A PCL injury is tricky because the surgery to correct the procedure has not been perfected by medical science. And so rehabilitation and strengthening the areas around the knee are the best course for returning to action.




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IF Ireland goes then Philbin and his staff have to go also. If not we have a lame duck coach that will probably get fired next year. All that does is waste yet another season.


If Glennon doesn't instill some confidence (19 TDs and 9 picks as a rookie) then I don't know what could.

As far as Banks, he had MRSA to start the season, and he still saw meaningful play time. He is far ahead of Jamar Taylor at this point.

I also like that Domenik goes after the right FA's. Vincent Jackson and Revis were good moves. I would take V. Jackson over Wallace in a heartbeat.

QBR. You know the one that actually means something? 34th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Marc | December 30, 2013 at 12:49 PM

Marc you are the only pot stirrer here. QBR means nothing...Yards leads to TD's and TD's wins games.

Posted by: Marc | December 30, 2013 at 12:49 PM

Posted live blog, Wallace may not have been running absolute top end when Tannehill overthrew him.

Why? He's so accustomed to having to "slow up" anticipating another "underthrow".

So Marc, my question for you is who do you get that is an upgrade for 2014? Cutler? Not any better and costs five times as much and has hit his ceiling. Tannehill, most likely has not. Carson Palmer can probably be had. But he doesn't come with Floyd, Fitzgerald, or Bruce Arians ... after that I don't think you are getting anyone and you are definitely not getting some of the ones who had worse years like Flacco or Eli Manning.

Charlie Casserly new GM. John Gruden new HC. Ben Rothlisberger traded to Miami, Joe Thomas traded to Miami. A hell of a new start, everything and everyone on this team is trade material. Make it happen Ross or I guarantee you more empty seats next year. Miami fans are beyond tired! We pay high taxes, high cost of living to live here. We want football excitement not football failure. Fire Ireland priority #1.

QBR. You know the one that actually means something? 34th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Marc | December 30, 2013 at 12:49 PM

you also LIE in order to stir the pot....Tannehill is 24th in QBR BTW

Sounds like there is a building rift between Tannehill & his coaches.

QB says he's lost confidence in his OC...then the HC defends his OC.

I wonder if Philbin will sacrifice himself if Ross calls for Sherman's head? Sound silly but stranger things have happened.

I just pray that Philbin does not cry a river in Ross's office over Sherman...someone's head has to roll.

The lack of emotion (let alone pass rush and running game) was appalling. Need someone to get this team fired up. There was no resiliiancy after the overthrow to Wallace. Fine despartely need a safety that can make plays, besides the obvious lack of OL. What is the downside to changing GMs I don,t see it?

Keep Ireland and no one with any credibility will even consider coming down here.

Amen f4l, Amen!

@ 12:52

Bucs, Skins, Lions, Vikes, Brown's, have already started cleaning house... Ross, what are you waiting for? You're going to be left with the bottom of the barrel again!!!!After these other franchises scoop up the best GM and coaching talent available!!!

rex just sent ross a thanxu card for saving his job


All of those QB's you mentioned are the same type as RT MarK. 2nd and 3rd tier QB's.

Have to draft one at this point.

Philbin is just protecting Sherman in the presser, that's all. Sherman in a day or two will "retire" and not be fired placating everyone. This is what you do with venerable high ranking employees to look "classy".

The team is already lining up replacements for OC. Wish they would've done the same for DC...

Armando as well as his media colleagues have bigger fish to fry if they write or talk about the Dolphins.All of them are salivating because now that the season is over Ted Wells and the NFL can release the details of the BULLYGATE investigation.
These details can lead to speculation on the Dolphins braintrust(if we can call them that)Ireland,Philbin,Sherman,Coyle the FO and just about anyone that the media can write an interesting story about.


Nice try Marc here are the TRUE stats. But QBR means nothing anyway. QBR is a man made stat. Yards and TD's win games.

tchoke has gotten Sherman axed 2wice


I'm out. Was just praying I would log in and find that Ross had been fired.

Seems there's very little hope this may happen now. Appears only a couple coordinators at best will be served up as lambs.

and he won 8 games. Yards mean NOTHING if you can't throw more than 1 TD in 8 quarters against division rivals with the playoffs on the line!

QBR is COMPREHENSIVE. Instead of cherry-picking individual stats.

The team is already lining up replacements for OC. Wish they would've done the same for DC...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 30, 2013 at 01:02 PM

The removal of Ireland and Philbin is all I will accept. 2013 draft alone we didn't produce 1 starter....not friggin 1. We traded up to #3 and still didn't produce a starter. They all must go or we never see the true potential of TH or any other player on this team. Status Quo works if you are close. we are not.

I don't like the sound of that. We've been "close" for a decade now. 1 game better is close to failing as it is to succeeding.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 30, 2013 at 12:44 PM

I think he says that now but this will be about self-preservation. No way he gets away with staying the course with either Coordinator given the precipitous fall in play on D and the colossal flop by the O at the end, JMO!

the longest play from the los the last 2 games was from m.moore

24th, 34th. Doesn't matter. Still the bottom of the barrell of QB's nobody wants

That was my point. And third tier - not sure how Qbs ranked in the middle of the league are third tier. Unless you make a tier for jsut Peyton and Drew and then the other very good guys like Big Ben and Matt Ryan are 2nd tier.

To me third tier guys are guys I wuld ranke from 20-32 - guys that are either very raw and unproven or backups or guys on their way out of the league.

To me Tannehill right now is in that dangerous spot. Not bad enough to make it painfully obvious he isn't a qb but not good enough to merit automatic playoff spots or pro bowl spots to either. I hope he gets better, personally I think he will.

personally I would not draft a Qb in the first round - and that is the only round I seriously consider drafting one. If he is still mid tier after next year then you may consider pulling a move. This years class is kind of blah anyway. Saw Derek Carr play for example in his bowl game and he is as raw or moreso than Tannehill coming out and he will be a top 5 pick it appears.

I'm out. Was just praying I would log in and find that Ross had been fired.

Seems there's very little hope this may happen now. Appears only a couple coordinators at best will be served up as lambs.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 30, 2013 at 01:05 PM

I am with you Sam and I am a season ticket holder that will not renew if Ross keeps the status quo. DC and OC were not our main issues. They can only coach what we have in the perameters that the GM and HC spell out. THEY ALL MUST GO.

Yes, Ross could fire Sherman himself. But that's generally not how the NFL works. The coaching staff is generally handled by the HC. He gets to choose whom he wants on his staff, and does the hiring/firing as needed. That's why I don't see how Philbin brings himself to the elephant we all see in the room, Sherman needing to be fired. I just listened to his year end presser, I don't see how does it, he feels indebted to this guy. And he says the analysis of the whole year will take "weeks." Anyone think there will still be a good market on OC's in "weeks?" Or is that a tactic to then say, "well, he could go, but who would I hire in his place, the guys I wanted are all taken."

And if Ross (or the GM) pushes Philbin to do it, how much of the team is truly his? And how much does that build distrust and resentment? We saw how that worked with Sparano. Didn't end well.

I think a high-level change (like GM/HC/Coordinators) needs to happen within a matter of hours (or days) in order to keep up with the speed of the NFL. You need to work on a replacement immediately (unless the guy you want is on a Playoff team, even though I thought you could still talk to coaches on a Playoff team, just not the HC). Anyone know about that?

Also, interesting to hear Philbin has received no assurance from Ross that he's safe. So, who is Ross talking to about this? Peterson? Aponte? Certainly not Ireland (since he's one of the questions needing answering)? I hope he's talking to someone (Ross doesn't know enough about football to make these decisions himself).

Maybe Ross can go court some people and let the current staff interview their replacements. Worked out great last time.

If we don't act not only are the good GM and HC guys already gone but so are the good coordinators. It MUST be done today. Mike Singletary, Kyle Shanahan, Norv Turner, Lovie Smith, Bob O Brien etc will all be gone.

MIT hit it on the head earlier with the guy from Baltimore as GM.

1pm EST Mr. Ross. C'mon already, put out SOME KIND of statement. Let the people know what you're thinking.

Touchdownds ? Why does the Herald tolerate such incompetence on the part of one of their representatives ?

Everything associated with The Dolphins is third rate at this point.

Lmao @ Hartline's injury.

The year started with Keller getting hurt.

Ends with another key player being hurt.

Hartline will never contribute to this team the same way ever again.

Ireland just extended his contract five more years this morning.

Looking at The Dolphins 2014 schedule, there's 3-4 home losses, Patriots, Chiefs, Chargers, Packers, Ravens and Thad Lewis and The Bills.

Plus The Broncos on the road...AND Thad Lewis and The Bills.

2009 7-9
2010 7-9
2011 6-10
2012 7-9
2013 8-8


Suck on it losers BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!


Maybe Ross can go court some people and let the current staff interview their replacements. Worked out great last time.

Posted by: Marc | December 30, 2013 at 01:13 PM

there is no way you are a Dolphins fan. I have never seen a positive Dolphin post from you in over 7yrs.

Would Lovie Smith come back as a DC? That would be intriguing. I'm guessing he only wants to be a HC. Too bad.

Why Ross hadn't figured that alternate options regarding his FO and coaching staff weren't necessary is remarkable. In all aspects of business and the military you have to take in a good number of scenarios so that whatever may come up, that wasn't planned, doesn't become a surprise. Ross seems uncertain and surprised as to how to proceed. In a more complicated scenario there is always the unknown that is unknown. But here's it's relatively elementary. Everything is laid at the feet of Ross and within his sight.

If he doesn't have the answer yet, then for every day that goes by the chances for a wrong answer become more and more probable.

Granted compared to Dan Snyder he looks OK but when you take the entire ownership in to account, he's shaping out into the bottom 25%. Unfortunately doesn't seem to have a clue that he's so clueless! Which just goes to prove, that in some cases, it takes a whole lot of luck to become a billionaire!

How bout them Dolphins !!!!


But, MarK. You sounded SO much more confident about RT 2 weeks ago ;)

It all starts with the QB. Always has.

Unless you have a COMPLETE team around a mediocre QB.

The QB is supposed to CREATE plays, make something out of nothing.

Anyway. Doesn't matter, it's the offseason. I just have to start collecting my rewards to everyone who swore this team would make the playoffs

Posted by: FIRE ROSS IS LAUGHING AT LOSER FANS | December 30, 2013 at 01:15 PM

who is the REAL loser here?????????? The LOSER who stalks the blog of a team he hates???? Get a life for 2014 life is short and your wasting it.

Philbin greatest hits continue and he dares to say we r close AND he gives a full endorsement of confidence to Sherman whose offense just finished the worst 8 quarter stretch in team's history.

Any doubters now Philbin needs to get axed? The sooner the better because other teams will be getting first dibs for the candidates out there. Bottom line Ireland is gone, he has to, he has gotten more than his fair number of chances, and a new GM has to be able to pick his own guy. I mean what decent GM would keep Philbin?

The QB is supposed to CREATE plays, make something out of nothing.

Anyway. Doesn't matter, it's the offseason. I just have to start collecting my rewards to everyone who swore this team would make the playoffs

Posted by: Marc | December 30, 2013 at 01:17 PM

gee this is EXACTLY what MARCO always says...hmmmmm???

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 30, 2013 at 01:08 PM

Completely agree that T-Hill is in the Crossroads of either jumping or falling flat, exactly at that point! In fairness I look at the entire body of work and he had his team moving with a shot to win more often than not this Yr. showing poise along the way. He also gets another Season simply on proving to be one tough S.O.B.! He took a monumental beating behind that OL without the Cam Newton style meltdown afterwards tossing his group under a bus (I believe this won him respect in the Locker Room) I expect a QB team Capt. in 2014 taking the next step as to who the leader of this team is! We will see but that said if Georgia QB Murray is there Rd-4 I would draft and groom if for nothing else but to push Tannehill and force the competitive nature in him which lets face it is lacking knowing that M.Moore is ZERO threat to his job!

geno smith beat tchoke
thad lewis beat tpuke 2wice

Im out. This blog will never be worth it as long as Armando allows the trolls to run it and ruin it. My New Years Resolution is to never post on this blog again.

Happy New Years MIT, Phins78, Darryl, DC, Craig, Bill A, Kris, Sam, F4L and all the REAL DOLFANS.


Who's the only one here who is laughing today.

Hint, not any Dolphins fans.

Life is short, and I'm enjoying laughing at you.

No playoffs again.

Life is short, and The Dolphins haven't won a playoff game in well over a decade.

Dolphins fans are losers.

...and I am enjoying my Monday because I get to BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I told you so !!!

New logo, new era.

It's Our Time.

Only morons believed as much.

Your corporate team sucks.

5-8 finish.

Outscored 39-7 in the final two games.


It's very obvious what's going on here ^ huh?

the rogues rule


Homers are so hard to find after a monumental collapse like this. Pity really


because idiot journalists blame everything on the QB and then a good team will not sign that QB because of the bad pr it will cause the GM/Owner.

Steve Young is one exception that comes to mind.

cccccllllllllluuuuuuuuueleessssssssss homers

So long WE KNOW you puss!


7-9, 8-8 when will the homers get it. Fire the GM, HC and TH. Bill A is a TROLL tH supporter. Where is he now hiding?

Marc, that's because 2 weeks ago he was playing better than anyone not named Peyton or Drew. Then he regressed back to where he was before an outstanding four to six week stretch.

To look at the season in totality, I'm confident in my assessment. Tannehill right now at worst is Joe Flacco. A guy who needs a very good team around him to be a serious contender.

Well, let's go to it then - you can at least work with that.

Bring in Schiano as DC and Chud as OC this would be a pipe dream

When confronted wit approximately the same issues as David Carr, Tannehill has handled it pretty well. Carr was a high potential QB that got sacked more in his first 3 years then any other QB in NFL history. This broke him. Whatever could of been is only a guess!

Granted Tannehill doesn't have great pocket presense but will stand in there and deliver, without the happy feet or the back foot throws. Give him an OL that won't get him killed and then we can praise him or bury him. Until then, the jury is still out.

Where is Dashi, Bill A and Mark?


Yeah, I'm giddy, been here all season long.

I get to stroke my ego today.

I'm always right about The Dolphins.

Should have kept the 2011 team together.

They blew it up to sell you Tannehope.

That was decided when you idiots were booing Chad Henne in the 2011 pre-season.

Now your hope has turned to misery...and you deserve it for being godmamn fools.

Enjoy your sissy whale new logo just the same.

The Dolphins are irrelevant.

It's going to be that way for a long time to come.

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