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Brian Hartline has torn PCL

Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline has a torn PCL, an MRI on his injured left knee confirmed this morning.

Hartline will not require surgery, according to an NFL source, and he will be ready for the start of the 2014 training camp if not earlier.

Hartline, who finished the season with 76 catches for 1,016 yards and four touchdownds, was in the locker room briefly this morning but did not discuss his status. He was on crutches and wearing a soft cast or sleeve of some sort.

A PCL injury is tricky because the surgery to correct the procedure has not been perfected by medical science. And so rehabilitation and strengthening the areas around the knee are the best course for returning to action.




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Let me begin by saying jeff Ireland needs to be fired. Mike Sherman needs to be fired.Kevin Coyle needs to switch back to a 3-4 or he could be fired. Rob Chudzinski needs to be hired as the OC.We need to resign grimes and Solai. In free agency I would focus on signing Brandon Albert and try to upgrade the offensive line. The first 3 picks in the draft need to focus on offensive playmakers.I would pick a tight end in yhe first round. In the second roud I would draft a receiver, and in the third round draft a running back who stays on field for all three rounds. Lastly, I am sure their are dolphin fans who believe that we only need to focus on the offensive line. These are the delsional fans. We have no tight end, average recevers and average running backs. The new GM a lot of work to do.

FIRE Ross has predicted the Dolphins collaspe all year, while the homers were blasing him. YG, got the last laugh

The Dolphins are irrelevant.

It's going to be that way for a long time to come.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS IS LAUGHING AT LOSER FANS | December 30, 2013 at 01:30 PM

You are right on Mate.

f4l, yeah I agree 100% with that post. And re: A Murray. i would take him in the 4th round no matter who my current qb was. The guy can play and at the very least would be a top end backup on the cheap. And you're right, matt moore is a zero in this offense.

Also, interesting to hear Philbin has received no assurance from Ross that he's safe. So, who is Ross talking to about this? Peterson? Aponte? Certainly not Ireland (since he's one of the questions needing answering)? I hope he's talking to someone (Ross doesn't know enough about football to make these decisions himself).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 30, 2013 at 01:11 PM

I've been intrigued by Ross's developing relationship with Nat Moore (always seen together at games since after the Cogs/Honey suckle incident) Moore always seems disgusted with a very serious look on his face when the Camera pans his and the Boss's way! Yesterday both men were on the field in the closing minutes and they're faces did all of the talking.

Moore in resent Yrs. is one of the more vocal critiques of the teams short comings and as a lifer would probably poor his soul into working an aspect of the F.O. Some disputed if the council Ross formed was alot of window dressing but in having vocal guys like JT on it as well I figure the Owner will get a No-Holds barred view of the problem lying in how this team is prepared more often than not when weighed against the talent level.

Ross is a very wealthy man who doesn't get the Football Ops of running a team but gets the fianacial side just well and the reason his wallet was wide open last Off-Season. I can't believe this Org. from the F.O. to Coaches gets a pass unless Ross wants to keep buying tix to ensure sell outs while bleeding money through Federal and St. Taxes on a Stadium that loses him revenue!

Posted by: FIRE ROSS IS LAUGHING AT LOSER FANS | December 30, 2013 at 01:24 PM

Yes you sure told us! Didn't you also say the team wouldn't win 5 games? I'm so glad you are here every time we lose to add your meaningful insight.

Please continue to take time out of your busy life to comment on a team and it's fans, all of which you despise. It's such a classy thing to do and an efficient use of time!

Nearly every move the Ireland made to save his job backfired except Grimes. Except his price shot through the roof before he was able to get an extension...

I read that Philbin stated that the Dolphins were "close." Dave Wannstadt said the same thing. Ugh.

Nearly every move the Ireland made to save his job backfired except Grimes. Except his price shot through the roof before he was able to get an extension...

Posted by: Marc | December 30, 2013 at 01:34 PM

Yes he will look fantastic in a Jets uniform next year.

I have this strange feeling no ome getting fired. Maybe Jim Turner the OL coach. But Philbin seems hes joined at the hip to Sherman. Freakin ridicolous

Just saw a headline that T-hill lost faith in Sherman during year. What took him so long?
I've defended Ross since purchase, BUT NO MORE! He's gonna wring his hands and contemplate until it's too late.
It is now clear that BOTH Jeffy AND Mr. Motivation MUST GO! EVERY YEAR they stay = two more years to recover.
PLEASE Mr. Ross, pull the trigger and pull it NOW.

What u waiting on ross. Knew he would do this



Yes he will look fantastic in a Jets uniform next year.

Posted by: Marco | December 30, 2013 at 01:35 PM

Looking to push buttons Huhh? Well Marco try again! The Jets are in CAP purgatory till 2015! Like Miami they will need 2014 and maybe 2015 to right they're situation on competing for the AFC (Yeepy!)

You are right on Mate.
Posted by: Marco | December 30, 2013 at 01:32 PM


Great job of flip flopping your personal opinions of the team after every win and loss. After the Steelers and Pats game I recall your high praises for Tanny and of course now it's "we need a real QB".

You sir, truly have an amazing ability to sit on the fence and change your opinions based on the latest results. How you so adamantly debate your "latest" opinion is truly remarkable!
Well done sir!

Having a good bunch of football men behind you is commendable but if this done by committee I don't see a happy ending. If they all look at this mess and, more or less, come to the same conclusions then OK. But if there's two or three alternative answers developed then it falls on Ross to make the altimate decision. Not brimming with confidence with that possibility!

I am not the flipper. Bill A is the biggest flipper. I said I was 65% on Tannehill after the 3 game streak but now I am back to 55%. That is not flip flopping.


They do so for the following reasons:
-Revenue Sharing

(Winning the SB is not a reason to own a team if it were 25 teams would be worthless.)

I have been luke warm on the QB my friend. Just ask MIT he has been the biggest supporter of the QB and Bill A called him a franchise QB.

New blog


Not after the way Wallace and Ellerbe swindled Ireland.


ETF why does it matter they are white? Cant a wealthy black man buy a team? Is the owner of the Jags considered white? You are a race baiting loser. 99% of the players are black and get paid millions to play a game.


Nice overview, and I agree with your conclusions.

The two major failings of this team occurred at linebacker (inability to stop run with good D line play) and obviously, offensive line; without a decent offensive line no offense can flourish, merely try to survive. Both units need new personell (Misi should stay, Ellerbe and Wheeler need to go; Pouncy and Nate Gardner as a fill in only ones to stay on O line).

The play calling of Sherman is at best, suspect, and in this league failed expectations/inconsistency equal pink slip.

Defensive coordinator, head coach, and quarterback are still a question, but should, and I suspect will, remain for another season.

Ireland's failings at linebacker, overpaying Wallace, and most prominantly failure to address O line argue for termination; we shall see.

Obviously any firing needs to be replaced by greater compentency; change for change sake will accomplish nothing.

I remain (since I attended games at the Orange Bowl) a Miami Dolphins fan, regardless.


This is actually a lot simplier than everyone is making it out to be. If he fires Ireland, NO GM will take the job unless he hires a new coach. That means Philbin is gone too.

They are going to keep both Ireland and Philbin!

Now the coaching staff, we all know Sherman has to go. Whether they fire him or he retires doesn't matter.

Coyle needs to look in the mirror big time. A possible move back to the 3-4 might be the option here.

I'm sorry, but I'm in the minority here on Tannehill. I think this guy has what it takes, just a little more experience. Look at Cam Newton!! 3rd year!!

Mr. Ross,
Why keep Philbin? Next year this team would finish even worse with so many holes to fill due to impending free agents and plenty of holes to fill. This is the perfect time to clean house sir. 2014 will be a transitional year since we will likely be adding rookie linemen and Tannehill will get his final audition as the QB for this team.

A brand new staff will buy this team some time with its fan base. You have to fire Ireland, he has gotten more than his fair number of chances and failed miserably. And you have to allow your new GM to pick his own guy.

This does not have to be a complete rebuilding process. There are some pieces in place. Bring Polian as your team czar, he would bring a young energetic and experienced GM like Louis Riddick, and a HC wishlist that must include only candidates with previous HC experience: McDaniels, Nolan, Whisenhunt, heck even Chudzinsky. Why did the awful Browns fire him? A team with no QB and RB can not make it in this league and that D just got gassed midway through the season, Chud is a good coach, ask Cam Newton.


I spend less time here than you do watching the games.

...and I get to enjoy myself more than you because when Wallace drops a ball it amuses me.

When Tannehill misses Wallace deep, it amuses me.

When Caleb Sturgis misses a kick, it amuses me.

When Nolan Caroll gets beat, it amuses me.

When Tannebust gets sacked, it amuses me.

...and when the final score comes in and Dolphins have lost I get to lmao for days.

Where is Truthhurts so I can tell him again I'm Charlie Sheen...a winner !!!

5-8 after 3-0.

Dashi's hopes dashed.

Mark In Toronto the numbers crunching guru will analyze the data and present himself with "facts" only he believes.

Odin will drive his rusted Ford Bronco into a river in a drunkin stupor.

It's Our Time huh ?

I said in the offseason it wouldn't be...got called every name in the book by delusional homers.

Now I get to do the name calling.

Vindication is sweet.

No playoffs again, losers.

I said in the offseason it wouldn't be...got called every name in the book by delusional homers.

Now I get to do the name calling.

Vindication is sweet.

No playoffs again, losers.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS IS LAUGHING AT LOSER FANS | December 30, 2013 at 01:58 PM

Your a loser cuz you spend a lot of your time posting on a site and telling people that they are losers. I got an idea.........Get a life

Some positives...we were the only team to finish 8-8 that played against a winning schedule. We beat NE, Cincinnati and Indy. All playoff teams. We beat Pitts. and San Diego, teams that weren't chopped liver. We lose to Baltimore by 3. And Carolina by 4. When it comes to the players we have, clearly, some talent. We beat 5 good teams and lost by a total of 7 to a couple of more good teams. All these teams were 8-8 or better.

It's when we played the teams we were supposed to beat that we stunk! Hard to explain!

"Get a life" lmao.

The last refuge for someone who has been defeated.

If I were a miserable Dolphins fan would I have a "life"

How's your life ?

Dolphins fans are losers today.

Eight time losers.


were is dashi with his 13-3 12-4 record now.


There are no positives, the team was mediocre, that's why they beat some good teams and they lost to some bad teams...that's what mediocre teams do.

Things don't carry over from one team to the next.

Phins lose Grimes, Keller has already said he's not coming back, Hartline has a serious injury will never be the same, Wake is declining, Wallace, Ellerbe are busts, along with the ENTIRE 2013 draft.

The offensive line will still be offensive, because offensive lines take time to gel.

That much will carry over.

With a minimum of four home losses looming, Phins will be mediocre again in 2014.

Ireland and Philbin will finally be fired after 2014's season with no playoffs.

Then you get to start all over again with a new hope and glory boy not named Tannebust.

Anyone wanna bet ?

Phins propaganda slogan for next season "It's Really Really Really Our Time"

Phins propaganda slogan for 2015 "Pretty Please Buy Tickets, Orange Seats Are Blinding"

Been looking over the draft order already out with teams out of the Playoff picture and were at #19 in Rd-1 and 51 in Rd-2. That won't land us a Day-1 starter unless extremely lucky at LT for 2014. The ones worth taking in Rd-1 (early projections) are J.Matthews (Tex A&M) Koundijio (Alabama, I believe his name is spelled that way) Lewan (Mich.) Richardson (Tenn) and C.Irving (FSU)

I'm not an NFL scout but been a fan long enough to have a good idea of what I see! I believe J.Matthews as the highest rated so far will not be a LT in the NFL. He has the pedigree, press and fan fare but I watched A&M Vs. Bama, LSU , Auburn and he was SMOKED by those SEC speed rushers, he was one of the reasons in those games that Manziel was running for his life! A mauler though in the run game and NFL RT.

In watching Bama as well was extremely impressed with Flucker's replacement and could be the best of this group. With Irving and Richardson the best athlete's of this group. The combine drills should sort out the lining of these players for the draft. I suspect that after it's all said and done Koundijio, Richardson and Matthews are the 1st to go leaving a real blue chipper in Lewan on the boards but at 19 we would need to trade up to get and maybe given his run game attributes a RT (at least early as well) forcing a look at B.Alberts who we should have traded our 2nd for last Yr. and signed long term.

The problem is how you address the Guards were J.Jerry maybe brought back by default here. If we stay put then maybe UCLA NASTY LG Xavier Su'a-Filo is our guy and a good pick given the man crush on the Miss. 340 Pd. LG. In that event moving up in Rd-2 to secure unheralded N.C. LT James Hurst moving to RT anyway while still targeting LT in FA. All in all alot to ponder this Off-Season with Solia, Starks and Grimes hanging in the balance.

^^^^^ Draft talk ^^^^^


Ireland's 2013 draft was stellar.

Can't wait til the next group of future Hall of Famers will show up in Davie.

Will Michael Egnew be enshrined on The Dolphins walk of fame ?

How about Jamar Taylor ?

Dion Jordan's a good special teams player.


regarding the Ryan Tannehill dispute: he was doing pretty well until he had the crap slammed out of him in the Buffalo game, and I don't think he was fully recuperated from that for the Jets game. as I have been contending imho, all he needs is a good o-line and play calling from a coordinator who has a clue.

As for lack of surrounding talent? Brady has 12 wins...

Posted by: Marc | December 30, 2013 at 12:49 PM

This is a common mistake by those who don't understand the game. Brady didn't win 12 games, the Patriots did. Football is a team sport.

Next time you watch a game, look closer. You'll notice there aren't just two guys out there duking it out.

Brady needed receivers, a running game, on OL, a defense, and special teams. The most important piece in the puzzle is the coach (even more than QB) and the Patriots have a great one.

Miami lacks an OL, a running game, a solid defense (bend but don't break is not solid), and most of all a coach. Brady wouldn't win 10 games in Miami.

Every time we play the Jets we suffer some kind of major injury to an offensive player. Bush, Tannehill las year. Hartline this year. This is not a coincidence.

these current dolphins GM and coaches have turned what was a top ten defense just a couple of years ago into a joke. and they have created an offense that's one of the worst in the league.

What is Ross waiting for?

I have always had high regard and respect for Coach Shula but it almost made me puke when I saw that he endorsed Philbin.

He must be getting senile.



Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | December 30, 2013 at 01:39 PM

Flacco was 52/88 452 yds 1 TD 5 INT in the last two games with playoffs on the line. Look familiar?

So in the grand scheme of things, we lost 2 starting wide receivers, our starting tight end, 2 starting offensive lineman for most of the year, our all pro center for 2 games this year, our starting CB who had 4 picks in 4 games he played....and we wonder why we finished 8-8, if you're making due with make shift players as starters sometimes you get make shift results...I will say this much, if Tannehill could have found some way to connect on the deep ball with Wallace we would have been 12-4...just saying.

Matt Decosta or Pioli.

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