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Christmas gift: Chiefs will rest starters

Once again, Merry Christmas everyone. As I didn't really get you anything, let me do so now:

The Kansas Chiefs, locked into the No. 5 playoff spot and not excited about exposing their players to injuries, are expected to rest their starters against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.

Translated, the Kansas City Star reports, that means the Chiefs, 11-4, likely will approach this game against San Diego, 8-7, much like KC coach Andy Reid did four times in Philadelphia when his Eagles’ teams were locked into playoff positions going into a final week, the same way most teams approach a final preseason game.

He’ll give the starters a series or two and then go to the backups. Unlike in the preseason, a team with 53 players on the active roster can’t rest everyone. But don’t expect to see much of quarterback Alex Smith, running back Jamaal Charles or outside linebacker Tamba Hali, who did not practice Tuesday because of a swollen knee.

“I’m going to work some guys in,” Reid said. “Most of them have already worked in. … I talked to the team, and I will have it figured out by the end of the week exactly how I’m going to work it."

Why is this important news to you on Christmas Day?

Well, the Chiefs play the San Diego Chargers. And the fact they're going to play reserves gives the Chargers, who've already beaten the Chiefs once this season, a greater chance of winning this game as well.

And ...

For the Dolphins to make the playoffs, they need to win on Sunday against the New York Jets and hope for one of two other things to happen: Miami needs Baltimore to lose OR San Diego to beat Kansas City.

The Chargers' chances just got better.

Merry Christmas.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/12/24/4712392/chiefs-reid-to-mix-and-match-players.html#storylink=cpy
Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/12/24/4712392/chiefs-reid-to-mix-and-match-players.html#storylink=cpy


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Agree that if the weather was better or it had been played in Miami the result would have been different. Not a win perhaps but a better showing. But this game could have the effect of just how poorly this team was put together. Now most everyone knows it (hoping Ross is paying attention) and that's a couple of strikes against Ireland. The fact that with our weaknesses that we are still in the playoff hunt has to say something about the coaching staff.

Anyone suggesting that we blow up both the front office and the coaching staff has to be younger than I. Not sure I have the years left to wait, wait and wait some more. I've always found the inter workings of the Dolphins between inadequate and dysfunctional but certainly interesting. With another overhaul (other then Ireland) it would most probably set us back years. The need for the GM to pick his coach is ridiculous. Huddle with the coaches and find out what type of players are needed to fit their schemes. Doesn't seem a remarkably difficult transition.

Well, if we back up into the playoffs I'll take it too.

Nothing sucks the life out of a franchise and its fans like an inability to stop the run. Haven't felt this helpless against the run since maybe 2007. If you are resigned to the fact you can't stop the run, then you better have a score-at-will offense. Miami doesn't have this. Bad coaching strategery and bad linebackers have sabotaged this defense. I refuse to believe this d-line talent "forgot" how to man up vs. the run overnight.

Agree that's how New England stays afloat year after year. But with Ireland he seems to be stuck in the Parchels' era and can't adjust. Not having a single OG that can zone block and pull is just plain not doing ones job. Not getting a running back that can get 2 yards when needed. Getting FA's that don't fit.

How long must this go on until someone gets smarter then Ireland! His greatest strength is in his ability to keep his job! I still say that with all the clearly definable weakness' that we have the coaching staff has to be another year. And if that's the case I can't see Philbin firing either Sherman or Coyle.

We are an 8-7 (which is a slight improvement) team on the verge of the playoffs and if this team can shake off last week we can win this game. Hopefully Philbin plays like he said...that they play their best game and pull out all the stops.

BTW..as painful as it was..it doesn't matter how we lost or what the score was they all count the same as if we lost by a point. So funny how some act like it never happens in this league that teams play bad games and lose to teams with lesser records.

I don't think for a minute that the DL 'forgot' how to man up against the run. If you don't have LB to fill the running lanes anybody would give up 150-200 yards on the ground. Being in on the tackle 5-7 yards downfield doesn't make any backer worth a crap!

Blitzing? Yep, our LBer's fall way short again. What's left special teams?

I thought this franchise had finally turned the corner but after the debacle in buffalo I will go back to expecting the worst and hoping for nothing!! It makes it less painful that way... its tough being a phins fan.

0 points is funny Eh?

Oscar, do you know that Drs in this country kill more people in a year than the Vietnam war did Eh?

Yep, miami lou it's hard to be a fan but it sure s interesting. Frustrating yes, but can't wait for the next shoe to drop with Ireland the only one around to pick it up. A real shame!

AT....doctors have more to work with!

Miami have got to win and get in the playoffs, you never know how many chances you get, let's get there and try

I don't think Dolphins will lay an egg two weeks in a row, though they have done it in the past. Jets look better than when we played them last time, but we they just might have a match up problem with us, same way we did both times with the Bills.

Let's hope so.

Blind Faith...Jesus dead? Once the empty tomb (a historical fact verified in many other historical writings) was discovered, they never discovered or found his body! Don't think for a moment his enemies didn't move heaven and earth at the time to put the myth to rest! But they never found his body.

aAlso there is more historical evidence and written records that Jesus existed than George Washington. You ever see him?or heard him speak? but you accept his existence without question. Why? recorded history! also not real important and doesn't prove anything but just so you know..Las Vegas listed the odds of the "Big Bang Theory," happening versus the fact that there is a "Designer," to this world and the life in it. The fact is that the big Bang Theory had much higher odds that it happened versus that a designer is behind all we know.

Just one more thing...whether you believe it or not, it doesn't matter to me and doesn't matter in the whole scheme of things who does and who doesn't....one day, "Every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus is Lord." You have a choice and it appears it has been made, lol Sorry for Ya! It is not the Christian way to not care but I for one don't give a damn what you think or believe, just so you know. It doesn't change the truth! Tell the devil to stuff it for me when you see him!

Geno Smith > Ryan Tannehill

Well, if that's the case, Ape Tamer, it's all on the patient in this day and age. There are all kinds of reviews on Doctors now before you go to see them. Mine gave me 6 stars out of 5 but, out of modesty, I called them and told them to just leave it at 5/5.

Well Anonymous you certainly spoiled my Holiday. Well done! Happy Holidays to one and all! Out!

For Doctors is never good business to let patients die, don't you see that. Same as with the IRS with People that owe them lots of $$$.

Oscar, Vegas bets you are safer seeing a unit of vietcongs wearing suicide vests coming over the hill than seeing a round of Drs wearing their scrubs coming over that same hill Eh?

Mondays opening line was SanDiego minus 10....Vegas knew this Monday. What knd of reporer are you?

dusty says it's better to lose and get a better draft pick.

That hasn't worked for Jax or Buffalo or St. Louis who got a ton of high picks from Washington.

Posted by: Here we go! | December 25, 2013 at 10:07 AM

It certainly worked for the Colts and Lions. We can vault 5 places higher per round with a loss. And this isnt a playoff team. I'd love to see us draft the real Texas A%M QB Johnny 'Football" Manziel.

signal,we talk about everything on Armandos paella of a Dolphins blog and Jesus is #-1 Eh?

FYI,The Giants were 9-7 when they won the SB Eh?

Blind Faith...you seem so sure it is all a big myth, then dis-prove it! I don't have to nor am I in a position where I have to prove it,because as I said , I don't give a damn what you think, but if you are so sure,disprove it! Waiting to hear.

What are the odds on that one, Ape Tamer?

Jesus was a myth. Just like Greek mythology was all wrong. Same haluciations.

Oscar,in doing bodily harm,The goooooks in the suicide vests are 500-1
The Drs in the scrubs are 5-2 Eh?

winning 4 out of last 5 games wouldnt be backing in

Oscar,do you know why Drs wear masks?,,,, because they are BANDITS Eh?


Did Ross pay "hush money" to J Martin and how much? He's been awful quiet.

Oscar,do you know why there are Lawyers?
because there are Drs Eh?

How long must this go on until someone gets smarter then Ireland! His greatest strength is in his ability to keep his job! I still say that with all the clearly definable weakness' that we have the coaching staff has to be another year. And if that's the case I can't see Philbin firing either Sherman or Coyle.

Posted by: signal | December 25, 2013 at 03:13 PM

I think the Coach is safe and has done a pretty remarkable job all things considered! I don't share much optimism regarding Coyle however. The former DB Coach has through hisn play calling been a real liability this Season. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to see that Ireland has assembled a 3/4 grouping on D. The run has been a liability this Yr. because our 3 best DL against it are NEVER on the field together anymore. It was a problem last Yr. as well the ranking very misleading! Teams were having so much success against us via the pass that they didn't need to run at us as much as has been the case this Yr.

I recall in last Yrs. home game Vs. the Pats that in a drive late were we needed to get off the field after the O pulled closer they simply ran it down ou throats on a LOOOONG DRIVE were Brady barely passed the ball. In the drive we had Shelby and Vernon on the field for the large part and they were getting blown off the ball by the Tackles! I was watching and thinking out loud if Coyle wasn't throwing the game!! This Yr. more of the same because were playing out of scheme for the talent at hand. Then you fast forward to FA and the draft and see just how out of touch the GM is or disconnected from the Coaches! We pick up a SAM MLB out of the 3/4 to plug as the SOLO in a 4/3 we then grab a very undersized OLB also in FA for the scheme and let walk one of our better fits in Burnett while drafting a 3/4 OLB to play DE!

You couldn't make this stuff up it's as if Ireland were purposely putting thenm in Pos. to fail! The Coaches instead ofr adapting don't seem willing to move to a better fit either on D. I remember back in the early 80's, Shula a traditional 4/3 guy going 3/4 with Arnsbergerwhich was the trick to the undersized Killer Bee's! If Philbin is as astute as we all hope he sees these short comings in the former DB Coach turned DC and moves on him regardless of what happens with Ireland while I'm no Sherm's biggest fan I can at least excuse what has happened on his side of the ball because there it's a matter of talent as opposed to a stacked (talent wise) Defense, JMHO!


Did Ross pay "hush money" to J Martin and how much? He's been awful quiet.

Posted by: Mike | December 25, 2013 at 04:04 PM

Ross is looking for some handouts from the taxpayers for the hush money lol

JESUS is born..........
JESUS is LORD praise his holy name..........
We will all fall to our knees one day.........

Hmmmm?that Santa with the BIG EARS collecting donations looked familiar Eh?

I agree with many here that making the playoffs doesnt make Miami a truly good team necessarily, or change their many issues/inconsistencies…..and nationally it might not mean all that much…..BUT, it will mean they play on the national stage (hopefully well) and automatically become more relevant because of that…..it would be another step in putting the Martin/Incognito situation behind them…..it would be exciting as heck for us deserving Dolfans and the city (and the players/coaches obviously)……it would give the Fins valuable post-season experience, and hopefully motivate them to get back next year…… AND as we've seen in recent years, teams can/do get hot in the playoffs, so you never know--lets beat the stinkin' Jets and let the chips fall…..

Bill, if you've seen Trusnick play……its not "one day" for him, because he falls to his knees frequently already

fin4life....I'm OK with the firing of Coyle (or him finding a better job elsewhere) but with the caveat that Ireland leads him out and stays out!

Miramar….if you've learned anything about the draft, regardless of which team you're talking about, "vaulting 5 places higher per round" doesnt always mean much--R Wilson and Foles were both 3rd rd picks…..Burfict was undrafted…..Keenan Allen was a 3rd rounder……..while we could both name plenty of guys taken in the top 5-10-15 that look like they cant play, or wont have a big impact at least--across the league--so "vaulting 5 places higher per round" doesnt guarantee you anything

Merry Christmas Phools!

If both go I think it would be great to see a team pick up both. A GM that drafts players for a 3-4 and a coach that will play the 4-3 regardless of personel! Wait a team already has these two......!

We need to lose. This franchise already has a 62-7 playoff loss...we don't need another one. Also a playoff appearance might save #Fireland which we don't want to happen. Also a Jets win might save Rex Ryan which I'd like to do because the guy is a riot and I'd like to see how he screws up his quarterback position next year.


don't sweat it

JasonR @ 4:41

We will not lose this week.
However if we do then the Jets will have the same record as us, that being the case how badly screwed up is the NYJ QB position?

YOU GUYS THINK JOE PHILBIN KNEW ABOUT AARON RODGERS BOYFRIEND?.......http://www.thefamedriven.com/fame-driven-mail-did-the-green-bay-packers-star-nfl-quarterback-aaron-rodgers-have-a-falling-out-with-male-roommatepersonal-assistant-kevin-lanflisi/

Could care less about Ireland/Philbin's status, or if we might lose or not (and by how much)……all that stuff will take care of itself--I'd like to watch the Fins in a playoff game for a change…..actually see some of the national folks talking about our players, our fans

many talking here about the Jets and how lousy they are……yes, their QB situation is a mess but guess what, they aint nearly as bad as many here and nationally think (and thought at the beginning of the year)--their defense is good and they'll figure out the offense…..but it goes to show how little many of the "expert/pundits" really know---most projected the Jets to be at or near the bottom of the league…..and the Eagles to stink for the most part…..and the Texans, Steelers and Falcons to be alot better than they are…..plenty projected Miami to have only 5-6 wins--all wrong…..I'm no Jets fan but they're not as bad as many people think


The Jets are nowhere nearly as much of a threat as the Bills were. Factor in we are at home and we have a shot at the win.

Our D, should be able to contain Geno Smith, but we will take heart form what Thad Lewis did to us with no recievers. Ryan will blitz T-hill all day and pound the ball on us. If Geno targets, Carroll, Wheeler and Wilson he could safely hit them over 60% of the time, in Wheelers case 80% and have success.

RT must get help from the RB's on Sunday, when will they hit the holes ? Sherman has to go and the end of the year and I really couldn't say how he will gameplan for the Jets, but I'll guess he throws screens to Wallace that get nailed, Runs up the middle arounf 17 times for 20 yards T-hill goes 37-22 220, 1TD 1INT. We score 14 points and the Jets 13. Sturgis to miss a FG or two of course. The Ravens win and the Chargers lose, sad but thats my feeling. We don't deserve to be in the playoffs. The only hope is if the Bengals get it on with the Ravens as they really don't want to face them again and would rather take on the Dolphins.

The Bills just match up better against us than the Jets. Plus our team was flat.

This team has been bouncing back all year and they will do so again on Sunday.

Just curious what's the scientific explanation of what created the space that space isin? Not referring to the other galaxies etc, the actual space for there to be other galaxies

Merry Christmas Dolfans!! I think this last game will go along way in evaluating how far this coaching staff has came.

With a win and a 9-7 finish I think they get a passing grade playoffs or not, considering some of the things they've had to go through.

Injuries, no fullback, new linebackers, no real TE, and of course bullygate.

I don't really feel the same way about the GM but I have to admit I haven't been a fan of him for a while.

It just seems like he misses opportunities to add better players and when it comes time to renew contracts it's almost always a stand off that creates hard feelings.

I know some folks will point out guys he drafted like Clay, Hartline, Vernon, and Jones and I'll admit they are solid. But where are the studs?

Where are the Kuechly's, the Vonn Miller's, the Julio Jones's??

Rather we make the playoffs are not we still will have a lot of holes to fill again this offseason.

I personally don't trust Jeff Ireland to do it. Just my opinion.

Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas. Go Fins!!!

Also blind
They aren't exactly sure what time table those that lived "hundreds" of years that are mentioned in the bible. So trying to bash something without giving or in this case not knowing makes one look just as silly as you are trying to make a goup of people whom believe In something bigger than themselves

Sorry, but I was "away". Not true, Ape Tamer, those psychiatrists at that Hospital saved the life of Jonathan Martin.

the dullfags suck and does not deserve any play off games, send the losers home!!!

Correct the bible was written by priest and prophets... I didn't say anything about picking and choosing which parts to follow so what point are you trying to prove? Trying to say something that was written hundreds or thousands of years ago has norelivince isnt smart as many laws of physics are still used today. I don't look up to any religious officials as they are human and its human nature to do things that are considered wrong ny society. You mention religion and when things are made About religion and not the meaning then that's when you get wars and people using things falsely.
My point is done bash something based on part truths or without fully understanding something.
Enjoy the rest of the day off that you got bc of this day.

For every reason there is to be down on the 2013 fins, there is a reason to be impressed. Of the four AFC division champs, we played 3 of them, and beat them all! It's a brand new season on Monday and may have the best chance of all four teams to take that 6th seed.

Agreed blind
They seem to play up to their competition but also down like last week

YOU GUYS THINK JOE PHILBIN KNEW ABOUT AARON RODGERS BOYFRIEND?.......http://www.thefamedriven.com/fame-driven-mail-did-the-green-bay-packers-star-nfl-quarterback-aaron-rodgers-have-a-falling-out-with-male-roommatepersonal-assistant-kevin-lanflisi/

Posted by: LINDAJOHNSONLUV | December 25, 2013 at 04:47 PM

I went and read the link and it looks as though he could be part of that group that was coming out last Spring. It was rumored that one of those coming out would be a HUGE Star and all indications are it as Rodgers from the info. on that link. He took this guy to the ESPY's with him in matching suits as well as all awards functions. He moved the guy in and their twitter back-n-forth reads like the inter-action of a couple. The one that gets me though is they had special Tuesday were they set time aside to watch a Movie together at the home they shared, sounds like code for date night which I've had with my wife for Yrs. The read is shoking only in the sense that nobody outed them earlier because it really reads like they were open about it.

The Dolphins are pure garbage. They dont deserve to make the playoffs the way they've played.

When analyzing the only stat that ever matters, W/L percentage, the Miami Dolphins are in the top 34% of the entire NFL.

This means that 66% of the NFL teams have not done as well as the Miami Dolphins.

Framed in this light puts their performance in its proper perspective.

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