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Clearing out the notebook: Friday edition

The Dolphins have two home games remaining and that should be a big deal because Baltimore, for example, plays only one more home game. And playing at home is supposed to be better than playing on the road.

Except this year the Dolphins haven't exactly done a great job of protecting their house. They're 3-3 in six games at home and would have to win their final two games at home to merely tie the 5-3 home mark they posted last year.

So how would coach Joe Philbin grade Miami's play at home this year?

"About 3-3.  Seriously, we have to play better," Philbin said. "I think the fans have gotten their money’s worth in terms of excitement in relation to the games have gone down to, literally all six games have been almost to the last play of the game if I’m not mistaken.  We have to do better, we have to do better."


Do you recall the 2011 season-opener? The Patriots threw for 500 yards. They had a 99-yard pass play from Tom Brady to Wes Welker. They won the game 38-24.

Nolan Carroll remembers that game.

I talked to Carroll about that game this week. If you recall, both Vontae Davis and Sean Smith suffered cramps that night. Carroll had to substitute in for both players.

And as if on cue, the moment he came in the game, Tom Brady went to work on him. Three consecutive passes to Carroll's side went for completions including a TD pass. I asked Carroll if he agreed that he got picked on that night?

"Yes," he said.

Well, earlier this year, the Dolphins managed Dimitri Patterson's groin injury in such a way that he was able to start the October game at New England. And Patterson played well. But he had to come out in the second half for a series and when that happened, Carroll came in the game.

Carroll had started five previous games in Patterson's place but, again, as soon as he entered the game, Tom Brady went after him. And the Patriots connected on a 14-yard touchdown pass in which Brady went to Aaron Dobson who was matched out left against ... Nolan Carroll.

Carroll is a starting cornerback the rest of the season apparently with Patterson now on injured reserve. Is he worried Brady is going to be picking on him Sunday as has happened in the past?

"That doesn't worry me," Carroll said. "What happened years ago has no affect on me. I'm a different player than I was then. This is a new game."

Carroll better be ready because the Patriots seemingly always know where he is.


The Dolphins had no answer for covering Darren Sproles out of the backfield the fourth week of the season when they played New Orleans.

Well, on Sunday they face Shane Vereen (who missed the first meeting between Miami and New England due to his wrist injury) and he is a defacto wide receiver coming out of the backfield -- a matchup nightmare for linebackers.

Vereen has been active only five games but already he leads all NFL running backs with 74.6 yard per game receiving average. He has 40 catches for 373 yards. Last week he caught 12 passes for 153 yards against Cleveland.

Phillip Wheeler or Jimmy Wilson better bring their A-game on Sunday.


I hate doing playoff projections, but I feel the need to clear up some confusion that Thursday night's San Diego victory over the Denver Broncos may have caused.

Multiple people on my twitter timeline (Follow me @ArmandoSalguero) were saying that if the Dolphins, Ravens and Chargers all end up with the same record, the fact the Chargers enter the scenario and turn it into a three-team race erases Baltimore's current edge over Miami built by a head-to-head victory.

Not necessarily true.

If for example, the three teams finish 9-7 and are tied for the sixth and final playoff seed, the Ravens would still be the qualifying team if the one loss they suffer is this weekend to NFC opponent Detroit. In other words, the Ravens could lose to Detroit but if they beat two AFC opponents -- New England and Cincinnati -- they would still be the 9-7 team getting in the playoffs.

If, however, the Ravens beat Detroit but lose to either New England or the Bengals, they would be 9-7 but the 9-7 Dolphins would be getting in the playoffs ahead of them, assuming the Chargers are also 9-7. (If the Chargers drop off, the Ravens again win out over Miami based on head-to-head meetings).

Bottom line: The Ravens can obviously build a seemingly hefty lead in the playoff chase against the Dolphins and Chargers if they win this weekend while the Dolphins lose to the Patriots. But if the Dolphins recover the final two weeks of the season, and the Chargers keep winning, and the Ravens stumble in one of their two remaining games against AFC opponents, the Dolphins would jump ahead of Baltimore.

If we're talking teams going 8-8 that's a whole different formula that might involve other teams and it's too early for that now. 

Glad I made that totally clear for you.


The Dolphins have lost seven in a row to the Patriots. I picked Miami to win on Sunday. I think the loss of Rob Gronkowski is devestating to New England's offense. But looking at the last meeting, Gronkowski caught only two passes for 27 yards. I worry that Aqib Talib did not play and Brady threw for only 116 yards, had a 69.5 QB rating and the Patriots still won by 10 points.


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All we need to do is play like we did in the first half last time and in the second half, not out smart ourselves, and not change what worked in the first half last time.

All we need to do is score more points than them.

not out smart ourselves, and not change what worked in the first half last time.

Posted by: Sullyfins | December 13, 2013 at 10:58 PM

That was the problem doofus. They make adjustments and we didn't.

With Cogs gone this team that lacked leadership finally found one in Tannehill who had prior to Bullygate been MIA. The kid has been outspoken and has played some of his best football. Martin's game sucked but his biggest inadvert contribution for this team was Cogs getting the boot. Tannehill seems to have been able to replace the clown very nicely and become the true kind of leader this team sorely needed.

Some years back there used to be some good posters here. Thoughtful, provocative, interesting, confrontational, knowledgeable. It made for some good reading.

Now? Nuttin but gibberish and nonsense.

The IQ of the average poster here has dropped 100 points. It's because Armando never even had any interest in controlling the blog. He is an absent moderator.

So where is the hottie you (fibbed, imagined) told us about? You are still blogging? Oh, yeah..right...she is coming over later.....truck stop is humming this hour.


Posted by: Hehe | December 13, 2013 at 10:03 PM

No, I didn't fib, not whatever imaginary time you're refering too, not now either.

I wrote the last post from the parking lot of Hudson's. It's a high dollar shop, so I wouldn't expect you know anything about it.

My favorite Hottie had to pick up, YET ANOTHER Christmas Gift for someone.

If you REALLY need to know all the details of my LIFE(you know, the LIFE that's much more exciting than yours), I'm now in Walmarts parking lot. Don't worry about me though, She promised to be quick as She's only getting Wrapping Paper, Tape and something "Girly" for Her to drink.

You must be one lonely "shut in" Partner, to be worrying about what an anonymous blogger is doing this Friday the 13th...........?

Worry not Bro, I'll say a prayer for you. I **ALWAYS** say prayers for those less fortunate than myself.

Merry Christmas Too, I'm getting in the mood early this year ;)

Now, to those scratch off lotery tickets I bought to amuse myself as I wait........lol......

(Sheesh, some people - ROTFLMAO)

odinpyle, doth thou protest too much. Always a dead giveaway.

-Hey, Troll Boy, if it makes you feel any better, I'm now posting from the shitter and I'm getting ready to jump in the Shower.

"...doth thou..."...

-Huh........? What........?

"...protest too much..."...

-Oh......Yeah......that's the ticket! Speaking of which, I just won $5.00 with a scratch off lottery ticket. It was **DOUBLED** by the Christmas Gift Symbol. I know math isn't your strong suit Bubba Dukes. $5.00 **DOUBLED** equals a "Kool......$10.00". Not bad for a $1.00 investment.

"Always a dead giveaway..."...

-INDEED! The "Dead Giveaway" is how YOU **CONTINUOUSLY** assume that because someone is posting, they MUST be sitting in Mommy's basement in front of her old antiquated Home PC.

This PARTICULAR, recurring assumption PROVES that YOU only know of this one way to post(HeHeHe). Now isn't that RIGHT Bumpkin Boy....?

For your benefit, I won't even mention my I-Phone or my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, Oops(I did it...AGAIN ;) It would just make your Old School Head SPIN anyways-LMAO!

(Now I've wasted enough time educating you for one night. Duty calls.......If you know what I mean... ;)

ValHalla.......SMH - LOL!!!!

Some one say Home and protective custody?

Miami 27 New England 24

******** ~Relax~ ********

MIAMI(7-6): The patriots at home, at the Bills and the jets at home(10-6 or 9-7).

BALTIMORE(7-6): At Detroit, Patriots and Cincinatti at home(8-8 or 7-9).

SAN DIEGO(7-7): Oakland and Kansas City at home(8-8 or 7-9).

With this new found O-Line, Tannehill with time and the emergence of a lot of the youngsters, we will get to 9-7 at least. That's still going to be good enough to get in. It's not the best way to look at it, but we can loose one of the next 3 and get in. Forget the tie breakers and all the formulas. They "Got This".

Once we get in ANYTHING can happen on any given Sunday. Miami will be the 6th seed and they will have Earned/Deserved it. They will give it their best shot, you better believe that.

It's a Good Time to be a Miami Dolphin's Fan!

Beware my fellow Phin Fans, all the Fair Weather Fans will be crawling out from under their rocks. They will be trying to scratch and claw their way on to the Wagon!

All ABOARD.........Whoop-WHOOOOOOOOP!!!!

Duty calls.......If you know what I mean... ;)

Posted by: odinseye | December 14, 2013 at 01:43 AM


You have to empty your colostomy bag?

Odin gives more attention to the blog and his toilet than his hottie (palmy?).

would be an embarrassment if there is one empty orange seat in that stadium!!!

Finally getting a teeny weeny bit of respect around the league...? Even a Pats website had a positive article on T-hill...amazing.

Can't wait for the game. Dare I say this is the most we've had on the line since 08? Win this game the buzz around this team will be unbelievable. These guys have earned the opportunity to control their own destiny.

Phil Simms with some high praise..."Everyone always wants to know about their quarterback. We are getting to see Ryan Tannehill late in his 2nd yr and see the improvement in his play. He shows the difference on the field physically with his throws and how he plays the game. There is a little bit of an aura around him, which you always want for your quarterback. You can tell he’s the man. I think he thinks he’s the man and it really shows. It’s a hard line to cross as a quarterback and a football team but they are getting close to it.

These guys have earned the opportunity to control their own destiny.

Posted by: TruthhurTs | December 14, 2013 at 07:00 AM

Except they haven't. If the Ravens win out we are done. With 3 games left, we have to win one more than them. Destiny is not in our control.

The Dolphins dont deserve to make the playoffs. They are a poor team despite being 7-6.

The IQ of the average poster here has dropped 100 points.

Posted by: Passerby | December 13, 2013 at 11:22 PM

Its because any smart fan bailed this franchise years ago.

The Dolphins dont deserve to make the playoffs. They are a poor team despite being 7-6.

Posted by: JJ | December 14, 2013 at 09:01 AM

You don't deserve to be posting despite your lower class employment and junk food diet.

Its because any smart fan bailed this franchise years ago.

Posted by: JJ | December 14, 2013 at 09:05 AM

Yet you are still here...so that makes you dumb. Very.

Dion Jordan brings back memories of AJDuhe as he picks off Tom Brady 3 times in leading Miami to a 35 21 win over the New England Patriots !!!

The Most Important game of the Season.

We win Sunday, we should be able to win out.


Posted by: Dashi | December 14, 2013 at 09:57 AM

Still making predictions? Why. You are never right.

Brady is going to destroy Carroll. He always does. Reshard Jones is questionable. I think Clemons is the only player back there without a groin injury.

38 - 17 Pats.


You are referring to T-Sizzle. Ryan Tannehills alter ego.

Tannehill might not have a lot of shake to him but he runs fast in a straight line. Plus, with T-Sizzle's size, that Pitt CB didn't really want to tackle him.

I believe it is time the Spread-Option part of the offense is used more with Tannehill getting hit less often in the pocket. I also would like to see him scramble a little more. Tannehill should average about 5 carries a game.

Sherman is doing the right thing. He is making Tannehill into a NFL QB. But he knows it is a process. He doesn't want Tannehill to create any bad habits early. Then the rest of his career he is looking to scramble as soon as he hikes the ball. I believe T-Hill has shown that his first instinct isn't to run, and if he runs he will try and slide or get out of bounds.

If Sherman shows favoritism with Tannehill, it really doesn't show. He makes Tannehill work the hardest out of the whole offense. But it is what is best for the future of the team.

Jeff Ireland, worst GM ever?

Tannehill has no accuracy on the long passes. How come no one on the Dolphins noticed that BEFORE the draft?


Dashi believes this team could've been an 11-5 team. So I Am, disappointed in this season.

10-6. (Yeah, I settled on this because I knew the O-line was suspect.)

Yeah, Why not?

The Dolphins win on Sunday and they should be able to win out. You don't beat the Pats and then lose to the Bills or the Jets.

10-6. When it happens you can S&S all you want.

Dashi isn't always right. Just right most of the time.

Dashi | December 14, 2013 at 10:25 AM

Instead of repeating everything odin said as though it were your own thoughts, you could have said just referred to his post and said you agreed.

But, we know you like to hear yourself talk.

Talk, talk, talk. Jabber, jabber, jabber. I ME I.



Dashi is a DOPE!

N.Carroll is the Dolphins #2 CB. A Top 20 CB in the league. N.Carroll is a better CB than S.Smith or V.Davis. N.Carroll also plays Special Teams.

Yes, N.Carroll Sucked!! But that is no longer the case.

Our Secondary is actually pretty good. Only if C.Clemons can cause more Turnovers.

Vontae is a probowl level CB, way better than Carroll. Be serious. Carroll wouldn't fetch more than a 6th round pick if that.

I predicted 10-6. It's still a good possibility but I believe 9-7 is more likely and would love to be proved wrong.

One thing I heard Phil Simms say that I thought was very true. You look at this defense and think with these players they should be more dominate. That's been a surprise so far to me...a bit disappointed but there's still time I guess.

Our D is excellent. If the offence were just average we'd be a top team.

Carroll stinks compared to Vontae or Smith. Get a clue, Dooshy!!

Religions are just death cults because of our terror about the finality of life.

Yet, when you die you will simply cease to exist and you will be quickly forgotten. Nothingness.

Enjoy the hopeful talk until midnight on Monday. That's when we are 7-7 and the Ravens are 8-6 and the topic quickly becomes the draft.

When we are 8-6 and the Ravens are 7-7 the talk will quickly become the playoffs.

We need to draft Johnny Manziel to take us to the next level.

The game tomorrow is just as HUGE for the Patriots as it is for the Dolphins. Because of the Broncos loss, the Patriots are now the 1st seed in the AFC and obviously they need to win to hold onto that. However, with a Patriot loss tomorrow, it will drop them to the 4th seed, as they would be tied with the Bengals, and the Bengals have the head to head tie breaker.

For our Dolphins, this game is so much more than just winning to stay in the playoff hunt. As the Patriots are likely going to be AFC East Champions, a win by the Dolphins tomorrow will keep from crowning the Patriots AFC East Champions on the Dolphins home field. So this game is HUGE for BOTH teams!

The game tomorrow is just as HUGE for the Patriots as it is for the Dolphins.

Posted by: dbmfins | December 14, 2013 at 11:48 AM

Wrong. They already are in the playoffs. They will have a shot at another title. We are still hoping for a ticket to the dance.

Vontae is a probowl level CB, way better than Carroll. Be serious. Carroll wouldn't fetch more than a 6th round pick if that.

Posted by: Pay attention. | December 14, 2013 at 10:44 AM

You obviously don't watch a great deal of NFL Football or pay much attention! V.Davis the "SLACKER" with poor work ethic who shows up when he wants has once again reared his ugly head/side in Indy. In the course of this Season he has proved a liability more often then not for the Colts ending in a torching at the hands of Andy Dalton "The GREAT" (SARCASM!) in Indy's resent blowout loss not to mention his undressing in Arz. (also a blowout loss)

No doubt he physically has it to be a GREAT NFL player but he is of the INCONSISTENT bread we see often in this game. Perhaps paring him with a hard worker like Grimes may have done him some good but it would have come with problems along the way when the Coaches moved him from Left to Right trusting the more reliable but less athletically gifted little grader in Brent! Yes we could all have done without that ridiculous cushion he gave Steve Smith Vs. Car. which cost us the game on 4th & 10 but he also sealed the win in Indy with an endzone pick killing a drive and was lights out Vs. the Bengals and in a bunch of our games setting the tone like he did on his de-captitating hit of A.Brown last week in Pitt.

The "SLACKER" doesn't have that leader in him and when the D went limp he usually was one of it's main flatliners! Again if anything begin at least watching NFL Net's Primetime Show Sunday evenings so you can keep tabs on what's actually going on before posting! In summation N.Carroll (who by the way is our fastest player outside M.Wallace) may not be spectacular but has come a LOOOOOOONG WAY this Yr. He's turning and looking for the ball and his technique is greatly improved, I bet money we try and resign him unless another CB starved team like the Lions doesn't overpay and sign him away!

You heard it here 1st!!!!!

Gronkowski may not have caught a lot of balls, but the BS PI calls were devastating.......

I say go all out pressure, ALL OUT, on Brady in the first quarter. Set the tone. Beat him up. Risk some big plays while we still have time. Shake his bones! Make him paranoid. Will it be Wake? Starks? Odrick? Vernon? Jordon? Shelby? Reshard? Whoa that is too much to account for if we LET IT RAIN!

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