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Dolphins at Jets: Live blogging

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- It's all hands on deck for the Jets today.

CB Antonio Cromartie and wide receiver Santonio Holmes are active today.

For the Dolphins, it's all about safeties. They've got five safeties active today including, Jimmy Wilson, Chris Clemons, Reshad Jones, D.J. Campbell and Jordan Kovacs.

Nolan Carroll starts in place of Dimitri Patterson as usual.

The inactives today are: QB Pat Devlin, CB Jamar Taylor, CB Dimitri Patterson, RB Daniel Thomas, G Danny Watkins, OL David Arkin and DT A.J. Francis.

If you didn't catch my column earlier today, please read it, as it relates to Ryan Tannehill and his ability to carry the Dolphins to the playoffs.

There is a live blog today. See you there:



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Kris we are still waiting for you to prove your objectivity, since that is what you demanded of others. We've seen your many negative comments on Tannehill when he falters, yet we are still waiting for you to show us one positive comment you've made about Tannehill.

Will you prove your objectivity or will you run away from the challenge again?


Not sure if we win big today or lose big today.

2 more weeks and then I'm on vacation until after the draft.

I can't be sure, but I think there has been a huge amount of $ bet on the Jets since Friday.


NOBODY can cover Santonio Holmes when he goes on those across the field routes. Grimes is going to need a lot of help.


"insider Adam Schefter reported on Sunday NFL Countdown that Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin wanted to release Richie Incognito in 2012, after an allegation of harassment at a team golf tournament surfaces, but the then-new head coach was overruled.

A transcript of what Schefter said on air:

"One of the more telling pieces of information to be revealed during the hours of interviews that [NFL investigator] Ted Wells recently conducted is that after Richie Incognito was accused of allegedly harassing a volunteer at the Dolphins' annual charity golf tournament May 2012, Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin wanted to release him. Philbin made it known to others in the organization at that time he believed the right move was to move on from Incognito.

"However, having been hired as the Dolphins head coach January 20th, 2012, Philbin was only about four months into his new job, and his wishes got overruled.

"Philbin's wishes at that time could help partly explain that when Dolphins owner Stephen Ross commented publicly on the mess in Miami for the first time, he offered his undivided support of Philbin."

Dimitri definitely hasn't earned his 4 million thus far.

They are in Church, ETF.

PHins78 are you still enraptured with that nonsense soap opera? Old boring news. Have yourself and ovaltine and move on.

If the Dolphins go 8-8 Philbin will probably survive. Hell, after this bullying bs distracted the team he may survive 7-9. Which is bad news for everyone that reads this blog. It means AT LEAST one more year of Armando banging that fire Philbin drum. He's in too deep now, can't see how he can get out of it. He's written way too many negative pieces on Philbin so he's stuck. No matter what Armando has to keep up the Philbin sucks beat and we will suffer for it. Crap! HAHAHA

Sports is the opiate of the (male) masses.

Wallace 3 TDs today
Whadda Ya Think !?
Posted by: Home on the Phins | December 01, 2013 at 11:38 AM
I'd say pass that blunt son....

We lose today, heads need to roll. No excuses. We need this game if there's any hope of salvaging the season. And lets face it. The Jets suck.

So if Philbin truly wanted to cut Incognito guess who overruled him? BINGO! JEFF IRELAND

Which makes perfect sense because Jeff is somewhat of a bully himself, a wanna be tough guy. He wouldn't see the sexual harassment as an indictment on Cogs character be cause honestly Jeffs character sucks, he's not the one who should be making these calls.

And all of the comments and articles from the talking heads CONDEMNING Philbin will now be knee jerk over reactions and assumptions based on little to no knowledge of the situation. Will they all apologize and place the blame on Ireland? Don't hold your breath.

Armando did you see Adam Shefters report yet about Philbin trying to cut Incognito last year? He was over ruled, did you see it? What say you?


No close game this one.

That being said there is still a lot to play for today. If we win we will be tied with Baltimore for the wild card lead. I would love for the fins to get hot and make the playoffs. I want to have a reason to continue watching this year.

I really feel like the fins are close. They could easily be 9-2. They have not been able to finish and that is just a matter of experience. The fins have a talented defensive line that has been underperforming and a talented young QB has not put it all together. Let's keep the team together. Next year: Tweak the defense, get players that can protect Tannehill, and find a running game. This team just needs a little more time, some player minor tweaking, and to gain the experience needed to finish games.

We are still talking about this? Harassment? NFL? The game is the consummate expression of harassment and bullying. So nuf said.

Lets just win today and put this crap in the taillights.

The concept of a Team does not lend itself easily to Individualism.

lets hope we lose so we get a new gm and hc.

Let's beat the Jets today. Beating the Jets in NY is almost as good as making the playoffs. Go fins!

Ireland's a dope for bringing Incognito to the Dolphins

Dear Fin Fans, just want to say Buh Bye to your season today.

Have a hot dog on me :)


You are going to be watching the game hoping for the fins to lose? LOL.

Why not just find another team to root for?

Lets ground the Jets! Go Fins keep the playoff dream alive!

Live feed anywhere?

harassment and bullying.
Posted by: klndry | December 01, 2013 at 12:46 PM

Harassment and bullying are one thing but it was extortion, racism, and discrimination that's geting Incognito kicked out of the league.

lets hope we lose so we get a new gm and hc.

Posted by: dusty | December 01, 2013 at 12:48 PM

Dumbasss post of the day.


If he can get himself released by sundown then he can still make it to the Burger King Asst Manager Training Class that starts tomorrow.

Guys, I'm an idiot.. what's the link to the game?

Let's be good fans today JETS Suck. Definition of FAN

: an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator

"So why did we not hear anything about it until now? Well, Incognito and the Dolphins did a bang-up job of making the issue go away. The victim was paid off. And the team swept the issue under the proverbial rug."

"Coach Joe Philbin, who was in his third month as Dolphins coach at the time, didn't cut Incognito. Oh, the coach was seen that season as standing up for the right kind of players, as Miami cut Chad Johnson after his domestic violence issue and traded Vontae Davis because, in part, he went to the bathroom too much during practice."

JEFF IRELAND SAID NO TO CUTTING INCOGNITO WHEN PHILBIN WANTED TO DO IT IN 2012 AFTER THE INCIDENT. It is now national news. This is the only paper that hasn't mentioned it.


So Phin, you think Philbin is a good HC? What have you seen I haven't?

Is Gillisle active? He knows how to run.

I love when the troll writes the exact opposite of what is actually going on in reality so that someone will spend their time correcting him. It's very funny that there are people who still placate this moron.

Phins78 who cares about that nonsense besides you? Go soak your fingers in dishwashing liquid.

Both of your RBs are inactive you need to check your lineup.

fire philbin and ireland or we'll stink forever.

I didn't say that cocoajoe. I think he is a human being and I'm standing up for him being attacked by the media for not cutting Incognito. Where in any of my posts did I say or even hint to the fact I thought he was a good coach?

Are you saying that because we don't believe he is the right coach for our team that it somehow justifies the public attack and scrutiny of his leadership and character?

Failbin SUCKS!

Here we go, a playoff game ineffect.

I'm out, no one worth talking with in here today.

The same offense today as we have seen every game ?

Let's see what an ugly surprise the Dolphins have stocked for us. A last minute loss or an ugly game all the way through.

I'm out, no one worth talking with in here today.
Posted by: Phins78 | December 01, 2013 at 01:04 PM


Wow, terrible pass!

Tanny SUCKS!!!

So far so good. Definition of FAN

: an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator

Miller goes down too easy. First touch and he looking for the ground.

Phin, fair enough but that's been the trouble. The so-called scandal and piss poor production from the coaching staff.
For me, the scandal will get resolved one way ot the other. The product on the field? That's another kettle of fish...pardon the pun

I'm out, no one worth talking with in here today.

Posted by: Phins78 | December 01, 2013 at 01:04
Too bad, you missed my retort

The Jets pass defense sucks. Tannehill has to hit these open receivers.

Horrible penalty.

Bad penalty Clay

Tannehill just holds on to the ball too long. That sack was n him.

jets ref

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