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Dolphins at Jets: Live blogging

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- It's all hands on deck for the Jets today.

CB Antonio Cromartie and wide receiver Santonio Holmes are active today.

For the Dolphins, it's all about safeties. They've got five safeties active today including, Jimmy Wilson, Chris Clemons, Reshad Jones, D.J. Campbell and Jordan Kovacs.

Nolan Carroll starts in place of Dimitri Patterson as usual.

The inactives today are: QB Pat Devlin, CB Jamar Taylor, CB Dimitri Patterson, RB Daniel Thomas, G Danny Watkins, OL David Arkin and DT A.J. Francis.

If you didn't catch my column earlier today, please read it, as it relates to Ryan Tannehill and his ability to carry the Dolphins to the playoffs.

There is a live blog today. See you there:



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Is Thill getting worse.

We need some points on this drive. Clay probably cost us a TD on this drive.

Tanne soiled himself on that sack

Our playbook is really thin.

Wow we miss Carpenter. Sturgis sucks!

What have I been saying about Caleb Sturgis, he should have been cut weeks ago.

Oh boy! Sturgis alone should be enough to fire Ireland.

Shame. That was a well called screen. That's a aggressive D, fool them.

We need to bring in a new veteran kicker next week. This kicker is pathetic!


Sturgis replacing Carpenter, another genius Ireland move


Fist pump

Thats what losers do folks...PUT THEMSELVES IN POSITION TO LOSE......this team never learns from its mistakes week in week out....

Vernon has been a nice find for Ireland.

WTF was that play calling I mean I have tried very hard to believe in this regime bu that play calling was horrible. I do blame RT for missing a couple od easy completions but he's still just second yr qb. that play calling though was atrocious.

What an awful call on third and 14. Straight into the teeth of that d line and to a player whos stock is crashing down.

Talking of which Sturgis is killing us.

Unbelievable sturgis.....

Another missed FG and another example of bad personnel dcisions

Ireland's acorns.
Philbin's charismatic coaching
Ross' steady guidance.
What could possibly go wrong.

WR's are getting open deep again.

Thill has to start getting the ball to those recievers deep... come on.

this is going to be one Boring @ss sloppy game!!!!

The offense was doing fine on that drive. The Clay penalty killed them. I did not see any problem at all with the play calling. They moved the ball very well.

The Jets suck. The fins have to be able to find a way to beat this putrid team!

If our kicker can't make a routine fg. How are we going to win anything, let alone make the playoffs. Ross plzzzzzzzzz let Ireland go. This man could find talent at a talent agency

Thill needs to stop holding the damn football so long!

Also, time to try to kick field goals with Brandon Fields!

I told you all that Tannehill would be the most improved QB this year. Doubters?

Tanner hill needs to sit on the bench and learn from Moore.........who btw can throw the deep ball! Unbelievable


Its the Sherman way. There were some nice calls there, but what a way to stall. Running single back.... telling the world what we are doing from that formation, and dink a couple of yards when our WR's are torching those DB's.

WTF ? Thill keeps this up, bench him and play Moore 2nd hal... our season ends today if Thill fails no those throws.

Running game awful again

Posted by: Dolfan29 | December 01, 2013 at 01:21 PM

How bout actually putting the football in the endzone...that helps keep a very inconsistent kicker off the field...

Any other team would have already signed another kicker

The Dolphins cannot be any worst. Even Sturgis have become a vomit now.
This game will prove which of the two teams sucks more.

How do so many defenders get free to make the tackle on he RB?

Penalty killed them and Sturgis shoves the dagger in deeper

Nothing wrong with that play call. Players have to execute. First down to Clay.

Telegraph the run Sherman

Nice throw by Tannehill. We need a big run.

The fins are going to have to score TDs. I don't trust Sturgis at all.

Thill with no awareness of the effing playclock come on!!!!!

I'd like to see a shotgun, direct snap to the RB right here.

Tannehill looks slow on his drop backs, and handoffs. Just kinda like waltzing around. He needs to move quicker think quicker, decide quicker, be quicker.
I have to think the coaches see this. They need a QB coach.

Early key to the game....we are wearing down their defense early. Two time consuming drives. We will be able to run in the second half.

Really, the crowd noise not a factor and tannehill cant get the play off.....GezzuZZZ

Clays been stepping up

This is when you need a FB.

Where are all the Thill fans during the Fecking game ???

they know better than to dare be on this blog during gameday as Thill is so inconsistent and makes the same mistakes.

That's what happens when you do not have a legit fullback.


We are only running about 5 or 6 different variations of the exact same plays.

Awful, can't even get a yard

Underthrown to Hartline - another missed TD.

Another throw behind the receiver

Wide open again! How do you miss that every time!

Underthrown hartline had to stop and adjust to that horrible throw

Thill will be Definition of FAN

: an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator

Philbin has a flawed philosophy. You have to throw it on 4th down and 1 because they cannot run it. That is on this coaching staff. You need a FB and maulers on short yardage.

He just continues to be late on most of his long throws.

Well at least the coach is showing he actually owns testicles.

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