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Dolphins at Jets: Live blogging

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- It's all hands on deck for the Jets today.

CB Antonio Cromartie and wide receiver Santonio Holmes are active today.

For the Dolphins, it's all about safeties. They've got five safeties active today including, Jimmy Wilson, Chris Clemons, Reshad Jones, D.J. Campbell and Jordan Kovacs.

Nolan Carroll starts in place of Dimitri Patterson as usual.

The inactives today are: QB Pat Devlin, CB Jamar Taylor, CB Dimitri Patterson, RB Daniel Thomas, G Danny Watkins, OL David Arkin and DT A.J. Francis.

If you didn't catch my column earlier today, please read it, as it relates to Ryan Tannehill and his ability to carry the Dolphins to the playoffs.

There is a live blog today. See you there:



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This isn't good enough.

Whenever you start thinking of how bad Tannehill is just think of Geno Smith is. He is the worst QB in the league.

Tannehill can be a very good QB. He needs to improve on his reads. Give him a good O Line and a good QB coach. The deep throws aren't failing from lack of arm strength, it's his ability to see and trust what he sees. Getting killed via sacks doesn't help this situation.

Tannehill is fine. He's just being coached wrong. His 'edge' if you will is his running ability, which we never use. Keep Tanny, fire the QB coach and O Coordinator.

Yup, having Jake Long would make a huge difference! Never should have let him go.

I wonder how many more times Sherman will try running Miller who can't break a tackle up the middle of the toughest run D in the league.


It's about time he starts RUNNING!

That's what we need to see more of from Thill!

That is what Tannehill needs to start doing. He can run.

Thill will have to take one of those options soon.

I feel he will hit one deep soon to Wallace.

Thill has this.

Tanne is just jumpy in the pocket because he has gotten creamed so much. Once the game slows down a little and we improve the line, I still think he will be much better.

Philbin is already working on the cue cards for an inspirational half time speech. Then Tannehill will throw three touchdowns in the second half. For the other team. My beloved most improved protege.

Dont get me wrong i was all for thill but man he looks worse than his first year. One thing is very clear he has regressed and proper developement is the key factor to that.

So we have to get to what? ... the 10 yard line to be in Sturgis' field goal range?

Horrible delayed running play. It may be Sturgis time soon. YIKES!

This O LINE IS TERRIBLE. It's not Miller's fault.

On the first down play if Tannehill throws to wallaces left he has a TD. Also missed Matthews

Good job of fighting for that pass Wallace!

Wallace SUCKS. What was he doing there, watching the DB? Unbelievable!


This team is destined to lose.


We are snake bit. Pure and simple.

The Dolphins are such a boring team. Worst than the Sparanus' Dolphins.
God, what a game !

See what i mean wtf was that????? Dude come on thats the future of this franchise....yup

Wtf was Wallace waiting for?!?!?!?!?!??

Jeez. Wallace not going to play nickel anytime soon. Help a brother out. At least tackle Cro and take a penalty...

dolfinman ... good call, but I don't think you meant that jump shot floater, though! LOL!!!!

Wallace with no effort at all to go after the ball. I am really wondering about MW's heart to make plays at this point.

Cash, what the hell are you talking about? He was HIT when he released the ball!

60 million dollar effort right there....PHUCKING JOKE!!!!

Wallace should have pass interfered him, not watch him catch it.

I have a feeling that if there isn't a possible TD for him in the play Wallace could give a #@#$.

God this team sucks ass

Ireland's $60 million acorn needs to protect himself. he can't sacrifice his acorn body for the good of the team. Are you all nuts?

literally a jump ball right there. gotta make a better effort than that.

Quite funny watching two of the worst teams in the league going at it.

Dont blame that on wallace that was all thill... Who throws that kind of pass in that situation please...

It was the second down un play that killed the drive. Leaves you with 3rd and 12 and the D just pins their ears back.

Philbin has lost total confidence in Sturgis. The Jets have exotic blitz packages and you cannot try and get a first down in that situation. They should have played it safe on that play and kicked a FG but did not want to take a chance with Sturgis.

Wallace is barely a #2... Hartline is a better #1 WR


...and the meltdown begins!

Wheeler & Ellerby for Dansby & Burnett? TERRIBLE MOVE, Ireland!

This is Ireland's and Ross' team, the most pathetic one. No spirit, no nothing.
It's revolting.

Thill missing WR open all day long.

Even without the hit that was a terrible pass and decision.

Matt Moore secong half, if Thill keeps this up.

As I predicted our D will have to win this game for us. Thill just is like a deer in headlights.

Even when Wr are open, he thinks too long.

what does Miami do all week long ? practice ??

Cash ... Alex is right ... that was deflected ... not really THill's fault.

Wallace is sooooo weak on jump balls. It is such a glaring weakness. He should have tackled Cromartie....who cares if he gets whistled for interference, don't give up the INT!!!!!

Posted by: Cash | December 01, 2013 at 01:51 PM

Of course, why blame Wallace, nobody here should expect full out effort from him anyways...shame on US...lol

Dolhins need to quit playing not to lose and let it rip. Throw the damn ball deep!!

Play Dion Jordon more!

Geno Smith having a better day than Thill. Whata fecking joke !!!

Alex ill give u that i have to see the replay still not a good decision

In 6 minutes, and we have 4 quarters of being shutout

Cash, you are crazy. Seriously, you watch the game but you understand ZERO. THill was HIT AS HE RELEASED THE BALL. Wallace stood there and WATCHED the Jets DB catch it right in front of him.

Quite funny watching two of the worst teams in the league going at it.

Posted by: doroteo | December 01, 2013 at 01:51 PM

Are u watching Jacksonville, Texans, Vikings, Falcons, Redskins?

However ... that was one the faster 3 and outs I've ever seen. One minute the pass was picked off and I made a snarky comment ... the next I look up and the Jets are punting.

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