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Dolphins at Jets: Live blogging

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- It's all hands on deck for the Jets today.

CB Antonio Cromartie and wide receiver Santonio Holmes are active today.

For the Dolphins, it's all about safeties. They've got five safeties active today including, Jimmy Wilson, Chris Clemons, Reshad Jones, D.J. Campbell and Jordan Kovacs.

Nolan Carroll starts in place of Dimitri Patterson as usual.

The inactives today are: QB Pat Devlin, CB Jamar Taylor, CB Dimitri Patterson, RB Daniel Thomas, G Danny Watkins, OL David Arkin and DT A.J. Francis.

If you didn't catch my column earlier today, please read it, as it relates to Ryan Tannehill and his ability to carry the Dolphins to the playoffs.

There is a live blog today. See you there:



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Team is dominating in first downs and yardage. Still it's 0-0. This team just has no sense of urgency. Time to start looking at the draft to fill the many holes on the stagnant offense.

I mean THill can be blamed for a lot...but not for THAT INT.

first team to 6 pts wins this game!!!


Matt Moore is right where he needs to be. He lost his job in preseason last year because he doesn't do enough.

Yeah, zaphod, thank God the Jets suck even worse than we do right now!

Bone is exactly right. I would rather have a penalty for off interference than have a drive stopping int.

Wallace needs to give more effort.

How bout a read option play?

Sherman calling a heck of a game here (sarcasm)

I spent thanksgiving being grateful for the acorns Mr. Ireland provides this team. Tannehill, Sturgis, and Wallace. They as my Holy Trinity. I love me some Jeff Ireland.

If we were playing the Pats it would be 21-0 by now!

The only losing parties in this game are the defenses of both teams!!!!

We can not runthe bal at all !!

We need to score before the half. The Jets are much worse than fins. The fins have dominated the game between the 20s on offense but have not been able to finish. I would be surprised if the Jets score more than 10 points in this game.

Philbin has to be smart. You do not have to put a lot of points up in this game. Ware the Jets' defense out. Their offense can not get 1st downs.

Alex, you give him a pass for those missed balls too ?

#27 is garbage

True alex. That may have been the case on that play good call. Just like u said he CAN be blamed for alot

Approaching the 30 yard line, where Dolphin drives come to die.

We do not have the personnel to run a WCO, never did. That alone should have Ireland gotten fired for the Philbin hire. Long was never a zone blocking guy, and in fact Tannehill himself could become a better QB under a different system and coaches.

Same with our D, stubbornly playing a 4-3 with a 3-4 personnel. Imagine playing a 3-4 with these personnel and Grimes and Patterson as DBs.

What's even more damning is that even when given a player like Bush who should kill it in a WCO scheme Philbin lack the gonads to tell his BFF Sherman to use him properly. BTW who is the QBs coach? Sherman's son in law. UnFbelievable!!!

Ross, better clean house, everybody must go and yes that includes Aponte too!

Geno Smith having a better day than Thill. Whata fecking joke !!!

Posted by: Marco | December 01, 2013 at 01:53 PM
You are the joke Marco. Your hate for Tannehill blinds you.

C'mon man earn a few of those 60 million, jump, fight, do something to try to get the ball or stop the int.!

Need a TD, cause Sturgis may miss a 10 yard FG.

Jets just waiting for 2nd half, Rex knows we shut it down then.

Ok, we need a TD here! No settling for FG's!

No need to risk it, take a couple of knees and miss the fg.

finally rolling. to many early mistakes but they are lucky to be in this position.

fake handoff. Thill bootlegs! Just sayin

Jets just waiting for 2nd half, Rex knows we shut it down then.

Posted by: Earl | December 01, 2013 at 01:58 PM


Posted by: cocoajoe | December 01, 2013 at 01:58 PM

You are the joke. Don't dare get in my face with that BS. Thill has sucked today, deal with it.

Go for it!

I do not give THill a pass for anything. But I'm not a blind hater.

cannot get1 yard ?

You've got to be kidding me, we can't do anything right


Roll out Tanne and let him pass or run if it is there.

One of the worst dives ever

They still REFUSE to let THill just sneak it in himself on Pouncy's back. UNBELIEVABLE!

He wouldn't have scored if there was nobody there. Jumped straight up. I kick the FG here. Jets are offensively challenged too.

take the pts! the jets aren't doing anything on offense

Need a true full back. If you are going over the top you have to start the jump further back. Don't let the big guy jump, find a change of pace back who can launch himself.

Story of this anemic offense....decades later!!!!

Do they go for it here? I would kick the FG. You don't need a lot of points to win this game. The fins have moved the ball today and should in the second half but you do not want to give the Jets any momentum with a big goal line stand.

The fins are horrible in short yardage situations. Kick the FG!

100 yard pick six coming up.

Drive down he field throwing the football and then 3 straight runs? The topper being a dive by a TE / h-back.

Where the hell is the FG ?

Sturgis can make these ones.

This team is unreal !!!


What the hell was that !!!!!

my my they are b a d


Posted by: Dolfan Rick | December 01, 2013 at 02:03 PM

Mike Shermans a master that knows how to kill drives

Told you. How do you not kick the FG in that situation. Philbin is an idiot!

Marco, tough keyboard guy? LMAO...did you ever play the game? I doubt it.

Who audibled out of that play and threw a bad pass alex?????

Missed another wide open man!

Tannehill sucks, has absolutely no touch. Bad play call, whats wrong with a bootleg.

An inch to go and they pass

Clown Squad

These guys are sorry !

It's up to our defense to get the 2 points necessary to win this game. When you can't get 1 yard in 4 attempts (counting the earlier 3rd and 1 debacle) you KNOW your team has issues ... as if we needed any further evidence of that fact!

It's only weird if it doesn't work!

this team needs a playmaking QB.........

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