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Dolphins at Jets: Live blogging

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- It's all hands on deck for the Jets today.

CB Antonio Cromartie and wide receiver Santonio Holmes are active today.

For the Dolphins, it's all about safeties. They've got five safeties active today including, Jimmy Wilson, Chris Clemons, Reshad Jones, D.J. Campbell and Jordan Kovacs.

Nolan Carroll starts in place of Dimitri Patterson as usual.

The inactives today are: QB Pat Devlin, CB Jamar Taylor, CB Dimitri Patterson, RB Daniel Thomas, G Danny Watkins, OL David Arkin and DT A.J. Francis.

If you didn't catch my column earlier today, please read it, as it relates to Ryan Tannehill and his ability to carry the Dolphins to the playoffs.

There is a live blog today. See you there:



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UNBELIEVABLE. FIRE SHERMAN. Seriously. I have seen slow Tom Brady get ONE FREAKING YARD over and over again, but they won't even try a QB sneak with THill who is a better athlete than Brady is.

Safety or pick six on this jets possession.

The right call. It was a bad pass.

Make the Jets run it from their goal line. Allow our defense to win this!

Lou Polite, where are you?

Take the points. The jets can't move the ball. Philbin has no clue about in game situations and flow of the game.

I can't wait for the guys to hear Philbin's inspirational half time speech. It is going to be a doozy praising the Jets and referees. Wallace Tannehill and Sturgis are going to be awarded half time game balls.

What a Fecking Joke man.

Thill fecks the pass. Come on you Thill d1cks, come with the love for that throw ?

Come on, 'phins, lose out for a new regime. You can do it!

Key stone cops

Pick 6 or a fumble on this drive!

Fins could be good if the QB and kicker were any good. Tannehill makes 5 good throws, but when its crunch time to make a big play he can't do it. Not a clutch player at all.

Can the fins stop the Jets from running the ball when they need to?

Posted by: cocoajoe | December 01, 2013 at 02:04 PM

Yip I played QB my friend.

Its ok, I'll deal with you later.

Such a really UN-professional football team. Philbin is NOT an NFL head coach.

Sherman sucks, the oline sucks, the running game sucks, AND t-hill SUCKS!!!!

Hey Marco, did you catch Tannehill banging your ugly girlfriend?

4 quarters of being shutout is unbelievable, and here comes the second half

Wow, we can't ask the defense to shut out the Jets the whole game. Too much to ask.

What a joke

This laughable. Take the effing points and stick them deep again on their 20. Really stupid, these moron coaches gamble at the worst possible situations.

Bring it punk. I'll even tell you where to find me

Can someone remind me why Mike Sherman has been fired from every coaching job he has ever had?

Nah, cuaght her with your moma, after he nailed your poppa.

Would love to.

Like I say, bring it

Bring everybody! Block it!

The Jets are horrible! Why is this game even close?

Time for me to tongue punch Mr. Ross' b hole.

I'm done with this crap. Tell me the last time any of you guys can remember them calling a QB sneak at the goal line or when they had a 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1? They just refuse to let this kid run the ball, which he is actually damn good at. I'll be back later. Gotta eat something.

Brave catch by Thigpen.

Terrible blocking on special teams, we should be in Jets territory. Another Fins FAIL

Jets have receivers open. Smith just can't hit them.

I do not blame Tannehill on that drive. He did a nice job getting them to the one foot line. You have to be able to punch it in but the fins cannot run the ball on short yardage. That is on Philbin for designing an offense with no blocking TEs, finesse OL, and no FB. You have to be physical in those situations and the fins are simply not.

Can you see a Bill Cowart team not scoring a TD in that situation?

Hennehill turnover coming up.

Geno Smith has played as good as Thill to be honest, with less talent around him.

if im a defensive player, my 2nd half adjustments are PUNCHING mike Sherman in the face...along with every offensive player on miamis offense...

Do w have a fb besides Clay ?

Miss me yet?

23 minutes to 5 in TOP. Dolphins are the greatest offense not to find the end one or points on the board. What a joke

So apparently, even the 1 yard line if out of Sturgis range ... need to get to the 1/2 ft. mark to be in range.

Sherman DOES suck, But it's Phinbins responsibility to coach the teaam to some semblance of professionalism

Mr. Ross enjoys eating corn.

No need to chance it, take a knee and miss the fg before something bad happens.

Tanny tries to throw pick 6

This is painful to watch for any fan of football. The meltdown is inevitable unless they score before the half. Low morale, players will start taking plays off out of frustration and it will jus snowball from there.

So glad we didn't suck for Luck two years ago. Unbelievable.


Good job of Wallace going up for that one! He's one impressive receiver, I tell you what!

Tannehill has missed 2-3 TD's already. Brutality at the QB position.

They just plain suck!

He is just Chad Henne all over again

We will waste 3 more years

Worst case scenario it should be 9-0 now.


Did Sturgis actually almost miss that one? Or was it just the angle they showed the kick?

Can Sturgis make his FG?

Get inside the 20 - look's like we don't know what to do

Why not go for it now?

Let Tannehill drive the team to the 20, the put in Matt Moore to close it out. Ha ha. A good QB has this team up at least 21 points in the first half.

Wow we have points!

and some people really want to see this team make the playoffs this year???LMOA LMAO


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