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Dolphins beat Jets 23-3, still alive

East Rutherford, N.J. -- This was a butt kicking.

Even when the Dolphins led 6-0 at halftime, the Dolphins were dismantling the Jets -- holding a 265-39 edge in total yards and a 16-2 edge on first downs.

And then the Dolphins actually added points.

Ryan Tannehill, who had a fine game. He completed 28 of 43 (65.1 percent) for 331 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. His QB rating was 94.2. (I told you he could get hot in December).

He found Brian Hartline for a 31 yard score.

The QB found Mike Wallace on a 28-yard score off a screen.

And the defense, which had shut down Geno Smith in the first half, continued its dominance. Backup Matt Simms was no better after he took over a benched Smith. Simms threw two interceptions. Dannell Ellerbe and Brent Grimes had the picks.

Olivier Vernon had 2 1/2 sacks.

It was, as Joe Philbin, likes to say, a complete team win.

Did the Dolphins show some flaws? Well, yeah.

They still can't score a TD on third-and-gaol from the one yard line. They still can't get an offensive TD in the fourth quarter.

But today that didn't matter. The Jets look done.

The Dolphins are alive.


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It's hard to believe some people actually think Geno Smith is a better QB than Tannehill!

Yea we win!!!! Still alive in the playoff hunt.

Pittsburg up next. That will be a tougher game, Tannehill will have to show that he can play well in the 4th quarter of that game. If we can win that game, we will have 2 of the next 3 at home and one more against the Bills. Let's run the table!!

Olivier Vernon gets game ball

Good thing T-hill didn't quit like you trolls want him to. That's why they play 4 quarters ladies.

Tannehill 28/43 for 331 yds 2 TD's 1 INT. Rating 94.2..eat it up trolls and you too Cowher.

Awesome 2nd half performance, always a satisfying win against the Jets except, this was our most dominating performance of the season and we still did not score more than 27 points, we had ball on the 1yd line twice in this game and scored 3 points. Not good enough which shows why we fail to get over the hump against good teams.

Tannehill 28/43 for 331 yds 2 TD's 1 INT. Rating 94.2..eat it up Krissy!! Then SWALLOW like you usually do!!!

Vernon another Ireland bust.... Pffft. I suspect we'll see little of the trolls today. They were all over T-hill in the first half. Good thing too more real fans and less pretend fans and idiotic trolls is a great thing.

Is there a bigger draft bust than Geno Smith?

It's hard to believe some people actually think Geno Smith is a better QB than Tannehill!

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | December 01, 2013 at 04:10 PM

Only Jet fans and trolls, and "winners". lol

Tannehill 28/43 for 331 yds 2 TD's 1 INT. Rating 94.2..

Marco, Kris and all 1000 Daytona names....you can AKK sukkkkk my dicckkk

My man Grimey got his too with a pick near the end. Another Ireland bust...why was that guy signed? WTH was Ireland thinking?

It's hard to believe some people actually think Geno Smith is a better QB than Tannehill!

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | December 01, 2013 at 04:10 PM

What's hard to believe is that anyone takes those obvious trolls seriously and can't see they are only here to provoke fools into responding.

Phins can't, they lose.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 01, 2013 at 09:03 AM

Wrong as usual, "winner".

CRICKETS from the trolls....too busy wiping the jizzz off your chins?? Where is Marco, Kris and Daytona/Fire Ross??

Great Dolphins win this is how we should play more often instead of choking at the end.

Where is the congrats for the real hero's today. the entire D and the WR's that broke out of those terrible tackling Jets.

Ok Thill played ok, but please don't tell me that the Jets D played well. These guys werre the worst outfit I've seen Thill face.

Its a great win and Im over the moon bruv, but its the Jets.

Thill will have to play better than that to beat the Steelers and Pats.

But for the poor D in the Buffalo, Ravens, Tampa and Panthers game with leads late in the 4th this team would be 10-2 right now. Tannehill showed this season he is the answer at QB.

I am very happy Dolphins are in the Playoff discussion for at least another week and we are in December enjoy fellow Dolphins fans.Too bad we ble bucs and bills games earlier .

Tannehill 28/43 for 331 yds 2 TD's 1 INT. Rating 94.2..those numbers are not just OK BOZO!! you show that you truly are a TROLL by that stupid post. Ignore the trolls from now on!!

Nice win for the phins, but didn't it seem like jets just absolutely suck and Miami just kinda had to show up? Btw loved the NYC fans that showed up, I'm in central new york, maybe when they visit buffalo I'll show up. Watching this game, it seemed the jets forfeited more than the dolphins won. Same patterns continued of thill having long ball issues (think he'll get it together though) and the offense just kind of mellowing out in the 4th. Hey at least the offensive line looks better! I think McKinney was a solid pick up

I have been saying it. The fins are close. This team should be 9-2. The fins need to keep this team together. The only area that needs significant upgrades is the offensive line. Improve the O-line and the running game and look out next year. I expect Tannehill to improve his game going into next year.

The defense just needs minor tweaking. This team is o the rise. Keep Ireland, Philbin, and the rest of the team together for one more year. Let's see if they can get over the hump.

Bill A,

Shows his class as always. Im more pleased about the win than you, you sad little man.

What was that about your wrinkled old pebble ?

Thill was bailed out by the Wr's breaking tackles my friend. Learn to use your eyes.

Go Dolphins. Hopefully Thill can sort out those deep balls. Sherman can get us a yard and Philbin keeps this team togther.

At last a week of hope and joy !!!

The numbers disagree T-hill carried the offense today and won the game. He wasn't simply ok he was very very good. And for a change guys got YAC and took it to the house. Like I've said the guy can't do it all but he tried like hell today. You guys just won't give this guy credit for much at all. He made good decisions, he didn't take sacks, he throw the ball to the right places, he ran with the ball at times and moved from the pocket. He is our Franchise QB.

Chargers win makes phins 6th seed


Two out of the next four and we're 8-8 baby! ON. THE. WAY!

Super Bowl caliber team!


Philbin > Shula!

Tannehill > Griese + Marino!

Ross > Robbie

New Logo! New Era!

Feed the Wolf, Baby! Feed the Wolf!


You jerk ofs don't get to come in here every single day and abuse the Dolphins and there QB and then expect to be treated with class.....the trolls are the classless individuals.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 01, 2013 at 04:23 PM

Wow, open your eyes. One decent game and you are crowning him you old fool. You show yourself up again and again.

Wait until Thill takes us to the playoffs, or comes through in the clutch against a real team.

He still missed wide open WR's, or did you fail to notice once more.

Im over the moon we won you a-piece, but the reality is the Jets are awful. I'll see what you say against the Steelers and Pats. If Thill proves we wrong and you right I'll bow to your superior intellect, until then, when spoken to my old Cracker friend ;)

Always good feeling to win in NY.BUT! The Jets suck. We will have to play 4 quarters next week and I will watch through my fingers. This is a perfect opportunity to show metal if we can win in Pit. I just dont know, did they just keep me hoping for one more week? Yes they did. Lets say that again, the Jets Suck Suck Suck!
Good win enjoy Miami!

Attention Jet fans , I know your out there!!! Half off Geno Smith jerseys.... hope you don't already have one. LOL

Yeah, we will take the win against the pathetic Jets.. how in the world did that team win 5 games ???

Still things to fix...scoring near the goal line, Tannehill still underthrowing his WRs, catching INT'S, Grimes should teach the other guys ! Philbin needs to 'COACH UP' the next two games - Steelers and Pats....if Phins can take one of those and beat two rookie QB's to end the season (EJ Manuel and Geno or Simms), that would be 9-7 and probably get in. Ravens have tough sched, and Phins can take out Steelmen themselves next week...Come on Philbin, do something....anything. I blame him for Buffalo and Tampa losses....how do you lose to those teams after a bye - Buff's, and after 10 days to prepare for a winless team and rook QB- Bucs ?

This team could be 8-4 despite the hardluck losses, the scandals, all the BS, if they won against those two teams (with rookie,no -name QB'S !!!). Have to take 3 of 4...Philbin, you are up.

Here pretend fans/trolls take this one right on the chin. Since you all have it coming because you guys are lower than dog dirt without a doubt. You don't have facts and never support anything about this team. They have no mercy and no limits and use vile language all the time so don't expect any sympathy from me. I live by the golden rule and you peeps deserve no classy treatment or quarter. It's called Karma...enjoy!

What's hard to believe is that anyone takes those obvious trolls seriously and can't see they are only here to provoke fools into responding.

Posted by: IdiotVille | December 01, 2013 at 04:20 PM

Yeah because everyone can't pick the trolls out we need idiot know-it-alls to point it out. lol. Get over yourself.

Vernon is coming into his own, he is one of the brightest stars this year. Nice to see Wallace playing with fire, breaking tackles and scoring. RT played well and the line gave him time. Keep the faith !!!

Who are you talking to?

J E T S Suck Suck Suck.
Pit will be tought but we will kick Pats arse.

TDs were on broken tackle short throws. Tannehill remained inaccurate over 20 yards. Status Quo. Cower is right: "Tannehill is bad. Too mechanical"

This win will make it harder for Ireland to find acorns. But fear not, acorns sometimes fall between the cracks and end up in the bowels of squirrels.

Where is Kris to give praise to Tannehill for a great game against a top defense?

He chided others for not being objective, so I was expecting him to show he can be objective and give credit where credit is due.

Instead he runs and hides. He only comes around to say MEH after Tannehill has a bad game.

Whoever called him Krysocrit had him pegged.

I like the direction of the fins. They need to learn how to win close games but they are clearly close to being a contender. Keep developing Tannehill and build this team around him. Can you imagine what this team would be like with a good offensive line and a RB like Adrian Peterson? This team is a running game away from challenging the Pats.

Wow, I wouldn't be drinking the Kool Aid on Thill Vs Smith right now folks.

Thad Lewis outplayed Thill didn't he ?

I've got a feeling it will come down to the 4th. In this case Im hoping against our current form that we can score a damn TD in the clutch.

If we can't then we need serious changes on our offense.

However season will be in the toilet so it doesn't really matter and Thill fans get their wish to see Thill quarteback this team regardless of production on the field.

Posted by: Marco | November 30, 2013 at 05:04 PM

For the last time Im going to EXPOSE you as the Dolphin hating troll that you are...1 more to follow.

If Thill can't outplay geno Smith, then even you hardcore Thill fans will have your doubts, no ?

Posted by: Marco | November 30, 2013 at 05:09 PM


I guess he has a chance to shut people like me up, with a win over the Jets.

The QB battle of course is measured by who plays the better game between the two. I sure Thill is a bit better than the rookie, but Smith is still dangerous and has had a couple of good games.

Posted by: Marco | November 30, 2013 at 05:26 PM

We might not be that good...but we
kicked your ASSSSS today. 23 - 3

Posted by: Joe | December 01, 2013 at 04:43 PM

Yes exactly my friend. YOu try tell old boy Bilbo Baggins that.

Many thanks to the fans who brought a cast of a foot, a black dildo and a photo of Ryan's wife. The distraction worked. You are the twelfth man.

A very good win win but we beat a team that has the worst QB in the entire NFL. Still can't punch it in from a yrd and failed on 4th and a yrd but let's enjoy the victory. Next 2 games will tell when we face 2 franchise QB's. Go Phins.

Smith is still dangerous and has had a couple of good games.

Posted by: Marco | November 30, 2013 at 05:26 PM

Sure. RIght.

You are a joker. Don't waste your time here.

Posted by: Joe | December 01, 2013 at 04:43 PM

Yes exactly my friend. YOu try tell old boy Bilbo Baggins that.

Posted by: Marco | December 01, 2013 at 04:52 PM

TROLLS are soooo sad beings...post under different names to agree with themselves....PATHETIC

I hope that we bet the crap out of the Steelers next week. I want to see Bill Cowar crying and eating his words.

I would love to see Tannehill out play Big Ben. That will make Cowar feel like a real idiot.

still thinking about playoffs in Dec. Need 3 Ws out of 4 to get there. Next week another massive game. Win and a playoff berth is a real possibility. Lose and its what another year. If they play like they did today but actually execute better than they did in the 1st half, they have a great chance. That said, Big Ben is a much better QB and our D and CBs will be severely tested next week- need Patterson back- unlike today which was like a holiday.

That if we get to the Playoffs we are going to lose in the first round? Most probably so. That because of that reason we should not try to get there, makes no sense to me. I like watching Dolphin's Football Games. The more the better.

That will make Cowar feel like a real idiot.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 01, 2013 at 04:57 PM

Don't you feel like an idiot for not being able to spell Cowher's name correctly?

No we dominated their big bad defense and their offense. You can't take anything away from our guys. We played well across the board. No one ever said this team is perfect but is not far away from being very good either. We are just a couple players away on offense. No need to chop down the whole tree we just need to clip the dead branches. This is a very young deep team and our best days are ahead.

Dolphin fans know all too well that ANY game against the Jets, Bills and Pats is no "holiday" or walk in the park as has been stated on this blog. In fact I go to all those games Buffalo, NJ and Mass. and can count on 2 hands how many times we win those games. So please stop discounting what the Dolphins did today. This is a big win, on the road, against a hated division rival.

The play by play guys were praising T-hill today.

Did you T-hill critics hear that? You might also listen to the game recaps on espn and see what they say about him as well.

Then if you want to embarrass yourself some more, come back here with more excuses.

Great win, and it's the JESTS, folks.
Tanny (and Sherman) left at least 14 points on the field, + the Sturgis miss.
McKinnie played a fine game, as overall so did the O-Line.Short yardage problems mainly due to the usual zone blocking maybe? Thomas was our most dependable short yardage back. I was impressed with how hard Thiggy ran at RB, and the reemergence of his return skills. Decisive today.

It is SO obvious Tanny is more comfortable throwing in the middle of the field. His sideline throws are really inconsistent thus far. I'd like to seem him release the ball quicker on the long throws, and trust his receivers to to run under it. Bart Starr, Sonny Jurgenson, Favre so good at this.

Great win in our division. Titans lost, need Chargers to lose as well. If that happens, I hope that lousy loss to the Ravens isn't the decider.

Ha Ha Bill/Clitt,

You have the time to go over old posts do you wow.

How many of your old posts, will I go through ? None my friend.

Smith has had good games. Thill didn't have to come through in the clutch which is just as well.

We still can't score in the 4th. You are the sad one trawling over old emails, looking to look clever, ha ha, your a joke old man.

And you have many names im sure. You name yourself after an old coach of ours, so I won't take any lectures from you, Clitt.

The 2 tough Bones(Huesos) remaining are Pitt and NE. We win one of those, we are in.

Miso Me Knows Best!

You Know I Am Right 95% Of The Time...BUT USUALLY MORE!

Kris? Ready To Hop On The Miso Train?

I Own You.

...Philbin was right.. Kudos to the offensive line. Well played. I think this was this groups best showing of the year..The jets as flawed as they are. Have a very good defensive front. The game ball has to go to this unit..

I thought Tannehill looked pretty good too. One of his best efforts of the season. But...If this team is going to make a playoff run. Todays performance is the level of play we will need from Tanny. Can he be consistant for the next 4 games? They are all in effect "playoff games"..

Finally..It was nice to see Gillislee get some carries. He looks much more explosive at the point of attack then Daniel Thomas..I know he didn't get many carries, but he could be a nice addition to te offense for this stretch run.

Oh yeah...better yet..we CRUSHED the jets...!!!

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