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Dolphins beat Jets 23-3, still alive

East Rutherford, N.J. -- This was a butt kicking.

Even when the Dolphins led 6-0 at halftime, the Dolphins were dismantling the Jets -- holding a 265-39 edge in total yards and a 16-2 edge on first downs.

And then the Dolphins actually added points.

Ryan Tannehill, who had a fine game. He completed 28 of 43 (65.1 percent) for 331 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. His QB rating was 94.2. (I told you he could get hot in December).

He found Brian Hartline for a 31 yard score.

The QB found Mike Wallace on a 28-yard score off a screen.

And the defense, which had shut down Geno Smith in the first half, continued its dominance. Backup Matt Simms was no better after he took over a benched Smith. Simms threw two interceptions. Dannell Ellerbe and Brent Grimes had the picks.

Olivier Vernon had 2 1/2 sacks.

It was, as Joe Philbin, likes to say, a complete team win.

Did the Dolphins show some flaws? Well, yeah.

They still can't score a TD on third-and-gaol from the one yard line. They still can't get an offensive TD in the fourth quarter.

But today that didn't matter. The Jets look done.

The Dolphins are alive.


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...Sam I AM...Excellent for all if that was the entire story. You have to look the down and distance. If these 38 plays were the only determining factor..If they were the only distances figured into our third down equation..I would buy it.. I was interested in seeing how the Pats do in the same down and distance. They were almost 8o percent. 27 for 34. Much better.
I would bet if we did all the percentages for all the teams 500 or better. We would be on the low end for this particular down and distance.

What I received from today' game and probably love most, is Tannehill doesn't seem to far away from turning the corner and becoming the qb we all expect himto be.

From game 1 to now, he really has improved in a lot areas. Even if in barely noticeable at the time, baby steps. I'm slowly beginning to believe we've finally found our qb of the future.

Still, o t other hand, I won't get to ahead of myself because there still may be a few clunkers t come. Even those should begin get fewer and further inbetween.

Btw no one has mentioned but Wheeler and Ellerbe have looked much better the last few weeks. I think they may be getting the hang of the defense.

Jets should have learned from our pat white experience. He was better than geno at WVU. Heck he may be better than geno in the NFL too!! Hahahaha love beating the jets sooooo much. Glad we get to do it again in a few.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 01, 2013 at 07:38 PM

Agreed. The next step in his progression will be, when given they time he had today, can he make the long throws, especially towards the sideline?
If, somehow that can be even partially improved, we'll have a Phil Simms type.
Tanny's demeanor, though not rah rah, is awfully good for a guy who has been sacked (and hit) as often as he has. Did anyone notice he's started stepping up into the pocket? Yes, he had a pocket today.

That's the worst jets team I've seen in years., but this Fins team wouldn''t have lost to the Bills or Ravens. Have to excuse the TB game, with all the crazyness.
The key was stopping the run. Look at the losses, couldn't stop the run.

Dang. Denver wins again. Alex Smith looked pretty good but he's no Peyton Manning.

We have a pretty good shot. The ravens definitely have a rough schedule left. Vikings and patriots at home bengals and lions on the road.

..Sam I Am..I don't know if my last post made sense. If the 5us percent was the total for all of our third down conversions..I would say there is no debate. Butthis is purely short yardage.. I would think that the percentage has to be greater then 50 percent to be considered even average. I wish there was a metric that was easy to access that would give us this info. It takes a long time to look at every play from each team. Find the qualifier(in this case 3rd down conversion of 2 yards or less, and if it was run or pass) then chart each one...

I'm just saying. I disagree that on short yardage the Phins percentage is an acceptable one.

Posted by: darryldunphy | December 01, 2013 at 07:43 PM

We have to factor in nearly the entire season this has been one of these worst olines in NFL history. One on pace to break the sacks given up record. Then a game with only 2yds rushing.

I think in the game we had only 2yds rushing, a Tannehill scramble for positive yardage, allowed us not to finish with minus yards rushing.

I know this won't be popular but THill's day could've been so much bigger! The throw out of bounds to Moore who had Milner beat and then Hartline who had three yards on Milner. It's frustrating to see potential throws not being made to score more and put teams like the miserable Jets out of the game early.

That said, Wallace needs to FIGHT for balls. Letting Cromartie stand there and get the INT flat footed is inexcusable! You're being paid like a #1 help your QB out!

Olivier Vernon had a MONSTER game. Had a good game up here last year too. At least someone is developing.

And it was good to see MetLife emptying of Jets fans and we Dolphins fans hooting it up!

Yes, I'll wager the tool 10 NFL teams have a significantly better %. There is always the danger of using an "average" especially in this year's NFL as there are SO many mediocre to horrible teams. Normally, 6-6 would have the Fins in the lower third of the Conference standings.
Totally agree that considering the less than impressive run game till today, and the O-Line shortcomings, thew fins have done OK. I still believe Sherman calls some questionable plays at the wrong time.

..Sam I Am..@ 7:50..I'm not pinning this on Tannehill. I am taking the philosophy of team to task...Tannehill as been pretty good all things considered. I think it is pathetic that we struggle to even try running on short yardage. It is second thought. All and all. what Tannehill has accomplished considering most teams do not even worry about defending the run...How this team has been constructed, and how the philosophy has been implemented have made Tannehills development very very difficult.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | December 01, 2013 at 07:45 PM

Ellerbe has tightened things up. Misi coming back has helped a lot. Trusnik and Jenkins stink and Wheeler, he's usually lost out there.

I would love to see the fins run the table. It is not impossible. Take care of business at home against the Pats and Jets and then beat two teams with losing records on the road, Steelers and Bills. It is doable, we just have to show up and play like we did today.

I would love to see the fins pick up either a FB or a short yardage RB. This coaching staff needs to make an adjustment on short yardage. The short yardage issues have to be addressed.

It was 2 TD's and 1 INT. 300 YDs. Hardly a star-studded performance. He left 2 + TD's on the field. When he can pass for 300+ with 3TD's and ZERO INT's consistently he'll be good. Wait. That won't ever happen. Nevermind.

This is no different than after the Bengals or Chargers games. After months of losing The Phins get a win in a mediocre NFL and all of the sudden the homers are reminded about why they put themselves through the torture of being a Dolphins fan anyway. Phins are 1-1 against a team without a quarterback, losing to Thad Lewis. They're 1-2 in the division. This year they've done just enough to give the most ignorant fans hope, only to disappoint you time and time again. Next week, The Dolphins, and you, come back down to Earth with a loss to The Steelers, followed by one to The Patriots. How does 6-8 sound ? So sad for the fans to be pushed and pulled around. Hopes dashed every time lol.


I agree with you. Tannehill has all of the tools but I cannot think of any other young QB with more responsibility than him. The fins do not have a running game to even threaten another team with. They are incapable of punching in a TD from the 1 foot line at the goal line. He has been sacked 45 times, that is abysmal. Yet, the kid gets right back up and throws for 331 yards and 2 TDs today against a very good defense.

Like you said this offense has not been constructed properly. No FB, no TE that can block, and an offensive line that was not built to take control of the line of scrimmage. It is amazing that Tannehill has been able to perform so well with this offense at this point of his career.

Hahahaha the Jets suck so bad, what a mess. You should have seen their fans up here in NY, BOO HOO HOO WAAAHHH. I don't care what happens the rest of the season, today was an awesome day to be a Dolphins fan living in NY!

But lets keep winning anyway, and hopefully Tannehill can keep managing the game as well as he did today. He left some plays on the field but no qb in the nfl can say they didn't, it happens. I saw a little growth today, especially with his pocket awareness and new understanding that it's not a sin to throw the ball away when no one is open.

Something else he did today was promising and I hope it wasn't a one game thing. He was using a wr to throw the ball away. Meaning, he didn't always just chuck it out of bounds. On a few occasions he found the wr that was least covered and would put the ball in a place that either he would catch it or no one would catch it. He was real careful with the placement on those throws which could indicate he's starting to play a bit smarter.

It's progress and I'm happy for that, now keep it going.

Posted by: nyfinfan | December 01, 2013 at 07:57 PM

Wheeler had 8 tackles, 4 solo, a half sack and a QB hit. Solid game.

No touchdown in the 4th quarter for the eighth straight game. That's half of a season !!! Tannehope keeps missing throws, leaving plays on the field that even the fans can see. Yay, they beat a terrible team. The Dolphins are still mediocre to poor and Tannereach is not a franchise quarterback. Leave it to the delusional homers to jack each other off after a nothing win.

3-6 over the last nine.

.333 this ain't baseball.


Lastly, How in the heck did the Dolphins win today when the defense knew every play we were running?

HMMMMM? That's a mystery. Because according to some in here the go and go go cadence is a HUGE deal and we are tipping our plays.

Pfft! lol

I guess it's not an issue when they win, but when they lose it's part of the reason why they lost? Some of you are freakin jokers.

You look at two games that could come back to hunt us. The bad loss to the Bills at home and the other home loss to the Ravens. The Dolphins cannot allow a team like the Bills to beat them at their house. The Ravens loss hurts because if these two teams end in a tie we lose the tie breaker.

A lot of close games that we just could not get over the hump. That loss last week after dominating the panthers for most of the game also hurt. We cannot forget about the loss to the lowly Bucs. The fins could be 9-2 and tied with the Pats for the division lead.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | December 01, 2013 at 08:12 PM

You forgot to add the fumble recovery.

Oh also Armando mentioned the no tds in the 4th qtr. Fair up until today, the game planning went conservative because we had a large lead. And Tannehill was careful with his throws, no sense in giving them a chance to get back in it. Good management there, he's not ready to be aggressive in those situations because he's still inexperienced and young, prone to turning the ball over if he forces it.

So I thought it was a smart call by Sherman to call the 4th like he did. Let Tannehill work into that killer role, don't force it on him. That's what some of us have been saying about a lot of our players this year. Maybe the coaching staff is finally starting to agree.

The 1-15 Dolphins would have won this game lmao. Look at the highlights alone, Jets made unforced errors to give The Dolphins big plays. The person who brags about this win is pathetic. Seriously get real.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | December 01, 2013 at 08:12 PM

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 01, 2013 at 08:19 PM

One game doesn't excuse the total lack of awareness by our LB's the entire season. Or shall we go back and see how we were gashed by the Bucs, Patsies, etc... ?

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 01, 2013 at 08:16 PM

You are such a breath of fresh air. Gonna steal Christmas too??? Chill dude if anyone here isn't aware of our recent futility, they're not Dolphin fans. Thanks for the reminders though.

It's the QB MORONS eh?
The jets stink eh?
The Dopephins are 6 -6 eh?
Throw a parade you stupid homers eh?

Our D is SB caliber but the Offence is pathetic.

Posted by: nyfinfan | December 01, 2013 at 08:23 PM

I hear what your saying. I'm not saying it erases anything. Just saying it "appears" they may be improving. Fingers crossed!

How bad are the Jets?! bWAHAHAHA

And we called it! Right in here, 3 to 4 years ago when they signed all of those old players to large contracts and dubbed Sanchez their savior.

We said, "better win the super bowl in the next two years because your window will be small building that way,".

Here we are and we were right. The Jets are about to undergo a complete makeover including a new coach and qb. F#$%ing Jets! HA. Their players gave up in the 3rd and you could see it. They couldn't believe the Dolphins were beating them in every phase and threw in the towel on the season. PATHETIC TEAM WITH PATHETIC WHINING FANS! Enjoy the off season losers.

It's the QB stupid eh?
Tpuke stinks eh?

TannePuke still cant score in the 4th quarter. He SUCKS in the clutch!!

Orlando you idiot, your logic fails. Well gee, if they could have won EVERY close game they would be 9-2. Yeah stupid, and if they had lost EVERY close game they'd be 2-9. Browns, Falcons, Colts, Bengals, Chargers could all be losses too. This is why I call homers delusional. You exhibit poor logic and employ delusional thinking (same as xtian retards). Look at the play on the field. The team is mediocre, that would be true if they were 9-2 or 2-9.

If these srubs were ever mediocre they'd throw a parade.


This blog is nowhere near as fun when we win as when we lose.


Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 01, 2013 at 08:31 PM

So true.

TannePuke still cant score in the 4th quarter. He SUCKS in the clutch!!

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | December 01, 2013 at 08:30 PM

exactly .Lets see how he plays against the steelers and pats. The Jets are a truly awful team.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | December 01, 2013 at 08:26 PM

I'm with you Rick. Let's hope they've turned a corner in Coyle's defense.

Who cares about the crap Dolphins anymore?

Billcale wants another man's mouth around his wiener.

The Ravens worry me. They do have a tough schedule. They have the Vikings at home (win) but after that they play at Detroit, NE, and Bengals. There is a chance that they could lose 1 or 2 of those games. However, they are hot right now and they have a super bowl winning QB.

The fins may have to run the table because I am not sure that they can get in if they lose a game.

Joe wins dumbest poster of the thread! Of course Fire Ross Kill Martin Touch Children is still pretty dumb.


Always so positive. I look at the good things that could have happened and you look at all of the bad things about the fins. My point is that the fins are close to being a contender and just need to get over the hump.

It is all doom and gloom. We just have to stick with it.

Tannehill currently has 3,115 yds passing. 885yds away to 4,000 yds for the season. To hit the 4,000 passing yds mark, he needs only average 221yds over the remaining 4 games.

He currently averages 260 ypg.

At the 260 ypg average, he would finish the season with 4,155 passing. Simply excellent for a 2yr qb some here may consider as bust. I'll take this kind of bust anyday!

Oops! Silly me, I meant Bill Arnsberger wants another man's mouth around his wiener. Not Billcale!

Tannehill and the coaching staff barely threw the ball in the entire last half or the 4th quarter... They were chewing clock.....

The funniest part of reading all the crap about Tannehill is that FACT he isn't going anywhere anytime soon unless he gets hurt. Even if he does he'll be playing next year.
So go ahead and keep amusing me... Because there is NO WAY IN HELL Miami will dump him. He represents an investment. And he does well enough this early in his career to win. At 25, Ryan can get much much better. For those morons who say RT is a HORRIBLE QB.. I submit to you saw what a REAL horrible QB (actually you saw 2 QB's who sucked)looks like. By the by... Receivers catching the ball and running for TD is just as much a TD pass as any. Are you going to disregard every Brady catch and run for a TD?
Are you going to argue that the only REAL TD passes are caught in the end zone..? Do you have ANY IDEA how many QB's and teams score TD on YAC..? By saying that, you would need to go back to the start of the NFL and pull from the stats ever single pass that was ran for a TD... SEE HOW F'in STUPID THAT SOUNDS..??

Oooooo... Ryan got bailed out by WR running for TD's....

What sort of F'in moron even considers that sort of BS..? JeeeeeeZuZ what a F'in idiot....

Ape Tamer is an assshole

Posted by: It's in the Breeze... Troop..!!! | December 01, 2013 at 09:22 PM

17 tds 13 ints. Enough said!


In Henne's 2nd season as a starter he had 15 tds 14 ints 3,301 yds passing.

In Tannehill's 2nd season, with 4 GAMES still to play:

17 tds 13 ints 3,115 yds passing. Henne should never be mentioned in the same breath as Henne ever again!

Hennehiller, Tannehenne or whatever you want to call it. Sit down and begin to enjoy your crow.

Always satisfying to bet the jets, but t-hill lefta at least 4 td passes out there in the 1st half. He's either playing injured or is having serious accuracy issues, but you cant miss that many quick scores every week and expect to win. The numbers say he had a good game but i think he sucked, if there was a decent team in front of us today we lose this game.

Ojmcsnuffy (troll)

Tannehill put up 23 pts against the best defense in footbal with no running game and no oline.

Go swallow your jiz now.

Guys lets not get caught up to much with the win today. Im happy the Fins won but lets be realistic here. Had they not been playing the Jets today who have the worst QB in the league this year then we dont win that game. This game was so one sided in the first half that miami should have been up 20 points atleast. The short running and accuracy by RT on a few throws just has to get converted. A great day by the defense but again were facing the Jets so not sure how to grade miami. Big test against the Steelers next week. Gotta play better than they did today on offense to get it done in Pitt

Jets def not best defense come on. We put up 16 vs best d

Dusty I was just going to mention Panther are now ranked #1 in the NFL. So, back to back Tannehill has faced the top ranked rushing and overall number one defenses.

Those saying T'hill left 14pts on the field. This is actually a POSITIVE not negative when considering its NO SECRET he still has lots of room for improvement.

This makes me very optimistic in What Tannehill will look like as a finished product.

Bill Arnsberger is a homosexual. He uses the blog for male-to-male companionship, hoping to find someone to 'sukkk his diklkk'. Silly Billy, just go to a public restroom and stick it in the glory hole!


I am proud of you. That is the way to look at the Ryan Tannehill. He has a lot of promise, does a lot of things well, but he is in his 2nd year and is not a finished product. The future looks bright for the fins with Tannehill. Now lets improve the offensive line and the running game next season.

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