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Dolphins beat Steelers, still alive in playoff chase

PITTSBURGH -- Milestone day for these Dolphins.

They not only beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 34-28, but so many other things happened that affect this season that we need a list:

The Ravens lost to Minnesota. The Ravens beat the Vikings after the teams traded four TDs in 82 seconds. That means the Dolphins still trail for the sixth and final playoff qualifier for the AFC playoffs. The Ravens remain ahead of the Dolphins in the playoff chase despite having the same 7-6 record because Baltimore beat Miami.

This game was meaningful for other reasons:

The Dolphins had not scored more than 27 points this season. They did that.

The Dolphins had not scored an offensive touchdown in eight consecutive games. They did that.

Daniel Thomas, playing the entire second half because backfield mate Lamar Miller was knocked out of the game with a concussion, had a 55-yard run that. He rushed for 105 yards on 16 carries.

Charles Clay caught seven passes for 97 yards. He caught two touchdown passes, including the winning score.

The Dolphins rushed 24 times for 181 yards and and an 8.6 average.



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It's about time we the fans support this team! T-hill is our man, and is not going anywhere. Half of the people posting on here have zero football knowledge, and whine like little punks. I'd like to introduce my self to some of you.

true oscar, no excuses now. they are set up. ravens will lose 2 of 3, so beat bills and jets and ur playing first rd at cincy

A great win over a TeaM with a franchise QB. Almost blew it at the end but almost does not count. You just never know what to expect from this team from one week to the next, but let's enjoy and kill the luckiest team in the Nfl man if the pats don't have the refs in their back pocket I don't know who does.

Part of the running game problem starts with OLINE being terrible. I think RBs are fine. Hardly ever see a big hole.

Yes tanne under throws in the snow too

Posted by: (null) | December 08, 2013 at 01:30 PM

Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. We won the game a**hole. LOL!

it is (or should be) extremely rare for an official to make a pass interference call in the end zone which effectively decides a game. the super bowl is a prime example. officials should not decide the outcome of a game. the patriots have come from behind to win the last three weeks. people dismissed antonio smith last week, but why should the patriots get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to such matters?

gronk out for season

thill grew up today. loving that kid

...Todays run pass mix was perfect.. I would make a wager that if Tannehill has fewer then 35 attempts the last 3 games..We will win all of them. We have to continue to run the ball..

Shout out to the line again today.. They had another very good game as a group. Perhaps the strength of this group is run blocking? Perhaps we have turned a corner?

I'm not going to lie, after seeing the conditions in Pittsburgh and after they got the first TD, I thought we were toast.

After the half though it began to look obvious that we were the better team. Still we found a way to make it close and almost lost it.

I think we can start to believe we have the talent though. We just have to continue to improve and limit the mistakes. Particularly on defense. We have to learn to put teams away.

Go Fins!!

Craig M, these are the biggest no nothing fan I have ever encountered. If it was up to them we would have cut Soliei, Hartline, Clay, Odrick, Carroll, Jones.

cocoajoe , just 15 for 105 that's all

amazing rick if vikes would of held on this board would really be going crazy

Ive lost so much hope for my team. I really cant and dont have anything good to say about my phins sux man....

Posted by: Cash | December 08, 2013 at 01:36 PM

Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. You don't have anything to say? Why don't you shut the f*** up then...LOL!

clay has become a stud te. cross that off the list of needs next year

Fire Ross wont come back until around 8:00 pm because thats the time his seahawks will be done playing..

Now the trolls will say the only reason we won was because Brown stepped out of bounds.. Lets go ahead and put this to rest as the pass that got him the ball was a forward pass which would have negated the TD IF he had stayed in

Coach Philbin is formulating a note card halftime extravaganza.

Posted by: Sherman's brown tongue | December 08, 2013 at 01:42 PM

Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. His "note card halftime extravaganza", whatever it was, made us win the game. A**hole! LOL!

true matty it was

You go back now and think about those close loses. The worst one was that Buffalo loss at home. The big strip sack at the end of the game and the game winning kick by Carpenter. 1 more win and we would have been alive for the division.

On the last play if anyone watches a replay Roethlisberger lateraled the ball forward so the play should have been dead long before the sideline run.

that felt like playoff football, was fun to see it. forgot how it felt


You're one of the clowns that wanted this team to 'lose out'. Don't start cheering for them now. Don't come that shyte on here. Stop flip-flopping.

In your mind these are just 'pointless victories'. Go back to that 'loser' mentality. Ypur phony fan support isn't welcomed here or by the team.

Why are we so negative??? Cuz every play our team does IS NEGATIVE.

Posted by: Cash | December 08, 2013 at 01:47 PM

Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. We just won 2 road games in a row, that's negative? How retarded are you? LOL!

Great win today....Rapelisbergers pass was a forward pass so the touchdown on the closing play would not have held up anyway.
MIT if it were your left arm I would get to the ER...youre ok that just Dolfanitis.

Hadn't scored an offensive touchdown in 8 weeks?? You really get paid for this job?

yeah orlando, bad teams lose those games. lets hope they turned a corner. bills,bucs,panthers games should of been wins

WOW Tanny sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: YIKES | December 08, 2013 at 01:48 PM

Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. LOL!

Is it my imagination or is Oline doing a much better job w/o Incognito and Martin? Or was it the weather?

pats strugging gronk gone now.

Next Week, if the Dolphins are close to beating the Patriots or make a big play to change the game, the refs will make up a bogus call to screw the Dolphins and help the Patriots win the game. It's been going on since 1996, and a Boston Globe columnist has written twice that CBS President Les Moonves has issued a directive to the NFL that he never wants the Patriots to lose at home on CBS and while he is at the stadium. Keyshawn Johnson has said as much on ESPN back in September that he knew the NFL would help the Patriots by making up calls and throwing flags on the field to help them win and overcome all their injuries. The media will not expose this because they do not want to bring the NFL down and then they will have to get real jobs for a living. Many fans don't care because they would rather have football than no football even if it is fixed by the NFL. Those who doubt this sit back and watch, if the Dolphins play well this week and are on the verge of beating the Patriots, the fake calls are made up and the flags come out, Patriots win and the media covers it up because they are part of the propaganda machine. The fans who attack this are just afraid that the sport will come crashing down and they will have to find something else to do on a Sunday. The NFL-The National Fixed League. Something is crooked up in Foxborough and has been for a long time, and no one has the stones to expose what is going on.

It's too bad because this is a fun Dolphins team, but the NFL is so corrupt, it will not let the players decide these games. One more Dolphins loss could cost them the playoff spot, but the NFL laughs because no one will call them on what they have been getting away with for over a decade and a half, they will just call the Dolphins a bunch of losers, even though they keep getting it up the wazoo from the league. Anybody who believes that the Patriots can lose a million players to injury and still keep winning is a fool.

Nice little cartel going on with the Patriots/NFL/ and CBS. Dolphins will play their hearts out next week and it will not matter as it is hard to beat a team and the league ref's at same time. I'm sure the Patriots will take out a couple of players of ours to injury too as they always do.

craig i see you still try to hide the fact that your gay, come on out buddy

danny that was a novel nobdy gonna read that except craig

Matty I'm just glad we didn't have to depend on that call. It was close and we don't usually fair well in those situations.

what is the love affair with awful thomas

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 08, 2013 at 01:56 PM

Oh oh...Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. bill connors looking like an idiot again? What? Lose all the games to get a higher draft pick? Bet on the under for today's game? LOL!! Classic.

i'm not sure, but i don't think you cannot review an illegal pass that was not ruled a penalty on the field. therefore, i think the dolphins got very lucky that brown stepped out of bounds when he really didn't have to. that play would have been immortalized a la stanford/cal.

2013, Tannehill:

3,315yds 20tds 14 ints

Career best 3 tds passing today. Keep right on bashing, it's beginning to bring him good luck.

*i don't think you can*

Tannehill, December 2013: 2 Games

43 of 68(63%) 531yds 5tds 2 ints

..So I don't want to get on Pilbin to hard. We won a game.But can anyone explain the strategy at the end of both halves? The end of the first half was bizzare. I thought going for it was a no brainer. I thought Pitt has a better chance of scoring then we did making a field goal. Then at the end of the 4th quarter. I thought the right call was to roll Tannehill out on second down. Have him eat it if there is nothing there.

I get that a field goal makes them have to score a TD, make them drive 80 yds with no time outs. And ultimately it worked. I just thought we were playing a bit timid. I'm sure if Tannehill makes a mistake. Philbin is getting killed for that. But the team trusts him to throw it 40 times a game(most games) why not trust him to make a play late?

How is it continuously acceptable how. Terrible you are at yoy job, Armando? FIRE THIS CLOWN.

At least when pre-season favorites Texans started going south, they tanked all the way to a no.1 or no.2 pick. We instead will continue our great tradition of being just mediocre enuf to get either a middling pick, or make a bold move for Dion Jordan's injured cousin.

& no, this so-called td changes nothing

Posted by: Karl Radski | December 08, 2013 at 01:57 PM

Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. LOL!

Great comeback, dusty.....

Have another drink!

So Craig speaking of jumping on band wagons and not being needed here....we had a discussion a few weeks back about Tannehill.....lately I haven't noticed you rants against him??? Gee are you and Kris FINALLY going to get on that band wagon??
Tannehill, as I and MIT have stated since last year, is a good QB that needs the time to grow into the position. Every single game he seems to be getting better. We may FINALLY have our franchise QB!!

montreal just for the record i dont like thomas still, one run wont excite me. u bashed him for an entire season, doubt one run changed your mind. but if so fair enough. no excuses not to make playoffs now, u agree? yes im a fan but i dont think we will make it, something always kills us. at buffalo seems to be the trip game. im guessing your gonna predict super bowl so im hoping your right and u can call me more names


You're one of the clowns that wanted this team to 'lose out'. Don't start cheering for them now. Don't come that shyte on here. Stop flip-flopping.

In your mind these are just 'pointless victories'. Go back to that 'loser' mentality. Ypur phony fan support isn't welcomed here or by the team.

Posted by: Craig M | December 08, 2013 at 05:02 PM


Maybe those ED drugs are not working for him?

austin u can review that

glad we didnt have to rely on it either.. good hard fought game.. made some mistakes but over came them and when it counted

Winning does cure everything... Just ask the losers on this blog we won't see until much much later. It's just so right when they are always wrong.

My man every good play or touchdown all u guys pop up and beat ur chest. The body of work of our so called franchise qb is garbage. Did forget all the awareness problems in the pocket and the indecisions and frantic erratic play of this kid. Come on man i know ur a homer n all but be real. Our d is beast at times. Our offense meh...

Posted by: Cash | December 08, 2013 at 02:01 PM

Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. LOL!

yeah bill i remember it every week with craig, he fights us every day on thill. i love that kid. 2014 is our year to take over east!

he grew up today bill, was fun to see

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | December 08, 2013 at 05:06 PM

Montreal I still wouldn't give up all those picks for Thomas but he is a decent back when he's healthy. Which we know hasn't been often enough.

dusty is a gloomy eternal pessimist. If our players had his attitude his dream would come true 0-16.

dusty is a dump.

Great picks by Ireland:

Clay- is a pro bowl caliber TE= 6th round
Hartline- Pro bowl receiver- 4th round
Vernon- 10 sacks 3rd round
Reshad Jones and Clemmons 5th round picks.
Odrick A stud
Mathews- 7t round pick
Pouncey- pro bowl Center.
Tannehill- Franchise QB!
Carrol-6th round pick that has developed
Daniel Thomas- is Underrated had a great game today.
Ireland gets no credit. The fins are probably heading to a winning season and are close to being a great team. Yet posters like dusty bottoms want to blow this team up and start all over. Do you want to be the Cleveland Browns, the Jaguars or the Raiders. Let Ireland do his job. He needs one more draft and another off season to get this team over the top. We are still talking playoffs in December Yes!

Great win today. Last play almost gave me a heart attack. Daniel Thomas came up clutch, so did Tannehill. 4th quarter drives like that make me think Tannehill is the answer. Clay is playing huge.

Ravens will be underdogs in the next 3 games. We have a legit shot against the Pats. 3-0 and we will be in. 2-1 might be enough. It wasn't perfect again, but just keep playing good and winning.

Anyway, great win and we have a good shot and having a solid finish to the season.


true rick, gonna take a full season of him to produce before i say im glad thomas is our rb

orlando clemons,carrol,matthews ur reaching man. pretty sure 90 percent of fans want ireland gone. im hoping he is

Stupid clueless Philbin
Needs to be fired just for that decision

Posted by: (null) | December 08, 2013 at 02:27 PM

Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. Yeah, let's fire our head coach right in the middle of a playoff hunt. That would make a lot of sense. LOL!

nemo thing u have to worry about is cincy playing nobody in last game vs them. but i think balt will go 0-2 vs lions and pats. so mia needs to go 2-1. at bills scares me for some reason

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