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Dolphins beat Steelers, still alive in playoff chase

PITTSBURGH -- Milestone day for these Dolphins.

They not only beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 34-28, but so many other things happened that affect this season that we need a list:

The Ravens lost to Minnesota. The Ravens beat the Vikings after the teams traded four TDs in 82 seconds. That means the Dolphins still trail for the sixth and final playoff qualifier for the AFC playoffs. The Ravens remain ahead of the Dolphins in the playoff chase despite having the same 7-6 record because Baltimore beat Miami.

This game was meaningful for other reasons:

The Dolphins had not scored more than 27 points this season. They did that.

The Dolphins had not scored an offensive touchdown in eight consecutive games. They did that.

Daniel Thomas, playing the entire second half because backfield mate Lamar Miller was knocked out of the game with a concussion, had a 55-yard run that. He rushed for 105 yards on 16 carries.

Charles Clay caught seven passes for 97 yards. He caught two touchdown passes, including the winning score.

The Dolphins rushed 24 times for 181 yards and and an 8.6 average.



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and still no take by montreal, that way u can never be wrong!

I'm shocked people are negative right now when we're above .500 and in the playoff hunt. We have a solid defense and an offense that is making plays with a patchworked OL. So pleased with the fact that we finally (FINALLY) won again in the snow. Not only that, but we beat a team who is accustomed to winnng in December more often than not. I evaluate in the now, and as of right now this minute we are a team to be reckoned with. Go Phins.

krill im actually more excited about the offense. the defense let us down in second half, but least they showed up last few drives, offense was great today, thill rolling

See how good Tannehill is. He is always worth 7 points. For the other team.

Posted by: Sherman's brown tongue | December 08, 2013 at 03:03 PM

Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. Miami 34 Pittsburgh 28. Oh no!!!!! LOL!!

I evaluate in the now, and as of right now this minute we are a team to be reckoned with. Go Phins.

Posted by: Krillian | December 08, 2013 at 05:35 PM


Philbin's weak attitude almost lost us the game.

He has done this aginst the Bucs, Panthers and Ravens.

After we get a big TO near the opponents endzone he runs three times and kicks the FG.

Thill dragged his ass to throw the challenge flag, as did Hartline on the TD catch. They knew they had to shout at him to throw the red flag. What a joke he is.

Posted by: Marco | December 08, 2013 at 05:37 PM


lol marco now montreal will include u in his posts, they wont be anything about football just u. im waiting with patience now to read it, one made me spit out my mt dew

3 games left in the philbin-ireland era, thankfully

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 08, 2013 at 03:04 PM

Very reassuring to hear that because since you have no idea what you're talking about and you're ALWAYS wrong about everything, that means they'll be back. And after that entire Martin-Incognito fiasco, the way the team has responded is just awesome. Philbin deserves a lot of credit for that, only a loser like you can't see it. LOL!

I guess we shouldn't expect any thing other from the Dolphins/Tannehill basher Marco!

Oh just cut some people some slack. If you didn't say oh shyt here we go again a couple times today, you haven't been watching the Dolphins the last few years.

They haven't given us a lot to be confident about.

Today was a good start though. Follow it up with a victory against the Pats and the believers will come out in droves.

I'm not saying we will but I think we can do it. Defense is going to have to play 60 minutes though and reduce the bad series.

Ravens win, puts the pressure on us to win out really.

No guarantees the Lions. Pats or Bengals will beat the Ravens, they just continue to ride their luck.

We should have killed them in our game. All we can do is keep swinging and put wins on the table.

Same old Dolphins. There's a Heat game at 6 at least so we can watch a franchise worth a damn.

Posted by: Andrew | December 08, 2013 at 03:04 PM

Another stupid post from a clueless blogger. The Heat? Do us all a favor, go on their blog and don't come back. LOL!!

still no take by montreal, but i made his top 10 list again!!!!!!!!!! yes

Darryl (last page) you are correct. Sherman called a pretty good game but Philbin's game decisions are often bad. Example: Sturgis who has been terrible gets the call to make a long kick in bad weather. WTF?

and montreal im hoping big time ireland is gone for the record

was horrible call cocoa

The Ravens. Pats, and Jets all won too.

just hope they finish 6-10 and not 8-8.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 08, 2013 at 03:05 PM

Well in that case we're a lock to make the playoffs. Because again, since you're ALWAYS WRONG about everything, we'll probably win 9 or 10. LOL!

jay who cares if jets win pats winning doesnt affect us

We all know FIRE ROSS would've posted at least 10 times by now had this article been about a Dolphins loss!

Way to do a dick tuck FIRE ROSS, you miserable F@ggot!


The blog is more fun when we lose.

Posted by: Marco | December 08, 2013 at 05:37 PM

What an assshole!

Charles Clay is turning into a stud good dolphins needed one more play maker so we could be a more dynamic offense.

still no take by montreal. come on man u have to have one safe one in ya. ill pencil u in for making playoffs even if u wont commit

Want another? Hartline had to convince Philbin to throw the red (challenge) flag. Jeeze what a dummy

prater just broke record for longest fg ever

TannePuke threw a pick 6 on the second play of the game. It hit Polamalu between the numbers but he dropped it.

Havin fun servin up that Crow Montreal? LOL...

Don't forget to offer some A1 sauce...

Krissy and Marc where are youuuuuuuuu?? We have crow for youuuuuuu!!

Exactly dusty so we have better piks

Posted by: Cash | December 08, 2013 at 03:06 PM

Need I say more?? LOL!!! Here comes the illiterate dude once again. And dusty the role model. LOL!

cocoa nobody is claiming philbin is good other than montreal in his secret takes, he never actually has one but bashes anyone for saying philbin isnt good. so im guessing hes the guy who likes him

Tannehill now has 20 TD passes, most Miami TD's since Fiedler's 20 TD passes in 2001

Three more this year and he ties Marino from 1998

Four more this year and he ties Marino from 1995

oh.... it's only is second year

im here bill, i had pitt winning 20-17 glad i was wrong

Note to Sherman: let THill run a few more plays. You may be on to something there.

Game ball definitely goes to Clay.

Putting your proofreading aside, I do agree this was an important game. The last play, had it been reviewed, would have shown Ben through a forward pass, so a TD would not have stood.

But what this game says to me is whatever happened between Martin and his teammates was a huge blow. Unless the Ravens lose, Miami is out. And as much as the Dolphins downplay that off the field distraction, it did a number on this team for a few games. Probably against Baltimore as well.

The irony is now that it is mostly behind them, their o-line is playing far better than with either Martin or Incognito.

Philbin's weak attitude almost lost us the game.

Posted by: Marco | December 08, 2013 at 05:37 PM

Marco Troll finds a reason to frame everything good in a negative light. We just beat Pitt on the road in the snow.

It doesn't matter how you get the win.

ket thill run period, love when he takes off

You guys have to admit... This team could of folded after the whole Martin Cogs deal... Philbin has done something right...

I do want to se Sherman "retire" next year, he has no imagination...

I know dusty,,,youre a man. you don't hide like they do. But I was referring to there HATE for Tannehill!

I've been a fin fan for over 30 years, and I laugh at all the stupid comments on here about a team and organization that people know nothing about.This team by far is the most rounded team in all facets of the game. That stupid stat that this team has only Scored 22 points a game, look up what the undefeated 72 team averaged, morons I tell you, some of you should just stay in the closet. If this team makes the playoffs WATCH OUT.


You have to have continuity. Everyone was criticizing Ireland for not finding WRs. He has found tremendous receivers: Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Clay, and Mathews. He was criticized for not finding a franchise QB: He found Tannehill. Yes, I do have faith that he will get it done on the OL. The OL has actually improved during the season. I like Brennar and Garner at Guards, McKinney has been solid. Pouncey is a very good player and even Clabo has been solid. Get a couple of starting OL next year, another TE, a FB, and 1 or 2 defensive players maybe. Also, next year's rookies will be better in their second year. Jordan and the other rookies will improve the team even more.

I agree darydumphy
Bad decision on the FG attempt at the half, but what a win.MIT dont worry the feeling will come back.
DannyThomas, I feel your frustration. The NFL Refs make questionable calls against Pats aponents. Something stinks!
Maybe too much money is bet in Vegas on those cheating fools.
Go Miami !

Also, decision not to pay Bush looks better and better.

Has Irescum been fired yet?

yeah for sure on sherman, hes terrible

Dusty, I think Philbin good 'football mind'. But he's slow and methodical. I've run into these types before...smart, analytical but it takes them time to think things out. I'm guessing he would be better at a front office job

well no hate for thill, been on his side from day one. big time potential

Agree with Elmo and Trash.

lets hope we are wrong cocoa

Play option & boot legs would be perfect for Thill's style of game..

up north pats didnt cover today

smart minds knew letting bush go was fine. hes lost his job for a big part in detroit. slipped in warmups today and didnt play

prater just broke record for longest fg ever

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 08, 2013 at 05:45 PM

Now ESPN's Chris ETHEL-Berman can justify not showing Fins highlights tonight.

just turn on nfl network sam, espn sucks

We were an inch away from giving that game to the Steelers.

You get the ball at the 9 up 31-28 and don't go for the kill from your there is not a winners attitude.

Philbin's hope to play not to lose isn't good enough.

You give Ben the ball with 1:35 left to get the win ??? Man you take the shots at the endzone. This attitude has lost us games if you have failed to notice.

Just because we won, doesn't mean we can't discuss the problems our coaching staff have.

Bill you are being very naive to think that even the Dolphins won't be critical of their play calling today. If teams didn't try to improve on their weaknesses they would never develop.

Again though Bill you are reactionary, without reading other users posts or looking at the big picture.

There are times Bill when you spout so much garbage its not funny. Last post to you today my friend as you need to go Troll hunting again and ask more guys to SUKKKK your DIKKKK as you love to do.

Im loving the win and called it early 2nd quarter. Go back and read my posts, you are normally good at that my friend.

Even some BS read option crap would work on some of those short yardage situations.. Three runs in a row is crap...

...I have to give some Kudos to Sherman this week. I liked that we ran more zone read plays this week then we have all season. There were at least 10-12. And most of the time they were successful, or there as opportunity lost because we failed to execute. I like the idea of incorporating about 10 of these plays a week. Big play potential.

Roll Thill 2 to 3X more a game IMO...

cocoa nobody is claiming philbin is good other than montreal in his secret takes, he never actually has one but bashes anyone for saying philbin isnt good. so im guessing hes the guy who likes him

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 08, 2013 at 05:46 PM

Another stupid post by the king of clueless bloggers. Am I in love with Philbin? No, I'm not. But right now he's got my support because I want my team to make the playoffs. I don't want them to lose so we can draft higher, that's just stupidity brought up to another level. That's the difference between me and you. The only one I would consider firing right now is Coyle. That's it. So now I got to go, diner is ready so the blog is all yours. Go ahead and say this and that about me but bottom line is I made you look like the real idiot that you are. And you say you're a fan? LOL!! If I would be the owner of the team I would tell you to go cheer for somebody else. I wouldn't want idiot fans like you. So see you later...jerk!

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