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Dolphins beat Steelers, still alive in playoff chase

PITTSBURGH -- Milestone day for these Dolphins.

They not only beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 34-28, but so many other things happened that affect this season that we need a list:

The Ravens lost to Minnesota. The Ravens beat the Vikings after the teams traded four TDs in 82 seconds. That means the Dolphins still trail for the sixth and final playoff qualifier for the AFC playoffs. The Ravens remain ahead of the Dolphins in the playoff chase despite having the same 7-6 record because Baltimore beat Miami.

This game was meaningful for other reasons:

The Dolphins had not scored more than 27 points this season. They did that.

The Dolphins had not scored an offensive touchdown in eight consecutive games. They did that.

Daniel Thomas, playing the entire second half because backfield mate Lamar Miller was knocked out of the game with a concussion, had a 55-yard run that. He rushed for 105 yards on 16 carries.

Charles Clay caught seven passes for 97 yards. He caught two touchdown passes, including the winning score.

The Dolphins rushed 24 times for 181 yards and and an 8.6 average.



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I'm a dumbass eh?

Putting your proofreading aside, I do agree this was an important game. The last play, had it been reviewed, would have shown Ben through a forward pass, so a TD would not have stood.

But what this game says to me is whatever happened between Martin and his teammates was a huge blow. Unless the Ravens lose, Miami is out. And as much as the Dolphins downplay that off the field distraction, it did a number on this team for a few games. Probably against Baltimore as well.

The irony is now that it is mostly behind them, their o-line is playing far better than with either Martin or Incognito.

Posted by: ajdczar | December 08, 2013 at 05:48 PM
Not irony just poor evaluation

FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY is a moron. This has been proven time and time again.

Must be Joe...

"That last play was a huge FAIL for Coyle & D. Divine intervention saved it."

I'm STILL trying to wrap my mind around how the Steelers didn't score. And how the Fins' D seemed utterly surprised that the Steelers would lateral when every team in that situation does it. Brown stopped himself from scoring by temporarily losing track of where he was, the Fins sure didn't come close to doing so.

Dusty Bottoms is also a moron.

just turn on nfl network sam, espn sucks

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 08, 2013 at 05:54 PM

NFL Network hates the Dolphins too. Seems everyone's still mad over 1972 :)

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 08, 2013 at 05:50 PM

Where were you during the game then big man ?

You stay out of the live action, only to cowardly sneak in after the game.

I called it that Thill would be fine and win the game for us early in the 2nd quarter.

Even after the pick 6 I said he would be fine and come through for us.

So go find those posts, its a wee hobby for you in between you asking guys to blow you. Your pretty disgusting mate.

Ha ha bill last call to you today for sure. Go check the post I had today DURING THE GAME my friend.

Cash is another moron.


I also just want to say that the Pats are officially the luckiest and most favored team in sports history.

Posted by: ajdczar | December 08, 2013 at 05:48 PM

The refs, missed the forward lateral.

To my knowledge no flags were thrown. The TD was ruled out because the player stepped out of bounds my friend, :0

Tomlin is a cheat and deserves to be punished by the NFL bigtime.

Posted by: BobDole | December 08, 2013 at 05:57 PM

FIRE ROSS won't be around to hear from until he has time to find an excuse for why the Dolphins got lucky or how the Steelers got screwed.
One thing we will never hear is FIRE ROSS admit he was wrong. He will dick tuck for now. I'm sure he is watching the tape to find some straw to grasp at for how the Steelers got screwed over.

Anyone else beginning to feel we all feel asleep and were kidnapped by the alien abduction blog?

I haven't seen the word "MORON" more in my entire life than I have today in this blog.

I'm a dumbass eh?

Posted by: ape tamer | December 08, 2013 at 05:56 PM

Good for you Ape..... that is the first step, only 11 more to go!!!

What's happening Po? I love Tannehill's progress. This is what we've been waiting for....proof he's what we've waited for, Did you see him look off left side of D and throw right? Beautiful. And didn't cave after interception. Clay? Exceptional.

#1 Fan in Montreal

Think they're saying dumb things just to get a reaction? You think?

I am not an Ireland fan either but I'm starting to like Philbin and yes Sherman.

These guys have a ton of experience. If we can keep this team together and keep building on it I'm sure they will adjust when they make mistakes.

I personally don't get the three straight runs on our last drive in the red zone when we needed a TD to ice it but I'm sure he had his reasons. I would have liked to see Tanny roll out at least once on that series.

If we make the playoffs I think Ireland stays and that's a little scary. He has been at his best with his job on the line.

Give him a comfort zone and I fear his stubbornness will take over.

I absolutely hate his policy of waiting for the market to dictate a players salary. If you want them then get it done! Starks and Grimes should have long term deals right now and then start working on Soliai.

Interestingly the Chargers could still help us out this season if they win out and Baltimore and us end up tied at 9-7.

This is correct I think as our conference record would be better than the Ravens if they lose to either the Pats or Bengals. Wow this will be close my friends.

I seen him throw the ball away 4 times instead of takin the sack too Joe... That's growth...

Give Thill a good Oline and time in the pocket and I think we will be some happy campers...

I would like a power RB too...

Not that it matters, but did anyone else think that Big Ben forward lateraled the ball to Brown. I checked the DVR over and over and it looked like a forward lateral.

Mask, do Fins not practice that? Grr.

"Good for you Ape..... that is the first step, only 11 more to go!!!
Posted by: phinstigator | December 08, 2013 at 06:05 PM"


What is with the refs this year. That Big Ben lateral was forward and could have cost mismi the game and season. All across the league it's the same crap.

Yeah, that was funny phinstigator...

Yeah we all talked about it earlier Brian.

OK, going to chek in to the emergency war. No way my heart is in good shape after that game. NOt good when your right arm is numb, is it?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 08, 2013 at 04:52 PM

Mark, unless Canadians have a different physiology, it would be LEFT arm PAIN that would be scary.
Phins seems to have a knack of giving their fans a tough time all too often. At least the results are getting lots better.
Great win today, and I was SO wrong about CLAY.
Thomas had his BEST game overall today. He ran so hard, and but for wearing a non breakaway jersey, he would have had a TD.
Steelers reflect the mentality of their coach. Whine on every call, hit illegally, etc.
Ironic that the SIDELINE played a part in the win. Last week Tomlin crossed it, this week Brown.

I hope the OC gets his act together on 3rd or 4th and short. If he does I say: Superbowl.

HUGE win today, this team's on a roll! I didn't like the 3 runs after the turnover inside Pitt's 10 but can't argue with a W. Was really pulling for Minnesota but I guess that's why they only have 3 wins. That was Baltimore's easiest game of their final four so our odds look good to finish better than them. Showdown with the Pats next week will be exciting.

...Oh yeah, PHINS UP!

This is a young team; they have room to grow... Lets give em a little leeway..

Both Thill and Clay will make us proud.. IMO..

I will be a huge Lion fan next week. They play the Ravens at home next week. Go LIONS!

No SB win in 42 years!!!

Hope springs eternal....

If you are a true fan that is..

Just for the record. I have never posted the words attributed to me by Marco the troll. He is most likely the troll that posted that in my name. He has been exposed as a troll and its best we do not feed the trolls....this way they starve to death!!
Says this is my last post to Bill and then keeps talking too or about me....I just don't get it!
I just ignore the trolls...but do have to set the record straight!

I hear the Jets are lookin for a few good fans...

Hope you like cheap beer and salami...

Unbelievable game today. Dusty you want to predict that the Phins lose next week now? Or wait?

Oh yeah, I forgot.. AND some sh*tty football..

I hear the Jets are lookin for a few good fans...

Hope you like cheap beer and salami...

Posted by: Powhitetrash | December 08, 2013 at 06:18 PM

Didn't you know that most all the trolls n here are sad jets fans....what else do they have to do but come on here and post their garbage. You can tell who they are especially if we win like today. They come on and start to denigrate instead of congratulate!!

Great Win for Miami!!!

Tanehill has improved a lot since the start of the season... playing in only his fourth year as a QB (originally a wide out in college). He's still got a huge upside.

Kill to see the Dolphins blow out NE... too many close games this year.

Tannehill just beat perhaps the greatest DC in he history of the NFL, with a makeshift oline, second string RB, and while playing in the snow for his first time!

Impressive. That is good enough for me.

It was a wild game. I'm worn out lol. A victory against the Pats would be seriously sweet and its not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Honey Badger just broke his paw!!

The Dolphins are EARNING their wins this year....especially today's game. Away, and in the snow and having to come from behind. Against a desperate Steelers team with a healthy Rothlesburger and their defense? Aside from being physical, mental toughness is a thing and the Dolphins are earning it every Sunday.If they do make the playoffs they can win those games and whoever the opponent may be knows this.

I know... I just like to revel in their misery and pain..

Rub some salt and feed some Crow.. :)

AND remind them to take a bath once a week...

Well said Bodine.

BUM, we can't forget as regards the ravens, we're speaking of the defending SB Champion. They lost a bunch of players, but none worse might be the fact we picked up McKinnie. I don't believe it's a coincidence they O-Line is better. That, and Martin being GONE.
Of all of Ireland's misses, THAT one has caused more trouble, but in the long run may have just pulled the Fins together.

Bad clock management again for the Fins, and not going for the TD at the end, not good. Funny thing, I posted on the so-called Live Blog that Thomas SHOULD get it 3 times. No one of my better moments.
Refs don't see Rothlisberger's forward lateral?

Orlando Dolphan,

Lions are also playing with their season on the line.

Would be awesome to see Bush have a big game and the Lions help us out bigtime.

The Pats game we have to be a bit more aggressive with our play-calling near the endzone.

Thill stayed with his short game and came through. I also hoped he would run a lot more today. He did and it paid off !!!


This is not the first game this season where Tannehill came back with a scoring drive immediately after throwing a pick. The kid does not rattle easily.

Lets all wait until the TERMINATION of the season and the WELLS INVESTIGATION before considering who or whos will be TERMINATED.

every team needs a few breaks along the way…..geez, just look at the good fortune Baltimore and NE had today--Fins are 7-6 boys (and girls)…..bottom line--and did it by going on the road in ridiculous conditions against a 2 time champion QB who is one of the most clutch to ever play--how much more can you ask for?

Posted by: Bodine | December 08, 2013 at 06:22 PM

O-line has been playing great the past three weeks or so, since Garner and Brenner came in for us.

The Steelers are 18th against the run though. However I called for us to run today and play to our strengths.

Next year I hope we keep the guys we have and add a piece or two during FA and the draft. We have concerns of course, but there are no guarantees that FA's or rookies will come good.

McKinnie, Garner, Brenner and even Clabo have really stepped up their games over the past 3-4 weeks. I guess they are gelling.

If anything a power back is big need, as are some quality safties.

YESSSS! sorry I'm late folks, just got back from a victory celebration at my local pub! Great win for Phinsnation! Almost had a heart attack on that last play though. I just sat there stunned until they said he stepped out of bounds.

long time fan, wasn't expecting them to win this one, in those conditions.

probably won't beat NE, but with Balt schedule we have a great chance to make the playoffs. incredible after every thing thats happen. game balls to OL.

Then again bloggers we could execute what we call in the business SPRAY IT ALL AND SEE WHAT SURVIVES by spraying out product into the tent they practice in,keep in mind the gas cant be seen by the naked eye and is colorless it works over time after be inhaled.
Wat do you think gang.

Dolphins are still competing for the Superbowl. The patsys are up for a big loss. Dolphins can pull it of but I think this is more Philbin then anything else. Maybe a good GM that likes Philby is available.
Plus a young creative OC. That would be bradys nightmare.

My game ball goes to Charles(big play)Clay!

No team is 100% perfect, but all three phases of our team had their moments today and made plays. The Steelers are 5-8 but I humbly feel they've been playing a little bit better in the 2nd half of the season and we went up there in the snow and beat a team that knows how to win in their house. Still stoked about the win.

Watching that last play we really got lucky.

Hopefully Coyle and Philbin learn from that.

In the NFL, when you have the chance to finish a team off yu have to have balls and go for the endzone.

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