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Dolphins beat Steelers, still alive in playoff chase

PITTSBURGH -- Milestone day for these Dolphins.

They not only beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 34-28, but so many other things happened that affect this season that we need a list:

The Ravens lost to Minnesota. The Ravens beat the Vikings after the teams traded four TDs in 82 seconds. That means the Dolphins still trail for the sixth and final playoff qualifier for the AFC playoffs. The Ravens remain ahead of the Dolphins in the playoff chase despite having the same 7-6 record because Baltimore beat Miami.

This game was meaningful for other reasons:

The Dolphins had not scored more than 27 points this season. They did that.

The Dolphins had not scored an offensive touchdown in eight consecutive games. They did that.

Daniel Thomas, playing the entire second half because backfield mate Lamar Miller was knocked out of the game with a concussion, had a 55-yard run that. He rushed for 105 yards on 16 carries.

Charles Clay caught seven passes for 97 yards. He caught two touchdown passes, including the winning score.

The Dolphins rushed 24 times for 181 yards and and an 8.6 average.



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3 Games left. I like our chances of beating the Patsies at home next week. Especially with Gronk out again. We should have beat them when we played them last time in NE, and this team knows it.

Watching the last play....then surely you noticed that Ben threw the ball in front him after being across the line of scrimmage?? Oh yea that's right your a Dolphin hater so you conveniently leave that fact out!!!! EXPOSED AGAIN!!!!!!!

Good point Marco! What do we do with the OL next year. Heck do we keep this OL together now that they are gelling? Why not keep Clabo, McKinney, Brenner, Jerry, Pouncey, and Garner together. Just go for BPA in the draft. Bring in more play makers and keep this OL together. That may be the plan.

Who was the guy in August debating with me and saying Tannehill would only have 16 tds this year. Remember our talk? I told you that was crazy because it would mean only one td per game. I said he would throw 25. 3 games left, looks like we were both wrong!

The Pats are very beatablethat for sure.

They were run so close by the Browns and we have put together our first back to back wins in 10 games.

A game that we have at home with some momentum. I really hope though that Philbin goes for the TD's instead of this conservative play calling when we get a lead.

Our D stepped up in the 4th, but almost caved in.

Our O had a chance to kill the game to make it 38-28 with a minute to go. Instead giving Ben that last shot was really poor play-calling, just like the Panthers game.

I think Kris actually convinced himself Richie's work ethic sucked because he held a few oline meetings at a strip club.

Come on Kris, admit it man! hahaha And how can you continually come up with these opinions when you have no clue what is going on in the locker room? It's like you are guessing and hoping something sticks.

Need I repost the multiple Incognito posts from Kris about how he extorted money and all of the other things HE NEVER DID but Kris bought as truth because the media told him so OR he made up his mind without ALL of the facts? Come on Kris! hahaha

Posted by: Phins78 | December 06, 2013 at 08:38 PM

wow my heart rate just went down a little my daughter has a cat now cause I told her if they win id get her one ya me go dolphins keep it going

The refs, missed the forward lateral.

To my knowledge no flags were thrown. The TD was ruled out because the player stepped out of bounds my friend, :0

Tomlin is a cheat and deserves to be punished by the NFL bigtime.

Posted by: Marco | December 08, 2013 at 06:04 PM

Rewind for the blind bloggers, ha ha ha !!!

This may not be popular with some here but I hope that Incognito is cleared of the bullying charges and is able to rejoin this team. Nobody in the locker room has said anything bad about him and I think if he is cleared and allowed to rejoin the team it will really give this team a lift going into the playoffs.

I was rooting for the Lions to lose today. I want that game to be important for them next week against the Ravens. I will probably stay up Monday night watching that game.

You see you little puzzys? I'm here after a loss and win Eh?

Orlando Dolphan,

Yes we keep the guys we have and add to them. Look Martin and RI may well be gone anyway and this group have rallied after the 2 yard Bucs game.

I like how the new players have introduced themselves, Garner, McKinnie and Brenner, while the Guys under pressure have rebounded.

Sherman and Turner have come good with them. If you look at the O draft picks, so many bloggers have called for a big back, a couple of o-line prospects and a real challenge for Thill.

Safety has to be a real concern for us as the level of play there has not been good atall. The LB play has been sporadic also. If Jordan develops into a OLB a runstuffing ILB would be a good pick to perhaps.

Im only guessing, but if the o-line continues to play this good, then why let them go. McKinnie's return is a bit of a question mark because of his age though.

Posted by: Ape Tamer | December 08, 2013 at 06:57 PM

and who do you root for?? There are no monkey teams?? Are you Marco??

Does RI come back for the last 2 games ?

Do we need him as a starter with the current form of Brenner and Garner ?

I'd put him on the bench for insurance at best. The o-line have been fine without him.

Good ape tamer...

Now go F*CK YOUR MOTHER; I did...

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The good thing for us is that these are all playoff games and we are winning on the road. I can see the fins going into Cincinnati or Indianapolis and winning a playoff game. Who knows what can happen, that is why you always keep hope. I cannot understand these fans that hope that Tannehilll plays bad, that Ireland's picks do bad and that Philbin fails so that we can start all over again. Really?

You want these players to succeed so that all you have to do is tweak the roster next year. I do not think that the fins will win the super bowl this year, but I want Tannehill to get to the playoffs this year. Get Tannehill some playoff experience this year!

Orlando, me as well.
Schwartz was an assistant to that scumbag ex Bronco's DC Gregg Williams. He endorses the same tactics with the Lions. To see the Lions lose ANYTIME, along with the Jets and Patsies is always a treat.
HOWEVER, I must curb my anti-Lionism, and root like HE!! for those guys to put a hurtin' on the Ravens.

Hey ape tamer, what is the difference in your mother and a washing machine?

The washing machine doesn't follow me around for 3 weeks after I dump a load in it...

The only thing I don' really get is Garner. 2-3 years ago (can't remember which and am too lazy to look it up) he filled in at a very respectable level...the following year a really poor preseason alongside injuries, followed by a warm, longstanding seat on the bench. But with the majority of his opportunities in real games, he's proven he can play.

Additionally, you can bash Richie but the fact is that he followed through with his assignments when playing and scored above average grades. Generally, outside of Pouncey, it was the rest of the line playing catchup at the time. Regardless of the improvement of our overall line play, if he's proven innocent after al of the investigation, he could improve our team in the final 2 weeks. I doubt he'd start, but I want him there especially with a shot at the playoffs.

Orlando Dolphan,

Which team(s), beat the Ravens ?

Ape tamer....

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Ape tamer the monkey spanker...

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Yeah you put RI on the bench as safety value, maybe even use him in rotation ?

However the guys who are there now deserve to stay as the starters. It would be a sad to take away the chemistry they have with each other and the rest of the offensive players.

We have to be taken seriously once again, like when we were 3-0. Watch us rise in the power rankings and make King's Fine 15.

I don't like the seahawks, Dolphins might play them...

Damn those Broncos look unstoppable sometimes.

Amazing to think the Pats came back on them 24-0 down.

Vegas have that one dialled up ?

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Aren't the Seahawks in the NFC now? I'd have to be in the Super Bowl at this point.

I will also be rooting for Pittsburg next week against the Bengals. The game will be in Pittsburg. We have the tie breaker against the Bengals.

I really think that the fins will have to run the table to get in the playoffs.

BTW- For everyone that was putting down the win against the Jets, the Jets scored 37 points today. The Dolphins went to NY and spanked the Jets. Let's give our fins some love. Support this team. Stop talking about changing Tannehill, Ireland, Philbin, etc. Let's root for this team to win as many games as possible. The fins are going to be putting the finishing touches on this team next year. GO PHINS!

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I think the Pats and Bengals have a shot at the Ravens.

Ok they won today, but so did we. They are really under pressure to win out also.

They play three games that mean a lot to their opponents.

One could say we only have one more opponent that really has the hunger to win. the Bill and Jets hate us, but the feeling is mutual, so we shall see.

After all those heart breaking loses we may well be in for more last minute victories ?

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Right now I would take Ryan Tannehill over RG3. RG3 is stinking up the joint right now. It looks like Ireland made the right move taking Ireland and not trading up for RG3. Tannehill is going to be a star in this league.

Ok looks like silly time is starting....I will come back tomorrow when people are here that want to talk football.....Big day tomorrow. Im putting I my papers for retirement. Dec 31st last day.......only 53 so new career is on the horizon!

Congrats Bill!

As much as you say PENIS; you must have a lot of experience suckin them...

I know your mother does...

YG/Daytona, Kris doesn't care about my post from the other night. You've been around long enough to know he and I don't always see eye to eye and we disagree about our opinions plenty.

I don't care either, we've both moved on. Because we have a mutual respect.

You are literally the only one in the blog who for some reason cares about this. I suspect it's because you dislike Kris. I'm not sure why you are using a post I wrote to get back at someone you have a problem with.

Can't come up with your own opinions? Nah, I just think Kris has probably beat you down so often that you are scared to confront him on your own. Stop being a f'%$ing pu%&y and fight your own battles.

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Orlando Dolphan,

Thill has that running abilty starting to crank into gear.

Last season he did the same thing and had some nice runs late in the year.

The D, has to come up with ore stops on those 3rd and 10's though.

Thill has to play to his strenghts again, while we run the ball with Thill and the runners we have left.

Miller may be back next week, but man Thomas really stunned me today > I called him out, but he played maybe the best game of his career.

I hate my assshole brother.
He's the biggest assshole on this blog.

It's also very pathetic that you are in here SO much that you have copied my post to your computer to use against Kris THE MOMENT I show up. The kicker being he couldn't care less and no one else knows what you're even doing.

You sit and monitor the blog?

LMFAO you're a freakin loser man. Smh


Say what you will...put up whatever stat you want...make any comment or opinion... This Dolphins team is playing meaningful games in December...against teams playing for their playoff lives...2-0...on the road...

3 more to go...Pats...@Buffalo...NYJ...

Officiating in this league is getting bad...real bad...the NFL has to sit down...tear the thing apart and rebuild it...

You'd think the Phins just won a play off game the way these clowns are acting, this is the same crap team that gave Tampa their first win in 9 games. Idiots have very short memories

Thinking about next week it will be awesome to be able to run our offense in Miami and not in the snow. Even if it is the Pats.

After that it's the Bills in the snow and the Jets back at home. The Bills are imploding at the moment though and shouldn't be near the test that Pittsburgh was.

Btw Russell Wilson just threw a pick to end the game. See he's human too.

Did any of you see the movie Chariots of Fire? An Olympic runner loses a race simply because he turned his head at the last minute to see who was coming up on him. That caused him to slow down a few milliseconds, enough for him to lose.

Tannehill did the same thing on his long run. Had he not turned his head, not sure if he would have gone all the way, but he would have gotten for sure another 10 yards.

Tannehill needs to watch it.

Charles Clay 67 rec 775yds 7tds

Not bad with 3gms left to play. Don't think Keller will be resigned next year.

Lets all thanks Antonio Brown for keeping our season alive.

You are the man !!!

Now we go wild for the Lions and Reggie Bush. Really exciting last three games.


Thats why other countries are begging us for a franchise of their own. I love the Russians and Chinese to have teams, wow the Moscow Wolves and the Shanghi Triads !!!

The HOMERS can have their minute in the flash light but why don't the pathetic HOMERS ever show up after 1 of the many loses Eh?

Great Win. This game was better than the last one. The team showed more fortitude.

Tannehill is the Truth. Saw flashes of T-Sizzle today. He just needs to be allowed to do that in the flow of the game. 56 yds rushing to go with 3 TDs passing.

I know people are discussing Tannehill throwing for 4,000yds this season. But how many QBs have thrown for 4,000 and ran for 500. I'm not saying Tannehill will reach that this season. But he has the Potential to do that and More.

The Sun is Shining in Miami. The Future is bright.

We need to beat New England, Not just for playoff hopes but for them to realize that this team is the future of the division.

Play the WHOLE 60 MINUTES!! UNTIL THE LAST WHISTLE!! Cause even the last play could cost you a game.

Charles Clay 67 rec 75yds 7tds. 3 games left to play. By-bye Keller.

Should Daniel Thomas be the starting RB. He runs tough and if we make the playoffs we will need someone that can run between the tackles. I am not convinced that Miller can go on the road and run between the tackles in these cold weather games.

We will need Thomas against the Bills because it will be nasty in Buffalo.

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