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Dolphins beat Steelers, still alive in playoff chase

PITTSBURGH -- Milestone day for these Dolphins.

They not only beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 34-28, but so many other things happened that affect this season that we need a list:

The Ravens lost to Minnesota. The Ravens beat the Vikings after the teams traded four TDs in 82 seconds. That means the Dolphins still trail for the sixth and final playoff qualifier for the AFC playoffs. The Ravens remain ahead of the Dolphins in the playoff chase despite having the same 7-6 record because Baltimore beat Miami.

This game was meaningful for other reasons:

The Dolphins had not scored more than 27 points this season. They did that.

The Dolphins had not scored an offensive touchdown in eight consecutive games. They did that.

Daniel Thomas, playing the entire second half because backfield mate Lamar Miller was knocked out of the game with a concussion, had a 55-yard run that. He rushed for 105 yards on 16 carries.

Charles Clay caught seven passes for 97 yards. He caught two touchdown passes, including the winning score.

The Dolphins rushed 24 times for 181 yards and and an 8.6 average.



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Thomas looked great today but we all know his ankle was badly damaged. Miller had a concussion. Gillislee has been really limited to date. I think they would be really smart picking up a RB this week for backup purposes. Maybe a 'banger' type to help gain those short yards they have been struggling to pick up this year.

Where is Jonas Grey now?

Curious to see if the investigation summary is released this week. Really hoping nothing crazy comes out and causes a distraction to this team. Hoping they don't level some sort of 'punishment' against the Fins that takes away from the progress they have made the past two weeks. Would love to see this summary validate the coaches didn't conduct themselves improperly. I just have a bad feeling that not only Cogs will be cut but that Pouncey will be fined/suspended based upon the investigation. That would be a huge blow to this team right now.


I would like McKinnie to stay. But I know that he almost retired before this season. He might have 1 or 2 more seasons left in him at most. Still he is our best Linemen this season. Maybe Ireland didn't go after him before the season because he already had a feeling how sensitive J.Martin was.

I'm just being realistic. I don't expect McKinnie to return. And we need to get younger on the O-Line.

To answer the O-Line Question, I would have to write a couple pages worth of things they need to do.

I'm Not saying Dallas Thomas deserves to be a starter. Just that he should be given a chance to compete for a starting spot in the preseason. N.Garner and S.Brenner should also be allowed to compete for a Starting Spot on the Line next season. But to do that the Fins would have to draft the Linemen to compete against them. You are not signing a $20M/4 Year FA to compete with your other linemen. But a 1st and 2nd rd pick can compete and still sit if need be for a year or 2.

The sack numbers went down when McKinnie signed on.

Then when Martin went awol. Then down some more when Cog's went out.

Tannehill was sacked once last week and what? Once again today?

Tannehill really showed some things big time today. Overcame all the adversities along the O-Line. Went into Pittsburg in a snow storm and got it done. With the pressure of the season being on the line.

This is one of my Favorite "Tannehill Out-ings" to date. He impressed the hell out of me today. Especially the way he bounced back after the pick 6!

Good Stuff!!!!

jpao, you're wrong. Haven't you heard what the plan is? Lose the last 3 games so we can get a higher draft pick. LOL!

Yep Thill is a manly man....

They need to get him a cape..

LOL @ Montreal again...

4000 Yards..

Here comes Thill...

1000 + 1000 + 1000 + 1000 = Thill...

Their is one outstanding issue with the way the game went today. Philbin has to learn to call timeouts when his d is gassed. He could have waited until Pitsburgh lined up with 10 seconds left. Then called the timeout. No harm. He did the same thing in the first half. The reason Pit was running all over the field was because the d had nothing left.

Marino + Thill = 8000 yards...

The Way I See the O-Line getting fixed by Ireland.

LT-1st Rd Pick, McKinnie(if he doesn't retire)
LG-N.Garner, D.Thomas
RG-2nd Rd Pick, S.Brenner
RT- Best RT in Free Agency.

I can also see Ireland going with another one of those 1 year acorn deals he likes on a OG. Probably to compete with the other 4 guards for a spot on the line.

Dallas THomas was absolutely horrible in preseason. Couldn't block a flea. He is a bust, Forget about him.

Where is that worthless Jets fan ape-tamer and his THill bashing? Where are you Kris?! How about you FIRE ROSS/KILL MARTIN/JAIL POUNCEY? Funny how when our young QB has a great game on the road, in the snow, his detractors disappear from the blog? C'mon on out you A-hole, Jets' loving piss-ants!

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | December 08, 2013 at 04:58 PM


Basically agree with you last post in regards to the O-Line Dashi.

I want to keep McKinnie if for no other reason than to keep us from having to reach or chance it on another Left Tackle.

Look what happened when they let Jake walk and took a chance on the unproven Martin.

I'm just saying that McKinnie gives us more options and latitudes come free agency or the draft. I'm all for bringing MOST of them back and letting them compete with the Newbies!

The More the Merrier!

Yep.. Jake is # 7ish LT in league..

Hind site; We should of kept him..

Mando, At what point are you going to give Philbin any credit ????

Armando, At what point are you going to give Philbin an ounce of credit ????????

Agree with Odin and whitetrash on Mckinnie and Jake. The o-line is risky in free agency.

We need to focus more on resigning our own. IMO Ireland gets too personal with negotiations. Your not going to win them all. Just try to keep the players we know are good.

Their is one outstanding issue with the way the game went today. Philbin has to learn to call timeouts when his d is gassed. He could have waited until Pitsburgh lined up with 10 seconds left. Then called the timeout. No harm. He did the same thing in the first half. The reason Pit was running all over the field was because the d had nothing left.

Posted by: klndry | December 08, 2013 at 09:04 PM

Agreed. Key word in your post is "learn". This is only Philbin's second year and there's so much to learn as a head coach in this league. Having said that, the team is playing very well, and that's a bit of a surprise since everybody, including myself, thought this team would collapse after the Martin/Incognito fiasco. If this team somehow makes it in the playoffs after everything it went through, how can anyone even suggest Philbin should get fired?? He should get coach of the year for crying out loud. Nobody saw this coming, and this team is suddenly playing very well and Philbin DESERVES credit for that, regardless if fans like him or not...

We need to learn from our mistakes and keep our best players this time.

Well I'm out folks. Great win today! Another helter skelter game has takin it's toll on me though and 5am comes early.

Lets get ready for next week. Bring on the Patsies.

Go Fins!!

Think you are right about Ireland Rick; it does seem there is too much of Irelands principles involved in who he releases and signs.. He needs to make BPA choices. At times he seems petty...

Charles Clay 2013 MVP. Nolan Carroll and Ryan Tannehill most improved players defense and offense. Jimmy Wilson also stepping it up, so is Rishard Matthews and Olivier Vernon. Rashad Jones has underachieved, so has our 2 FA linebackers. Wallace is also a bit of a disappointment considering he cost us 60 million bucks but he's still getting behind opposing defenses. Tannehill has to work on his deep ball as we all know. It's only their first year together, it's only going to get better...We finally found a shut down corner in Grimes but he will be VERY expensive to keep. But for the first time in years, it looks like we're heading in the right direction. Playoffs for all these young guys would be HUGE.

Kris is not accountable for his constant blunders. He is dumb. He is gullible (like all military personnel) He is a puzzzie,

I think Clay needs to score more touchdowns in the coming games to get MVP over Tannehill. He's having a hell of a year, but Tannehill is a big part of that happening. I'd be on board with that if he can continue getting yards after catch, and tough TD plays similar to today's.


Dolphan Rick nice post about Sam Brenner earlier. This guy just may be our new starting LG. Never hear about him during games. Thats always a good thing.

We'd be 11-2 if Matt Moore was starting.

How bad were all the tannehaters after the pick 6? How fast did they disappear after the win?

Big win for the Dolphins - this is the type of game they usually find a way to lose. Was nice to see them pull it out even though they got darn lucky Brown stepped OOB on that last play.

Thought that, other than just a couple plays, Tannehill looked really solid. Haven't been a big fan up until now, but he impressed me today.

Is it just me or has watching the Patriots gotten to be like watching the WWE? How can a team stink it up so bad in the first half of games, and then make miraculous comebacks to win...time after time. And they ALWAYS seem to get the help of the officials at critical times. Makes you go hmmmmmmm....

Draft a LT 1st rd? Once you past Jake Matthew(Texas A&M) and Taylor Lewan(Michigan) it's a HUGE roll of the dice spending a 1ST RD pick on any of the other LT in the 2014 draft. We make the playoffs, its guaranteed we get neither.

Either we sign a top fa or keep McKinnie at least one more season. Period, end of story.

Tannehill's beginning to show too much promise to roll the dice at LT.

Sam Brenner is a beast in the running game. Physical guard who pushes defenders backwards. We may have found our new LG. Next 3 games are HUGE...

Just wanted to air my thoughts on Jonathan Martin:

He has stated he wants to play again in the NFL, just not with the Miami Dolphins, If I was a GM of another team, would I want him on my team? What if one my coaches got on him about his bad play, would he go crying to the league about getting bullied again? If I was a player and he came to my team, I wouldn't even want to talk to him. I think he would be a cancer in anyone's locker room, and it's not like he's got Jake Long talent to even take the risk signing him.

Excuse me...but Clay is not the proto-typical, modern era TE....not even close....he's the most improved player on the Offense, IMO,
....but we still need a Keller-sized TE to keep pace with the more successful Offensive schemes now being utilized throughout the League....

...keep Cla...definitely, but compliment the existing Offense with a Big target, great hands, seam threat TE

Jaison I blamed the Tannhill pic 6 on Coyle playing at oft zone pass defense allowing Ben to easily pick our defense apart and score. The Steeler td before the pic 6 swung mo' completely in Steelers favor.

Next thing you know, we're inside our own 11yd line, directly after that td. All kinds of strange things happen when mo' rears his ugly head against you.

soft zone

Posted by: Yeast Infection | December 08, 2013 at 09:28 PM

So you are part of a woman's vagina?

Tannehill looked great waiting before looking towards wide open Clay then hit him for the TD. First play that he has looked like a real QB to me.

Posted by: DeltonaFinsFan | December 08, 2013 at 09:52 PM

I really have to agree with this post.

If the season would end today, I would consider LB as a first round pick. Followed by OL and DT. I'm still not sold on Ellerbe and Wheeler. In Ellerbe's defense though, he played in a very different type of defense with the Ravens. He may get much better by feeling more and more comfortable in a 4-3. Wheeler, on the other hand, gets pushed around too much. I like linebackers to be physical at the point of attack, I see Wheeler get pushed back by OL and TEs...Just my opinion of course. Apparently he had a very good year with the Raiders...I just don't see it...

The same people that loved Henne love Tanny LOL

Dallas THomas was absolutely horrible in preseason. Couldn't block a flea. He is a bust, Forget about him.

Posted by: Eel | December 08, 2013 at 09:05 PM

Yeah..... I've heard that line before...

Soliai's first 2 seasons... He's a bust... he sucks, what a waste...

Odrick's first season... See, He is injury prone... he has powder bones... he sucks....

Clay's erratic first two seasons... he isn't a real TE and he isn't a FB... He sucks... he can't catch... HE'S A BUST!!!

Olivier Vernon's rookie season... He can't stop the run... he sucks at rushing... HE'S A BUST... FORGET ABOUT HIM...!!!!

When oh WHEN are Miami fans going to figure it out..?

How long is it going to take...?

How many times do you need to be proven wrong...?

There is a Grand Canyon sized gap between the NCAA and NFL talent wise. And of ALL the players drafted in the 7 rounds and taken as UFA.... VERY VERY FEW are NFL Ready.... MOST... require this thing that many Miami fans can't get they're minds wrapped around....

It's called "Player Development"... (or being "Coached up" for all you 8th grade drop outs)

This Miami Dolphins team as it now stands... is 2 years into a complete overhaul... Most analysts would tell you it takes 3 seasons to finish the build, and then another to get them all on the same page.

But here in Miami... we ask the team to run everyone out of town if it doesn't happen in one season... so we'll likely never know what a completed contender looks like... Unless we decide to allow them to build one.

This draft has way more play makers at the top of the draft than the last one. I would be surprised if 3 LTs get drafted in the first round this year. Instead of 3 in the Top 4!! That was an abnormality.

Every word gets taken literal to disprove the Dashi. Its OK. Let me rephrase what I said. The Fins should draft the Best O-Linemen Available in the First. Whether it is a Tackle or Guard.

And Dashi is OK with Ireland spending a First Round Pick on a Linemen. Long and Pouncey aren't horrible players.

Oscar 3passing td's in a single game are a career high for Tannehill. Further proof he's blossoming before our very eyes.

That was a 4th qtr comeback to truly savor, and in the month of December. Tannehill is now 2-0 in the month of December 2013. Appears to be saving his best for last.

Just like you would expect a "potential" franchise qb to do.

wake me up when the play-offs start....lets go Dolphins!!

"The same people that loved Henne love Tanny LOL
Posted by: Mike | December 08, 2013 at 09:59 PM"

We are called "Dolphins fans." I know you don't understand us.

Bro, did it take a lot of convincing Philbin to throw the darn flag!

Dashi the oine issues are actually settling down now. We may have found our starting LG in Brenner.

It would be godsend to get 2 quality years from McKinnie. Gives 2 more seasons to develop Dallas Thomas. Solves the problem of spending a high round draft pick or spending Huge fa dollars at the position.

The oline now seemingly settling down is a very good thing. It increases our options and no longer have to operate underneath knee-jerk reactions.

Which one of you trolls is Michael Scott Whitney from Carolina Whoesale?

Mike, Matt Moore is at best a serviceable back-up. He has never, yes never beaten a single team with a winning record ever!! His stats are bad. Tannehill in limited college and pro starts is 1000 time better than Moore and Henne combined.

The Big Hair lines up at LDT then goes all the way to the other side to get the pick 6. Unreal. Keying on RT's eyes.

Marino was the only one that mentioned Bens forward lateral. if they scored that play would be reviewed. glad he stepped out thought.

Today was a nice win by the Dolphins.

Barry Jackson has another excellent column showing how mid-to-late round picks over the past several years have been doing very, very well. Of course, the early round picks have not done so great; at least Tannehill is playing better.

I still think Ireland needs to go. I think Cogs needs to be cut. Pouncey? Who knows.

The biggest positive of the season is the Clay has developed into a top TE. He's a very important player for this team.

The game with the Patriots is a 'statement game' - a game the Dolphins need to play well in and win to show they are true contenders.

Bro, did it take a lot of convincing Philbin to throw the darn flag!

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 08, 2013 at 10:06 PM

LMAO! Appeared Hartline was reaching for Philbin's flag to throw it for hm. Thats when it appeared Philbin threw the challenge:)

I Dred 4th and long plays we can't stop them..

I believe we've won 4 of our last 6 games. It was a wild ride opening up with 3 wins and then the skid.

It looks like we've righted the ship(depite Sissy Tard Gate), climbed above .500 and are getting it together at just the right time.

BTW - I think Tannehill has 3300+ yards on the season. Maybe more importantly, 20 TD's vs. 14 Int's. Not bad for the under dog Sophomore!

PS: Can we get some "Replacement Officials" for next weeks game against the Pats. I can't stand the WWE like cheating that goes on in "Goodell's League".

Like most teams that play the panzy patsies, Cleveland got hosed!

Dashi check out Armando's new story in the sports section about the Dolphins. Look at the comments. Our troll? Notice the bad grammar, beer in hand, and dopey look on his face.

Mike you were probably one of the manus fins haters calling clay and Thomas wastes of picks. Thomas is no pro bowler but he sure helped win this game.

Mando needs to give Thomas some credit.. He said he wasn't a tough runner. He made some tough runs today.

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