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Dolphins blow another game, shot at playoffs

This season will go down in Dolphins history as an embarrassment.

Forget the NFL scandal which was, of course, a nightmare. Forget losing to the winless Tampa Bay Bucs. But to have the playoffs set before you the final two weeks of the season and blow it?

Jets 20, Dolphins 7.

To score one touchdown the final eight quarters of the season against teams with losing records?

To lose to Thad Lewis not once but twice and then regress against Geno Smith because you got him benched the first meeting and in the second meeting he outplayed your defense?

To spend over $200 million in offseason contracts, including over $100 million in guaranteed money, and you improve only one game from 7-9 to 8-8?


Some change is coming, folks. I don't know to what heights it will climb, but there is change coming.


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No Evidence

Fire everyone! Start fresh.


I sure hope your right Mando

Mando, are you sure about that? I can always trust the Dolphins will do the wrong thing when given a chance.

Changes must be FIRE Ireland, Sherman, trade Tannie and draft a QB and hire a REAL GM named Polian NOW.

Wow start all over again. New GM, new HC, and new QB!

I hope that the next coach does not waste his time. It is obvious that Tannehill is not the answer. Draft a new QB and let him learn on the job.

Bad quarterback, bad coaching, bad team!

No wait, give Fireland a raise, philbin coach of the year, Sherman an extension and bonus and let's keep this party rolling!!!

hip hip hoooooorrray!

The Miami Tin Woodsmen strike again. Fitting, we'd have gotten destroyed in Cincy. Make Marino's final game look like a squeaker.

I'd like to congratulate the Dolphins players on a fine season. They've improved and we should be happy.

Is his the worst loss in franchise history? It sure feels like it to me.

Of course, Angry Elf, our strategy here will be to implicate everybody on any kind of scandal including Ross.

Tannehill did awesome this considering the circumstances, give him a coach, o line and system and he's our future.

I think today Thill proved to me, he is not the answer.. He had time in the pocket to throw..and still misses.

what change? they need to start by changing quarterbacks. this guy will NEVER be a super bowl caliber quarterback. anyone who thinks so is delusional.

Mando is right I think, there will be too much pressure to sacrifice someone... question is will it be 'token' coord changes.


Armando. Please be our voice, you have to put the heat on clueless Ross.

Bob Griese lying his rear end off..............Tannehill made enough strides to give hope for the future.


FIRE THEM ALL, Jeffy, Failbin, ReCoyle, Squirman.

Try to find a QB, or if not revamp offense so HenneHill has read-option chances to run, cuz he sure cannot pass.

Play of the game?

Wheeler couldn't tackle Geno Smith.

Bill Belichik showed teams how to take Clay away and the Bills and Jets abused FAILBIN!. Then the Blankie (Hartline) gets injured and we have no answer for the immortal Geno Smith.

Lost to the Bills (2) Bucs, Jets. Yes, this is a playoff team! HA!

If this coaching staff is not fired, I am not sure I will follow the team next year if this coaching staff is kept!

We need new energy. Bring in a new regime!

Baltimore must be feeling the same way right about now.
Fire Ireland (poor talent guy), Philbin (no heart in this team), Sherman (puh-lease), and Coyle (not quite what we need).

I thought the offensive line was the problem until today. Tanny had all kinds of time. No excuses.

Joe must go just clueless

no accuracy, no instincts, and no heart. i lost all respect when he didn't sell out on his long third down run. a foot short. and god knows the dolphins can't make a foot running the ball. contrast that with geno smith, who went airborne at the goal line with NOTHING on the line except pride.

Note to the new GM. Never sign a free agent from the Raiders. Wheeler may have been a worse signing than Gibril was a few years back. Both deals made by the same clueless ginger btw.

Mike Tomlinson is a COACH! The Steelers have GUTS.

Gosh I HATE this team.

This is an embarrassment to our TEAM!! SO BADDDDDD--This is worst than loosing the AFC Championship to the Bills at home several years ago.

Get out the broom these guys stink

I'll say it again. Tannehill doesn't overthrow a wide open Wallace and the game drastically changes. You have to make those plays.

I HOPE Mando is right, but I THINK Ross will point to mysterious alleged improvement by Tannehill, and NE & Pitts win, as enuf to justify status quo.

One last time, cuz it still drives me crazy.........
Who The EFF is Dion Jordan, and why did we trade up fpr him and for Thomas????

Only thing that makes today better is if someone gets fired tonight.


Some change is coming, folks. I don't know to what heights it will climb, but there is change coming.

Mando, How can u know this for sure??/ Ross is one of the most clueless owners in the business, he has no rapport with what it means to actually have this team compete at a high level...he will look at this as improving from last year by one game in finishing 8-8 and will praise both Philbin and Sherman for what they've done with this team.....

The only change coming is more contract extensions for philbin and Ireland.... how can anybody rule them out at this point....

It's not about one play it's a total poor gameplan

tannehill was an experiment doomed to failure. he and sherman were a disaster in college station, and they brought the same garbage to miami. that decision will prove to set the organization back years. sherman is an out-dated has been, and philbin is too insecure to take charge of his own offense. maybe then be will be exposed for what he is, an overrated quality control coach without the guts to take responsibility for his failures.

Please, you guys, bear down on Philbin in the coming days.

Coyle is just bad , so is Sherman we need to improve

Whoever is in charge of this team simply has to make Tannehill throw deep to Wallace till he can't raise his arm anymore until he gets it right, starting tomorrow!!! No off season for them, if they can't get it right by Feb then draft a new QB who can!

If this coaching staff is not fired, I am not sure I will follow the team next year if this coaching staff is kept!

We need new energy. Bring in a new regime!

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 29, 2013 at 04:08 PM

You'll be here no matter what right along with all the other jack offs here.

if it came down to keeping one guy...




and Sherman

I would vote coyle every FKN time....

Tannehill is a terrible long ball thrower. How many times did he miss an open Wallace this year? What good is it to pay big money for a speed receiver when your quarterback can't connect with him?

Only 8 months to go until we get to be disappointed all over again.

We run the same 5 plays over and over great insight huh

Ross will fire nobody

No change, except I'm the new GM -- ENJOY

Hey, Jew boy, we don't accept that kind of stuff around here, you know?

What an ambarassment

austin..u r right.......they knowingly reached for Tanny because they desperately needed QB & they HOPED me might be coachable/developable................well, that reach has now failed........to hANG ON in desperation any longer is a waste........wee gotta find a QB to at least compete fpr starting job....but our draft # is mid-pack.


Marino called it on the pregame show. Said Fins would lose. Has a better pulse on the team than the ownership/management/coaches.


Don't waste your time. Go after Ross, Ireland and Philbin.

Poor coaching


At the end of the day there is no reason to be overly upset about the phins losing, yes it is nice to see your team win but it is just a game. Also pretty much anything you say on here will never influence Ross, like most others I do hope he makes the correct changes.

Yeah, change is coming.

The Dolphins will set the record for low season ticket sales.

Ross changes the logo again.

Dolphins will go 1-15 next season.

No playoffs wins since 2000...before 9/11.

Pathetic organization.

Oscar keep the racist crap to yourself

Posted by: whiner | December 29, 2013 at 04:06 PM

We wasted 5 years on Henne and could see he was crap after 2 years aas the starter.

Keep Thill, because no-one would trade for him, that says it all. Bring in Cutler, McCown, Schaub, TeddY B, someone who can make plays throw lead for Petes sake.

Look Thill is about the 27th ranked QB in the league and those wimpering B1tches.

Wonder if Shula still thinks Philbin is the man ?

Wonder if Marino still thinks Thill is the man ?

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