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Dolphins blow another game, shot at playoffs

This season will go down in Dolphins history as an embarrassment.

Forget the NFL scandal which was, of course, a nightmare. Forget losing to the winless Tampa Bay Bucs. But to have the playoffs set before you the final two weeks of the season and blow it?

Jets 20, Dolphins 7.

To score one touchdown the final eight quarters of the season against teams with losing records?

To lose to Thad Lewis not once but twice and then regress against Geno Smith because you got him benched the first meeting and in the second meeting he outplayed your defense?

To spend over $200 million in offseason contracts, including over $100 million in guaranteed money, and you improve only one game from 7-9 to 8-8?


Some change is coming, folks. I don't know to what heights it will climb, but there is change coming.


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fire every damn coach!!!!

Ross won't do anything....enjoy season ticket holders !




I think this is finally the time Ireland gets the axe. With the horrible, at least so far, 2013 draft and FA signings. Hell, Gibson was the pickup of the year. Best bang for the buck. Maybe Sturgis? Wallace a grossly overpaid one trick pony. Everyone else was a ghost.

Hey SPhin,

You wanna keep Coyle? The same guy who encouraged to pick LB's who can rush but can't cover? The same guy whose defensive scheme was giving up 130yds rushing per game? No thanks!

IF you clean house you clean it all!!! No half-assed jobs.

Tanny is not very accurate maybe that's why they limit the play book

Well, I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so.

Thill really regresses badly after a small turnaround. Iam now 40% to believe that Thill is our guy.

The coaches are equally as pathetic. Philbin pretty much put his loyalty to his friend over the loyalty to this team.

Sherman put his loyalty to a poor QB, with horrible instincts, arm and deep ball on his Thill Texas AM QB.

I attacked Beck and was right, I attacked Henne and was proved right. I attacked Thill and have been proved right.

The Bill A's and the MIT's followed all these guys and gave them the crown. Pathetic effort from the Dolphins coaches and the QB. What more do you D1cks need to see ?

I mean, JMartin tried to commit suicide because of this Team. He was right.

Marino knows that Philbin is a ham and cheese sandwich with no mayo every day for lunch guy. There is no passion; good preparation is all philbin preaches-well so,let's judge him on that- his preparation sucks-get tic of him - get rid of Sherman - get rid of wheeler please as well as clabo who only cares about his paycheck

MIKE WALLACE: <1000yds 4 Tds Highest paid player in team history

Hire Dungy or similar as czar. Bring Louis Riddick as GM. Hire McDaniels or Nolan as HC. Under NO circumstance hire another rookie HC.

Get it done and do so quickly. Ross you are killing your investment with every passing minute if you do not act soon.

And for a consolation prize our 8-8 record gets us...a mediocre 1st round draft pick.

I thought pat delvin outplayed both qbs in preseason. They will start him next year. Trade Moore. Tanned ill is a back up.

At least we can all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland. Disappointing year for Dolphin fans; but really quite a stellar year for Jeff Ireland. Until the late season collapse, lots of signs of progress. So happy to know Jeff Ireland is going to be a bedrock foundation of Dolphins consistency. I am really hoping he can find a starter in the first round in the next draft.

did anyone else notice miami offensive lineman standing around while the running backs were being gang tackled and pushed backwards (namely jerry and mckinnie). no heart.

Defense giving up 19 then 20 isn't that bad. Offense producing 0 then 7, Now there's our problem.

Let's look at this honestly. The offense is too dependent on Tannehill making plays. He ain't that good yet, but Sherman insists on putting the ball in his hands to win games. We need a new O coordinator who can make this guy a better QB and who understands the run game.

geno smith > tannehill

I'll say it again. Tannehill doesn't overthrow a wide open Wallace and the game drastically changes. You have to make those plays.
You may be right but a good team can and do make mistakes and then come back from them

Steve Ross is a baboon

bring back Nolan - fire Sherman and coyle

What a disgrace. That all there is to it, there's no legitimate excuse for these two turd-like performances.
Same ending every year.

You are what your record says you are, and Miami's record says they're a team that loses 39-7 the Bills & loljets.

Rooting for the 'Hawks makes football much more fun to watch.

No, Spillman, I would say the same thing to a Cuban if he was running the Team. We want none of that stuff around here. This is an open Blog and we're going to vent, finally. You don't like it, go to Israel.

Played without passion, felt like this team don't want to play a postseason game and kick off vacations early, very sad

did anyone else notice tannehill sliding short of the first down on the long third down run down 7 points in the third quarter of a game that decides whether miami goes to the playoffs? no heart.

It's almost like this team can't handle success - start out 3-0, lose the next 4 - win the first three in Dec and then shite the bed. It's almost like they get too big for their britches.

Posted by: nyfinfan | December 29, 2013 at 04:21 PM

Dude , in a pass happy scoring in bunches league like today, holding oppononts to 20 and under game by game should be commendable, im not saying coyle doesn't deserve blame...but when your Horrid offense is the problem year after year with anemic playcalling and 7 points in 8 qtrs against two BAD teams. My problem does not fall on the defense as this teams inability to do anything....THIS IS ALL ON THE INEPTITUDE THAT IS MIAMI DOLPHINS FOOTBALL ON OFFENSE....no sugar coating that

Yawwwn !!!!!!!! I think it's my bed time..... See y'all at the draft

did anyone notice ellerbe getting run over at the goal line by a quarterback? no heart.

Awful loss at home..... This loss in on the players not the coaches...No play makers today... Where was Wake when we needed him...You can say fire everyone but the players didn't play


I doubt Ross does anything, and next year will be 6-10, 7-9, so here we go into groundhog's season again.

Happy new year everyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,we suck ,,,,,,m,,,,,,,,yea

Believe that Philbin can stay or go. If he stays then Sherman and Colye must go.

If the announcement on Ireland doesn't come within the next 72 hours then Ross is completely lost!!! Not to mention delusional and way, way out of touch!


Dion Jordan (DE-MIA)
Jamar Taylor (CB-MIA)
Dallas Thomas (G-MIA)
Will Davis (CB-MIA)
Jelani Jenkins (LB-MIA)
Dion Sims (TE-MIA)
Mike Gillislee (RB-MIA)
Caleb Sturgis (K-MIA)
Don Jones (CB-MIA)




3rd and 20 in what is essentially a playoff game and you slide short? Are you kidding me? Tannehill, you're nothing to me. I don't care what you do for the rest of your career, this game will define you as a quarterback. I've been a Dolphins fan for 45 years and I don't deserve to be this frustrated and aggravated because our quarterback is playing like it's a meaningless exhibition game. The difference between winners and losers? See Geno Smith giving up his body a couple of times during a game that has no meaning for the Jets, then see Ryan Tannehill sliding a yard short of the first down to kill a drive with the season on the line. Not to mention that he could have easily made the first down and still not gotten hit.

Armando, do you remember gloating about how we wrecked the Jets season and how good it felt when the Dolphins beat the Jets, I thought that was childish and in very poor taste. What do you have to say now? Your prepubescent karma has caught up to you. The Jets have definitely had the last laugh and they are laughing right in your face.

I'm so disgusted right now. Who wants to form a support group, LOL?

Any shot of changing writers????? Youre a fair weather piece of garbage too.... Team sucks and so do you!!!!!!

I also think Miami has played like our coach with no sense of urgency. Mouth open in shock on the sideline! ,get them motivated. Don't let them deflate on the sideline. Need Leadershiip!

There's gotta be a better coach out there than these clowns we have

I expected this it's our destiny

Ryan should be coach of the year. Jets are worst 8 and 8 team ever. Fins would be 12 and 4 with him

I told you that Philbin is unbalanced. I'm not nobody, I'm a psychiatrist.


If Ross doesn't fire both Ireland and Philbin, giving a new GM or head of football operations a chance to start over with his own team, then Ross will simply continue the sort of feckless, undemanding ownership that has plagued the franchise for two decades. Miami has been a mediocre-or-worse franchise since the latter Shula era, which suggests that the ownership - all three versions of it - was lacking in terms of its ability to hire competent, forward-looking leaders and to demand success. Ross isn't going to fire himself as owner, obviously, and there isn't any reason to believe he'll make good hires to replace Ireland/Philbin. But he has to try, or the entire fan base is going to revolt and the team can expect to play home games in front of nothing but empty seats and fans of opposing teams next season.

I mean, suicide is serious stuff.

PPM.........piss poor management.

To ALL Doolphin FANaticS(or FANaticS of any team), You are under no compunction to follow an entity that does NOTHING on its side of the relationship. The Dolphins have been abhorrent for a good while now, free yourself of the shackles of trying to live vicariously through a group of CURS and move on with your lives. You guys/girls are better than the CULLS who make up this "franchise." Agreed?

what is it about the nfl that separates great coaches from washouts like philbin will soon be? there are plenty of guys with a plan, who understand the game. the difference is the ability to INSPIRE. rex ryan inspired his undermatched team to dominate miami today, when they otherwise had nothing to play for. philbin's job could easily have been said to be on the line today as well. did you see anyone on the dolphins willing to sell out for him?

I'm afraid I'll be reading this headline in the near future:

"I have confidence in Philbin and Ireland, they did a great job this year and am looking forward to 2014" -Stephen Ross

The no heart dolphins. Sad how no one on the team can inspire anyone, from coaches to players.
We either need a Cowher/Gruden type coach or a Kapernick type QB. Philbin is more reserved than a librarian.
This team is going no where for years to come. Ross is clueless and will waste 2 more years on Philbin.

Fire Coyle. The def unit the most talent and they underachieved.

Now that was the changing point when tannehill slid 1 yard short at midfield what an idiot then to make it worse we run the same damn play that gets stuffed every time

Earl @ 4:29

There are better coaches but none of them wanted to come here, remember?

Philbin wasn't first choice he was like 5th or 6th choice.

What a shame....it all comes down to wanting it more than the other team. Once again the dolphin show you why they are pretenders and not contenders even after all the free agent acquisitions this team is a joke.it is tough being A phins fan.Although Philbin is a good man I would not be surprise If he s shown the door. its a quarterback league and we just lost the two quarterbacks Who are not really NFL calibre.

Give it up for the Miami Crabs.
Not Crabs in the sea.
But the Miami Genital Crabs

Giggly. I just made that word up.

The offseason ain't gonna help Tannehill. He carries himself like a kid playing a video game on the field. He strikes fear in no one. Now, if we had a real running game, he would be OK. But just OK. He is nothing special, and is only here because his FIRED COLLEGE HEAD COACH talked Miami into picking him.

I am absolutely correct on this. Do not question me.

The 49ers have shown more creativity on their first offensive series than Dolphins have all year.

Just saw Drew Brees hit his receiver in stride for a TD, Tannehill can't do that. Time to move on.

Good game, almost got 'em!

I am so tired of Ross being a cheap version of Jones in Dallas. For years he was more concerned about his darn carpet walk of stars then this team. Ireland has done nothing good outside of having his business card posted on EBay. He drafted Long over Ryan and it's been downhill for years. Unless Ross shows me he is serious about this team and fires all who are responsible, I am done rooting for the Dolphins. From childhood to now and it only gets worse. Ireland wanted a bum like Philbin vs a good coach in what went to SD. I named my daughter after Marino and have let this team take my heart in sports for so long. No more, like a bad relationship, if you aren't getting any joy in return...it's time to say..."Now you're done!"

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