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Dolphins blow another game, shot at playoffs

This season will go down in Dolphins history as an embarrassment.

Forget the NFL scandal which was, of course, a nightmare. Forget losing to the winless Tampa Bay Bucs. But to have the playoffs set before you the final two weeks of the season and blow it?

Jets 20, Dolphins 7.

To score one touchdown the final eight quarters of the season against teams with losing records?

To lose to Thad Lewis not once but twice and then regress against Geno Smith because you got him benched the first meeting and in the second meeting he outplayed your defense?

To spend over $200 million in offseason contracts, including over $100 million in guaranteed money, and you improve only one game from 7-9 to 8-8?


Some change is coming, folks. I don't know to what heights it will climb, but there is change coming.


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Disgusting...Ross needs to clean house...everyone goes. As to Tannehill? He had plenty of time today...just enough time to show me that we need to draft a quarterback...we still don't have a franchise QB

Fins players blew this one

Well, it's up to Us to change Ross' course.

Why was everyone talking about Rex Ryan getting fired and not Philbin? Both finished 8-8. Philbin doesn't no how to make adjustments, he just doesn't have a clue. No one rallies around a Homer Simpson's boss look-alike. We need a butt kicker, someone to light a fire under their asses and one who knows how to manage the clock and time outs.

The only way to bring about change is to hit Ross in the wallet. Lowest attendance next year, bloated guaranteed contracts, dismal season and maybe, just maybe he'll realize he should sell.
Seattle must be laughing their way to the playoffs with third round pick Wilson while we take our sorry ass 1st rounder to an early end.

So sick of this year in and year out.

I pray you are right about the change, I certainly hope that Black Monday is especially Black for Jeff Ireland and for Mike Sherman...if it includes Philbin, then those are the breaks, I saw a Jets team playing HARD with nothing to gain...not so for the Dolphins. Another cleanout, as has been the 3 year cycle for the post-Shula Dolphins!

Ross needs to hire a football Czar, and let him clean house

Chnage isn't coming. Ross is the only person alive that believes Ireland is doing a good job. Expect more of this garbage for years to come - Poor coaching, terrible talent evaluation, ABHORRENT drafting, questionable signings, even more questionable cuts/FA losses, underachieving talent, UNclutch performances when the team needs it the most. Face it - This team isn't even Mediocre!

Fact of the matter is, failing to protect your franchise QB (when it was the highest priority) by trading away a 2nd round pick to move up and draft a 3rd down DE; combined with addressing both outside & inside linebacker positions when both positions clearly weren't that big of need set the tone for incompetence.

We're stuck with this team in it's current construct… like it or not. Do any of you see evidence of anything else? Probably not.

let's not forget, ireland did indeed sign ellerbe and wheeler, but who wanted dansby and burnett run off in the first place? philbin! the way to earn respect is not to eliminate all of the strong voices on your team, but to galvanize them through leadership. this shows nothing more than that philbin is a control freak who does not have the self confidence to co-exist with strong personalities. you could see it when he failed to look chad johnson in the eyes when releasing him. this is ROSS'S hire.

Just stop rooting for the team. I did, and I'm better off for it. You're upset, angry, depressed. Why ? The Dolphins organization is run by a couple of clowns in Ross and Ireland. It won't get better until they're both gone.

The 72 team made a deal with the devil...We will never get there again....

OK, maybe Jeff Ireland made a mistake or two in the last draft, and maybe he should have paid a little more attention to the offensive line. Who on this blog has never made a mistake? Bottom line is Jeff Ireland represents consistency and stability and nothing is more important to a team like the Dolphins. So the Dolphins got blown out by the Bills and Jets, they beat the Patriots, didn't they?

We got JJ....We Got Saban...We got Parcells..... We got nowhere...... This team is more than cursed.....WTF....Just don't go!!!!! Save your money.....

Can't wait for Mando's PFT blog saying how well Nolan Carroll and Cam Wake graded out. They all suck, that's the takeaway. Not good enough to win 9 games, not good enough to get into the Playoffs. Not. Good. Enough.

I know everyone hats jay cutler because he has that permanent d-bag look on his face......... but would anyone in their right mind say that they would rather have t-hill then him next year if available.

put t-hill in at wr from what i hear hartline is going to be out all next year with an acl. so we are 1 white wr short right now.

Thoughts, anyone


tannehill got outplayed by a rookie in a game that we win and we're in the playoffs

not good my friends

and i still think we shoulda drafted cordarrelle patterson in that last draft (check what he's done)

and why did we bring the kid over from the 49ers and only play him on special teams???

New GM + New HC = New QB

Well, you are more or less getting the idea.

After Ross comment. I think he will have an empty stadium

Look at Tweets on left column.
Mando says he talked to Stephen Ross, what a liar.

It's easy. Start with the GM and let the new GM decide what coach he wants.

Bill Polian is out there for one. Just sayin.

You are correct Mr ExposerFraud. No one (competent) wants to work for Ross, because he is a passive-agressive guy. He doesn't talk candidly with his head coach. If he doesn't like you, he gets on an airplane and flies to CA.

The Cowboys have an owner who thinks he knows football and clearly doesn't. The Dolphins have an owner who clearly doesn't know football and thus will keep the status quo.

Ross is an idiot, no change will happen that will affect this team.

There are no players on the field.

This loss is on the players....Cant blame anyone but them...Tanne sucked and they play makers couldn't handle a bad team.

ONE WORD: Lovie Smith

Armando i hope u are right,changes the r a coming

The marino curse continues.....

Philbin thanks fans for their support and thought they'd play better. He really does have a strange demeanor in pressers, trying to hide smirks even after this mess.
Ireland will continue to hide from the press?
Ross no doubt will form a committee to evaluate all positions lol.

Good to see everyone on same page now. Clean house

The only change that would help is to "behead" Ross. Since he bought this team nothing good has come out from this franchise. Not even manure that could help growing flowers.
We fans should learn our lesson and never, I mean never attend to the stadium unless Ross sells the team to someone that knows about football and cares about this team.

One word...get a better team on the field, including at QB who is only ever going to be as good as he was this season.

Where's Dashi and Odin ? Mark In Toronto and Craig Moron ? They're losers.

Ravens lost lmao.

Dolphins would have been in if had they won.

Fifty eight sacks in 16 games.


Game planning just horrible... I lost the count how many consecutive games the dolphins didnt score in his first poss...
Thats completely on Philbin and Co.
Oh by the way Thill last week 7 sacks 0 points... Everybody talked trash against OL ... Today he has plenty of time .... The result was adorable 7 points and 2 ints.... Is the OL gulty of charges again? ... Franchise QB my a**!!

Don't criticize, attack. We have the tool for that now.

Whether we change or not, we are guaranteed another 3 years out of the playoffs.

Bill polian is my pick,and let him bring in his own coach

To: Ireland's Rep Army-You should not drink and post unless you are actually Ireland and trying to calm down the fan base. The only stability he brings is steady losing and poor drafting. You should be ashamed for even posting what you posted. Now get off your computer and get back to cleaning GM Ireland's toilets.

I asked Dolphins owner Stephen Ross about keeping or firing anyone: "We're going to look at everything." -Mando

Who the hell is "we"? You own the F-n team, you make the decision on your own Ross. By "we" do you mean Ireland and Philbin and all the other moron coaches are going to whisper in your ear?

Another feeble Dolphins season. Getting old. Hopefully some good will come out of this and Philbin and Ireland will be sent packing, and we'll find a quarterback who can play when it counts. Is it just me or does Philbin have a perpetual clueless look on his face, never doing anything but staring at the scoreboard?

The minute Steve Ross announces Ireland and Philbin are safe, all of us need to commit to boycotting all dolphins games next year.

It seemed that every time we ran the read option this year it led to a huge play. I didn't see it run once the past two games. Maybe I was up getting a drink or something but come on Sherman. You suck.

I guess its time to start over-yet again. Biggest problem is the owner, I doubt he will do anything good. Ive been a fins fan before Marino but Iam finally ready to put away the Dolphins stuff, these last two loses where enough. Until complete change comes I will no longer be watching Dolphins football

That Miami Offense was pretty Offensive this afternoon,it certainly Offended a lot of writers on this page.

Yes.... change will be coming. The fact of the matter is the Dolphins offense is schematically nice but we still don't have the right players... Other than Pouncey our whole OL must be blown up.... WALLACE IS NOT A #1 RECEIVER!!! Other than maybe Matthews the Fish MUST get some height at WR... Wallace would be a great #2 if we had a Calvin Johnson, Demarious Thomas, Alshon Jeffery, etc. Lamar Miller will continue to be average. ... someone from that D line will be gone.... probably Starks and we need a corner opposite Grimes.... Fire Sherman if needed but getting rid of Philbin is a bad idea

I have not been this disgusted with plain old effort of the Fins in a long, long time. There HAS to be at least some changes made. Both OFF and DEF have gone backwards. No trick plays or wrinkles to speak of. Of course the worst crime of all ZERO PASSION!

I did not see much if any fire. No players firing up guys with words, screaming or even through actions on the field. With a WILLY WONKA playoff ticket in hand...that is just downright sad.

I am not sure exactly what gives but to have the talent to win all the rugged games they did (at Indy, Cincy, Pitt in the snow, and NE) only to come up COSMICLY short. It has been the biggest two games this franchise has had since 2008 when Penny beat these same Jets at their house to win the AFC East.

I have been on Philbin's bandwagon this whole time. That said, I keep getting weird vibes that his emotionless mantra and zombie like demeanor is translating to less passion from the squad on the field. I harken back to pre-season when Philbin remarked that he was "glad to see that kicker C. Sturgis did not celebrate too much after he made a 58 yarder." Huh?? I thought wow, I have never heard a coach extole not getting excited after a great play as a virtue before??

It's early and I'm still pissed off as hell. It easy for me to say "IF" Tannehill could throw the deep ball even 30% better than he does we win 2-3 more games. Like the old saying goes though "If if's and but's were candy and nuts we'd all have a great Christmas".

This season has definitely taken too many years off my life. I don't know what Ross will do and has publicly praised Philbin for handling the scandal but he has to seriously evaluate all angles. If the Fins cleaned house starting with Ireland it would not bother me at all. If Ross wants to get a new GM only or GM and new DEF Coord that's fine but there has to be changes. Even a complete house cleaning would be fine after the pathetic play of late. Losing close games would have been different but to not show up?

It was Ireland who spent the 200 zillion dollars of Ross's $$ to buy his job security. I offer that if he would have left Dansby and Barnett in place then the run DEF is not so atrocious. QB Gino Smith gets into the endzone going through Ellerbe?? WTH??? Trading UP to #3 to grab a part time once in awhile player? He will have to come on like gangbusters in year two to make any sense. If Ireland stays put in the draft he can have RT Fluker or S Vaccaro in that range AND still keep a 2nd round pick. Letting a motivated Reggie Bush go? Waiting until the season was nearly to far gone to pry a benched OT McKinnie from the Ravens? Wounded CB Jamar Taylor in the 2nd round that could have been a Pro Bowl LT in B Albert?

It's going to be tough to watch next year if they simply stay the course.

No Cheers,

I have never seen a team with such a lack of emotion and heart and leadership??!! Who and where are the leaders, Wake?? .. only made 2 or 3 impact plays all season? Nobody else comes to mind, maybe Grimes who competed every play despite being smallest guy on the team! Build the team with those type of players, like the Welkers etc., guys that will outwork the other team. Tannehill looks like an exact reincarnation of Henne!!?? Philbin is an emotionless behind the scenes coach at best, not a leader, or head coach. But thank God we did not win this game as it would have been painful to watch them lose another playoff game on the road!!

Jeff Ireland is not hiding from the press. He merely took the sage advice of Bill Parcells: "Better to say nothing and have people wonder if you are an idiot than to speak up and confirm it."

We had JJ,and Shula

Then we upgraded to wannstead, sporano, cameron, and this current ass clown

Sick of seeing his (owe shux) face everytime that he gets out coached by an inferior oponent.

we have the talent proof by the fact that of our 8 wins 5 of them came against play of teams or teams that are fighting to get into the playoffs.

unlike our team with that obismal perfermance over the last 2 weeks

If we get the same cast back next year, you know the ones, Ireland, Philbin, Thill, Sherman and Coyle, you will know that the joke has always been on us.

Miami Dolphins are a reality TV football team. We are the X-factor of all the teams. We have paid big money to Wallace and went after the two weakest LB's that start in our history, threw money at Jones after 1 decent season and reached out to get Dion Jordan, then not play him.

Philbin was getting tipped as Coach of the Year by some, are you Feckin joking, the guy is a horrible coach, with no brains, or balls.

thill is really the biggest joke on this team. the playoffs were there for us and he gets outplayed by two rookie QB's.

All the Thill fans tell us give him time... give him time... Joe Montana got of to a slow start..... BS artists the lot of you... go sell George Bush tickets when he comes here to do public speaking about the election vote fixing.

Again, this loss is on the players....This one isn't on coaching....our players got beat down by a less talented team. At least we thought we were more talented. Is that coaching or bad management(ie..fire Ireland).

Sad to say .... But it's true. This team would not have beat any team in the NFL in those last two games!!!...... That is a fact not conjecture.

That is disturbing!!!

Why is everybody crying about? Ross demanded improvement and we improved! Bring them all back!

I said Polian last year!!!!! Already wasted a year..... Pioli is also out there but he is way to close to Parcells...Pass.....Hire Bill Polian and let him do his thing.....

The problem is not the QB, it's the team around him.

Look, Tanne needs to improve the long ball. If he does that, he'll be fine. The REAL problem is the team & the coaches this GM has put together.

Coyle is not a quality DC. Unless of course, you consider regressions with supposedly better players, quality.

Philbin simply has no passion. I don't care if he's a calm guy. This is a violent sport & every time they show a picture of him, he is ho hum. SHOW SOME ENERGY FOR CHRIST SAKES!

The OL - Ireland.
The RB's - Ireland
The DL - Ireland(His pride & joy no less & the teams biggest weakness next to the OL
The LB'ers - Aside from Misi, not ONE of them is worth having here at their salaries. Ellerbe & Wheeler have been garbage all year.

Fire the GM, the coach, the OC & DC. None are worth retaining.

Resign Grimes, let Starks & Soliai walk. USe all cap space to replace the OL & Wheeler & Ellerbe if there are minimal cap penalties.

Who needs them? We can suck just fine without them getting paid millions!

Que the Ireland apologists!

The Dolphins and their fans are losers again.



There will be a ticker tape parade down Biscayne Blvd.

Phins avoided a fifth losing season in a row.

I sit and watch the game unfold and if they ran off tackle right once they did it 20 times . Zero success .. The only play that worked was the delayed draw and we ran it twice I believe . Zero screen plays , zero miss direction .
When hartline went out it all fell on Mike W and we all know what that means.

T.H needed to tuck the ball and run more, sitting in the pocket is fine of your gaining positive yards.
Defense was horrible again today. I watched out line backers really close today and they have zero instincts . How does a QB run over a linebacker at the goal line .

This has to be coaching because they except this kind of play.
As long as people go to the games (at all) there is zero leverage to make changes .
I wonder if Ross isn't actually glad because he didn't get his new stadium !!!!!

players play and coaches coach. each has a crucial responsibility. these guys are mostly in their early to mid twenties. they are not seasoned professionals, since philbin ran most of those off. therefore they need a coach who LEADS to instill in them the necessary sense of urgency to compete like every down is your last. but i'll tell you this, i played division I college football, and if my quarterback slid short of a first down with the season on the line, i would be disgusted. don't think that that sort of effort doesn't translate to the rest of the team.

This team has taken a passive and timid personality and the head coach is responsible for that. Another negative factor; Philbin is loyal to Sherman because he was given his first coaching job by Sherman - so they both have to go. This coaching staff will not take the Dolphins to the next level - a change needs to be made.

This game turned on TWO plays.

1. Rishard Mathews dropping the 3rd down pass where he had open field ahead of him to kill that drive.
2. The Overthrow of Wallace when he had Milner cooked.

I don't care what Tannehill and the O-line say, but in this game and most of the games I've watch every GO, GO was a running play, and every GO was a passing play. I don't have to be super smart but if I'm playing defense I use that to my advantage and that's why this offense couldn't get in sync.

I think its time for Ireland to go. He got a pass 2 years ago and Sparano was axed. He hired new coaches then and spent a boat load of money this offseason and got the same result, mediocrity.

We need a breath of fresh air and maybe someone who can find some playmakers instead of average at best.

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