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Dolphins blow another game, shot at playoffs

This season will go down in Dolphins history as an embarrassment.

Forget the NFL scandal which was, of course, a nightmare. Forget losing to the winless Tampa Bay Bucs. But to have the playoffs set before you the final two weeks of the season and blow it?

Jets 20, Dolphins 7.

To score one touchdown the final eight quarters of the season against teams with losing records?

To lose to Thad Lewis not once but twice and then regress against Geno Smith because you got him benched the first meeting and in the second meeting he outplayed your defense?

To spend over $200 million in offseason contracts, including over $100 million in guaranteed money, and you improve only one game from 7-9 to 8-8?


Some change is coming, folks. I don't know to what heights it will climb, but there is change coming.


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One draw, one WR screen, one RB screen. One scramble for 20 yards but no called runs. Two roll out passes. THE ENTIRE GAME. Sherman lines up and calls the same plays over and over and keeps the same cadence, over and over.

This one dimensional non creative offense will never score points. 7 points in two games against two bad teams. Sherman should be fired tonight.

This organization is incompetent to the core, from the owner on down. What quality GM and head coach candidate would even consider coming to this mess? Move over Cleveland and Detroit, Miami is now a card-carrying member of the perennial losers club.

Come on, guys. Mando is selling newspapers. No one is getting fired this year. Except a few players. They are always expendable.

Posted by: @CGB | December 29, 2013 at 04:49 PM

They ran about 5 screens gained a total of 9 yds.

let's not forget, ireland did indeed sign ellerbe and wheeler, but who wanted dansby and burnett run off in the first place? philbin! the way to earn respect is not to eliminate all of the strong voices on your team, but to galvanize them through leadership. this shows nothing more than that philbin is a control freak who does not have the self confidence to co-exist with strong personalities. you could see it when he failed to look chad johnson in the eyes when releasing him. this is ROSS'S hire.

Posted by: austin | December 29, 2013 at 04:36 PM
Philbin is to blame for a whole lot more personnel changes than most fans realize. Make no mistake, Ireland should have already been gone. But he tried to give Philbin what he wanted....whether it was by addition or subtraction.

They should bring Aaron Murray at least to have an option. The future is not RT, and I like him, he makes some great plays, but Henne made some great plays too. RT just isn't a big time QB.









Giving up 19 and 20 points is not bad in today's NFL. Except when you realize it's to Buffalo with a backup QB and all their WRs injured AND the Jets who other than Mangold may not have a legit starter on their entire offense. Against good offenses that would have been 38 and 40.

Drafting three injured players in the first three rounds who barely make the field the entire season. Spending $100 million on FA to get a one dimensional WR who never fights for the ball, two LB's who couldn't tackle their mothers, a worn out RT, allowing your LB to leave and see him flourish…I think the case for Ireland being fired is clear.

Ross is a good owner. He will spend what he needs to. He is passionate and wants to win. Our players are overrated.Can't blame him for poor performance

I forgot about scott pioli,i would take him also,maybe he can pry ryan mallett away from new england

Allowing two poor young QB's to create long time consuming scoring drives two weeks in a row as you are watching defenders miss tackle after tackle, and your supposed wonderful DLINE not creating sacks….I think the case for Coyle to be fired is clear.

Does anyone remember how the members of the DL were trying to come up with a nickname to describe the versatility and ferocious nature of the unit? They said __"We can't be stopped from getting the QB>"

But the World Champion Ravens went out with a whimper. Ha!

Anyone saying Ross is cheap is an idiot. He spent over $100 million this season to make this team better. The problem is not Ross's spending. It's his decisions to put these fools in positions of importance. He better fire them both in the next 24 hours of he will lose out again to other teams seeking to make GM and HC moves.

Everyone just needs to calm down. Ireland has only been here for 5 seasons, we're still rebuilding. In another 5 years this will be one heck of a team.

Again, unbalanced Head Coaches will only bring misery to the Team. Who brought this crazy fukkkk here?

BTW…more ammunition for Ross firing Ireland…Tony McDaniel becomes a dominant DT for Seattle. Bush does well for Lions…surprise. Vontae Davis and Sean Smith going to the playoffs while you cry in your ice cream.

Is it possible that TanneDOWNhill has told the coaching staff he does not want to run the Zone Read? That is not possible, is it??

This 1 game improvement should make Ireland the highest paid GM in the NFL. #RossLogic

jpao, exactly my thought. i think lovie smith might have been holding out for a marquee job (some conjecture that obrien was a smoke screen to get smith to agree in Houston before better jobs become open). ross has to act FAST.

I mean think about it. Ireland and Phibin's first big move as a tandem was to get rid of Brandon Marshall. The biggest playmaker we had.

The solution was replacing him with Legedu Naanee. We should have seen the writing on the wall then.

IMO this team was on the right track before Ross pulled the plug on Todd Boles. That defense was strong against the run (ranked #3) and had good pass rushers. The offense could run the ball, had a playmaker in Marshall, and solid receivers in Hartline, Bess, and Fasano. The only thing the team needed was a franchise QB. I mean that team went 6-3 to finish the year with a back up QB (Matt Moore). All they needed was to find a true franchise QB (easier said than done). Ross got what he wanted a coach that brought a pop gun offense, bend and don't break defense, and a finesse offensive line and that equals failure in the NFL.

At 3-0 we had a 75% chance to make the playoffs, from the history of the NFL.

Well Joe Philbin, Ryan Tannehill and the coaches find a way to destroy those hopes.

Pretty early teams worked out how to beat us. Today Thill had great pass protection and the running games got going late. Thill missed wide open targets all day long. Any other coach would have pulled Thill at halftime and gone with the next option.

Against the Bills in the clutch game of the year, thill went:

10-27-82-0-0. Why is he not benched ? then he goes

20-40-201-1-3 against the Jets in the Clutch, this is complete regression folks, you have to see me is awful.

Another season down the drain...Mike Sherman needs to go...if you feel the same let your voices be heard here: https://www.facebook.com/FireMikeSherman

I've been a supporter of Ireland but he made so many mistakes these last two years it has gotten pathetic obvious and sad

If new GM wants everything new, including all coaches and as many players as possible with salary cap in mind, I'm all for it. Beat Roethlisberger and Brady and lose to Lewis (2nd time) and Smith? Really? Beat Colts, Bengals, Chargers, Steelers, and Patriots, and lose to Bills (TWICE), Buccaneers, and Jets? In the same season? Really? If we have as much salary cap room as people have said, what will be the excuse next year if we don't make the playoffs? I'm all for change, but only if there is a plan in place. If new GM has a plan, we go with that all the way. Nothing half-way here. Is it the offense or the defense? Two weeks ago it was only the O-line. After these last two weeks, what is it? Is it both? Very discouraged and disgusted. Can't wait for Black Monday.

Ross must work for the government. He just threw millions down the drain on trying to improve the health of the fins.

Game was more than two bad plays. I agree with overthrow of Wallace was a huge miss. I agree the drop by Mathews was big.

But here are few meaningful things that happened as well.

1) Fields punts four times into the end zone.
2) Mathews gets tackled by an ankle grab (should have been a TD)
3) Wallace slips on an out route and enables a great INT by a rookie
4) Two blown INT calls by the refs, one should have been a deep throw for a TD
5) Allowing a known running QB to score twice from inside the 15 yard line.
6) Allowing a horrible offense to generate 17 points after being pinned inside their own 20.
7) Creating no sacks
8) Carroll doing what he does best…getting beat deep.

I think this loss is much more than two pass plays.

"Legedu Naanee" LOL

Why would Grimes want to stay here ?

Pouncey must be amazed that the 27th ranked O and the weakest running game together with an o-line that allowed a NFL high sack total, makes the ProBowl, whata joke.

WANTED: team that makes playoffs most years, team that competes most years for a super bowl title, a team that is exciting to watch. I'm sick of getting my hopes up every year, and then have them dashed to bits. I'm sick of this circus

Allowing the saga of Martin/Cogs to take place in your locker room. Hiring Sherman and Coyle as your OC and DC. Not hiring a proven veteran QB coach for a young QB. Never showing any emotion and never benching underperforming players. Not getting your #1 draft pick into the game after trading up to pick him #3 overall.

All ammunition for Ross to fire Philbin…he should be gone!!!

Btw did anyone else see Dion Jordan completely lost on a 3rd down play I think early 4th quarter? He ran out to cover a WR who wasn't there and then ran back to try to passrush way late to the party.

U are so right!

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 29, 2013 at 04:57 PM

Why the fear Oscar ? you remember the little lecture you gave before the game ?

This game was lost on the 4th and 1 play

The more things stay the same, the more they really stay the same.

We will never get anywhere with Stephen Ross as owner. And then?

I didn't make that up FOTR.

After seeing the 13 win Falcons go down in flames with a much worse record and the same QB all year anything can happen in the NFL.

Ross as the owner opened his wallet #1 and let Ireland have carte blanche with player moves.

Ross is not an interferring, meddling owner like Jerry Jones and others.

Ross simply needs to find the right football guy to run the whole organization. Ireland has been at or near the helm too long and spent far too much money to have this kind of team.

Ross owns the team and will stay as long as he likes. So I just root for better hires to turn the fortunes of the Fins. All these 4-7 point last minute games are killing us.

No Cheers,

OK.. well another disappointing loss, well where to start... The season was nothing but a pipe dream , leading us on to think this team had the right stuff apparently they had the wrong stuff. The defense started ok than completely "SUCKED" there shouldn't be anyone going to the pro bowel I don't see any pro bowlers on this team. The whole organization needs to be reevaluated, apparently they knew the offensive line "SUCKED" from the beginning of the season but yet did nothing about it, tannehil sacked like 60 times most in the NFL ever "UNSAT". spent a lot money on players that performed inadequately to say the least, I should just say they all "BLOW". I'm so disgusted beyond belief with this team I'm almost at lost for words. Ireland been there 6 or 7 years and with no results , this completely unsatisfactory, there needs to be several changes immediately.

-All we needed was one win from 2 division opponents that have losing records and we could even do that.

**** This Year was complete and utter """BUST"""

To Armando Salguero , I hope the Dolphins organization realizes that clearly we haven't really done anything since Dan Marino , I know this just stating the obvious , but I believe Dan Marino retired in like 1998. HMMMMMM what does that tell you " FUTILE"

If Ross values his investment he must fire Ireland. No czar or new GM would accept Philbin as their HC. They will certainly bring their own guy (thank God).

I do not think Dungy is ready to give up hos TV gig bit Polian certainly is, he just does not look comfortable in front of a camera. He would not be back as a GM though, which is perfect. He should be the so called czar this franchise needs.

I think Polian would be smart to bring his ESPN colleague Louis Riddick as his GM, a young and well respected man in NFL circles and with previous personnel experience, unlike Ireland whose sole job with Parcells was to wash his sack.

Finally the new HC MUST be someone with previous HC experience and an energetic man like McDaniels or Nolan.

I still have no fear, you fukkk.

Polls are not the way to get rid of somebody, especially on Internet. Gradually, I will let you know how to do it if you want.

Maybe I'm wrong Oscar but Ross seems like he truly wants a winner. He's been willing to spend the money.

Someone with some clout like Marino or Shula, or his buddy Carl Peterson just needs to give him some guidance and tell him Ireland needs to go. He's had his chance.

At the end of the season Thill will rank around 23rd in the NFL and so many of you have the crown on his head already. I'd love to see him benched next year and replaced by a rookie or a vet.

I'll bet you Thill goes the same way of Brady Quinn, John Beck, Henne and others.

Look Schaub is out there. He is a proved QB that would have played better than what we saw from Thill these past two games. If Kubiak come here then that wont happen. the way things stand a whole new FO and coaching team is rewuired here. That will be the end of the line for Thill and Ellerbe, Wheeler ETC.

I'll bet Sporano is loving this right now.

This loss is inexcusable. Losing to Tampa was embarrassing enough but at home to Bills and Jets? Heads have to roll!!! Sherman is outdated, Philbin clueless and Ireland couldn't sign a good free agent if he fell in his lap. Cant wait for the Philbin press conference where he looks more confused than normal and congratulates the other team.

Thanks to NY G for seconding my point as I have been saying for two seasons now that it is time to fire Little Jeffie and hire Bill Polian, before someone else does!

This team hasn't been disciplined since Wanny left. #NoDiscipline

Milner pick was huge but I thought the miss by folks would open the door.

lets hear how philbin explains this shameful defeat.

So wallyfin, Orlando, and 100%. As we debated the other night. You still feel Ireland and philbin get one more year to turn things around. How more Taylor made do the playoffs need to be when win today and get the help you needed and your in. Losing last week then this week to inferior teams shows me all I need to see. This team is a bunch of overpaid collection of guys who couldn't play when it's all on the line if their lives depended on it.

As I said before. Ireland has been given his shot. He's played his hand and this is the result. Philbin has no emotion to be a HC in the NFL.

They poured Gatorade on Rex. The fans should pour manure on philbin and Ireland for the season they had

The dolphins are not going to fire no one and are going in next season with the same team as this year so keep dreaming that ireland is getting fire and that they are getting rid of tanne nope ross is sticking with them for now so suck it up you wimps and cheer for you team oh and next draft we are drafting donald duck and goofy for o line

Miami Dolphins = Consistent Mediocrity

Time to flush the bad teams out and whittle it down to the 12 who matter. Dolphins left no doubt they are not a playoff team. I wish I could say I was surprised but this is all too familiar an ending.

BTW--Rossie--you have nothing to ponder, except when and how to fire Jeffie Ireland! If you seriously have to think about this easy decision, then you are an idiot who should sell the team immediately!

I'm no patriots lover but we need to be honest. We won't ever win the division as long as Bradichick is still around.

I know I'm stating the obvious , but just to make a point look at " Jim Harbaugh" from SF they went to the SB in 2 years , and what have we done in 2 years with these coaches and GM , not a DAM thing. We need to surround this Team with players that have motivation, watching today there was no emotion no motivation lackadaisical to say the least, as I stated in my last post , this season was complete and utter " BUST"

Tannehill still hasn't proven he's turned the corner I'll give you guys that but.........I still don't see why that's the only thing so many of you guys focus on when our o-line sucks, our RB's suck, our LBer's suck, we only have one decent corner, two safeties that are average at best, and a lackluster, passionless coaching staff.

Give it a rest.

It starts with the owner. Ross is the problem. If he cleans house, he'll just hire more incompents.

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