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Dolphins blow another game, shot at playoffs

This season will go down in Dolphins history as an embarrassment.

Forget the NFL scandal which was, of course, a nightmare. Forget losing to the winless Tampa Bay Bucs. But to have the playoffs set before you the final two weeks of the season and blow it?

Jets 20, Dolphins 7.

To score one touchdown the final eight quarters of the season against teams with losing records?

To lose to Thad Lewis not once but twice and then regress against Geno Smith because you got him benched the first meeting and in the second meeting he outplayed your defense?

To spend over $200 million in offseason contracts, including over $100 million in guaranteed money, and you improve only one game from 7-9 to 8-8?


Some change is coming, folks. I don't know to what heights it will climb, but there is change coming.


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we need to trade up...for a QB that can make ALL the throws. Johhny football.

The 3 biggest mistakes of the game were:
1- Matthews dropping a sure catchthat he would have advanced atleadt 20 yds
2- Fins getting burnt on that hafback pass
3- Fins getting stopped on 4th and inches
Bottom line, no heart on this team.

Well after 2 losses to end the season everyone wants to see heads rolls and in part I agree
1 - Fired Ireland he spent a lot of money in avg players
the 2 LB are below Avg , Wallace had more potential
TD that any other WR in the League the only good sign
was Grimes a PRO BOWL CB that play great all year,
2- Fired Philbin this guy can be a good guy but no
emotion and the team is taking his personality
3 - Fired both Coordinators Sherman / Coyle they both
mediocre football coaches that can't make any
Adjustments during games
4 - Now the big question is Ross should open his
Checkbook and try to hired a big name Coach the
problem is who may be available
A) Bill Cowher
B) John Grudden
C) Tony Dungy
the rest potentials coaches Mc Danniels , Whinsenhut , Lovie Smith can be very avg is really a bad year to try to get a New Head Coach .
will see what Mr Ross will do after this 2 weeks fiasco

I hope I'm not watching the patriots in another super-bowl this year...but at least they lost the last three they've been in so when I'm watching the game with all my pats fan I can have a little satisfaction.

Where to start - first off, when players prove that they are playmakers and can be counted on as leaders, then you have to keep those players - Marshall, Bush, Long, even if the HC doesn't like when they are vocal. Secondly, good coaching does a couple of things - it puts teams in position to succeed by hiding weaknesses and exploiting strengths, and makes adjustments during games. I've not seen any of this with Philbin and his staff. Lastly, this team has talent in many areas, but overall suffers from a lack of toughness - both physical and mental. I never saw any players get fired up at any point in today's game vs. the Jets. How is that possible when your season is on the line?

Mr. Ross...please fire Sherman...he is the worst f'in OC the league has ever seen.

"Mike,Moved to the Northeast 10 years ago but hung as a Fins fan here until there was nothing left to hang on to, lasted a long time considering the pain.....guess you know where I went.Posted by: Former fan | December 29, 2013 at 06:33 PM"

Former Fan: Please do real Dolphins fans a favor and re-phrase: You are a "Fickle Fan". Your stench is far worse tgan that of yhe Jeff Irfland debacle. I despise fickle fans far worsd yhan inept GM's, or coachex. I don't card how far "my" team sinks, I will continue to root them on until they turn it around. Carry your sorry, fickle fan ass on down the highway and never darken this blog again. You suck! Go away forever!

Larry Csonka is probably killing some animal with his bare hands.

What a bunch of panty wastes , pansies, and doormats.

The lack of fire or effort in the last fourteen days says a lot about what these so called men are really about,



With 4 minutes left in the game Ross was on the sidelines by an endzone. I watched him trying to talk and flirt with the Cheerleaders who were uncomfortably laughing back at him.
With 3 minutes left and the game clearly gone for good the cheerleaders went into an endzone routine and I watched Ross staring them up and down. He clearly did not care that the season was ending. What kind of leader of a company is flirting and staring at girls when your company just lost something huge? To me that sums up why there are issues.

This team lacked creativity all year and that's on the coaching staff.Its like watching the same game for 16 games,1st down- run for two yards,2nd down- pass incomplete, third down and 8 or 9 to go, short pass for six yards, no wonder fans are pulling their hair out!! This team laid down the last two games and that's basically saying they don't respect or play for their coaches. Wallace would have had at least 8 to 10 TD's this year if Tannehill could throw the deep ball, I think they went 12 or 13 for 0 on passes any longer than 30 yards!!! QB's in this league need to make those passes when they have WR open deep. Even my seven year old who watched every fish game with me this year says everyone must be fired!!! What a disgusting year!!!

No creativity on offense ( how about a flea flicker, or fake punt?) lack of preparation on defense (burnt on that halfback pass). They didnt desserve the playoffs

I see a lot of ppl here just wanting to get rid of tannenhill because this game. He brought us back to win 4 games this season. If any of you knows about football is a team game his go to guy got hurt. I do agree that is unacceptable for him not to have better chemistry with Wallace . But I blame Sherman for everything this team offensively is been horrible all season how many games we rush under 20 yards. Like 5 games that un heard of the offensive line is garbage. They play calling is horrible they are so predictable all season I have felt like the dolphin play book is only 7 plays offensively.it is extremely pathetic that in multiple occasion this season we need 1 yard to continue drives and this team has fail to gain one yard.. I say fire Ireland and Sherman

We are the laughing stock of the league!!! For us to play with so little passion, no game plan, no fight, and no pride falls on Ross and Ireland. Your entire staff including Philbin is nothing short of embarrassing! If we loose at least show me that you care and have some pride for this organization. We however have Mr. Strole in Park Philbin and his incompetent staff who relay a culture of mediocrity. I am ashamed to be a fan of such a gutless organization. Please clean house and take a page out of your neighbor Pat Riley's book about what culture in a winning organization should be

Been a Fins fan since 11 (1971) here in Baltimore . Never been so disgraced by an effort like last 2 weeks . Offense no imagination !!! What about no huddle once in a while when things are not going smooth ??? Fins offense for next year . Handoff / throw to sidelines 4yrds / sack OR throw 2 yrds short of 1st down ...

From the start of training camp these MORONS that are called coaches,Our illustrious jeff fireland musthave had ann idea that we had a poor O/L/no running game no backs to protect our qb,or run for tough yards.We had lots of cap room,even could have sighned blount cheap or gor a blocking full back.We did nothing on this front then for some reason our STRONG D/L projected to be top 5 against the run came in about 28thor so.our L/Bs can NOT tackle,our highly paid strong safety was awful. COULD OUR COACHING BR A PROBLEM. MAYBE MR.GENIUS ROSS we dont play rookies

Dear Armando,I hope that you are correct and MR.Ross will see the light,and replace the whole bunch of incompetent individuals that are running the once great MIAMI DOLPHINS.Philbin and staff dont even show any desire to win or be a good team.Philbin makes TONY SPORANO who all will agree is a certified MORON,look like a great passionate leaded of men.Thank goodness we have the MIAMI HEAT to follow.That is a well run GREAT team that is fun to follow.I have been a stone dolphin fan for 23 years.Lots of good games in the past.The past several years not so.We have 2 division wins.with a lucky win over belicheat.MR.ROSS PLEASE CLEAN HOUSE> you could mot do much worse than what we are stuck with.

Sorry but Mr. Sherman you have to go, there was nothing creative in 34 weeks of NFL football from you? No flea-flickers, HB passes, lack of bubble screens and I thought the offense was supposed to be up-tempo. Sorry, didn't see that at all. Mr. Croyle, friend, we have to do better, again, nothing creative, remotely creative and of all games not to get a turnover in against the Jets? Really? C'mon just ashamed, because this would've been a nice story to make to playoffs among all the supposed nonsense in the locker room. Great in season wins, wins against teams in the playoffs but horrible losses against those not in the playoffs. The focus has got to be on the division and obviously, that didn't happen again this season. Some nice wins but 2-4 in the division will not all you to build up confidence or future success.

Well Fans maybe Ross will take the Advice of(Pat Riley NBA) Dolphins are entering 14 yeas of losing.

Put a Fork in us.... We're Done! PLEASE FIRE Ireland... & hire Polian.. @ least he has a clue

Where does anyone begin to assess this mess?
Coaching has been atrocious, they got nothing outta Ellerbe and Wheeler.
Our franchise QB missed open deep targets regularly.
We made zero changes or adjustments although we got progressively worse at stopping the run.
Our offensive line has gotten worse every year and to top it off, we had the embarrassing bullying incident to further deplete an already weak unit and to further ridicule this organization.
The 2013 draft yielded very little which is inexcusable given the amount of holes on this team. Jamar Taylor and Will Davis made marginal contributions on a team short handed in the defensive backfield. Let's face it, Nolan Carroll wouldn't be a starter on the worst of defensive back fields in the NFL . He made a couple plays in losses and contributed to many other losses.
Dion Jordan showed promise but was not on the field enough.
Dallas Thomas looks like a wasted pick.
How much longer do you keep Michael Egnew on the roster?
This team is a mess.
Good luck Mr. Ross.

I watched the second string players for the Kansas City Chiefs play with more heart and determination than the Miami Dolphins displayed in their last two games. The Dolphins had everything to play for while the Chiefs had nothing to play for but pride.

I've been a Dolphin fan since the 70's but I'm starting to think that I should find another team to root for.

I miss Ricky and Ronnie. The grab bag Wildcat was the most exciting thing in football, in it's heyday.
Jimmy Cefalo would just say "Wildcat" when Ricky and Ronnie took the stage.

It was so exciting and fun to watch.

What we have now feels hopeless...what we really need some sort of Mayan Calendar divine intervention...that organizes a new owner.

Ross is right it one AND only one respect and that is everything needs looking at and that takes time. My main hope is that he seeks advivce from someone of the calibr eof Jimmie Johnson or Don Shula and asks them for their honest opinion.

This is a team with stem to stern flaws:
> a GM who has not the faintest idea about assessing talent and what to pay for that 'talent';
> a weak willed HC - we need guts and authority here - someone who will not take any crap from anyone and someone who will immediately grab the locker room by the scruff of the neck and say if you dont like being told to shut up and do what i say then get the hell out!
> players lacking in character and work ethic - lazy gits just taking the money
> Co-ordinators lacking and creativity and without the ability to change to plan B as there is no plan B
> Lack of physical toughness
> Lack of preparation for games
> ... and the list goes on
Contrast this with Philly and KC and all that really changed in the past year for both these teams was the HC and some good, tough choices in the off-season.
Mr Ross - take your time indeed BUT the future of this franchise is now in jeopardy and rest totally on your shoulders - if you dont make tough TOUGH decisions now and clear out the crap from top to bottom i wouldnt pay a dollar for the Miami Dolphin franchise in a fire sale!

WELL WELL here we go again OVER 40 FREAKING YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

Boy you MORONIC fans just don't get it......

did you get excited when all we had to do was win the last 2 games? WHY

did you get excited when the Dolphins were on the clock? WHY

did you get excited when it was our 1st preseason game? WHY

did you get excited when they won their 1st game of the season? WHY

did you get excited last years after the draft? WHY

did you get excited after last years season? WHY

do you IDIOTS GET IT.... I can go back 40 years and nothing but a bunch of tumble weeds

oh yeah!!

are you gonna get excited when this off season starts.......

FREAKING WHY!!!!!!!!!!!


NOW let's get to the BIGGEST "MORON"

the Season Ticket holders...............

you bunch of brown nosing !@#$

If again, Jeff Ireland is back in 2014 you Morons WHO renew should be !@#$..

But I'm sure, they will fire OCoordinator and yes YOU WILL all be happy

LIKE this WOW, they made a change this is heading in the right direction.....

WOW this is OUR year.........

I have posted all year long that this team plays just like it's head coach. No passion,no imagination,never a sense of urgency. Just pure vanilla!!

Sherman is gone for sure. Philbin and Coyle get 1 more year. They want to see if Tannehill can play in a real pro offense, not the college offense that wasn't even successful in college.

I like what another blogger wrote earlier. Wallace's route running is part of the problem. Why can Thill hit a lot of deep balls to hartline/clay but not wallace? Unpredictable routes...stutter...no stutter.

But agree that team takes on Philbin's personality...no emotion. I mean post game speaches read off of a cue card...come on!!

Fire every damn coach,include Ireland hes the scapegoat must go period.MIAMI stinks.

Ross won't fire Ireland or Philbin cause he wouldn't know who to turn to cause a clueless owner with no connections to the football world stands no chance filling those spots unless he scrapes the bottom of the barrel again. He can't even make up his mind like 6 other owners did these past two days to dump and start over.

He's probably the only Michigan alum who appreciated fall afternoons in Ann Arbor cause the library was so empty and he could have the whole place to himself those days.

wins against the bengals / chargers / colts //pats ?
short memory you guys are sporting.. draft OL 1-4 and get a middle linebacker who can tackle ps the is the worst OL i have ever seen. Can we factor that in ?

this is the worst OL

Tannehill is not the answer for the quarterback. First he has no instinct, second he is dumb,third when the defense pressured him he closed his eyes and do nothing. This guy has no presence of mind at all. Very undecisive if he will throw the ball to a receiver or not, he holds the ball for too long coz his brain cant decide what to do with the ball.

The defense was horrible, they cannot stop a run. This year linebackers cant tackle a running back they are very horrible compare to last year. This defense need an overhaul, Where are the coach? why they cant plug in the middle during game time?. The pass defense was okay but it crumbles everything when the opposite team employ running game. The Linebackers cant tackle or over powered by the offensive line this need to be addressed during the off season. The defensive line should be solid to win games.

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