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Dolphins in control after winning statement game

Let's begin with the fact Sunday's victory over the Patriots was, as I wrote in my column today, a statement victory.

The Dolphins planted a flag, drew a line, and dared the Patriots to overrun their position. Pat riley

That was how coach Joe Philbin put it to players when he had the pictured pamphlet put in every player's locker stall.

Think of the words: "Plant your feet, stand firm and make a point about who you are ..."

(Yeah, Pat Riley rocks).

The Dolphins are making the point that they are more than just a playoff aspirant now. They are a contender.

They've beaten New England, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati -- all teams that currently are in the playoff picture and, indeed, are leading their divisions.

They've beaten Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. That's some serious QB talent right there.

They've won 4 at home. They've won four on the road.

The Dolphins are 3-0 in December. Ryan Tannehill is ballin' as I predicted he would.

Things are looking good. The Dolphins are making a statement that hasn't been made in these parts since the 2008 run to the AFC East title.

If the Dolphins win out -- meaning, they win at Buffalo and win the season-finale versus the Jets -- they are in the playoffs. The issue no longer devolves into a tiebreaker with Baltimore based on Cincinnati's loss to Pittsburgh Sunday night.

If both the Dolphins and Patriots finish 10-6, the Dolphins win the AFC East. That would require New England losses to Baltimore and Buffalo. -- which I don't see happening -- but obviously the possibility exits. There's also a possibility a sixth-seed Miami travels to New England for a playoff game.

Never mind that.

The Dolphins must win their final two games. Success makes Sunday's victory meaningful. On the other hand ...

"This looses all it's luster if we don't win the last two games of the season," receiver Brian Hartline said. "This will mean more if we win the last two games."

Enjoy it anyway.


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I would lie more stories here of the game.

So F'n happy!!!

as an old fan way back to 1967 when we beat the boston patriots, it was a nerve wracking ending with brady leading what looked like yet another come back victory, but an unlikely hero, thomas,came up big and stole bradys big finish, wow does it ever feel good,haha, been a long time since we got these guys. Now we need to realize that we got to take serious buffalo and do whatever it takes to win next week. GO MIAMI!!!!

Oh, I also remember the BOSTON PATRIOTS! Yes, they had on their helmets just the TRI-CORNER HAT of the Patriot, and not his WHOLE BODY like they did later with him hiking the ball wearing his REVOLUTIONARY WAR UNIFORM. Their original logo was just the HAT with the player's NUMBER on it. I remember this!

Also, they originally played at HARVARD STADIUM. Did you know this is where DON SHULA coached his first game as DOLPHINS COACH? It is TRUE. And they were still the BOSTON PATRIOTS that year of 1970 and did not change their name to the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS until they moved to FOXBORO in 1971. That was the year they drafted JIM PLUNKETT from STANFORD UNIVERSITY after he had won the HEISMAN TROPHY.

In 1972, the MIAMI DOLPHINS defeated the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 52-0! This was Don Shula's 100TH WIN in the NFL!

How about our MIAMI DOLPHINS? Today confirmed a major leap in the development our growing Dolphins and more importantly, for TANNY IN MIAMI!

God Bless Dolphins Nation

Dolphin Adalio

I agree to an extent with Brian Hartline about the next two games. But I don't agree Miami must win both in order for this win to be "retain it's luster"....

I've read similar words all year from both those who love the team with all they're heart... and from those fans who live to point out the other shoe is going to drop. There are those who belittle Miami's competition when Miami wins. And those always pointing to "The Next Game" as being the game that will REALLY PROVE if Miami is worthy of breathing our air.
To those who continuously pushing for "The next trick"... I respectfully ask... STFU.

This win... Whether it turns into a playoff berth or not... Stands on it's own merit.

I wrote a post on page one of yesterday's injury update explaining that I'm not a "Knee Jerk Reactionary" BUT... felt beating NE was something that Miami not only HAD TO DO... But had to do THIS TIME. I made myself clear that by losing I couldn't justify standing supporting this staff that, should they have lost when NE was as vunerable as they ever will be, would be guilty of lifted it's fans only to allow them to crash back to Earth with broken hearts.

Well..... They DID WHAT I ASKED... And I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the great time I had. For the voice I lost (along with every other fan Miami or not in that stadium)... and I'm grateful that for the first time in YEARS... When everyone returned back to where the tailgating and worry had began... Stuck around... As if leaving would make it all end. The cops had to run most of the parking lot near Gate F away after two or so hours. And even the Miami po-po seemed reluctant to let it go.

I refuse to go on demanding they're victories while holding what they have already accomplished hostage as being "Nothing" unless they continued to make the next proverbial "REAL STATEMENT"..... Nope... Not me. The statement I have asked has been made. I saw my team and it's QB maturing before my eyes from the 14th row of section 127 Sunday... I watched Ryan Tannehill's game winning pass to Marcus Thigpen being caught so close to me that I could see the sweat glistening off Thigpens arms.

From two seats in section 127 and two others that mirror them in section 155 I've owned as season Tickets for 27 years and running and the seats before them in Sun Life or the Orange Bowl. I saw what I needed to see. I don't doubt this teams direction. I don't doubt the coach who made a call on 4th down that comes only from places most of us don't understand. And I don't doubt a Manager who has filled small holes as they appeared with players who no one has ever seen, young, inexperienced talent who someone... somewhere in the Miami organization saw something in, allowing Ireland to bring them here. I doubt doubt that process any longer.

I'd love to see this team win out and take a punch at a Playoff field full of teams that Miami has beaten. But if they don't, If today's game was the "swan song" of this years team... I hold no fear or ill will... This team will be back in 2014 with a VENGEANCE. This team may be the one we've waited 40+ years for... Just a few small holes to fill. Perhaps just a LITTLE MORE POLISH on our gutsy and fun New QB Ryan Tannehill... And this team will be back. I'm not mailing it in... I just refuse to belittle or say... "Now they can REALLY SHOW US if they belong"... Nah... No way. They belong and then some....

FINS UP...!!!

Great win Miami.....

Oh, YES Mr. Adalio Gandara I have talked of our MIAMI DOLPHINS as well!! Did you see that I mentioned that our DOLPHINS beat the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 52-0 in 1972?? I believe that is the MOST POINTS they have BEATEN another team by although it is not the MOST POINTS THEY HAVE EVER SCORED because that happened on THANKSGIVING DAY of 1977 when the DOLPHINS defeated the SAINT LOUIS CARDINALS by the score of 55-14!!!

The SAINT LOUIS CARDINALS used to be the CHICAGO CARDINALS and they moved to SAINT LOUIS in 1960. Then they became the PHOENIX CARDINALS for ONE YEAR and then they became the ARIZONA CARDINALS.

Do you know why they changed it that time?? It was because a CARDINAL and a PHOENIX are BOTH BIRDS!! Ha ha ha!

I remember that the first or second game that PIG HEAD JIMMY JOHNSON was coach of the DOLPHINS it was against the ARIZONA CARDINALS but when DON SHULA beat the SAINT LOUIS CARDINALS their coach was DON CORYELL and later on he was the coach of the SAN DIEGO CHARGERS in the famous playoff game with the HOOK AND LATERAL that was in the FAMOUS ORANGE BOWL!!

Tom Brady: "We had plenty of chances all day. We made some good plays and then we made plenty of (bleep) plays. Thank you."


Thank **YOU** Tommy!

(Fvcking Putz-ROTFLMAO!)

I was at the game today, what a fun atmosphere. Felt like a playoff game.


The MOST gut wrenching game and the MOST I have enjoyed a Dolphins win in a LONG time!

Keep it up fellas. Hopefully we're building something special.


This is another one of those "Moments". This is another chance to MAKE IT a defining moment.

As a Fan and former player and Coach you relish these moments. You live and die for them.

Don't think for one moment that all the Dolphin Coaches and Players don't realize the implications of this ONE game. They say one game at a time and don't overlook any team. That's right, but they all know exactly what's up.

The jets and bills are in disarray(The bills shouldn't have got the first one). The Dolphins feel they've put it together with McKinnie, The rest of the O-Line play and the emergence of Tannehill.

They know that with a win against the pats, they have an excellent chance of running the table and making the playoffs. They also know that they have the best chance out of the ravens and chargers and themselves.

I said all that to say the obvious. Everything is on the line. The season, the coaching staffs respect and the players talent levels. They won't be leaving ANYTHING on the field. None of them. From Philbin and Sherman, from Coyle and Ellerbe. Tannehill and Jordan. NONE OF THEM.

This is the biggest game to date since Philbin was hired and Tannehill was drafted.

This is as big of a defining moment as there is. The top division rival sitting in the cross hairs. There's no looking back, no second guessing. What you're going to see here very shortly is the ABSOLUTE BEST the Dolphin's have to offer in 2013.

You put a smack-down on Brady and the pats and Re-Define Yourself to the NFL World.

or, you lose and slink back to the excuses, the hopes and dreams, the off season.....etc, etc.

This is it, it's on national television and I'm personally looking forward to seeing what **MY** Miami Dolphin's have to offer!

(I have this strange feeling of calm coming over me. I'm not positive, but I think it's a good sign. That happens to be whats inspired my prediction)

I say we stun the sports world and beat the pats rather handily. I say we play them so solid that it's almost boring. It won't be because I'm such a rabid fan. But that's the manner in which we will beat them. SOUNDLY!

You heard it here first!

Book It!!!!

How about my "....almost boring....." prediction?

Anybody get bored during that one........?

Just another day at the office ;)

Tom Brady took two (2) questions before thanking the media and walking off after the game.

So I guess tommorrows Headline will read:

Dolphin's Shut Brady Up!!!!

Byline: Tannehill "Walks The Walk".

Go Phins!!!!

Great game RT played very well
I am concerned with the grimes injury
I hope it's nothing serious and can play next weekend helsodid a great job today and has all season long. I noticed that most of Brady's completions where against Carrol
Will Patterson be back this season or is he out for the remainder of the games
We really need Patterson back in my opinion
Great to see the new kid make 2 great plays Thomas
Good pickup

Win the last two games!!! FINISH IT!!!!!!!

Ralph, Grimes was just dealing with cramps so he should be good to play next week, and Patterson is on IR and won't be back this season. I agree tho, we need a healthy Patterson for the defense to play up to their capabilities. Grimes, Jones, Clemons, and Patterson sounds like a pretty good secondary.


Patterson and Stanford are both out for the year.

Patterson's injury was nothing if not frustrating! Apparently, that's always been the knock on him. He's OFTEN injured.

It's probably worse than it sounds too, if he plays that good and other teams have given up on him. Too bad, he looks like a Pro Bowler when healthy.

On the bright side, hopefully Jamar Taylor and Will Davis develop into studs.

Michael Thomas. S - 5-11 190. 24 years old.

Thomas played at Stanford for Jim Harbaugh.

When Harbaugh was hired by the 49er's, Thomas was brought in as an un-drafted free agent(2012). Practice squadd-er up until last Tuesday.

Career Stats(LOL): Played very briefly in 1 game.

3 solo Tk. 2 PD. 1 Int.

Dear Mr. Thomas,

If you NEVER play another game in a Dolphin uniform, THANKS! It's been a BLAST!


Your BIGGEST Fan, Odin ;)


That was an amazing read. Made me cry man. Thank you for that. Also amazing prediction. Great day to be a dolphan phins up!!!

Well boys...

We haven't felt this good in a while...

Michael Thomas should have to pay a tab all week.

He is the man!!

I told everyone Mike Wallace is making a play off push..

This team is soooo hungry...



Now is the time for you to accept that Joe Philbin is a coach who can be a game changer, make adjustments and win. In the past it has often been written how bad the coaching was. I disagreed and now; Coaches coach and put players in position to win games but players win games. Pat Riley will tell you that. That's a coaches job and should not be overstated by anyone. Coaches put players in the position to win games. Joe Philbin as I have posted in the past is an excellent coach who now has his players winning games

These Games are getting to close for comfort, some Games we have won, like yesterday, we could have easily lost them as well. Eventually, that's going to catch up with Us if we don't put a cushion of points in between.

We should have no problem whatsoever beating Buffalo and the Jets, here, there or anywhere. Should.

as a fins fan from buffalo, Miami better wear their skiveys and be ready to play next sunday. It's been arctic here and theres no sign of a warm up. It's gonna a tough task. I know they can do it with some crafty play calling.

here is something else to get excited about for dolfans with 2 games left to play Brian Hartline needs 75 yds. for 1,000 and Mike Wallace needs 133 for 1,000 making it a possibility that we will have 2 receivers for the first time since 1991

possibility 2 receivers to have 1000 yds. for the first time since 1991.

sorry forgot to complete the thought, but you get the point.

Yeah, well, there were no spring flowers blossoming in Pittsburgh either.

Those midget, quick receivers almost killed us. Very hard to cover if you don't blast them somewhere along their path.

The score would not be so close every game if T-Hill could hit the long pass. Its either to long or to short. He has to get that right. It is the difference in the team scoring 8-10 points (or more) per game. It is hudge right now. Love Rashad Marshall. Makes me wonder? Why did they spend all of that money on Brandon Gibson? They could have spent it on an offensive lineman. proof that this Staff does a poor job of evaluating the teams players. Dion Sims is is another exsample, he is being underutilized in the passing game. He's a big man with big hands and could be a match up nightmare if used right. Happy for todays win though.

You in a hurry, man? Take a minute to proof read your post. Easier on our brains.

Will Tannehill hit 4000 yards and when? I am saying in the final game.

Great game by the Dolphins including the coaching staff. Beating New England is a great big deal. And I don't give a crap about what the talking heads have to say. Most are like a good fart, smelly then gone.

Right now it appears that the lose of 2 starting linemen was not such a big deal.

Ireland has proven that he is at least competent if not outstanding. I hope he is saving that cap space for a Super Bowl season.

Ross has taken a lot of criticism for no reason. Even I doubted he had his heart in the football team. (I don't trust real estate agents and rich ones even less) I stand corrected.

Philbin is getting gaining experience each and every week. The game plans are getting better and we have had a chance in every game this season.

Huge win!

Congrats to everyone!

Now onto Buffalo!!

This game really scares me!b

Beavis you sure you live in Buffalo bro? I live in NY as well. Buffalo extended forecast, actually ninety per cent of the state showing temps in the 40s with rain coming up. Will dip to the mid 30s by Sunday which is balmy for Buffalo. It was colder in Pittsburgh and the guys handled it well.

You want to scare people just remind them how hard it is to play in front of that Buffalo crowd at Rich.

Hey guy who repeated over and over that "Tannehill=Henne" where you hiding? Please repeat so everyone can have a good laugh (at you) today.

too late to jump back on the wagon Armando, I lost a lot of respect for you this year when you decided to join the "bully" frenzy, not impartial but flat out biased reporting, your opinions mean nothing......

Two weeks is a row holding my breath until the final seconds ticked off of the game clock. WTF! I'm getting too old for this sh@t! But what a game it was ,again. I am like a lot of other fans that have seen far too many seasons go down the drain,but somehow this team is making a believer out of me,again.

Was only able to see one game this year at the stadium, man am I thrilled to have seen this one. A great game and the stadium was really jumpin'. There were a lot of Pats fans there and they made their presence felt at times. But in the end the Fins pull it out and our fans get to celebrate loudly.


THILL started really slowly and the 1st QTR was not good for him. But man did he rally. The TD just before Halftime, the drive that lead to the TD to start the 4th QTR and his game winnig 4th QTR drive were really signs this kid is growing up to a legit NFL QB.

We all understand this team struggled with consistency this year. We all understand they blew some close games against poor teams. We all understand the Cogs/Martin scandal was a distraction. We all understand this team could blow it up in Buffalo and kill their Wildcard run.

But we all should be excited that this team has found a legit QB who continues to grw and offer real promise for the future.

Fins are playing better....O-line looks better....Grimes is the Defensive MVP....bring on the Bills to even the score this season..


i predicted miami 31 over new england 10...at first, even to me this sounded a bit lofty, to others, it may have seemed down right funny, but seriously, the only two things that needed to happen for my prediction to occur and was to be expected was 1)a better offensive showing in the first half(or one deep pass to wallace)... NO ONE EXPECTED MIAMI TO BE ALMOST SCORELESS FOR THE FIRST HALF, 2) better play from the defensive front, again, i think everyone expected O.V., wake, starks, odrick, solia, or maybe even DION JORDAN to have a key sack strip...that's all it would have taken to turn this game on it's ears...31-10, not far fetched at all!

We will beat the crap out of the Bills (actually,we should have done that in the first game as well) and then we will wipe the floor with the stinking Jets. Playoffs, baby, playoffs!!!!!

Great win for the Dolphins yesterday. J Philbin's "make-or-break" call on 4th down took guts- if C Clay doesn't make it, NE takes over, probably scores again and the terrible loss is entirely on Philbin's head. How many NFL coaches would have gone Philbin's way?

Tannehill had a good game again. How good can this offense be when 1)THill can finally lead a receiver properly with a long or even intermediate throw; and 2)the offense finds a way to take advantage of L Miller's speed and elusiveness?

Two good wins in a row- in December! 2 games remaining that matter to end this season! Am I dreaming?

HUGE WIN! Thank you Miami, having fun in MA today!

DOLPHANS, the time has come, sunday's win against the pats was the last picture of proof needed to tell us all that miami has indeed finally turned the corner, changed it's culture, found it's quarterback, found it's coach...found it's way! this win tells us that next year miami may actually be the favorite to win the division! with an offseason approaching that returns our version of gruntkouski(KELLER), and another big tough and dynamic target in slot reciever BRANDON GIBSON, and what ever additions freeagency and the draft should bring us...i just have to say...miami's time has finally come.....WAY TO GO miami!

Great game, great win and we finally got over the hump.

I do have concerns about how easily Brady moved his team on the final two drives (15 & 12 play drives) where he carved up our defense with ease.

Newby Thomas made two (2) great plays in the endzone with IMO the first one being more impressive (the breakup of the pass to Edelman which was a sure TD).

Tannehill was seen pacing the sideline with impending doom as Brady made his way towards the endzone. But our D made the plays they needed and earned victory.

hey nemo,hey mark,
phinz r 2-0 when I cheer #-17
tell me when u want me 2 stop cheering

m t mvp
m t mvp

how 'bout that d?

thank pitt

a sweep by buff will b intolerable

If you think about it, we should be on the way to 15-1. Our loses:
New Orleans - Didn't stand a chance bad loss
Baltimore - OT loss should have won
Buffalo - Gave it away last plays
New England - Gave it away in second half
Tampa Bay - Gave it away last plays
Carolina - Gave it away last plays

If Miami learns to finish games, we could have been going for 15-1.

It is clear that Belichick diagnosed our weakness on D which is the pass coverage by our LBs and sent those quick receivers into the soft zones we were playing, specially in the 1st half. We play NE again, we better have an answer for that.

And....could Michael Thomas #31 ....be the ball-hawk Safety we've been hoping for...?

********** GAMEPLAN **********
weather or not miami baited or lulled brady into a false sense of security in the slot on sunday we'll never know, but if that is the case, then miami had a GREAT gameplan, as miami synched the win with a game winning interception of a play that had been their ALL DAY LONG for brady! yep, brady went to the well ONE to many times, and as for miami, i believe they were very CAREFUL to avoid that trap, you see, for way to long it always seemed that new england was the team that always came up with that game winning play, and i had thought that in at least a few of those new england wins, the pats had successfully biated our QB into the same false sense of security, the lesson here is...(during crunch time)no matter how tempting it may be, avoid at all costs going to your favorite target or the play that has been their all game long...crunch time is the time to unleash the NEW play and show new wrinkles...save the best for last!

Did Hartline actually spell loses wrong when he said it or did you write it down wrong Mando?

Brian is right we have to win the last two games the Buffalo game may be a tough one, we have to play smart and that includes the holder on field goals that was three points there, can't have it.

The D really did play well in first three quarters yesterday. But the 4th QTR is where they clearly fell apart. The D had the lead three times in the 4th QTR and let it up twice. They allowed Brady and the Pats to conduct 3 long drives that lead to 10 points.

And when Brady got them to inside the 20 with 30 seconds to play I think most fans were expecting him to drive the winning stake into our hearts. So glad the D stepped up when it mattered most.

Despite this win Coyle and Philbin really need to breakdown the 4th QTR tape to understand why their D fell apart so badly. If they have any chance to advance THIS YEAR this D needs to improve.


I know you think Sunday's game in Buffalo will be a walk in the park. I don't. We've both been there a number of times. Its not an easy place to play. Nothing those fans want more than to ruin the Dolphins season. I expect a tough test Sunday and I'll be shocked if its not a tough game. Bills have nothing at stake and it'll be loud there.

Mando, you are shameless,,,"as you predicted"? Please, everyone on your staff predicted this win. I honestly did not. I don't believe in the Dolphins this yr,,,I am glad they have picked up the pace and are beginning to play football, and thank God for Bully-Gate, not for it we would still have that sorry assed OL that the great Philbin trotted out on the field. Instead we got some OLmen who wanna block and they WANT IT,,,.Do you know what that means Mando,,,,Want it? The run defense needs to find 7 up front people who also "Want It". How bad do you,,want it? And by the way, Pat Riley stole that "saying". I am hopeful the Dolphins can run the table,(2 games) that would be sweet.

I've said it a few times now...


Simms basically made the comment as well with the rule changes favoring WR"s. Allowing Hartline to make a catch without getting blown up late in the 4th.

Aside from a couple iffy throws a game, Tanne knows where to go with the ball & identifies the good matchup. He also has savvy. Take the game saving screen to Clay. He had to reload the throw & throw it behind play because the DL jumped up & would have knocked it down. This is INSTINCT!

He has been CLUTH late in games. We don't need a QB to make miracle throws. We need a QB who understands late game situations & can deliver a good ball to the right guy.

In less than 2 pro years, Tanne has that covered. The deep ball will come with more time in the pocket & experience.

I'm excited about this teams prospects but, there are weaknesses. We still can't really get consistent pressure, our OL still needs fixing in the offseason & I think we need an every down RB who can pass protect. I do not see Miller or Thomas as the answer.

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