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Miami Dolphins notes on an off day

The Dolphins are off today. But you don't get a day off here on this blog.

Here are some random notes from the week so far:

The weather for Pittsburgh on Saturday says snow flurries are possible and that is interesting only in that Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has never played in snow before.

“If it’s snowing I’ve heard it’s not too bad," Tannehill said. "It’s actually nice to play in from the guys just in the locker room talking.  Matt (Moore) played in the snow a few times I think and he said it’s nice, it doesn’t affect the ball and just going out and playing."

The problem for quarterbacks is rarely the snow. The problem is the wind and the freezing rain. Those affect flight and handling of the football.

"Well we practiced wet ball drill today so it’s something that we’re prepared for, if it comes to that," Tannehill said on Wednesday. "Obviously, if you have ideal conditions and you don’t want it to be sleeting.  It’s football, its December football in Pittsburgh and we have to be prepared for whatever comes at us."


Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace is going to be the focus of attention on Sunday. He's obviously returning to play his former Pittsbrugh teammates. And while he has no regrets about his business decision to move on to Miami in free agency, Wallace still lets signs of his nostalgia peek through when he talks.

Asked this week if he misses Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Wallace said, "“Definitely. That’s my guy; it’s not really even about that it's more so just friends. That’s like my big brother. So anytime you play with a guy like that you are automatically going to miss him, but things they happen for a reason. You just take it and roll with it."

Asked about Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin, Wallace said, "That’s my guy, I’ve got a lot of love for Coach Tomlin.  He’s one of the best coaches I ever played for in my life.  Not just as a coach, but as a person and a motivator.  He’s one of the greatest I’ve ever played with, I’m definitely going to have a couple words for him but it’s not just going to be about that.  That’s just an incident that happened on the field, the Soul Train picture was kind of funny though."

Wallace is having dinner Saturday night with some of his former Pittsburgh teammates including Antonio Brown. Wallace said he'd pay.

Brown is Wallace's guy, too.


The Dolphins had three players who did not practice on Wednesday -- John Jerry (concussion), Jamar Taylor (hamstring) and Daniel Thomas (ankle). Of those only Jerry has the best chance to play on Sunday.

The Dolphins will give Jerry a baseline concussion protocol test Friday to see if Jerry can be cleared of his concussion symptoms. If he passes, he'll be cleared for practice and would be on his way to playing Sunday. If he cannot pass, Jerry will have to sit. If Jerry sits look for the team to turn to rookie Sam Brenner to fill the spot.

Brenner started at left guard when Nate Garner had to move to center to fill in for Mike Pouncey.


Cornerback Dimitri Patterson was limited in practice on Wednesday but his is a frustrating situation because the team needs him, the team wants him to practice to prepare for games, but the team needs to limit him as well so he doesn't suffer yet another setback on the groin injury that has plagued him this year. I've counted a minimum of two setbacks this season with that injury.

"You have to figure out, you have to have faith that a player is ready, you have to get players ready to play a game," coach Joe Philbin said. "At the same time gauge their physical preparation for the game but also their mental preparation it’s all kind of tied together.  I don’t know if there’s a magic formula to it, I think you just have to take it on a case by case basis."

Ultimately, Philbin said, the decision to play Patterson or not comes down to what's in the best interest of the team.

With Taylor so far not practicing this week because of his hamstring injury, the Dolphins certainly could use Patterson being able to contribute.

Patterson this year has been able to play in only five games.


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Wallace has to be sorry he joined the hapless Fins...

DD, from the last blog, I wouldn't mind getting blown out in the AFC championship game at all, haha...

we may be hapless...but were ahead of the steelers in the playoff hunt.


Your Mayor was on local radio this morning....106.7 the FAN DC....

aside from the crack smoking...and the bribery....

sounds like a cool person to have a beer with....as long as he doesn't slip you a mickey...

Am I the only one that is bothered that our most expensive player is going out with former teammates the night before a game???


you can listen @ the bottom of the page.

Holy cow somebody definitely needs there meds.....I cannot believe what Armando allows to go on with his blog. Why cant he block this/these whackos from this bolg?
Any way in regards to Canada. Great country. Great friend to the US. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver I have been too and they rival any other great cities of the world. Weather sucks for 4 months...but them the weather sucks in any city/country for 4 months that has 4 seasons.

I'm not bothered by it @ all...

its what they do nowadays....flight probably leaves a couple of hours after the game ends....

we might not like it....but in he mmortal RIC FLAIRS words...

"you had better learn to love it"....WHOOO!!!!

seriously...there is nothing wrong with it...imo...

Kris, I didn't hear it, but laughed that he was doing a weekly segment with the Junkies.

Mark, no, I'm pretty bothered by it too. Last time Wallace was re-united with his "guy" (vs. the Saints) he became a ghost and did nothing but drop passes and get owned by him. Let's hope he actually comes in and tries to WIN the game for his NEW team.

Kris, he's fukkin jack arse. I hate his guts and would like to rip off his balls with rusty pliers.

Yeah, I just read that he was on your local sports radio... why?? I have no flippin idea.

He was also wearigna Bills jersey at the game last week here. Looking like a middle aged Chris Farley and being his usual reatrded self.

Wallace has to be sorry he joined the hapless Fins...
Posted by: Just Saying | December 05, 2013 at 11:58 AM

If Wallace had known how inaccurate Tannehill was... he would've demanded MORE MONEY!! LOL

As for the game this weekend. I don't care about the weather. Both teams have to play in it. In todays NFL with practice bubbles and stuff no team is used to playing in frigid, wet and slippery conditions. I think road games records goes more to the travel, change in surroundings and the 12th man. Pretty much why the Dolphins don't have a great home record since leaving the Orange Bowl. Then we had a 12th man.
Gotta go for a while, any post in my name are not me folks.

At most, there are flurries predicted for Sunday. Weather is absolutely no factor whatsoever.

For that matter, let's put to rest this stupid notion that "warm weather" teams struggle in the cold. There has never been even an ounce of truth to it.

Back in the 70's and 80's when Miami was a consistent winner, the team had ZERO problems playing--and winning--in any conditions. When Tampa had that superb defensive team that won the Super Bowl did an arctic day in Philly stop them in the NFC Championship? Nope. They blew the Eagles out of the park in a runaway.

Weather is meaningless, and it's not as if the players on a team are actually FROM the city they represent, y'know? There are as many Floridians playing for the Packers or Patriots or whoever as there are Minnesotans playing for the Dolphins or the Chargers.

And, no, there is NOT such a thing as "thick blood" (what level of stupid would it require to believe that?) or even becoming "used" to a certain type of weather.

I'm a Florida native transplanted to the Northeast and the cold doesn't bug me a bit--it's HEAT that does, actually. And I find far more people born and raised here complaining about the cold than I ever do. Everyone s different.

You know what kind of team is affected by things like weather? A BAD tam. A mentally weak team that actually believes such nonsense affects them. For a good team it is not an issue at all and they know it's just as cold (or hot) on the other sideline.


#7 Miami Dolphins Jersey

The weather is meaningless? Anyone with any knowledge of human phsiology knows that simply is not true. But to expect knowledge on this blog is asking for way too much.

Wallace should be spending time watching film with Tannehill- not catching up with his old teammates. He can do that in the offseason. He should be focused and primed to go 100MPH against his old team and vault his new team into the playoff race. Not sure why there isn't a curfew or limitations for the players at an away game, but there is no way I would allow him to get rowdy with his old boys.

Well, the cold weather should be an advantage for the Steelers.

@ 12:17, born and raised here in Toronto and nobody hates the cold more than I do. That being said, if they can win on Sunday - I will brave it and buy tickets for the Bills game in two weeks ...

And if it is just flurries or somethign mild like that then that means it won't be that cold. Light snow is way easier to play in than rain.... it's like playing in a slight drizzle - but drier...

The weather is meaningless? Anyone with any knowledge of human phsiology knows that simply is not true. But to expect knowledge on this blog is asking for way too much.
Posted by: MassDolphan | December 05, 2013 at 12:25 PM

Any Dolfan with a brain left this team many years ago!!

...@ 12:17.. If it was College..I would call you out as absolutely wrong. But talking professional. There was actually a study done by the nfl in 2011 that looked at "cold weather teams" "warm weather teams" and "indoor teams" the evidence showed there was actually no evidence to support the idea there was an advantage for "cold weather teams" over "warm weather teams" in games played below freezing.

Where there was overwhelming evidence was "indoor teams" v "cold weather teams" in games below freezing. Teams that played in domes had losing percentage of 60 percent in these cold weather games.

So if the data is true. Since we play outside. The evidence shows we should have the same chance as a 50 or 60 degree day..

Wallace is having dinner the night before the game with his old teammates.
Hummm...not a good feeling about this development. If he played for the Pats, there is no way Belichick or Brady would allow that to happen.

...but, if he's there doing some recon on the downlow... then maybe I'm ok with it.

"Yo, Antonio, that bum knee still bothering you? how's the wife?

Patterson is so good when he's healthy, but those times are getting to be rare. Hope he can rest up & be 100% for 2014 season.

Didnt you know we'd be much better without 3 draft pick D Thomas?

NOW I know why Kris loves Mayor Ford, he picked us over the Steelers (and the 3.5 point spread).

Tannehill not ever playing in the snow scares me a little. I don't think snow is harder to play in than rain/wind, but it's still something to get used to, and I'd rather an experienced player in the elements. I guess he's gonna get his experience this weekend.

There was actually a study done by the nfl in 2011 that looked at "cold weather teams" "warm weather teams" and "indoor teams" the evidence showed there was actually no evidence to support the idea there was an advantage for "cold weather teams" over "warm weather teams" in games played below freezing.

Posted by: darryldunphy | December 05, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Shhh! Don't tell MassDolphan.

Facts would just confuse him.

darryl...so then Coastal Carolina is going to totally dominate U. of Montana at home this weekend correct?

LOL at the "thick blood" crap. I actually DO know people who think this is a real thing, I'm embarrassed to say.

And, yeah, gotta admit they are pretty dense!

There is no doubt people are more comfortable in weather they're accustomed to. Its common knowledge. Thats just one reason Vegas gives the home teams the edge they do.

This cold weather stuff got me thinking about some old Dolphins trivia.

Miami is obviously known for hot and steamy conditions but does anyone remember the COLDEST home game for the Dolphins?

It was Christmas Eve, 1989 versus the Chiefs. Forgettable game in a forgettable year but the temperature at kickoff was 39 degrees with a strong wind that dropped the wind chill easily into the mid 20's.

I remember the few Kansas City fans there being totally unprepared and underdressed and just being miserable (not to mention completely flabbergasted). The stadium ran out of coffee in the first quarter!

It was all oddly fun, actually. Bizarro World. I think it was also the last game Joe Robbie was still alive, if memory serves.

LOL at the "thick blood" crap. I actually DO know people who think this is a real thing, I'm embarrassed to say.
And, yeah, gotta admit they are pretty dense!
Posted by: pompanofin | December 05, 2013 at 12:44 PM

Go to Alaska and hang out with the natives and you will change your mind lol

There is no doubt people are more comfortable in weather they're accustomed to. Its common knowledge. Thats just one reason Vegas gives the home teams the edge they do.

Posted by: Shula 73 | December 05, 2013 at 12:49 PM


Can't say that as a blanket statement. True in some cases, not true in others.

I would be in the latter category. Miami native, born and raised, but it is hot weather that always affected me way more than cold. True when I was a kid, and it remains true today (I live in Pennsylvania these days).

Understand what you're saying, but I assure you it does not apply in all cases.

And in NFL terms, where players come from all over and few are actually from the city they represent I think it's a complete non-factor in reality. The studies show as much.


No disrespect, but you can't possibly ACTUALLY believe there is such a thing as "thick blood," right??

It's a ludicrous concept, right up there with believing in the Tooth Fairy or that Pauly Shore ever made a funny movie.

Just isn't true or medically possible. I know you're smart enough to know that!

The "natives" in Alaska cover themselves in layer upon layer of heavy clothing because of the cold. Kind of dismisses the theory that they are "used" to it, lol.

We know that Peyton manning says he isn't affected by the cold but the evidence says otherwise. It's either playoff games or cold weather that takes Peyton off his game ...

I don't think snow will be a big deal unless it is windy. Wind will affect both teams, but us more so. Big Ben is used to crappy weather. No excuses though, just deal with it. Wallace is a grown man and it's not a big deal if he has dinner with a friend. Now, if was out late clubbing.....

He doesn't match up against Brown anyway. It'd be more weird if he was going out with the secondary. As much as guys move around now, that's just part of the culture when you run into old teammates.

What worries me about playing in the cold weather is you have to have a solid running game and this year its safe to say the dolphins have come up very short in that department. Throwing the football in december in cold weather climate just doesnt fit. For this reason i could see Miami having a tough time winning at Pitt and Buffalo. I live an hour from buffalo and have seen many dolphin teams freeze up in the winter air. I hope that trend changes but this years team hasnt shown me as such

I'm not sure about "thick blood" but I am sure if you arent used to a type of weather it can be very uncomfortable at the extremes.

I agree with Texas (what else is new?). Light snow in itself is a non factor and actually makes it quite cozy watching the game from the comfort of your living room but wind - that's a whole different beast. In Buffalo for example, it's not really the cold and the snow that's nasty - it's teh dam wind - that whole city is a hole and gets the nastiest weather in comparison to any place i've ever been (and I've been to near the Arctic Circle).

You can prepare for snow and dress for cold but nasty wind slays even the wickedest beast.

I think Peyton Manning is a lot more affected by a superior pass rush that throws him off his comfort zone...something he is a lot more likely to see from a playoff-caliber opponent.

Cold has never seemed to affect his brother, even if he's been off his game this year.


Look at the ages/production of the WRs that Grimes has shut down this season.


D29 - good thing we have that solid short and internediate pass game that the Tannehill detractors like to mock - sure has worked for New England all these years in their bad weather games.

That idiot Joe Philbin kept Cameron Wake on the bench even when Wake was healthy. What makes you think he knows how to handle Dimitri Patterson's injury?
www.DolphinsTruth.com discusses it today

Mark in Toronto. Yes i agree the short passing game works like a running game in many aspects but as we have seen and will come up again. We are the sorriest team at gaining a yard on 3rd or 4th down. Ive never seen a line get overpowered more than they the dolphins do. When i say the worst im not quoting stats but week in and week out it just seems that on 3rd and 4th and short the dolphins cant run a yard or an inch. Playoff calibre team dont have this issue

Mark, totally agreed. Wind is a FAR bigger factor in a game (or fan comfort for that matter) than this other stuff.

Besides, we tend to get carried away here. Nothing unusual or particularly noteworthy s forecast for Pittsburgh Sunday. Temps in the 30's and (possibly) a few light flurries here and there. Not exactly the Arctic Tundra. Yawn.

Miami winning or losing will have nothing to do with any of that.

paul g, interesting fact about Peyton that never gets spoken about by the media that loves to lick his balls but Peyton has fumbled 10 TIMES this year. he's only been sacked 15 times ... you knw he didn't get any of those fumbles running from the pocket. He fumbles 66.7% of the times he gets sacked!!! That ludicrous.

The only other starter that is even close to that rate is Ryan Fitzpatrick and we know he lost a starting job because of his propensity for turnovers.

The only other starter that is even close to that rate is Ryan Fitzpatrick and we know he lost a starting job because of his propensity for turnovers.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 05, 2013 at 01:15 PM

And TannePuke has more turnovers than Fizpatrick! Go figure!

d29, you're not actually far off on the short running game - I haven't seen the stats in the last week or so but I think on 3rd down conversions using the running game, we are indeed statistically near the bottom. Now that is problematic.

I know a bunch of us have been dying to see more Qb sneaks. Tannehill is a big strong physical runner. I would sneak him up there to either side of Pouncey every time on 3rd or 4th and less than a yard.

But it's obvious Sherman is one of those that believe that sneaks equal QB head injuries although I've never seen a QB actually get hurt on that play. Usually he's just sliding himself into some small crease there with his head tucked away.

Accu weather- Hey, I was at that Dolphins/Chiefs game too! What a memory you have, that's just how it was! It was freezing that day and I also remember them posting the kickoff temperature of 39 degrees on the scoreboard before the game.

I have been at other cold games in Miami like the Seahawks playoff game when Marino was a rookie and it was foggy, rainy and about 45 degrees--more like Seattle! but that one was the coldest!

Mark in Toronto

I would also love to see more QB sneaks. We have a QB who was a WR back in his college days so hes not unfimilar from taking hits from DB's or LB's. I think the Dolphins are scared to let him run at all with the ball as his early season ball protection was downright awful. Lately ive seen him break the pocket more and run, which i think really adds a new element to the offense and will open up the passing game more. I like Tannehill and feel hes come a long way since year 1. Yes im still fruastrated at his lack of deep ball accuracy, but he can keep drives going and moves the ball well. Hes the best guy we have had since Marino

James, thanks! Pretty unforgettable and funny stuff to remember.

Actually, now that I think of it the last playoff game the Dolphins won (too many years ago!) versus the Colts when Lamar Smith had that overtime TD run was played on a very cold and blustery day at JRS when they once again ran out of coffee!

Hmmm. Maybe the Dolphins need MORE cold weather games, lol.

Wohoo, Cadillac, been waiting for someone to step into my web there ... now, come on up, sit on my lap and I'm going to tell you a stroy about a young up and coming and improving QB. If it's true that late season improvements speak to the winning attitude and maturation of a QB then lets take a look at Tannehill's last 4 games....

Combined, he is ...

105-162 (64.8%) 1,219 combined yards, 7.0 yards per attempt, 6 tds, 4 turnovers 87.2 rating

now what does this mean, if Tannehill was playing at this level all year, then his average metrics would read as follows...

His average completions per game would be 4th in the NFL

His average attempts per game would be 3rd

Completion rate would be 8th

Yards per game would be 5th

Turnovers per pass attempt has been 2.5% which is excellent (league average for the whole year is 4.1%). 2.5% would place him 6th in the NFL

Rating would be 18th (average)

TDs per game would be 19th

Yards per attempt would be 23rd.

So yes, some metrics are average or below par. Others are elite... Overall his last four games spells out to very strong QBing - dare we say ... playoff QBing...

Once you play a series or two the cold isn't really a factor at all. Footing can be, but, it affects both teams. Born and raised in Orlando, but I've been to the deserts in Iraq and Toronto and the Midwest in the winter. I hate hot and cold equally. Hot is more miserable playing sports because as I mentioned after running around a bit no matter how cold your body gets warmed up.

Larry Csonka famously hated to play in hot weather and aways said how much he enjoyed playing in the cold and snow.

Not that he played an less great at home, but I always remember him bitching about the heat and the artificial turf the Orange Bowl had back then.

D29, Tannehill is very good already ina lot of aspects of his game like you mentioned. I would also contend that he is our best since Marino since Jay Fiedler or Pennignton could never threaten a real defense through the air. Tannehill has already done that numerous times.

He does need to improve his longer passing game. Doesn't need to be a mad bomber but he needs to get better and lately he's let some scoring opportunities get away. he needs to get back to being that red zoen assassin he was earlier this year.

But the foundation is there and obvious to see.

Interesting fact about Manning is there's 4 weeks left and he's throw 41 TD's vs 7 INT's and 4 grand...

Csonka moved to Alaska after he retired so I guess he wasn't kidding about hating the heat!

Interesting you say that Marc ... I think cool weather is best because in hot weather you can get overheated and depleted quicker. IN the cold, once you get going, unless it's blustery you shoudl be more comfortable.

I think optimal sports weather is 10 degrees celsius ... 50 fahrenheit

I don't want RT to fail, but, I KNOW he will and I imagine at that point MarK, you will vanish because you're all up on his jock every single day!

Marc, you know how many teams with winning records Peyton has had success against in Denver the last two years? 2 - the Chiefs and Cowboys...

Mark in Toronto

Yes the missed opportunities have killed us in a few games this year. The bills, bucs and carolina games come to mind where a more accurate deep passing game would have helped a great deal. That said, My confidence in Tannehill to lead the team isnt in question. When Fielder lead the team i knew he wasnt able to put up points or keep drives alive on a consistant basis. We had to hope he wouldnt make errors and that the defense would hold up to bring home victories. With Pennington he was the smartest QB we had since Marino, but the arm was shot by the time we had him and that showed no more evident than the playoff loss to the Ravens, which yours truly attended first hand. Tannehill can get this team to the next level. Has the arm strength and smarts. Can he get the accuracy. The jury is still out

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