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Miami Dolphins notes on an off day

The Dolphins are off today. But you don't get a day off here on this blog.

Here are some random notes from the week so far:

The weather for Pittsburgh on Saturday says snow flurries are possible and that is interesting only in that Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has never played in snow before.

“If it’s snowing I’ve heard it’s not too bad," Tannehill said. "It’s actually nice to play in from the guys just in the locker room talking.  Matt (Moore) played in the snow a few times I think and he said it’s nice, it doesn’t affect the ball and just going out and playing."

The problem for quarterbacks is rarely the snow. The problem is the wind and the freezing rain. Those affect flight and handling of the football.

"Well we practiced wet ball drill today so it’s something that we’re prepared for, if it comes to that," Tannehill said on Wednesday. "Obviously, if you have ideal conditions and you don’t want it to be sleeting.  It’s football, its December football in Pittsburgh and we have to be prepared for whatever comes at us."


Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace is going to be the focus of attention on Sunday. He's obviously returning to play his former Pittsbrugh teammates. And while he has no regrets about his business decision to move on to Miami in free agency, Wallace still lets signs of his nostalgia peek through when he talks.

Asked this week if he misses Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Wallace said, "“Definitely. That’s my guy; it’s not really even about that it's more so just friends. That’s like my big brother. So anytime you play with a guy like that you are automatically going to miss him, but things they happen for a reason. You just take it and roll with it."

Asked about Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin, Wallace said, "That’s my guy, I’ve got a lot of love for Coach Tomlin.  He’s one of the best coaches I ever played for in my life.  Not just as a coach, but as a person and a motivator.  He’s one of the greatest I’ve ever played with, I’m definitely going to have a couple words for him but it’s not just going to be about that.  That’s just an incident that happened on the field, the Soul Train picture was kind of funny though."

Wallace is having dinner Saturday night with some of his former Pittsburgh teammates including Antonio Brown. Wallace said he'd pay.

Brown is Wallace's guy, too.


The Dolphins had three players who did not practice on Wednesday -- John Jerry (concussion), Jamar Taylor (hamstring) and Daniel Thomas (ankle). Of those only Jerry has the best chance to play on Sunday.

The Dolphins will give Jerry a baseline concussion protocol test Friday to see if Jerry can be cleared of his concussion symptoms. If he passes, he'll be cleared for practice and would be on his way to playing Sunday. If he cannot pass, Jerry will have to sit. If Jerry sits look for the team to turn to rookie Sam Brenner to fill the spot.

Brenner started at left guard when Nate Garner had to move to center to fill in for Mike Pouncey.


Cornerback Dimitri Patterson was limited in practice on Wednesday but his is a frustrating situation because the team needs him, the team wants him to practice to prepare for games, but the team needs to limit him as well so he doesn't suffer yet another setback on the groin injury that has plagued him this year. I've counted a minimum of two setbacks this season with that injury.

"You have to figure out, you have to have faith that a player is ready, you have to get players ready to play a game," coach Joe Philbin said. "At the same time gauge their physical preparation for the game but also their mental preparation it’s all kind of tied together.  I don’t know if there’s a magic formula to it, I think you just have to take it on a case by case basis."

Ultimately, Philbin said, the decision to play Patterson or not comes down to what's in the best interest of the team.

With Taylor so far not practicing this week because of his hamstring injury, the Dolphins certainly could use Patterson being able to contribute.

Patterson this year has been able to play in only five games.


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MarK. 50 is nice for sports. even as low as 30 I'd say. Lower than that can get uncomfortable between series.

You know how much success RT has had period? NONE

Marc, I'v been here for years - I won't disappear. I'm not up his jock - I disclose the good with the bad and the average.

But excuse me if I'm giddy because for the first time since I lost my virginity, we have a Qb that can put up 300 yards without it being a career day...

Not down on Tannehill at ALL this year, and for very solid reasons.

It is not as if this guy has a Maserati offense at his disposal. With the OL being a patchwork unit that has often been absolutely atrocious Ryan is operating under more duress than the average QB in this league fairly consistently. I mean, c'mon. As many games as not he has had absolutely ZERO run game to rely on and has been under assault from pass rushers waaay more than the NFL norm.

None of that is his fault, nor can he do much about it. Yet I haven't heard so much as a peep of complaint from him. He's a tough, high character guy that is developing into a true leader.

Does he need to improve? ABSOLUTELY. There's still a yawning gap between him and the truly elite guys. But for a second-year player who came in with little experience at he position and has been burdened with an OL you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy (unless his name is Tom Brady) I am quite satisfied with where he is and where he is headed.

I expect him to be in there for a long, long time and see a great deal of success down the road. Just fix this damn line once and for all, PLEASE!!

Tannehill has beat as many teams with winning records as Peyton the last two years. Not saying one is anywhere near the other but just saying ...

HENNE has thrown for 350Yds, 4TDs 0INT's. When has RT ever come close? Oh wait...

If only Tannehill was having as good a 2nd year as RG3 is.

Oh, wait...

Marc, come on, Henne averaged barely over 200 yards a game when he was here ... Tannehill hhas averaged over 270 yards a game this year and has improved as the year has gone on ... so just stop.

Patterson is a excellent corner. But he gets hurt to much. He had problems staying healthy on other teams to.
When he is 100 percent he is close to a shut down corner. But when is he 100 percent?

patterson is the biggest pansy in the nfl

4 Td's 0 INTs

Henne has also thrown for over 400 Yards

Henne has multiple 300Yd games

300 YDs is not a measuring stick buddy. TD's and wins are

Marc. Are you seriously comaparing Henne with RT. Do you actually watch football games on sundays

marc seriously u could not sound more dumb, anyone defending anything about henne is clueless about football. least come up with someone decent

Most important of all...do the players in the huddle believe in Tannehill? Is he the unchallenged leader in that group? Will the defense elevate their game to the next level for him?

Leadership is a very personal thing and effects people on a very deep level. Mike Wallace made that point very clear when he said he loves Ben Rothlisberger like a big brother.

Who on this Fins squad loves Ryan Tannehill at that deep level? I'd probably say none, but I'm sure he has lots of friends.

Really tempted to take the 'phins this week but I think the Steelers will prevail? Why? Because we're really good at beating ourselves. I think giving the conditions it'll be important to run the ball. I don't see us being able to do that.

Hoping I'm wrong on all of this but when there's money involved I have to go with my head.

Incidentally Mark,

i'll be at the game in buffalo in a couple of weeks. Hoping that the game means something to us.

nh fins thill has been there not even 2 years. takes time

craig dont bet the line, just take the under of 41, thats auto

Marc. Last year Tannehill achieved the most passing yards for a rookie in the history of the league, over 400 against the cardinals and that was with a handful of starts in the NFL. That record was later broken by Luck against us but that doesnt take away from us. This year RT has made more strides than Kapernick and RG3. Some could argue his season is as good or better than Luck. My point is RT has had more good games than bad and Henne is only playing now because Gabbert was injured or to inaffective to keep the job himself. Henne is a career backup at best

having a bad hammy sucks. i do think the fins should resign him though. he should be cheaper to keep and as good as grimes has been, in those games when patterson was semi-healthy he has been near perfect. he fits the system, is fast and fairly big. if you can resign both that would be even better!!

passing yards as a rookie on miami, not league dolfan

Dusty. Yes my bad. Still an amazing accomplishment considering we had a guy named Marino who was and is still the best of all time

marino only started 9 games rookie year


That sounds like good advice.

You like the Steelers or 'phins in this game?

Im not taking away from Marino at all. He is the greatest QB ever. Im just saying that the accomplishment that RT had was pretty amazing considering who has played for this storied franchise.

The cold weather is not an issue in this game. The colder weather in the north is different than down south. I am colder here in Florida when it's in the 50's than I am when I'm in New York hunting in the 20's or 30's. It has to do with humidity. The air is drier up north than down in Florida. if it's wet and rainy that will effect the game more than the cold.

I'm not saying Henne is good. I'm saying RT is no better...Well, maybe slightly better, but, not good ENOUGH!

sadly i expect pitt to pull away late and win by 10 im only betting the under

no doubt dolfan, i like thill bright future

tampa bay ur insane, that weather 100 percent will affect game, and it will be a negative on fins. kicking game big time

D29 and dusty, that rookie passing yardage mark was only about 5 yards or so short of Cam Newton's record at the time.

Marc, stop being a silly Billy!

Jaison @ 1:56 Patterson is under contract next year at 5.4 mil I think. None of it is guaranteed, so I'm not sure if we will keep him. Maybe he will take a pay cut?

We could really use him Sunday.

wrong mark, 750 yards short

just cut him nemo, guy is a joke

Craig, I want to go to that game but only if it's meaningful. I mean going to Buffalo is so painful for just an ordinary game. The weather is always worse, it's so cold adn with that lake effect, the cold just rips right through you... and windy ... dam...

But if they win either Sunday or next week then i will take one for the team and risk pnemonia (which I've already had twice in my life) to push through the Phins!

I checked into club seats because tehy're heated but scalpers want crazy money for those seats. I had my eye on a couple on the 6th row right behind the phins becnh for about $160 a piece. Great deal ...

mark bills giving those tickets away. 20000 still left

Dusty, I'm talking pure tempature. Obviously the wind, rain and snow factor will effect the game but the tempature itself should not play a part. Like other posters have said once the players get moving around the body core heats up and tempature should not be a factor unless your playing in single digits or below zero.

dusty ... I mean the single game rookie passing mark... not season. newton's first two years were crazy and not talked about enough yardage wise.

Oddly enough, he's doing less this year and is getting the most praise because they're winning but his first two years were much better indiviudally..

yeah dusty, but i don't want to sit on the aluminum benches or in the corners ... i only go to an event if it's premium seating and thankfully the bills are toast so they should be easier to get.

yup and carolina finally has a defense

i see the bills are finally getting smart and trying to get bills out of those awful toronto home games

i love seeing the schedule already out for next year. we get lucky losing an away game to play oakland in london. at denver though

dusty, they are doing that to appease the fans ... but those game are going nowehere .... Rogers pays Raphie more money for that one game than he can ever hope to generate in that hole called Buffalo.

Only a matter of time until that team is moved up here full time...

You know as part of that Bills in Toronto package, Rogers gets first dibs to bid on an NFL team that goes up for sale and relocation is considered.

I expect when Ralhie passes and his kids put the team up for sale as they've always indicated, that you will see Rogers be the first entity to post a $2B bid on an NFl team. Nobody will pay as much to keep the team there and there is no other market with as much opporunity left in the United States to move the team.

Only a matter of time...

mark they asked out of contract, hoping to move back to buffalo for all 8 games. place had by far lowest crowd ever this year

dusty, the Bills get all their money up front in the deal. Attendance doesn't impact the Bills bottom line any - just Rogers. Would also help if the Bills didn't suck so bad. The team to make this kind of cross market appeal move would've been the super bowl bills. They would've made a killing.

Toronto isn't stupid - they won't pay three times what the Bills ordinarily charge to watch two teams that are already planning for free agency and the draft.

not saying it does, u saw the interview. bills want out and badly toronto plain awful for them, and man that stadium is garbage

Tannehill is having a better season statistically than all of the Sophomores. He's definitely improved as much and more in most cases.

The thing I like about it is that you're seeing him probably at his worst because of the patchwork, scandalized Offensive Line.

As the O-Line improves, look for big strides from Tannehill.

the weather is for losers.

NH, Big Ben was a veteran when Wallace came in, so it was easy for him to look at his QB as a "big brother." Tannehill is the younger player, so it's a different relationship. But if you see the way he yells at players after plays and calls out audibles and alignment adjustments, he seems like he's in control. I don't have an issue with RT's leadership qualities. I have an issue with his deep ball placement and his 4th quarter play. But Mark's working on those stats to convince me not to believe my lying eyes, hahaha!


This guy just doesn't know when to shut up. I like Winters and Sheldon but Milliner and Geno are garbage.

Dusty I would agree with the stadium ... it just sucks .. sucks for baseball too although it's the only stadium I've ever seen a local team win a championship.

DC, don't have any quarter by quarter stats since I don't think those are really reflective. But long ball, yeah, he's subpar. His yards per attempt, although increasing, are still below par. His YPA is 6.9 ... league average is 7.3 ... got to get more yardage per attempt although it probably won't happen this year with games in Buffalo and Pittsburgh on the dockett.

This game will be yet another defining moment. Will the Dolphins take advantage and take another step forward. Will they shoot themselves in the foot again and fall back with the average.

Tannehill and Wallace have improved together. This O-Line has shown some signs of life. Especially last week. Miller is starting to look like a feature back. The Defense has been borderline dominant.

I guess it's going to come down to how hungry they are. They have been in every game this year, except the Saints and maybe the Pats. So they could have won a lot more. They just couldn't get it together or weren't hungry enough.

I don't want to hear about the weather, the injuries, or the sissy Tard known as Jonathon Martin. There are no excuses at this point(those can be discussed post season). It all comes down to these guys improving AS A TEAM and taking the next step towards respectability.

Sitting at .500 with a playoff chance is as good as it's going to get when it comes to establishing yourself as a legitimate, respectable TEAM!


I'd offer you one of my tickets but 'Meg' is excited about attending her first Dolphins game. Even watched the Jets game with me Sunday while she was sick with the flu and drove to Toronto to be with me and watch that blowout loss against the Saints. Even watched the depressing Monday nighter with me against the Bucs. Guess you could say the girl is hooked!

One could thing about a trip down to Buffalo, Mark.....you can always stop into the 'downer on the way back.

Am I missing something with the weather stuff?

The forecast is for it to be in the 30's with the possibility of a few snow flurries. OH MY GOD! STOP THE PRESSES! CAN HUMAN BEINGS EVEN SURVIVE SUCH CONDITIONS?!?

For Christ's sake, people. Only someone like "Tropical Armando" would think that's a big deal at all.

Craig, I could never take that experience from "Meg" - we need to grow Phins nation!

I plan on making a weekend out of it. Probably stay over at the Falls on the Saturday night - check out the Sundowner on the way there and back!

hahaaa, Tropical Armando!!

One thing about those damn late season games in Buffalo, the way the stadium is situated, it's like a wind tunnel in there. I was at the Thursday night game against the 'phins last year and it wasn't too bad. I was there for the joey Harrington game when he threw for something like 19 yards and a game against the Jets there one time when the girls had to leave before halftime it was so cold that they couldn't take it any more.


Check out some the deals they have with Embassy Suites or through Travelzoo. This time of year you can get a room, a $50 GC to the Keg,a breakfast and a couple of drinks for about $135.

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