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Miami Dolphins notes on an off day

The Dolphins are off today. But you don't get a day off here on this blog.

Here are some random notes from the week so far:

The weather for Pittsburgh on Saturday says snow flurries are possible and that is interesting only in that Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has never played in snow before.

“If it’s snowing I’ve heard it’s not too bad," Tannehill said. "It’s actually nice to play in from the guys just in the locker room talking.  Matt (Moore) played in the snow a few times I think and he said it’s nice, it doesn’t affect the ball and just going out and playing."

The problem for quarterbacks is rarely the snow. The problem is the wind and the freezing rain. Those affect flight and handling of the football.

"Well we practiced wet ball drill today so it’s something that we’re prepared for, if it comes to that," Tannehill said on Wednesday. "Obviously, if you have ideal conditions and you don’t want it to be sleeting.  It’s football, its December football in Pittsburgh and we have to be prepared for whatever comes at us."


Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace is going to be the focus of attention on Sunday. He's obviously returning to play his former Pittsbrugh teammates. And while he has no regrets about his business decision to move on to Miami in free agency, Wallace still lets signs of his nostalgia peek through when he talks.

Asked this week if he misses Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Wallace said, "“Definitely. That’s my guy; it’s not really even about that it's more so just friends. That’s like my big brother. So anytime you play with a guy like that you are automatically going to miss him, but things they happen for a reason. You just take it and roll with it."

Asked about Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin, Wallace said, "That’s my guy, I’ve got a lot of love for Coach Tomlin.  He’s one of the best coaches I ever played for in my life.  Not just as a coach, but as a person and a motivator.  He’s one of the greatest I’ve ever played with, I’m definitely going to have a couple words for him but it’s not just going to be about that.  That’s just an incident that happened on the field, the Soul Train picture was kind of funny though."

Wallace is having dinner Saturday night with some of his former Pittsburgh teammates including Antonio Brown. Wallace said he'd pay.

Brown is Wallace's guy, too.


The Dolphins had three players who did not practice on Wednesday -- John Jerry (concussion), Jamar Taylor (hamstring) and Daniel Thomas (ankle). Of those only Jerry has the best chance to play on Sunday.

The Dolphins will give Jerry a baseline concussion protocol test Friday to see if Jerry can be cleared of his concussion symptoms. If he passes, he'll be cleared for practice and would be on his way to playing Sunday. If he cannot pass, Jerry will have to sit. If Jerry sits look for the team to turn to rookie Sam Brenner to fill the spot.

Brenner started at left guard when Nate Garner had to move to center to fill in for Mike Pouncey.


Cornerback Dimitri Patterson was limited in practice on Wednesday but his is a frustrating situation because the team needs him, the team wants him to practice to prepare for games, but the team needs to limit him as well so he doesn't suffer yet another setback on the groin injury that has plagued him this year. I've counted a minimum of two setbacks this season with that injury.

"You have to figure out, you have to have faith that a player is ready, you have to get players ready to play a game," coach Joe Philbin said. "At the same time gauge their physical preparation for the game but also their mental preparation it’s all kind of tied together.  I don’t know if there’s a magic formula to it, I think you just have to take it on a case by case basis."

Ultimately, Philbin said, the decision to play Patterson or not comes down to what's in the best interest of the team.

With Taylor so far not practicing this week because of his hamstring injury, the Dolphins certainly could use Patterson being able to contribute.

Patterson this year has been able to play in only five games.


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I like the Embassy - been to that keg a few times - nice location overlooking the Falls. usually stay at what used to eb teh Sheridan fallsview a few doors down. That's a good deal, will look into it.

The more I think about it ... steak dinner, drinks, blackjack, poker, lapdances, football, lapdances ... sounds like a good weekend.


I'm skeptical NFL football will ever be a success in Toronto. You can. Blame it on the Bills being a crappy team but the reality is they don't know to do sporting events up right in Toronto, without trying to gouge people. The prices they charge for those games are ridiculous, the stadium atmosphere is a dud and the rules for tailgating are a joke. I talk to Bills fans at the games and none of them have any interest in going to the games in Toronto, to support the team they bleed for.

A team in Toronto is coming but I highly doubt it be successful on and of the field. Too many of the corporate types ruining it for everyone else.

IF you want to throw up a little in your mouth, just say names like Joey Harrington, or Cleo Lemon, or Patrick Cobbs, or David Boston, or Eddie Moore. YUK!

Wait. I always thought hotels in Buffalo paid YOU to stay there after around Thanksgiving. You know, "stay one night and we'll hand you 50 dollars" stay two and get the use of a free rental car (or sled), stay three or more and the psychiatric bills are on us. That sort of thing.

You have to pay THEM?!?


Might be an idea to leave the wife at home...lol.

Garner had 3 pancakes against the jets. One of them being a key block on one of Millers long runs. That was against a supposedly GOOD D-Line.

I was begging for us to sign McKinnie in the off season. Now, with him and Garner on the Left Side, we can see how bad Martin and Cog's we're doing.

Brenner could be another one. When Pouncey was out, Garner moved to Center and Brenner played real well.

Regardless if Jerry passes his concussion test or not, I would consider starting Brenner anyways.

So, back to the unprecedented brutal conditions expected in Pittsburgh Sunday.

Do you guys think if these FLURRIES develop they might just cancel the game for the safety of the players and fans? I know the NFL has gotten really concerned with all the concussion stuff so I have to think FLURRIES wafting gently from the sky would set off alarms and general panic in the league offices.

Also, I have heard that human beings will die within ten minutes when exposed to temperatures below 38 degrees. It is possible I read this in relation to someone being drunk and naked in a lake, but STILL. I am gravely concerned here.

Guys, it is clear this game will never be played. Too dangerous.


The NFL in Toronto would do extremely well just through the corporate participation alone. It would be like all other sports in Toronto though - the common fan will watch from home or the lesser seats.

And yes, the wife is knocked up so she would stay at home. I would never expose my unborn child to the arse of America known as Buffalo.

@ 3:09 ... I would never spend the night in Buffalo unless I'm earning money. I would be spending the night in Niagara which is far enough from Buffalo - and on the Canadian side of course - where the choice huers work.

Odin, did some background work on brenner and his workout results were incredibly impressive. he graded out as well as many guys that were drafted up real high. He had an injury last year in college which I think got him from being drafted but he may be one guy we can develop.

I suppose the refs could just run out on the field and stop play any time there are FLURRIES going on...send the teams into their respective locker rooms until the peril is gone...but wouldn't the stampeding fans seeking shelter from these dangerous, fluffy "frozen droplets" create chaos and possibly thousands of needless deaths?

Also, what to do if the referees are FROZEN TO DEATH by these completely normal for December brutal conditions? If that happens, they will not be able to run onto the field to stop play during FLURRIES because they will be standing there on the sidelines DEAD!!

Mr. Commissioner: STOP THIS GAME!

Steelers - 34
Gold fish - 6


I guess this word 'successful' can have different interpretations. MLSE is a HUGE money maker, not just with their sporting teams but their real estate ventures. They are by far and away the most 'successful' franchise in the NHL.

But I turn to think like a sports fan when judging success. Toronto's hockey team has won the Championship since '67, the Jays haven't made the playoffs since '93. THAT is success to me. I have no doubt the Toronto NFL team will make money. I also have no doubt that it won't have any of the historical significance that teams like the Steelers, Packers and even the Dolphins have achieved.

Not going to disagree with that Craig. You'll wish you have a financial stake in the team, but won't want to watch them ...

sleet = drubbing

Bills fans used to brag that they had the cold weather advantage in their playoff years back in the 1990's. The only advantage they had, and really ever needed, was the fact that they had 4 or 5 first ballot Hall of Famers on the team, to the Dolphins one first ballot Hall of Famer. There was no discernable advantage brought about by weather conditions back then. I've seen the Bills blast Miami in Miami during perfect weather, and I've seen Miami blast Buffalo in Buffalo in winter storm conditions.

And that's it exactly, Mark. They'll never get my support. My love for the 'phins. Runs too deeply.

They could also learn a lot from our neighbours to the South on how to throw an event. Sometimes I think they try too hard.

I've also seen a Jay Fiedler pass go backwards in BUffalo ... noodle arm

Sibera, LOL!! You're killing me, dude!

That was likely the game where Ricky Williams ran for 200+ yards, Miami got a big lead, and then Jim Kelly shows up on Buffalo's sideline like some demented abomidable snowman, and summons a lake effect snow which inspires the Bills to stomp Miami in the second half.

mia, that was the game exactly. Never saw a team lose when teh rb ran for 200+ yards ... only teh Dolphins, only Wannstedt... only noodle armed Fiedler.

Oh, God. THAT game!

I recall it pretty well. Ricky was running wild in the snow (it was already snowing hard by kickoff) but freaking Wannstedt kept calling passes for no discernible reason and the defense (if you can call it that) just totally caved in the second half.

I'm convinced to this day that Ricky would have broken the single game rushing record that day had they simply continued feeding him the ball. He could NOT be stopped and was averaging something absurd like 8 or 9 yards a carry.

Damn Wanny. Thanks a LOT for reminding me of that one!

That was an all world defense and running game at the time with some of the most feeble Qbing. An average season Dan Marino brings that team to teh promised land.

Odin, did some background work on brenner and his workout results were incredibly impressive. he graded out as well as many guys that were drafted up real high. He had an injury last year in college which I think got him from being drafted but he may be one guy we can develop.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 05, 2013 at 03:16 PM

Sam Brenner:

UTAH: Two year starter played both guard and left tackle ... played in 50 of 51 games during his career with 26 starts ... allowed just two sacks total in 25 games as a junior and senior ... signed with Utah in 2008 but did not enroll until January of 2009.

2012-Second-team All-Pac-12 ... started and played in all 12 games ... started the first two games at right guard and the final 10 at left tackle ... allowed just one sack in 743 plays in the 11 games that were graded (season finale against Colorado was not graded) ... 743 plays ranked second on the line ... 13 knockdowns, seven cuts and two pancakes.

2011-Played and started in all 13 games (12 at right guard and one game at tackle) ... second on the line in regular-season plays (716) and `wins' (583), even while playing just 20 snaps in the regular-season finale after a neck injury ... 81% overall grade ... had Utah's best grade in five games: Montana State (88%, tie), USC (89%), BYU (86%), Washington (84%) and Cal (79%, tie) ... allowed only one sack, the fewest on the line.

With an eye towards next season and rebuilding the line, Brenner should get a lot of considerations. He started 14 games at Right Guard and 11 at Left Tackle.

With a playoff shot still alive, I don't know that the Coaches would start him over Jerry. Especially if Jerry's cleared.

In the "Big Picture", Brenner should get every opportunity. Jerry has peaked and we know what we have. Brenner on the other hand is just getting started. He could prove to be a steal and start at Right Guard for years. With his experience, they could also develop him as a back up Tackle(either side apparently).

I haven't watched much tape on Brenner. But from what I have seen, he looks pretty good. Better than Jerry ALREADY, in my honest opinion.

Making the playoffs this year would be awesome. But the real deal is getting the O-Line set for a run next season. With this in mind, I would get Brenner every opportunity I possibly could this year.

breener better not, hes a backup at best. for once actually fix the oline with legit nfl guys

That's quite the resume for Brenner. Wasn't sure he was exactly that polished but not surprised by his versatility given his testing results. I think he's every bit as athletic as Justin Pugh who was a first round pick by the Giants. Brenner is veery strong as evidenced by his 29 reps, his agility results were very good but his explosion test results were excellent. he showed a vertical of 29 inches which was 4th among the rated guards and a broad jump of 8.08 which was 6th among guards. To compare, everyone raved about Johnathan Cooper's athelticism but Brenner had better cone and shuttle results illustrating his superior agility and was just about even on the "explosion" tests (broad and vertical). To his credit though, Cooper is stronger and faster.

Dusty, I don't think anyone is reserving a spot for Brenner but he could be one of these guys that develop from within a steal a job on his own merit...

When Patterson's been healthy, he's played at an elite level. I think it was the game against the Bengals where he was ridiculous-> even completions against him he's right there swiping at the ball. I'm intrigued to see how his future as a Dolphin progresses PROVIDED he can get healthy.


I actually liked Feidler. The game was a gamer and fearless. Now I'm sure guys are going to twist that and make it sound like I said he was a 'franchise' QB or a Hall of Famer. I'm not. I'm saying he was a gamer and up there with Pennington and Tannehill, as best since Marino.

Craig, he was good enough to keep the seat warm in my opinion. Where I got mad at Wannstedt was his insistence that the job belonged to Fiedler. i still have never forgiven Wannstedt for passing over Brees for Fiedler saying jay was a better Qb at the time. yeah, well no shite Sherlock but you do have a duty to the franchise you serve to satisfy the long term needs of the team. We are still paying for that error but hopefully Tannehill becomes good enough that the sting is less painful.

Craig kill ya self for making that comment

Not literally tho, god knows i dont want any 'Bully' charges


Thats very true. I liked Brees coming out of College and I was hopeful we would trade down in the first or up in the second to get him. No such luck.

Fiedler was a bit of game manager but there was good talent on those teams, especially on the defence.

sd traded vick that year for tomlinson and brees

"Asked this week if he misses Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Wallace said, Definitely."

LOL Cause Tannehill stinks.

Feidler was a great athlete and the best QB we had since Marino.

man how awful is that shula

MORONS, 34-6, your names speaks volumns of your knowledge.

Mike, 3250/62%/17 TDs/13 Ints don't stink. His QB rating is ahead of Luck, Flacco, and tied with RG3. Look it up. A typicalyear for Feidler was 2500/ 55%/16TDs/16 INTs. Look tha up too.

RT has thrown for more yard and TDs than Luck or RG3, and has a better comp percentage than those 2 as well. Look it up.

breener better not, hes a backup at best. for once actually fix the oline with legit nfl guys

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 05, 2013 at 04:31 PM


How can he be "a back up at best"?

He's a 23 year old **ROOKIE** that had a stellar collegiate career.

Dusty, you haven't even seen him play. Admit it, you have no idea and definitely NO BASIS for making that assumption.

The fact is, The ROOKIE basically came off the **Practice Squad**, with basically no reps and played quite well.

Brenner is POSITIVELY one guy that should get a fair shake.

"A backup at best".....................?

C'Mon Man - LOL!!!!


T-Fumble is a turnover machine who cant hit the broadside of a barn from 20 ft. And has no pocket presence.

odin wake up man, come on

AtlFin, he's at 62%. higher than RG3 and Luck, with more yards, does that mean the Luck and RG3 an hit the Grand Canyon.

AtlFin, you're show how much you don't know

odin wake up man, come on

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 05, 2013 at 05:18 PM

I'm not sure how that addresses my post Dusty?

You kept telling me the same things about Oliver Vernon last year. When we drafted Jordan, I kept posting about how Vernon looked good and was improving each week.

Address the posts-LOL.

Matt Moore would have us at 10-2 0r 11-1 with our defence.

Steve69 Really I guess Philbin doesn't want to win and keep his job, interesting that you know more.

Hopefully Jordan can develop as quickly as Vernon has.

If this happens it could extend Wake's career. If Jordan and Vernon are legit, Wake can become our Pass Rush specialist.

In addition though, Wake has had mostly an injury free career. He also takes care of his body like no one else. Seriously, he's probably the best in the league(On the planet)in this respect. To me, this means Wake can have a productive career MUCH longer than most. Provided of course he manages to stay injury free.

It's sad really, had Wake made it to the NFL as a rookie, he'd probably be a First Ballot Hall Of Famer by now. Nonetheless, I'd be willing to bet that he has at least 3 more seasons of playing at a Pro Bowl level.

It looks to me like Ireland has delivered 3 monster pass rushers. Two of which he drafted and one he signed as a free agent.

With Tannehill(17 TD's - 13 Int's)on the verge and Clay, Vernon and even Jordan, it's becoming difficult for all the Haters to claim that Ireland hasn't drafted us any Play Makers.

Mike, 3250/62%/17 TDs/13 Ints don't stink. His QB rating is ahead of Luck, Flacco, and tied with RG3. Look it up. A typicalyear for Feidler was 2500/ 55%/16TDs/16 INTs. Look tha up too.

Posted by: jmike | December 05, 2013 at 05:08 PM

Yeah and ?????

Thill's ability to become the franchise QB here is still undecided folks. We should certainlu give him another year, but he needs serious competition from either the draft or FA.

Thill's current output is ok, but it could be a whole lot better.

These guys are all rated above Thill. You constantly compare him to players playing poorly.

You never take an objective look at the whole picture.

1 Nick Foles,
2 Peyton Manning,
3 Russell Wilson,
4 Aaron Rodgers,
6 Philip Rivers,
7 Josh McCown,
8 Tony Romo,
9 Ben Roethlisberger,
10 Sam Bradford,
11 Mike Glennon,
12 Matthew Stafford,
13 Matt Ryan,
14 Colin Kaepernick
15 Jay Cutler,
16 Cam Newton,
17 Tom Brady,
18 Jake Locker,
19 Case Keenum,
20 Andy Dalton,
21 Alex Smith,
22 Robert Griffin III,
23 Carson Palmer,
24 Ryan Tannehill,

Having the 24th rated QB isn't going to get it done is it ? Thill's game will have to drastically improve over the next 4 games or we won't make the playoffs once more.

Marco, I appreciate the argument you're making. You're right about his **RATING** being 24th. But, while you pointed out how others weren't being objective, I think you are guilty as well.


Comp. 9th.

Att. 7th.

Pct. 17th(only 1.5 out of the top 10).

Yards 11th.

TD's 14th(two more would get him in the top 10).

Yards a Game. 12th.

That's a more comprhensive look at Tannehill's numbers. They're not too bad comparitively speaking and/or for a Sophomore. His QB ranking suffers, but I suspect that's mainly because of the number of times he's been sacked.

To me, Grimes is MVP of this Team up to now. Man, Some kind of ridiculous Talent. He's even playing better here than he did in Atlanta.

There is no gene for Racism.

odin is back to feeding the trolls

Posted by: Dolfan Ray | December 05, 2013 at 12:26 PM

Wallace won't even go out on the field and warm up with Gibson (before he got hurt), Hartline and Tannehill. Tannehill goes out every week and throws passes with whomever wants to come out, Wallace says he has his "own pregame rituals to follow".

This guy is just another jackass who puts himself before the team. We witnessed this after the second win when he left the locker room pouting because he wasn't getting the ball.

Time for some of you to stop sticking up for this guys nonsense. Look at his track record this season.

So Wallace is going to hang with his QB and fellow wrs to have some fun, build some camaraderie taking them around Pittsburgh and showing them some fun places to go RIGHT? WRROOONNGGGG he's going to hang out with guys from the other team. Unbelievable. "That's my guy, he's my guy, that's my man", stfu.

Posted by: odinseye | December 05, 2013 at 06:01 PM

Sure. My point is that Thill has a long way to go before he can be called a franchise QB.

Year 3 we will have to see a significant output from him in many areas of his game.

Above all else if after his third year he has similar numbers to this and we sit around the .500 mark with him as QB,we may have to move on.

A young QB within the first 3 rounds is a must for this team. Matt Moore, doesn't look like he will win the job, so we should move on and go get a real challenger to Thill.

This just in:

Craig M is. A. Moron.

I knew Tricia.


Tannehill - 9th.
Dalton - 11th.
Griffin - T - 12th.
Luck - 16th.
Wilson - 19th.


Tannehill - 7th.
Dalton - 13th.
Griffin - 14th.
Luck - 16th.
Wilson - 20th.


Wilson - 7th(He's ATT. and Comp. the least though).
Tannehill - 17th.
Dalton - 19th.
Griffin 21st.
Luck - 31st.


Dalton - 9th.
Tannehill - 11th.
Griffin - 12th.
Luck - 15th.
Wilson - 17th.

Yards a game.

Dalton 10th.
Tannehill - 12th.
Griffin - 13th.
Luck - 21st.
Wilson 23rd.


Dalton - T-6th.
Wilson - T-6th.
Tannehill - 14th.
Luck - T-16th.
Griffin - T-16th.


Wilson - 108.5.
Dalton - 85.1.
Griffin - 83.3.
Tannehill - 83.2.
Luck 82.4.

You can't say Tannehill has turned the world upside down. But I think it's safe to say that Mike Sherman was right in his prediction that Tannehill would be the most improved QB in the NFL.

I don't know how much the sacks affect the QB Rating, but I would LOVE to see Tannehill playing with the kind of time New England gives Brady.

I wasn't even a Tannehill Fan at all. But I'm starting to believe that he can win. I've seen enough to convince me that he can be special with a good Defense, a Good O-Line and a solid run game.

The big knock on him right now is his deep ball accuracy. As true as it is, I believe that it's no coincidence that because of the lack of time his line gives him, this is an area he's had the least work in.

I don't know if he'll ever be "That Guy". But in the Big Picture, I see him being a Helluva a lot better than he is right now. That is, as soon as they fix the O-Line.

Marco I agree with you about competition. But lets put that list in perspective. Throw out every name except Wilson and Foles. Glennon doesn't have enough of a body of work. Couldn't care less where he sits on that list, he was asked to come in and just play, he wasn't and isn't the face of the franchise and their was no tape on him. We will see how he does next season if he starts.

Why throw them out? Because some of them are future hall of famers and most of the rest have been in the legue for multiple years. It's not fair to compare where Tannehill sits on a list without taking that into account.

And while we're at it, how about the worst rushing attack and worst o-line in the league? It's just silly to compare apples to oranges right now. Agreed he has to get better but here's the thing. He actually IS getting better. He needs to keep it up but you have to give the kid credit for overcoming a lot of adversity as well as working on hgis short comings.

Last year we had a laundry list of complaints. He worked on them and dwindled the list to three issues.

Pocket awareness, decision making, and long ball throw accuracy. Every week the first two are getting better, some of the moves he made last week to escape the rush were pretty sweet including the one where he anticipated a hit from behind, shuffled out with two hands on the ball, adjusted the ball while he was running to avoid the strip, and completed a pass. It's not a fluke, he's working to get better. And I guarantee you he will spend the off season working the long ball with Hartline and Wallace (if Wallace isn't too busy with his friends in Pittsburgh). Hopefully it will pay off for next season.

But yes, competition is a must, I'm all for the Ron Wolfe approach.

Agreed oscar, they have to resign him. Hopefully Jeff is gone because he will low ball the guy or lose him somehow and then tell us how much faith he has in Jamar Taylor just like he did when they let Bush walk. "Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas are going to turn heads, Thomas will have a great season if he can stay on the field".

Yes. It's a pretty Young team.

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