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Miami Dolphins notes on an off day

The Dolphins are off today. But you don't get a day off here on this blog.

Here are some random notes from the week so far:

The weather for Pittsburgh on Saturday says snow flurries are possible and that is interesting only in that Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has never played in snow before.

“If it’s snowing I’ve heard it’s not too bad," Tannehill said. "It’s actually nice to play in from the guys just in the locker room talking.  Matt (Moore) played in the snow a few times I think and he said it’s nice, it doesn’t affect the ball and just going out and playing."

The problem for quarterbacks is rarely the snow. The problem is the wind and the freezing rain. Those affect flight and handling of the football.

"Well we practiced wet ball drill today so it’s something that we’re prepared for, if it comes to that," Tannehill said on Wednesday. "Obviously, if you have ideal conditions and you don’t want it to be sleeting.  It’s football, its December football in Pittsburgh and we have to be prepared for whatever comes at us."


Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace is going to be the focus of attention on Sunday. He's obviously returning to play his former Pittsbrugh teammates. And while he has no regrets about his business decision to move on to Miami in free agency, Wallace still lets signs of his nostalgia peek through when he talks.

Asked this week if he misses Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Wallace said, "“Definitely. That’s my guy; it’s not really even about that it's more so just friends. That’s like my big brother. So anytime you play with a guy like that you are automatically going to miss him, but things they happen for a reason. You just take it and roll with it."

Asked about Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin, Wallace said, "That’s my guy, I’ve got a lot of love for Coach Tomlin.  He’s one of the best coaches I ever played for in my life.  Not just as a coach, but as a person and a motivator.  He’s one of the greatest I’ve ever played with, I’m definitely going to have a couple words for him but it’s not just going to be about that.  That’s just an incident that happened on the field, the Soul Train picture was kind of funny though."

Wallace is having dinner Saturday night with some of his former Pittsburgh teammates including Antonio Brown. Wallace said he'd pay.

Brown is Wallace's guy, too.


The Dolphins had three players who did not practice on Wednesday -- John Jerry (concussion), Jamar Taylor (hamstring) and Daniel Thomas (ankle). Of those only Jerry has the best chance to play on Sunday.

The Dolphins will give Jerry a baseline concussion protocol test Friday to see if Jerry can be cleared of his concussion symptoms. If he passes, he'll be cleared for practice and would be on his way to playing Sunday. If he cannot pass, Jerry will have to sit. If Jerry sits look for the team to turn to rookie Sam Brenner to fill the spot.

Brenner started at left guard when Nate Garner had to move to center to fill in for Mike Pouncey.


Cornerback Dimitri Patterson was limited in practice on Wednesday but his is a frustrating situation because the team needs him, the team wants him to practice to prepare for games, but the team needs to limit him as well so he doesn't suffer yet another setback on the groin injury that has plagued him this year. I've counted a minimum of two setbacks this season with that injury.

"You have to figure out, you have to have faith that a player is ready, you have to get players ready to play a game," coach Joe Philbin said. "At the same time gauge their physical preparation for the game but also their mental preparation it’s all kind of tied together.  I don’t know if there’s a magic formula to it, I think you just have to take it on a case by case basis."

Ultimately, Philbin said, the decision to play Patterson or not comes down to what's in the best interest of the team.

With Taylor so far not practicing this week because of his hamstring injury, the Dolphins certainly could use Patterson being able to contribute.

Patterson this year has been able to play in only five games.


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A young QB within the first 3 rounds is a must for this team. Matt Moore, doesn't look like he will win the job, so we should move on and go get a real challenger to Thill.

Posted by: Marco | December 05, 2013 at 06:24 PM

Point taken. I also believe that you should draft a QB practically every year. As good as Tannehill might be, you never know when the next Marino comes down the pipe. Just check out Nick Foles. I don't know if he's for real........YET. But he sure looks like it.

Quarterbacks, like Pass Rushers, you can never have enough good ones. I probably wouldn't use a high pick, but I would be looking for a sleeper in the upcoming draft.

Sacks don't affect QB rating. I remember Marino mentioning that because he almost always threw the ball away before getting sacked, which is an incompletion, which is obviously not good

Phins78 feeding Marco troll.

Isn't Phins78 the guy always telling others to ignore the trolls?

"That's my guy, he's my guy, that's my man", stfu.

Posted by: Phins78 | December 05, 2013 at 06:24 PM

Oooooooooouch! Look at Phins 78 being HARSH on Wallace-LOL!

The whole thing made me sick too. Maybe if Wallace was putting up better numbers and we were above .500 it **MIGHT BE** different.

As is........I don't like it.

Who knows though? If he catches 3 TD's and we win with a Blow Out, I won't even remember.

Me either Odinseye. But I don't see it happening. I see a quiet day from the 'me first' guy.

Wallace is immature and really needs veteran leadership.

Philbin hasn't shown that he has much control over this team to be honest and Thill is still learning how to become a leader.

The fact he talks up his game and his love for his former team just makes him look misguided and immature.

We have signed this guy long-term and to big money, he really needs to have some management and guidance from the Dolphins.

Wallace is of course responsible for his mouth, but so are his head coach and QB. How much they have said to him, we can only guess, but its not the best move allround.

Im sure the Steelers may not be not happy with the dinner also, as its not the best move night before the game for them.

Phins78 feeding Marco troll.

Isn't Phins78 the guy always telling others to ignore the trolls?

Posted by: Some people never learn | December 05, 2013 at 06:49 PM

You just made the same comment about me. The thing is, check out Marco's posts. He's talking football in a respectful, adult manner.

If you did the same, the Troll Problem would take care of itself.

Know what I mean...................?

How about this, I know it's early but hear me out.

Can you imagine if Rex gets fired in NY and the Phins signed him as our defensive coordinator?

I've been putting some thought into it and I can't imagine a more perfect marriage than one between a hard nosed aggressive defensive minded coach like Ryan and the stoic steady cerebral (except last week when he was screaming so loud at the ref his face turned red) Philbin with Mike Sherman as the middle guy. Sherman is a bit of a mix of both guys.

Seriously! Holy crap I would be ecstatic. Ryan would get our defense to play with a chip on their shoulders and they could be the strength of the team again while the young guys on offense grow again.

Sorry, Coyle is a great guy but Ryan is an obvious upgrade. Unfortunately Ross' major downfall is his loyalty to his employees. Fine in the business world, shortsighted and misguided in the NFL. ROSS HAS TO CHANGE THIS FLAW IN HIS DEALINGS WITH HIS STAFF.

HEY STUPID!,Yes You,it's the QB Eh?


Nelson Mandela.

Not grow again, grow some more.

Why the hate for Wallace? Football players haven't changed, only the medium used to express themselves have. Internet, Twitter, and Espn.

Let's stick with internet, for the sake of Wallace's comments some here do not like. Before internet, there was not Armando blog or Herald.com. To even know of Wallace's comments you would need a subscription to Miami Herald or other So Fla newspaper.

Anyway, I see no problem with what he said. Just glad some of the posters here are not god. If the were, we would go to hell for not tying our shoe laces perfectly enough.

odin, don't be such a sucker. He is baiting you. Check out his posts last night and the night before and the night before. He pretends to talk football until he suckers in his pray. Like he has with you.

Pay attention.

Odinseye I don't talk to people like that anymore. Waste of time. But you hit the nail on the head. If someone is having a respectful adult debate I'm all in.

I don't know Marco as a troll because I don't hang out in here 24/7 nor do I read every single post that was written in my absence, again, big waste of time. If that person knows Marco as a troll it's on him to ignore the guy. WTF does that have to do with me? lmao

This place never disappoints. If you ever want to read some dumb a#@ posts you need look no further than Dolphins in Depth.

Beyond the stats what remains to be seen from T-hill is IF he can rise up to the level of good QB's in this league and win against the best. Everyone knows this is a big game come Sunday...he came out last week in a big game and shredded the Jets with medium and short passes. Can he do the same against the Steelers and help us win the game? ...for me that's what I'm looking for in a QB... can take his game to another level in big games? and play with the best? Like he said wins are the stat that Tannehill likes most....me too.

Phins 78,

I agree there has been improvement on the pocket awareness and decision making in the last few weeks.

Thill has held onto the ball well and has been very accurate short to intermediate throws.

He has the remaining games and the off-season to work on this part of his game. Wallace will be a big part of this, but Hartline, Clay and Matthews have gone deep too and could and should help the O for the remainder of the year.

Thill's fellow 2-3 year starters are having mixed fortunes too. I guess there are 4 of them heading to the playoffs, so maybe we put him amongst those players too ?


In regards to QB Ratings. I found this, but I'm still not sure if it's the "QBR" or the "Total QBR".

• Fumbles on sacks are now not solely assigned to the quarterback. They are divided with the offensive line in the same way that sacks are divided with the offensive line. A number of fumbles on sacks come from hits that a QB could do little to avoid, so dividing responsibility on the fumble should be consistent with the way sacks are treated.

I'll be looking further(I'm bored). Anybody.........?

And if Marco becomes disrespectful as this person thinks he will it will be time to ignore him.

Or is he asking us to ignore him because he himself had a problem with Marco? I don't know where this is going, all very confusing! hahaha

Funny thing is, Marco hasn't said one of color thing to me, not one.

Yet the guy calling him a troll used a condescending sign in to teach us a lesson on how we should act toward HIS enemy while lying about what "I'm always telling people".

F$#@ing priceless. I'm out.

Im sure the Steelers may not be not happy with the dinner also, as its not the best move night before the game for them.

Posted by: Marco | December 05, 2013 at 06:52 PM

Unless Wallace slips something in their drinks that will give them MASSIVE Hangovers.

On second thought, Wallace should watch out. I'm SURE "His Guy" has some of the Date Rape(GHB)drugs readily available.

Just Saying................

Probably Marco, we're on the same page. Good talking to you. Peace people.

Well, that's fumbles Odin. Not just sacks. Sacks, I'm fairly certain don't affect qbr. At least not the old school one...fumbles are bad though, and I'll even admit he's been better as of late

Wallace has progressed as an overall receiver, and the only reason it seems he's regressed as a deep threat is because Tannehill keeps missing him on long throws. I still don't think he is a great receiver, but he's getting better and that's attributed to our coaching staff.

Phins 78

Rex Ryan has put out some really great defenses over the years.

I guess it depends on how we finish the season on D.

If we make the playoffs and the D plays well, then Coyle may make the cut ?

However if we can't stop Ben, Brady, Emanuel and ????
then he may well get the blade to the neck.

Rex and Rob are both great D co-ordinators that get the most from their teams. With the talent we have on D we could be dangerous !!!


Wallace should take Philbin as a chaperone.

Phins 78,

Have a good one.

I would be FINE with Rex Ryan as our Defensive Coordinator.

They(He and his Brother Rob)basically teach the same type of Defense Daddy taught in Chicago and Philly. I never liked the type of people they seem to be, but that matters not. We're talking football and they teach it just the way I like it!

I also believe that we have some excellent personel to carry out Rex Ryan's type of Defense. I have nothing against Coyle at this point. But like you Phin 78, I see Ryan as an upgrade.

Actually, speaking of the new rating RT is rated 26th...impressive?



I've been really tough on Thill and I do expect more, however did you see his improvement in his game against the Jets ?

Im not talking about the deep ball of course as I've made my point clear on this and I think we are both agreed here.

Stats are great for fantasy football but I'd rather have a gamer that can win the tough games and play their best. Not many people picked the Phins to win or gave the Phins a chance last week....but guys on this team didn't hear a word of it and had a great game. O. Vernon, T-hill, Hartline, Wallace, Clay, Grimes...to name a few.

Dude, it was the Jets!
He's never passed for 4TDs in a game. 3 ONCE with 2INTs and a fumble.

I don't care about yards. Score points!

That game last year he passed for 400. A single TD


Nice post at 7:08. I see this as another "Defining Moment".

We know whats at stake. We know what we have to do. So, sitting at .500 with one playoff slot up for grabs, it's "Showtime".

What makes it even more interesting too me is the fact that this is a game we can win. It won't take any miracles or anything like that. All we have to do is go in and play 4 complete quarters like we're capable of. Avoid the big mistakes, don't shoot ourselves in the foot and we can take this game from them.

If we do we send a message and we're right in the thick of things. If not, everybody sees the same old Dolphins and it's back to the drawing board.

We've done all that, over and over again. One step forward, two steps back. It's time, it's now or never. We've overcame all kinds of adversity this season. So I see NO reasons why we can't go into Pittsburgh and dominate them the way we're capable of.

The Steelers have played pretty well the past few weeks. But overall this year they have been reeling with their own problems. Their Offensive Line is decimated with injuries and their defense isn't far behind. I think their run game is like 31st. The jags are the only ones worse. So we should be able to make them one dimensional and send Wake, Vernon and Jordan after Big Ben from the start.

We should be able to win this game! PERIOD!

I've been really tough on Thill and I do expect more, however did you see his improvement in his game against the Jets ?

Im not talking about the deep ball of course as I've made my point clear on this and I think we are both agreed here.

Posted by: Marco | December 05, 2013 at 07:31 PM

I think it was TWO things and both can be attributed to the Offensive Line. Better Pass Blocking and better Run Blocking.

The Pass Blocking was big, but the combination of that and the run game was huge! It was a peek at how good Tannehill can be when he has the advantage of the play action passing. I even saw him using the fake pump.

Making the playoffs would be great. But I really want to see the O-Line fixed. If they get the O-Line fixed we have the offensive personel and the defense to do some serious damage!


I agree with your point on points.

However not having that big power back scre.ws us time after time in the redzone and it did twice against the Jets.

We left at least 11 points not being able to get a yard from in close. Yes Thill has concerns in the clutch and scoring up close, but how much of that is on Sherman.

Those passes that go underneath the endzone or, first down makers have hurt us all year. Sadly we don't have the WR's that can break tackles that well. Clay is 29th on YAC, Wallace and Hartline are out the top 50.

Sherman and Philbin have to take a massive part in those pathetic calls that take the underneath stuff to come up short. Thill does deserve another year though my friend, no ?

I don't know what Sherman can do to make him see WRs open downfield as they have been all year

I don't know what Sherman can do to make him hit those open WRs when he does see them...

Posted by: odinseye | December 05, 2013 at 07:44 PM

Yeah the line has shown over the last two games that it's stepped up.

RI and Martin haven't been missed too be honest. Garner and McKinnie have been an upgrade it seems. Im sure the coaches wont give up on Sam B and neither should they. As we have shown a high draft pick, doesn't mean diddly Poo when it comes to success as an o-lineman for our team in recent years.

odinseye...right on we should win period. These Steelers aren't the same old Steelers. Ben is playing well now but The Oline is in bad shape, the RB's are average and the defense is more like aluminum foil than a steel curtain.

It seems to me that Sherman stubbornly prefers to run the ball in the end zone when we are inside the 10 as I believe he thinks it's less risky. But this has also proven ineffective and puts extra pressure on the passing game to be in a position to have to score a TD when all the defense is bunched in tight.

Sherman cant make chicken salad out of chicken chit.

TannePuke has a decent completion pct because he dinks and dunks all short passes.


Maybe my friend its more on Thill than Sherman, Im not sure. Of course Thill runs the offense, drops back and looks over the field before the throw.

However watching games you see a large majority of 3rd downs with 6-10 yards Thill goes to those quick 4-7 passes and the reciever is stopped in his tracks.

These look like Shermans calls that over-ride other options. Sure Thill has so much work to be done and I don't know if he can raise his game, which I agree has to happen.

On the missed chances yes this has to improve too, he has big problems with deep ball accuracy. Again though Im putting Sherman and Philbin in the line of fire for the play-calling.

Overall though yes, Thill has to get better. If by early year 3 our current QB hasn't improved, then we go to the next option. A rookie early round ppick at QB makes sense.

I don't care about yards. Score points!

That game last year he passed for 400. A single TD

Posted by: Marc | December 05, 2013 at 07:34 PM

Granted, everybody knows we have to score more points to be competitive. But thats not ALL on Tannehill. The **TEAM** needs to score more points.

Tannehill was extremely raw in my opinion and this is just his second year. His progress is obvious.

Put a good to great offensive line in front of him and you'll start to see a lot of performances like we did last week against the jets.

I think the first half of the game last week is a perfect example of the point your making. We out gained them something like 4 to 1. But WE didn't score the points. Again, thats not ALL on Tannehill. With the run game working and good pass protection in the 2nd half we did start to score points. We could have scored more too except we got a little conservative when we started trying to burn the clock.

It was a microcosim of progress. It's what things will look like when we get the O-Line settled and Tannehill gets a little confidence IN THEM and the run game.

It's not all on Tannehill though. That's my take anyways...............

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | December 05, 2013 at 08:09 PM

Maybe a chicken Shitzell then ???


They can't even mention Henne's name or show his picture on the pregame?
Today is Henne's 16th start with Jacksonville, he has passed for 4400 yds and 17 TDs since he's been there.
With a bunch of scrubs.

I've been defending Thill too long now, Im not used to it.

Ta ta.

It's the QB stupid Eh?

The only thing that matters is that we've gone well over a decade without a playoff win.

Measure the other stats, contort them as you wish. We are still a loser team, if not a national embarrassment.

Posted by: Point | December 05, 2013 at 08:22 PM


Wins is the only stat that matters. Why you gossip queens babble on all day everyday about minutia is so childish. You are like teenage girls.

I'm hoping wet weather doesn't enhance Tannehill's fumblitis issues.

Just checked the Dolphins In Depth Fantasy league and I'm against Exposing The Fraud this week. He has started Chad Henne over Drew Brees. I don't know of a universe where you would ever do that but you have to admire his conviction and dedication to his idol Chad Henne.


13 play 80 yd drive, TD pass to open game.

Henne always plays big on Nat'l TV.

It's just annoying hearing people jump up and down for joy over average/mediocre performances/records/stats

The dude isn't setting the record books/division/conference on fire

Sure, the whole team stinks, but, he's part of the problem

I like splitting Irish Oak more than I like splitting you but tonight I will make an exception.
Tonight I am wearing my #7 Phins Jersey
Tonight I am drinking ( I got permission before hand for drinking off-schedule).

Posted by: Marc | December 05, 2013 at 08:43 PM

Ok Marc we get it, you hate Tannehill. Got anything else Dolphins related you want to discuss?

I like splitting Irish Oak more than I like splitting you but tonight I will make an exception.
Tonight I am wearing my #7 Phins Jersey
Tonight I am drinking ( I got permission before hand for drinking off-schedule).
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | December 05, 2013 at 08:45 PM

I never understand that comment which ever alias you say it under? You're weird, but I give you props for starting Henne over Brees you crazy SOB.

Darkoak @ 8:42

I'm in 3 fantasy leagues, I have as QB's Peyton, Brady, Brees.
All 3 are on the bench while Henne starts, I swear to God.


Should we trade Tanny for Henne?

I hope you don't play for money, lol.

I don't "hate" anyone...I just want a better QB and anything else about the team is irrelevant until there's a real QB.


I have to constantly remind you not to feed the trolls. Do you still not know that ETF is Cadillac, PriceMaster,SMF, BackDoor, LoadSwallower?

You are god awful dumb. You contribute to the blogs demise with your constant patronization of sheer losers.

You can be judged by the company you keep.

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