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Dolphins vs Jets: PFF and Salguero review

The grades from tape review are in and the Dolphins predictably looked as good on tape and scored highly in the grade category for this week's ProFootballFocus review as they did on the field.

As always, I offer you PFF's assessment and add my commentary and insight.



Lamar Miller handled 65 of 82 snaps, clearly claiming lead-dog duties with Daniel Thomas sidelined. Miller ran into the Jets’ brick wall when running up the middle, recording 16 yards on 8 totes. On his 14 other carries, running either right or left, he totaled 56 yards.

Salguero: The Dolphins were a right-hand running team this game. Miller, for example, collected 54 of his yards 77 yards running to the right side.

Four of Mike Gillislee’s nine snaps came late in the fourth quarter as the Dolphins were killing the clock.

Dion Sims (45 snaps) and Michael Egnew (27 snaps) played the majority of their snaps in the second half as the Dolphins ran the ball with a lead.

Ryan Tannehill was 0-for-4 on passes 20+ yards down the field, as he did not need to go deep to beat the Jets. He was, however, 7-of-8 on passes that went 10-19 yards.

Salguero: Tannehill missed an open Brian Hartline deep down the left sideline. It would have been a TD. This QB's inability to connect deep is no longer a coincidence. It is a fact we've seen time and again over two seasons now.

Tannehill threw an interception when he was blitzed, but overall, went 8-for-11 for 134 yards when the Jets sent pressure. 

Brian Hartline did a lot of his damage against rookie Dee Milliner, catching four of nine targets for 54 yards.

Mike Wallace caught four of five targets for 28 yards when matched up with Antonio Cromartie. His two longest plays, though, came against Dee Milliner (28-yard TD) and Demario Davis (21-yard catch and run).

Salguero: Milliner was benched in the third quarter. This is not the first time he's been benched this season. The No. 9 overall selection for the Jets is not picking the Rex Ryan defense up very well, not tackling well and looking nothing like the player he was at Alabama.

Charles Clay terrorized Demario Davis and Dewan Landry on Sunday, catching six of his seven passes against them for 63 of his 80 yards.

Salguero: You didn't hear much from the Miami offensive line, did you? That's what a good day sounds like. They should be anonymous. When you hear their names, bet that bad things are happening. LT Bryant McKinnie, who had his worst game of the season according to PFF last week, had his second-best day as a Dolphin versus the Jets. Nate Garner and Tyson Clabo also got positive grades. RG John Jerry and C Mike Pouncey got negative overall grades. Pouncey was downgraded mostly because of his run-blocking. But I must say, Pouncey did a masterful job of getting the Dolphins into the right blocking schemes and perhaps PFF doesn't consider that when grading the center.


After playing his most snaps of the season last week, Dion Jordan was back at 19 snaps out of a possible 55 plays. He played sparingly until the final quarter of the game.

Salguero: The Dolphins are going to have to figure something out that makes better use of Jordan going forward. Obviously, it's up to him to beat out either Olivier Vernon or Cameron Wake for more playing time. But he needs the opportunities to make plays because when granted such opportunities, he usually makes an impact.

Will Davis played the first 13 snaps of his NFL career. First, he spelled Nolan Carroll when Carroll left briefly with an injury. Then, he came in during garbage time.

Carroll was the most picked on cornerback for the Dolphins in a game that didn’t see them tested much. Carroll gave up four catches on six targets for 34 yards.

Dannell Ellerbe had one not so good play in coverage; a missed tackle on the 20-yard screen to Bilal Powell. But, he had one good play in coverage; tracking back on Greg Salas and intercepting a Geno Smith pass.

Salguero: The Dolphins had three sacks against the Jets, but that wasn't the entire story of their pressure on the QBs. Miami also had three QB hits and 12 hurries of Geno Smith and Matt Simms.

Salguero: The Dolphins defense did not have a penalty all game.


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no defensive penalty is amazing.
Ellerbe looks quick, but loses grip on tackles for loss.
defense overall play fast, really fast.
I sure felt like I saw Dion J out there more than that...maybe because he was involved in many of those plays?
with more pocket comfort, Tanny will find the open, deep receivers..its coming. keep progressing.
RT looked good in the pocket, moving around, stepping up, running when needed to, throwing the ball away.
Gillislee looked good too. anxious to see more.
Miller when he heads up, then cuts out and around is so fast..need a lot more of those plays...ill take 4-5 yards/play any day.
Go Fins

Thigpen & ST got it going too...
beat up Jets in all 3 phases.
really disappointed last couple of weeks with returns.

apparently "philbins extra time in ST mttgs" is paying off?

field position is a huge part of every game. coupled with limited penalties.

keep it clean, get the win.

Gotta feel like if Ryan isn't getting anything out of Milliner, then it's on Ryan as a coach. Man was a beast at Alabama.

... What to do about Tannehill and the long ball? Improves with confidence in himself and in his OL?

Dee Milliner's struggles are not a surprise. Ryan Swope killed him last year and in the combine outher than a good 40 time, he has poor.

Sooner or later RT, Sherman and Philbin will have to get the deep ball issues fixed. Your offensive can't win you games against the better NFL teams without a deep threat. From what I've seen RT's deep balls float and have very little zip on them. The majority of those passes have been underthrown, which would suggest RT may have perception issues with the recievers the deeper the passes go, or the arm strength and accuracy can't work together on those types of throw. Either way, its a problem that will have to be sorted quickly otherwise opposing defences will play up close and flood the short zone with defenders, making the shorter passes harder to complete. The Jets secondary was the worst we have faced this season and the tackling was awful, so the RT stats looked good. RT has a great short to intermediate arm, but the long yardage situations 15 yards plus require a QB to put the ball deep for victory. Not sure if RT can get by as a franchise QB without this ability, ok Montana did it, but then RT is no Joe Cool.

Anderson. The line blocked well against the Jets in pass protection as it did against the Panthers for most of the game. It may be a case of having to play with what we have. This means that Tannehill will have to be a great game manager, much like Chad Pennington was. Very accurate passer, RT has more spedd than Chad, he has more zip on those short passes and nice touch to backs out of the backfield. His turnover rate has been very low recently and he looks to have improved his pocket awareness and is stepping up nicely. With a strong running back from the draft and another CB to replace the much injured Patterson we can compete with the Pats for years to come. You don't always need to have a cannon arm to win the big one. Montana, Phil Simms, Greise all had poor accuracy deep. We may have to get players that can break tackles and hold onto Tannehill's accurate balls.

Something that needs saying ...is nobody that I've read on here ever sees the good Jeff Ireland has done they only want to focus on the negatives.........they need to look @ the overall big picture...............I can say the same with everyone on the team ........so called fans on here do nothing but focuson tthe negatives.........it gets kinda real old ......not counting this blog because I didn't even read the comments.....out of the fact itsevery single blog where people make comments........very very old.........

Tannehill might as well throw the ball to Sherman's booth on deep passes. He has 0 chance to connect on either

Highlander, RT is not planting his feet correctly for the deep throw and is arming the ball too much. Very few QBs can throw deep accurately without planting their feet. some of this is the offensive line but some of it is pocket awareness. too many times THill looks supprised by the pressure and doesnt slide with his feet positioned in avoiding it. He has to learn the slide step to allow his back foot to stay planted and his front aiming where he is throwing. I believe he has the arm strength but his footwork is sloppy under pressure which prevents him from exposing the blitz for deep bombs. His footwork improves with designed roll outs but pocket footwork definately is lacking.

Defense was awesome offense was just good enough not sure how Jets won 5 games or beat the Pats but we get one more shot at the Pats lets see if coaches can make adjustments for a change and get us into the postseason.

Highlander, all very good points.

Gallup, that sounds like better QB coaching could help Tannehill. He seems like a hard worker and reasonably bright - I'm sure he *wants* to learn. I don't even know who the QB coach is for the team. Room for improvement there?

I agree with Gallup, RT has the arm, but his footwork is not there yet. This is something Peyton works on all the time to perfect. I think RT needs to put that kind of work into that aspect of his game this offseason. He should get a QB coach and do nothing but work on footwork.

The other concerning issue about RT is 4th qtr TDs. That can't become a pattern if we're ever to become more than mediocre. Since most games are won in the 4th qtr, having the ability to score then is essential. Those are the 2 biggest issues with RT right now for me. While I think he needs the offseason to work on the footwork issue, he can try and fix the scoring issue in the last 4 games.

Anderson, agreed.

QB coach is believed to be Sherman's son in law. Zac Taylor. He had no NFL playing experience, and no coaching experience until getting this job when Philbin came here and hired a staff.

So when is the coaching staff going to figure out they need bigger targets in the red zone. I know TE's Sims & Egnew are unknown commodities but they have to utilize them so Tannehill has some easier throws.

Sims and Egnew are imposing figures and make great targets. Love to see Egnew get more passes

ever notice when Egnew run blocks and he busts thru the B/C gap he's all alone...if miller would just follow him, it would appear he would have a huge gain.

is Egnew blowing up the line? or are defenders just not respecting him?

As i said i think RT need to throw to a spot downfield and let the reciever go to spot. it looks like RT is trying so hard to connect that he is throwing to the player. Need to trust his receivers to be there and just throw. Overall good game but less see what they do next weekend they have to stop playing one good game one bad and put a few good games together.

Tannehill underthrowing deep is becoming a "deep issue" with this offense. Could it be as simple as simply an optical issue? Could it be that Tannehill simply has undiagnosed near sightedness?

We could only hope the deep ball issue is as close as a pair of corrective contact contact lense. If I were the Dolphins, right now I would be willing to try anything, including a trip to the optometrist for one Ryan Tannehill.

Griese had a "vision problem", once corrected, it ensured a tripped to Canton's Hall Of Fame.


How do you top off 65 days on workers comp? With another 33 days.


Not sure if we beat Pitt or NE. Prior to the season I identified 3 games we had to win to make postseason:

2 down 1 to go.

Bob Griese had vision issues. Once corrected, it ensured his trip to the Hall o Fame. Could Tannehill's deepball problems simply be a "near-sighted issue"?

At this point, the Dolphins staff should be willing to try anything. Including a trip to a leading optometrist for our one Ryan "I can not see far away" Tannehill. Contact lenses pleazzzz!

Goggles > contact Lenses

..Baracus..In the zone scheme sometimes the fullback is not a lead blocker like you would see in a power scheme. There are free rushers that have to be accounted for on the backside of the play. A lot of moving parts. It isn't always man on man..

So You may see the fullback kicking out on the b gap, and the guard is the lead blocker up through the c gap..The running back then has an option of what cutback lane is open for his liking...In theory anyway.

So sometimes Egnew looks lost..Who is he blocking?? I have made this claim..After review. I may have been wrong and it was the design of the play. I don't think they would keep him in there if he was continually blowing blocking assignments. What I have noticed is that teams started blowing him up..The Bucs started this, the Chargers did it, the Panthers did it. The jets...Nope. For 3 weeks the Egnew experience looked like it should be scrapped.

Perhaps that is why we saw Clay lined up at fullback more then usual last week?

...@ 12:17...Not always the lead blocker.

ETF, make the most of the time off...

Yep, they win one of the next two, I think they have every reason to believe playoffs. Personally I think this one is the easier get.

As far as Pouncey having negative grade on running plays. Pouncey has never over impressed me with his straight on run blocking. He's an above average pass protector and an EXCELLENT run blocker on PULLING PLAYS.

Seems Pouncey has always been AVERAGE at best on straight ahead run plays.

Anderson & Gallup, yes RT's footwork is still a work in progress it seems. Those deep throws he doesn't seem to get set. The best throw deep I've seen him make this season was the deep ball to Gibson and the long throw to Wallace against the Bengals that was called for PI. Once he can improve on those and gain more confidence in his play he may take over as the King QB of the AFC East once Brady has retired in 2-3 years ? Maybe next year with the addition of a big powerful RB that can break tackles, we can use play-action and present a balanced attack.

The Dolphins are 6-6 with four games left. One game is against a very good Patriot team while the other three games are against below average teams.

This team could easily make the playoffs and even win a game if their opponent is weak. They would probably get humiliated if they play New England or Denver in the playoffs.

There are those on this site who see the Dolphins as an up and coming team. There are those that see a continued .500 level team with questionable talent throughout the organization from the GM down to the rookie kicker.

Overall the team is about like it's record -- too many flaws and questions to leave much hope for future greatness unless major changes are made.


The run defense is fast becoming a joke. And this is after major investments in the DL and LB units. With two DT playing for new contracts, this is a concern to say the least.

The pass defense is very inconsistent. Sometimes it looks solid and sometimes it is a joke too.

The kicking game: Fields is great and Sturgis is fast becoming a bust.

The offense. Ugh. It's one of the worst in the league. The OL is horrid. Their best WR leads the league in drops.

The fourth quarter TD drought now stands at eight games - half a season without scoring a TD in the 4th quarter.

The Dolphins have yet to score more than 27 points in a game this season as well.

Coaching has been a problem all season, especially the lack of adjustments that good teams are able to make at will.

The GM does not draft well and does not sign quality FA. Even worse, he focuses way too much on players with injury histories to fill critical positions. He neglects team needs to focus on team strengths resulting in a mis-built team.

The Dolphins are a long way from being elite. Apart from changing the GM, it's difficult to imagine things improving much going forward.

...I think the Phins catch a huge break playing Pitt after the Raven game. I know they get the extra days of rest. And if there is any team in the league that can use it. The Steelers are that team..

They are 4 in the league as far as players on IR..Their offensive line is in Shambles. Their sarting running back almost had his head removed from his body, and is probably doubtful for Sunday. They are a mess..

The Phins have a great opportunity to win this game. The Phins should win this game. I think a lot of fans are getting cold feet because the name Pittsburg Steelers is much scarier then Miami Dolphins..What I mean is that this is a game that by pedigree alone we are supposed to lose..

Not this year..The Steelers are bad, the Steelers are banged up..I think if this team is really a playoff caliber team..This is a game that should be a win.

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darryldunphy if this Dolphins team I now ready to strap up the bootlaces and play CONSISTENT football, in ALL phases of the game, this team has a chance against ANY opponent they play.

The terrible INCONSISTECIES have been the chief spirit that have plagued and haunted this team all season, not the opponent. We've really only been beaten ONCE this entire season. That was against the Saints.

All of the rest of our loses, we did far more to beat ourselves than our opponents did to us.

is now

This defense is going to have to be on point this week. This is the biggest game the Dolphins have played since 2008. I know, I know - a 6-6 team against a 5-7 team doesn't look to be big, but we need to see if this team can beat a pretty good team (better than their record shows) on the road when they have to have it.

Sam I Am - u hit it right on the head. Baltimore, Buffalo, Carolina - all games this team shoudl have won - last year - Arizona, the Jets the first time,etc. - it seems like this team has given away more games than they have won over the past two years.

This current Dolphins team could be extremely great once we learn to get out of our own way!

Dion Jordan only played 19 snaps. What a waste of the 3rd pick in the draft. You just don't use the 3rd pick in the draft on what is the strongest part of your team.
And don't blame the coaches on Tanne's inability to be accurate with deep passes. Matt Moore has the same coaches, and probably had worse coaches before this staff took over, and he has no problems throwing deep.
Tanne's good with the dink and dunk stuff, and taking off and running every now and then. That's about all he'll ever be. If he can cure the turnover issue that may be good enough.

DD @ 12:40, see it the same way too. Big Ben is having a great year but he can't make up for everything. The Dolphins are a better team and should be catching teh Steelers on a physical and emotional low.

Well said Sam, only 1 team dominated us and that wass Saints in New orleans where they dominate everybody. we lose by our own errors and that includes the play calling.

all our games are decided by 1 score.

More Dion Jordan!! You don't have to play him exclusively at DE - they did that against Carolina and that is why he got more snaps. Given Big Ben's penchant for moving around - Dion should be in there too - his closing speed is crazy!!

Posted by: MassDolphan | December 03, 2013 at 01:04 PM

Who should sit Vernon or Wake?

There's an old football saying you can never have to many pass rushers. Jordan was a great pickup.

"Ryan Tannehill was 0-for-4 on passes 20+ yards down the field"


im scared J.I. is gonna use DJ to low-ball Cam. Cam needs to stay a foundation of this team, and stop Belichicking our guys.
DJ is going to be great.
maybe a 4-3 -> 3-4 is in our future...

Posted by: MassDolphan | December 03, 2013 at 01:04 PM

the west coast offense is a dink and dunk pass attach.

do you remember Joe Montana heaving it down field alot?

This current Dolphins team could be extremely great
Posted by: Sam I Am | December 03, 2013 at 12:59 PM

Pass whatever you're smokin LOL

Whatever you want to say, I think the Dolphins are playing their best ball of the year right now, let's carry it through December and january and let the chips fall where they may.......


Cam Wake is signed through 2017 - he is not going anywhere. he should be more concerned with his own play though. I know he was banged up but he's having his worst year since in the last three seasons and that is not good for a 31 year old player. He will get another chance next year but in 2015 he will be a $9m cap hit - he can't afford two so so seasons in a row and to be 32 at this point next year if he wants to see that $7.5M he is due in salary...

When people on this board discuss this upcoming game you hear a lot of the same phraseology. A lot of "if" and "should". You hear Miami is better than the Steelers (on paper). You hear the Steelers have key injuries.

So, I'm trying to figure out how that's different than the Ravens, Bills and Bucs? Those were ALL games we SHOULD have won. Those were all games we would have won IF we played well in all phases of the game. Unless a team completely gives up (Jets) then we always seem to make the game closer than it otherwise should be.

I'm trying to figure out how this Miami team is different than the other dozen or so before them? Most of those teams were mediocre .500 teams. Miami is... .500. I know people WANT or WISH things were not as they appear, but they usually are.

Miami rarely beats the Ravens, that's why I didn't care what Ravens team was showing up, I thought we'd lose that game. Miami usually beats the Bengals, so I had that as a win. That's why I have Miami losing this game, because they rarely beat the Steelers, and I'll take the recent historical averages while others use this year as the exception (because I guess they don't see our key injuries or historically bad OL or lack of a sufficient run game or 4th quarter TDs).

Miami has been under a .500 team for the better part of a decade, so that's why I'm picking us to wind up 8-8 (lose to Steelers/Pats, beat Bills/Jets).

I would LOVE for us to go 10-6. Wouldn't even mind 9-7. But I know my team. I see what they CAN BE, but for prediction purposes, prefer to use my knowledge of what they HAVE BEEN to inform my views.

Thank you J. Martin quitting and taking your poor skills with you.

Your actions have actually galvanized this o-line and team.

"Tannehill threw an interception when he was blitzed"


Very good points on Tannehill's issues of not being able to connect on the deep ball. But the question is do they not practice deep balls all wee? Of course they do. The question is why can't Tannehill take what he does in practice on to the game field. Philbin and Sherman spent a lot of time around Farve and Rogers, of course they know how a QB should throw a deep ball. And no doubt they coach him up on that. But Tannehill loses that part of his game on game day. That is the intangibles people talk about.

..DC..This is why I think "This time" is different. Go ahead and laugh. I may end up looking like a complete moron..But because of the recent play of the offensive line...I think we win this game. Yup..This group of retreads, and no names has come together and over the last 3 games...Played pretty well. Who knows what our record would be if we had line play in the least at this level all year.

Perhaps the Incognito-Martin relationship was hurting this team in more ways then we can understand. I do not think that it is a coincidence that the line has played better since "Bullygate"....Seriously... Maybe this unit has a focus now that wasn't possible 5 weeks ago?

So..we will see. We will see if the unit holds up again, and the next week....etc.

If this team makes the playoffs. It will be because of the play of this makeshift line..I will go as far a guarantee. If they implode. Then I will take all the deserved mocking, and humiliation that will no doubt be directed my way.

Dion Jordan only played 19 snaps. What a waste of the 3rd pick in the draft. You just don't use the 3rd pick in the draft on what is the strongest part of your team.

Posted by: MassDolphan | December 03, 2013 at 01:04 PM

At the time of drafting Dion Jordan, DE and OLB were not team needs. Making it difficult to really find a place for Jordan this year. Vernon's 10.5 sacks this season hasn't made it any easier.

Looks more likely Jordan is Cam Wake's future replacement. Until then he's slash DE/OLB.


And don't blame the coaches on Tanne's inability to be accurate with deep passes. Matt Moore has the same coaches, and probably had worse coaches before this staff took over, and he has no problems throwing deep.
Tanne's good with the dink and dunk stuff, and taking off and running every now and then. That's about all he'll ever be. If he can cure the turnover issue that may be good enough.

Posted by: MassDolphan | December 03, 2013 at 01:04 PM

Exactly why I made an earlier post the Dolphins should invest themselves into giving Tannehill an optometrist visit. Could the issue be as simple as Tannehill may have UNDIAGNOSED SHORT_SIGHTED ISSUES? We should be so lucky.

Bob Griese had optometrical issues. Once properly diagnosed it ensure his induction into Pro Football's Hall Of Fame.

just got to say, GILISLIE looks a tad better then lamar miller, he just appears a little tougher...i was totaly bummed when we passed on lacey in the draft, i was disappointed that for some reason 3rd and short was not hte priority ti should have been on draft day....as this season more then exposed the lack of power in the run game, goaline, 3rd and short, it is our achillies heel, anyway, i was very disappointed that we drafted GILISLIE(another fly weight runningback), and just because he appears slightly tougher then lamar miller does NOT mean i am happy that we drafted this guy but...when coaches watch the tape from the jets game they might decide to increase GILISLIE snaps, but again this might depend on his familiarity of the playbook, and his ability to pick up the blitz(which miller has been doing a good job of lately)

Thank you J. Martin for quitting and taking your poor skills with you.

Your actions have actually galvanized this o-line and team.

darryldunphy, it would be absolutely marvelous if this rag-tag offensive line suddenly transformed into the NFL's version of the "BAD NEWS BEARS."

It would be dolfans Cinderella story of the year.

Its so thrilling to be 6-6

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Its so thrilling to be 6-6

Posted by: LOL | December 03, 2013 at 01:55 PM

Actually it is when considering we were actually beaten by the opponent only once the entire season. That was the Saints game, and last night the Saints also proved any team can be thoroughly beaten at least once a year.

We had great chance to win in all 5 of the other losses. We did more to beat ourselves than our opponents were able to deliver those games.

This proves to me we are not too many kinks away to becoming a VERY GOOD team. For me, the glass is HALF FULL, not HALF EMPTY.

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